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new bedroom ideas

BrittanyJanuary 18, 2013
Hi! I am a teenager, but don't let that have any influence on what you think of as a good room for me. I'm getting a new room as a part of an addition we're doing on our house. I really want my color scheme to be silver, black, purple, and white (sparingly). I want it to be elegant and grown up. The room I have now is yellow and pink and green and overly girly and frilly and that's not really who I am at all. It's a pretty big room (I think it's 18x22 or something like that) and it will probably be my room throughout college and the time in which I'm getting my masters (I'm a junior in high school right now). I don't want to use white very often because, while it supposedly opens up a space, I like my room to be my dark and peaceful corner. I want the floors to be like either /// Ash Silvery - matte lacquer hardwood flooring /// or like /// Blacks ///, and I'll use rugs to go along with that. I want it to be elegant and modern at the same time. The bed I want is this: /// http://s7d3.scene7.com/is/image/ArtVanFurniture/INTL-SET-3063-QSLEIGH?$BIG$ ///. I need two things from you guys:
1. Just general ideas for my room.
2. [I am a huge fan of doctor who along with supernatural and some other tv shows, and I'm planning on having the wall that my bed is facing covered with cork board and then covered in posters. However, the color of the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space {basically a time machine}) is a dark blue (search "tardis blue" in google images if you're wondering what that means).] My basic question is do you think that would go with the color scheme, if not, how can I incorporate it?
Sorry it's such a long paragraph, and thanks in advance for the ideas. :)
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You have chosen some very elegant colors for your new room. Does this photo appeal to you? [houzz=
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Bobbi, that was exactly the photo I was about to post!!!!

Brittany, you want something elegant and grown up but then you want to add posters - sorry the two just don't go. You are going to want a practical desk bookshelves and study corner in your room also and that will not be easy to integrate into a style that will match your bed.

Based on the style of the bed you want I consider you would need a style of furnishing similar to this to complement it.

[houzz=Master Bedroom]

First you need to consider the lighting in your room, what you are choosing are very dark and heavy colours. They will look great a night but if your room does not get a lot of light then the result will be gloomy and dull. Then consider the aspect of your room, if it will get a lot of sun these colours will look overdone and make the room heavy and hot or in a cool room could look cold and uninviting in winter.

I can understand you wanting a grown up room but in 20 year's time when you really NEED a grown up room this will all be hohum for you. Leave yourself something to grow into and look forward to.

Let me suggest you scale it back a bit. This is grownup, contemporary but still has some fun to it with the fluffy ottomans and your posters and a study area won't be out of place. It will always look bright and fresh in any light too . This is just one photo I have found but your best idea now would be to do a search of photos on Houzz for bedrooms in black/silver/purple, pull a few ideas together yourself and then come back and it will be easier for us to help you further once you have some basic layouts.

[houzz=Ponte Vedra Residence]
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I love the first more silvery, less black flooring. Have a look at this rug in what they call gray, but is more blue to my eye.

And these blue pillows


And a bergere chair and ottoman would look lovely with your bed and provide a comfy spot for all the reading you'll need to do. This comes in a dove gray stain for the wood and several different blue upholstery fabrics.

Floor lamp beside the bergere?

How about a chandelier if elegance is what you want?



Full length mirror or dresser height...
Or http://www.ballarddesigns.com/bella-mirror-medium/mirrors/all-mirrors/232795?defattrib=&defattribvalue=&listIndex=23

Bedside table lamp
Or http://www.potterybarn.com/products/avon-etched-mercury-glass-table-lamp-base/?pkey=ctable-floor-lamps&cm_src=table-floor-lamps||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-

Now all these suggestions look like i work at Ballard Design, but it's really just that your bed made me think of their offerings more than any one else's.

Good luck.
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Cancork Floor Inc.
As a cork "expert" and having read the "cork board" idea, I'm going to throw my hat into the ring and make a design/function suggestion.

Your "cork board" wall doesn't have to be "gold cork", it can be any color of cork you wish. Have a look at some of the colors/patterns of glue down cork floor tiles (yes, floor tiles) that are suitable as wall decor. If you like, you can have a "black marble" accent wall. Or "white marble", or even "Red Gum Tree" finish (yes, there is such a thing). At www.icorkfloor.com, you can find several different patterns that are easy to work with, give AMAZING results and are fully functional as cork boards! And no one would know the difference!

Have a look at the attachments.
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There are a lot of gray paints that have a purple tinge to them, which will look really nice with your black/white/gray/silver scheme. There are black/white/gray bedding sets available. Use your beautiful blue for a nice comfortable chair to do your studying in. Next to it, put a side table with some shelves...to keep your laptop and books. If this has wheels, so much the better, so you can slide it close to you after you sit. Make sure you consider lighting...reading or studying in a dark room is difficult. You can bring in silver lamps, and accessories. A little (really little) bit of mirrors and crystal or glass will give a bit of shine and class, without being overwhelming.
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I like your idea of colors except that with tardis blue AND purple, I would emphasize the gray/silver and use small touches of black. There are some beautiful grays out there. I too prefer the first flooring. To add some maturity with still staying youthful and tasteful, I think the TEXTURES and layering will be important.
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Also, consider doing fabric covered corkboards for a youthful feel. Animal print small pillow...crystal lamp...etc...layer, layer
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Olldbobbi, yes it does! Thank you
Olldroo, sorry, I should have been clearer about that. I want a room that has some younger elements that are easily removable for when I'm older. :) Those pictures are very helpful as well.
Jannielee, thank you for the links! They're all beautiful. I especially like that rug.
Cancork Floor Inc., I didn't know that about cork! Thank you so much!
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How old are you? what do you plan to major in and how do you know you want to live at home when you go to college? you seem very mature.

Thats funny about the cork because I was at a store today and saw interesting cork boards for the wall and was thinking of putting it on the floor to see how it looked and felt. I like that Black flooring myself, I didnt know cork floors came in that color.

Brittany... Do you have any actual pictures of your room as it is now?
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Brittany, I saw this ideabook this morning and thought of you, not because of the rooms but because of the colors they used! I think you might be able to get some inspiration here, click on the title below the pic and see what you think, ok?
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Brittany, go easy on the dark because studying in the dark is really hard on your eyes. Purple and silver are two of my favorite things in the world; black not so much. The floor is wonderful and the special cork solves a short and long term problem. I think you will be happier in the short and the long run if you use black accents and white generously on things like moldings. If Dr Who shows up in your bedroom, even he won't find you in all that dark. I'm not afraid of dark on the walls, but all the successful rooms I've seen use the dark walls as a backdrop for a lot of interesting, colorful and light stuff up front. Emphasize the purple and silver, use white generously and black sparingly. Do you have dark or light furniture ? I see your ornate bed is on the light side; that is good. If you are getting new, you don't need to get white, but you can get a light wood like natural maple or silver painted furniture with glass. Go for lots of blink to energize the space and please, please report back. This is a fun project.

Even lighter bed and easier to make without footboard.

[houzz=Eloquence Sophia Upholstered Headboard Antique White]

Silver chest

[houzz=Currey and Company Antiqued Mirror 3 Drawer Chest]

silvery grey rug will reflect purple on your walls and bedding

[houzz=Surya Modern Classics Candice Olson CAN1933 Slate Rug | Contemporary Rugs]

And go here for the most gorgeous purple fabrics. Lots of coordinating ones and purple rugs too.

[houzz=Madeline Weinrib - Jacquard - Pillows]
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Bobbi - I really love those colours in that room. Brittany, that gives you a nice rich purple but the pink walls allow your room to be light for studying. It is a gorgeous 'adult' pink too, nothing lolly or childish about it. If you graduate the colours down the room you could have your bed/sleeping area at one end of the room with the wall behind your bed purple to create the darker colour scheme your like, have the other three walls in pink similar to this photo and at the other end of the room create your study area keeping your desk and bookshelves/wall unit a very pale grey or a pale timber to keep the area bright. You could have a plump study chair or chaise in purple to tie it together and in the middle of the room use a fluffy rug to create a casual sitting/lounging area with ottomans or large cushions for when you have friends over for a chat.
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Nancy Hehmann
I think everyone needs a cork board to post pics on and perhaps dates of assignments. go to Etsy.com and browse for Framed cork boards and other wall treatments. Just input what you are searching for in the search engine. On Etsy you will find unique items. I have a photography shop on there, nancyhehmann. Click on the link below and it will take you to just 1 shop that has bulletin boards.


Before I totally decided on colors if I were you, I would look at bedding. Some places to browse are overstock.com, Macy's.com, JCpenney.com, and amazon.com.

Don't know what lighting is like in your room but I love the pictures of bedrooms I see with crystal chandeliers. Seems to be a new trend for bedrooms and I love it if the ceilings are high. Enough. I also like covered headboards. White tufted headboard with purple would be great. Personally, I have a brown leather one on my bucket list for the future. Hope you will share pics as you decorate.
Below I have posted a link to a purple comforter I thought looked nice. Have not seen it in person.
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designideas4me, I am 16, I plan to double major in Graphic Design and Marketing or maybe something to do with graphic design and psychology (I want to make photo advertisements) If everything works out the way I want it to, I'll be going to Baylor, which is really close to my home. There I'll get my BFA, and then I plan to do SCAD online to get my masters. I have pictures of my room now, but it doesn't really matter, because we are building on to our home, so I'm getting a completely new room. It's 18x22 (or 24 I can't remember) with a connected bathroom (9x12) and closet (also 9x12).
Olldbobbi, I really like that. I hadn't thought of using that light brown color with purple, it's very pretty too.
Olldroo, I love those ideas, thank you.

Also, I thought it might be a good idea to add that I have six places that i could put light fixtures and a place for a ceiling fan. If you guys don't think I should use all of them, let me know. They kind of are situated like this (enjoy the awkward drawing below):
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Brittany, I love the modern and sophisticated look of this purple bedroom. The walls are actually a grass cloth but you could achieve a similar look with paint. If you truly want this to be a "grown up" room, I would suggest framing your posters rather than covering a cork board. Better yet, since you want to pursue a BFA, you could create your own original art.
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Brittany, I am very impressed, you certainly have your life well planned and I sincerely wish you every success. You certainly are very lucky having so much space to call your own - I would have to say totally spoilt. I'm Australian, so had to Google Baylor and see you are in Texas, which I assume can be very hot. I don't think one ceiling fan will be enough in that much area. Can you put one over your bed - on a hot night it is absolute bliss - and put the other over your study/sitting area. That way you will only need two standard sized fans but if you only go for the one fan, you will need a very large one to be in any way effective.

As far as your lights go, it would be best to plan just how you think you will arrange your furniture and place lights accordingly. I very much break with tradition with lighting, I put them where the light is needed, not according to a pretty ceiling layout. Just assuming from your plan you have the head of your bed at one end of the room, do you like this idea

Personally I think these examples look very elegant and frees bedside tables from lamps. If you have your study area at the other end of the room, you would maybe want to put in some downlights over your desk and study area to give you good working light. You may then only need one general light in the middle of the room.

Please keep us informed of your progress, I am really enjoying this.
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Brittany, your room is bigger than mine. Not fair!
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Someday we'll have a contest between Dy and MM to see who finds the best pics! You guys are great!
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Bobbi - bigger than half my house!!! Where is Dy too, surprised he hasn't come in on this.
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Michigammemom, I really like that style of wall, thank you!
Olldroo, thank you! My mom and dad both know that I plan to live there for as long as I can, because I'm the oldest child and one day plan to take care of them. I don't know how long I'll actually have it (because if something unexpected like marriage happens, I'll probably be moving out), but I hope it will be for a while. Texas can be extremely hot, but I was planning on having one ceiling fan and then a few floor fans (because it's easier to move those to get the air going where you want it to). However it only gets really really hot in the summer (around 110 F every day), but we keep air conditioning going steadily throughout the summer. Also, I like the lighting ideas you have. I plan to make my study area really well lit. I'm thinking about having it by my windows/deck door in order to have natural light during the day time, and then have some lamps to light it up in addition to the light from the ceiling.

I don't know if y'all are interested in seeing the state of the room right now, but maybe this will give y'all a better idea of how it is. The first picture is from the vantage point of my door to my bed room (that little hole thing in the wall on the left that isn't a window, it's the place that the insulation is going to go for the pool room (the indoor pool is under my room and to the left of that square hole...we're all pale gingers in my family so we can't go outside to swim, especially in the heat of Texas) The second picture is just giving a better view of the door and the windows that go out to my deck. The third picture is where my bathroom will be (the room closest to the camera will be a little vanity area with a sink where all my makeup will be and then the room behind it will contain a shower (on the left), a bathtub (on the right) and a toilet. The last picture is of my closet. It's full of insulation right now, but it gives a basic idea of the shape.
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Brittany, that's it! I'm moving in with you!
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Brittany you sound a delightful young lady and way beyond your 16 years - just keep bobbi at bay, you won't need any more OLLDS in your life. The windows at the end of your room look delightful and having your desk under them would be fabulous.............. hope you have a nice view when you pause to ponder.

Calling michi back again - your room looks great too, love that simple artwork, but how do you feel about all walls being purple in such a large room? I am concerned it could look a little cheap which is why I just love the pink in Bobbi's photo with one purple feature wall.

If you have air con, Brittany and only use fans occasionally then probably portable ones would be the way to go - sometimes, like lamps it is just finding somewhere to put them. Do consider which part of the room you would most need a ceiling fan though, I really doubt one will have much effect. Consult an electrician when you have one working on site, he should be able to advise you on placement and size. You will know your needs best, we can only give you options to consider - especially options we have tried and and have worked for us.

I have a large desk set up in my bedroom for my craft work and recently had a halogen downlight installed over it as I found finding space for a lamp constantly annoying, and just the one downlight has worked an absolute treat. I need to match and contrast colours a lot and it gives me fantastic light for that purpose.

You have actually had me looking at bathroom photos too - I was thinking black, white and silver????

I'm surprised you haven't considered a fireman's pole down to the pool - now that would be the ultimate Hehehehe!!
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Nancy Hehmann
I am sure you will love Baylor. I lived in Dallas for 6 yrs. Many yrs ago. Have fun with your new bedroom!
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Brittany, I think you have a lot of fans! Not many people your age are so driven and determined. Most of them can't even make up their minds!
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Hi again. Going for a BFA, you'll need studio space. Will that be in your bedroom, or another part of the house. If it's your room, think carefully about whether you want real hardwood floors - which are not spill-friendly. Think about lighting for there too.

You asked about ceiling lights. I'd say go for all of them, and group them on separate dimmer switches for the best flexibility.
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Love this idea, with the cork over a desk(s) and lighting for your projects. Love all the purple, etc. but how about painting the wall behind your bed an almost black purple? This picture helps me explain what I mean.
Stylish Apartment Living 1
Stylish Apartment Living 2
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All I can say is wow! You are a very impressive young lady and you will do very well in life!
It is great to see a 16 yo posting and asking for decorating advice.
Most teenagers do what they want period. I know this because I have 4 of them! Actually one is 21 but you get my point!
I don't have any decorating advice (sorry!) but I am so impressed with you that,I wanted to tell you!
Best wishes!
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