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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Need advice for living room decor

clivedenhouseJanuary 20, 2013
I am in the process of decorating our living room. One challenge - was the piano which i have placed on an inside wall. I have hung, a fairly large piece of artwork done by my husbands grandmother over the piano but that wall still looks bare. would welcome any suggestion on what to the do here, and in the corner to the right of the piano. Also any suggestions on what to do with the empty walls on either side of the fireplace? although i think it is coming along , it still doesn't feel quite right. Note: (We like to sit, read and listen to music by the fire. Hence why we positioned the sofa facing the fire with about 2 feet between the back of the sofa and the entrance to the room. The room measures about 12 x 17 ). Many thanks in advance.
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Nancy Hehmann
I think it would be a good idea to get a frame for the painting above the piano in the same colors as the other frames you have in the room. I would also get throw pillows for the couch in the same color as the lampshades. It is best to repeat colors in a room to tie everything together. Or, change the lampshades to a color you are already using. I like the photography above the fireplace but they might look better if they were a little higher. And the green trees are really cute.
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What about putting the piano in front of the window? I did that once and really enjoyed the cheery location. The bird artwork could then be placed above the fireplace mantle. Tall plants make good corner fillers. What about grouping the stereo equipment together on some sort of shelving? For bare walls, an interesting piece of yardage can be stretched around a frame and stapled in place. Perhaps something that would play with the colors in the bird artwork could be found at a Danish modern furniture store or Calico Corners or a similar fabric store. The small framed art above the fireplace and sofa could be grouped together on one wall. Remember, it's easier to look down than up.
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Dar Eckert
Your piano could also be placed on the short wall with the short wall under the two framed prints. Then move the sofa under the window and put the two chairs in front of the fireplace.
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Lillian's Paintbrush
I see you have speakers on either side of the piano. What about shelving the entire wall so that it looks like a custom built in around the piano and picture . It would give you storage and frame the piano. Also you have a nice neutral palette but need to remove all your pillows and choose a couple of colors and patterns that pop, but tie the space together. I like the color of your lamp shades and would include those in the pillow selection.
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Using aA piece of graph paper marked off the size of the room and cut-out shapes to the same scale for the furniture is an easy way to determine what will fit where without all the pushing and shoving.
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Paint would do wonders for this space! I can't tell if you have a popcorn ceiling. If not, paint the ceiling, too to set off the beautiful crown moulding :-)
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What a lovely room. I like the windows and the arched doorway.

If it were my room I would place the sofa perpendicular to the fireplace, in front of the windows, with the two chairs directly across from it and the coffee table between the sofa and chairs. I'd put the little table between the two chairs. The round table would stay at the end of the sofa....though I would move the books and hang the picture. Right now my eye is drawn to the vent. If the picture were a couple of inches lower the vent would be less noticable.

Not sure if that is a couch in front of the windows, but that is what I am going to call it. :-) I would put it behind the two chairs on what is currently the piano wall and move the piano to the hall wall.

I love the lamp shades and would use them as inspiration. The yellow floral pillows aren't really working. Replace them with pillows in the same color as the lamp shades. Or simply buy pillow cover in a similar shade. A print would be great as it would add interest.

Grandmothers art work is perfect! It helps set the tone for the room and works well with the lamp shades and the rug. I like it over the piano, though I think it is up a tad to high.

The two pictures you have on the hallway wall are definately up too high. Pictures should be hung and don't give enough impact. If you move the piano there then Granmothers piece will help work. Over the couch (that is now on the piano wall) I would hang a large mirror so it can reflect the windows. This will visually make the room look larger.

I would like to see a larger piece of art over the mantle. A large mirror with the two small prints in front of it would look great! Or just a single piece of art you and your husband both like. If you want to keep just the two pictures raise them up about an inch and move the topiaries in so they are only about an inch over from the picture frames. Under the pictures is the perfect place ot put a long, low tea light candle holder.

One other thing I wanted to mention is the walls are very pale. If you were to repaint them the same color, just a darker shade it would add a little drama to the space. .
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Moving the pictures over the mantle up just a few works wonders. The other picture that is leaning against the wall, looks like an accident waiting to happen.

I like your arrangement and love the picture over the piano - especially since it is family. I am thinking that wall would look good in a teal tone to compliment the picture. Two blue that I suggest are
Fair Isle Blue Paint by Benjamin Moore · More Info
- or
Blue Echo AF-505 Paint · More Info
-. You could also go with a red tone.

I also think the two yellow print pillows would look good in a print either in a teal or the red of the lampshades.
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Thanks to everyone for such quick replies and advice. !

Wow Houssaon! Thanks!

I actually did have some Orangey red pillows and exchanged them for the yellow ones. ( see updated photos - taken at night so they are a little darker) I will definitely move up the photographs ( taken by hubby) up a few inches!

Janishill: you're so right about the art over the piano. Will move that down too.
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here's another updated photo with the red pillows
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Here are the other photos with the red pillows (- i don't know why they didn't upload with the other.
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The cover and zigzag pillows on the chaise do not go with the rest of the decor. Remove them and just have the red one there. How about a ribbon accent on the drapes in the red also? This would be 2-3" from edge along bottom amid sides. Aware toy the cat thinks all the furniture is comphy, thus the throws. Put the greenery on the speaker rather than the piano. The scale of the 'bowl' is too large for the coffee table. Try something smaller, or just a book. Love the colors and inspiration.
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Love the pillows, looks much better already:)
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Potentially stunning room. Kitty, wingback chairs fireplace, music. What else do you need? COLOR on those walls and a different furniture arrangement. The piano looks sad against that back wall, or maybe I am sad for the piano player who has to look at an empty wall and corners. If you don't want to move it to the window, definitely put it on the short wall. The sofa might then go perpendicular to the fireplace with the wingbacks facing the sofa. Put that nice round table between the two chairs after you have rescued the picture. I think the color should be warm unless you live in a warm climate because of your neutral furniture. However, I am breaking that rule myself because I am a sea and sky color lover. I also have a red study. You you have the courage to go red? Your lampshades suggest you might.
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I think that the sofa is blocking your beatiful entryway. Move it under the window with a sofa table behind it. On the sofa table place two lamps set on timers. WIll look nice at night when you come home. Have the chairs placed across from the sofa and ground the area with a rug. I like the color moving around the room! Your accent wall is the fireplace wall, b/c it's the first thing you see when entering the room. That's if you decide to paint. I would stack the pictures on top of eachother to create the illusion of height in the room.
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It always amazes me that such a simple thing as pillows makes such a huge impact. What a difference!

Just add a little more red to bring the room together: a throw on the sofa, a print or two, some candles on the coffee table, etc.
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Thanks again for all the wonderful suggestions! I have tried placing the sofa under the window, the two wing chairs across the sofa ( so that sofa and the pair of wing chairs were flanking the fp) and the piano on the short wall. But there just wasn't enough space between the piano and the chairs:-( (room is 12 ft wide). The chaise is also another inherited piece which needs to stay in the room ( will be upholstered in the future ), hence the current arrangement.

I do like the idea and think will explore the possibility of future built ins around the piano. In the meantime my next steps will be to move the Photos up, grandmas art down and look at a warmer wall colour!

Thx to all again.
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