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Other Ideas for use of a "Dining Room" or hub of the house.

Elizabeth GsquaredJanuary 20, 2013
SERIOUSLY Need Help with my Dining Room...
Hello, I am in need of some ideas how to make my dining room work. I live in a brick bungalow and of dining room is the hub of the house. Wall One is the entry from the front room, wall two has three large windows, wall three has the staircase to go up stairs, plus the doorway to the kitchen and finally wall for has the entry way to the 2 downstairs bedrooms and bathroom. I have 4 children 10 and under and lived here for 4+ years. At first I loved the open space, but now I want to make it some type of room, just not sure. Not sure about a dining room set, I think it would be too much. But what do I know, anyone have any ideas, I would greatly appreciate the help. Pictures included was when we first moved in.
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Stanton Designs-online design services
Yeah, you really just need to figure out what you want the purpose of the room to be. Then we can go from there.
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Elizabeth Gsquared
I would either like to hear ideas on an extension of our living room or how to make it function as a true dining room. I do appreciate your response.
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With 4 children under 10, my first thought is a play-room! I would purchase or build-in shelves, storage, cubbies, desks, etc on the long wall opposite the windows--for toys, games, books, art supplies, etc.--and eventually a study, office, homework space. A large area rug (easy-to-clean!); and a floor lamp and large chair in a corner--for reading and snuggliing. You can frame some of your kids artwork for a wall-collage; or let them actually paint a wall! Purchase and frame a couple colourful posters; add some colourful curtains....Voila! ...done!
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Elizabeth Gsquared
That is a great idea. Although the whole upstairs is theirs and I use one of the 1st floor bedrooms as an office. Plus we have a finished basement which the kids take over. So this room I would like to feel more like an adult room-no toys (lol). The Living room has leather coaches and a tv. I appreciate the feed back though.
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Elizabeth Gsquared
This is what the room looks like now. As you can see I need help.
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What about a casual dining room like this?
Cedar Lake Renovation · More Info
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Elizabeth Gsquared
If I did not have the staircase there I would have no issues. But it doesn't seem to flow.
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What about putting a bench on the wall between the staircase and the other door? Then center table and chairs in the room with the bench as seating for one end, chairs for the other sides and end. Looks like you may have electric to hang a pretty chandy over the table. Just leave the window out of the equation.
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I would enclose the room that the arch leads to (from the room with the staircase) into an office or play room. Maybe put a storage bench under the three windows in the staircase room. Add a table pushed up against the wall across from the three windows, make sure it is modern and opens up the space. I would suggest glass, but with 4 kids it would be hard to keep clean.
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I agree with decoenthusiaste--I think a simple elegant set like she posted would be lovely. The bench in front of the window, the wall colour and chandelier all look perfect, to me.
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Elizabeth Gsquared
So you would move the table on the other side of the windows? hmm So you would have to walk around the table to get to the kitchen, bathroom and down stairs bedrooms. Never thought about moving the table there. Does any one have any ideas how to make the room function in another way?
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I'm sorry Elizabeth--I guess I don't have a very accurate idea of the layout of your room.
from your first photo, which i post below, looks like there's a corner there....where the 3-window-wall meets the 1-window wall. It looks to me like that corner does not block the other doorways. But it's hard to tell from here--lol!
Anpther idea I just had for this space is for a music room....a baby grand would be beautiful there--with a couple arm chairs, stereo, etc.
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I like deco's idea. Yes, I'd make it feel like the lounge/hub of the home. A farmhouse table (so the more dings the better). Comfy chairs at each end of the table, as well as the "sofa" bench. A wall mounted tv included could make it a great space for sports viewing with friends, etc. Something a little ecclectic, with fun colors and maybe another small corner table with two chairs for the shared family "laptop" station. Sort of a family room/pub entertainment area. :)
A twist to a traditional dining area · More Info
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Elizabeth Gsquared
jjdesignkloos-I am so sorry! The picture you are referring to is the living room, the room that leads into the dining room. The picture with the stair case is the room I need help with. Sorry I confused everyone! Still would love the help.
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How about a small round table with 4 chairs in the center of the room. It could serve as a game table, dining table, as well as for reading or work. Round tables are easy to walk past especially if it is not very wide and the chairs are shoved in when not in use. Or a longer, rectangular table shoved up against your windows with a few chairs on the long side and the ends if room allows. It would serve the same purpose and could be moved out into the room when more dining seating is required. I would stay with the same honey colored wood as your bench and cabinet but put a nice colorful runner on it. Very simple and you maintain the open look you like as well as access to all your other rooms.
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Elizabeth Gsquared
I decided to go with a dining room table , need help figuring out the rest of the room. This is a picture of the table and chairs but it is in the original owners house(bought it off craigs list). Please look at the room I posted above with the staircase. Would greatly appreciate any ideas!
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Gsquared, there is no photo attached of the above mentioned table.
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Elizabeth Gsquared
sorry-pdf files won't work. let me try this
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Pat Gericke & Associates, LLC
I agree with most, this should be a dining area - not for children if they have space upstairs as well as the lower level. This should be for entertaining family and friends. Since this faces the living room - my biggest problem is the staircase wall. The way that it is cut out looks forced. Remove the wall as it looks like the stairs round up - I would use a simple carved stairrail or a simple designed wrought-iron - use a pretty patterned runner - it'll give the room some depth - open the staircase, don't hide it. A simple iron chandelier and round table that extends so you can decrease or increase the size as necessary.. You can use a pretty armoire for storage and perhaps one with a dropped front that you can use for a laptop.
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Brenda Fisher
I have the same type of space and am remodelling that space to serve as a casual library/reading room. I'm putting built ins library shelves on one wall all the way up and over a door (this will also conceal a vent duct). Then I am placing a small circular table in the Center of the space with a drop library chandelier above. Add a cozy chair by the shelves and viola an adult space with a defined purpose and as a bonus finally somewhere safe to display my glass collection!
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Agree with Pat Gerrick. That cutout for the stairs looks very awkward. Would exchange it for handrails...more light to your stairwell. I like a dining room, but if it is too small or not your taste, a library/ reading room would be lovely - especially with a flip- up tea wagon/table that could be used for placing your current book, a cup of tea, and maybe a glass ornament vignette, then opened up when needed makes sense to me.
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Bill Bradshaw
I was thinking since it was once you walked in you could make a sitting room or formal living room or a school room with desks for the kids to do thier homework since you can have them against the walls and not have to walk around them.
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