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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Two floor-plans: Can't decide which is best.

tedshepJanuary 18, 2013
I'm thinking about remodeling my house and came up with a couple of designs for the bottom floor, but can't decide which is best. The stairs are in different locations with implications for the upstairs. But without regard to the upstairs layout, I'm wondering which downstairs layout makes the most sense. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
I like the first one with the kitchen on the left - feels cleaner, more organized and well proportioned.
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Definately Plan A. I wouldn't want to walk into the dining space and have two separate sitting areas. I think one of the sitting areas would be a waste of square footage.
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I like the second one. It feels more open and connected and would be great for entertaining. It seems ideal if you're planning for a nice patio and indoor/outdoor living. That being said, I also like that the dining table offers separation for the living areas. The first designed feels closed in and closed off to me. The dining room table doesn't feels set aside. It almost feels like it's blocking access to outside, yet isn't a part of the room. In that position, it looks like it won't get used much. The second design looks like it will get used well and often!
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Thanks to everyone who replied so far... I should add that the second design has a slatted screen in front of the table for privacy, so you're not literally walking from the front door to a table ( though you could see through the screen a bit). Maybe that's already clear though.
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Manon Floreat
I like the first plan. However, I would consider a hybrid by putting the dining area in the bump out of plan 2. A veranda or patio as mentioned by solraven could square off the rest.
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Arusha Drouin
I like the second plan - its nice to have 2 different areas to sit. Also the back elevation in this case will look better than the other plan. The screen between the entry and the dining could be designed as an element.
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I think you need to decide how you will use the areas. Also, I notice they are reflecting what appear to be upholstered pieces that all seat 2. Love seats I suppose. There are also no side tables drawn on the plan. Think in terms of the furniture that you will actually want to use in conjunction with window placements, where you'll watch television, read etc. How many people will live there. Do you entertain a lot and need additional seating? The right answer for you can really only be answered by you after considerings your furniture choices and how you live.
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The layout that makes the most sense is the layout that best meets your needs and lifestyle. No layout is going to make sense if it doesn't. I'm feeling that something is not right with either layout. Are the implications with the stairs impacting more on your design than you are saying. I'm sorry if I am sounding a little brutal here and reading something between the lines that isn't but I can't help but feel you are not being true to you.
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I like the second plan. It feels more open and gives you a more spacious entry. Not sure if you are adding on with second so this would be a lot more money. Instead of a screen could you install architectural features to break up the dining from the entry. If it is only going to be used for formal dining it is a nice feature and would be nice for when you are entertaining.
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Joseph I. Mycyk Architects, Inc.
Without taking into consideration budget, impact on the second floor, and knowing anything about you and your family's dailyl routine habits and entertaining style, I like the Scheme 2.

I like the definition of entry space with the element between the Foyer and Dining area. I never like when the Fuller Brush man rings the bell and, though he's at the door, he's got a full view of everything in your home.

The two sitting areas are not a problem as one is a Great Room and one is just a more intimate Living Room with seating near a possible fireplace. The Great Room needs to solve the issue of assumed TV viewing and window arrangement.

Scheme 2 give you a well balanced overall plan where the spaces are not overwhelming in size and there is good interaction of the occupants no matter what side of the island you are on.

Sometimes Kitchens get too large, as in Scheme A unless you are also running a Cooking School out of your home. In that instance Scheme A would work well.
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I like the second design better. When people are in the kitchen they can communicate with the people who are dining. In the first plan, the dinging room is set off out of the way, as if you never intend to use it (no one actually dines any more, so that might not be a problem). The extra cupboards and fiddly access to the second bedroom seem a problem with the second plan, however. I wonder how the second plan needed less space for the stairs?

I suppose that the first plan will give better access from upstairs to the the kitchen/hub-of-the-house. And the second plan will provide better flow between the entrance and the stairs/1st-floor. The space between the front doors and the stairs will get a lot of traffic.

I do not think that there is a problem with having the front door open onto the dining room. In ancient times, there was one main room for meeting and eating, and later on there was a bedroom added off the back, apparently.

The way the windows are in the second plan provides a lot better view of outside. Is there a view? Perhaps you could have larger windows.

My understanding is that cost increases with linear meters as well as with surface area. You MIGHT want to extend the right or left wall further out instead of having the lump.

I do not think that there is any problem with having two sitting areas, contrary to another poster's opinion.
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You'll probably get equal number of people voting for each option as they are quite different.

Option on the right has an extra seating area and looks like there is some sort of screen blocking access from foyer directly into the dining area which is more ideal.
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Agree it depends on your family and lifestyle as to which option is best for you. I do like the "screen" idea in option B as opposed to walking in facing a dining table.
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Arlene Warda, Architect
I agree with scheme B. It is the bigger of the two, it offers the most versatile options.

1. the screen and dining table, with living room to right are the more formal side.

2. the kitchen with island bar seating, with the second living, family room is the informal side. meeting with dining table in between you have both options, formal, informal.

Also considerations for the garden outside, which side has the best view: living room or living/familyroom side? kitchen side?... hopefully there is some patio outdoor planned as well for outdoor food and entertaining. Thanks for sharing this!
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At least with the second plan you are not forced to place the TV over the fireplace. It is great that there are two distinct seating areas in one large room. The "screen" backing up to foyer could be designed so that it is a shallow buffet/storage unit on the dining room side, but not all the way up to ceiling. Could be very useful since there is no wall on which to place additional furniture for the dining area.
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this idea is what I mean by the room divider with storage. Something like this would be perfect in that hallway.
Feldman Architecture · More Info
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Here's one more vote for version 2. I prefer the stairway with the window on the landing and closet beneath. The other stair seems ungainly at best.
Agree too with the poster who liked the separation of TV and fireplace: one sitting area for viewing (also visible from kitchen), the other for reading/conversation.
Also fitting the dining table into the bump-out limits expansion for special dinners. But maybe you never need to do that?
So as others have stated, decide on the basis of your life and how you will use the space.
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