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need help with lounge/dining area

Maree EarnshawJanuary 20, 2013
We recently purchased a house which included all the furniture, and now we have tried to blend the two styles of furniture - and associated colours (ours and theirs) together and I just can't make it look as good as I know it can be. Any tips on placement, soft furnishings, colour, art to help tie this all together, would be SO appreciated! Thank you.
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Maree, do not try to blend any of these pieces. If you want an honest opinion, start fresh. Your sliders are a focal point. Work with that and chose a new wall color.
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Maree Earnshaw
I hear you Judyg, it doesn't work at all does it. I very much appreciate an honest answer.. alas, I cannot throw everything out and start again (yet) so need some ideas on how to make this work "better" until I can start afresh. I can get rid of the blue couch and put the matching burgundy three seater in (which is currently in storage). I don't want to get rid of the kitchen table and chairs (cushions can be replaced of course).. as they are nice pieces. I used to have a shaggy cream/white rug on the floor space in front of the couches/tv and that made the room look a little better. I had to remove for now for cleaning. it's the colours that I'm struggling with.. and how to tie the two spaces together - the lounge and the dining. So, short of a complete refurbish (which I will do one day), I need some advice on how to use what I have, and what I can add complement it.
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wow--you have a challenge here...what a beautiful space! and I agree with judyg--such beautiful windows.
If you want to use what you have, I would start with a large area rug in fron of the sofa, with the trunk, bare, as a coffee table. I would slip cover the sofa and the dining chairs in an off-white. The large armchairs chairs look like a rusty-red?-- which goes ok with the woodwork and carpet. I might paint the walls to more of an off-white...it looks yellowey on my computer. Then from whatever area rug you choose, I would pick another colour for some accents in you throws, artwork, etc.
You have a real mix here--I see country, modern, and 40's all going on. You might eventually have to pick one style--but you can play with this for now.
...oh...and keep the windows bare! IMHO.
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If they fit, the best way to make these peices work together would be to flank the tv with the recliners. You can do this two ways 1. Snugly placed next to the tv, or 2. With one on the wall in front of the hall opening. It does look like you have the space there, and while it might be tight I'm betting it would fit and still work out. You could place an end table, that way, by each of the recliners since there will not be room by the couch.

Next, place the couch opposite the tv (about 8-10 ft away depending on chosen recliner placement) with the cream rug you mentioned on the floor in front of it, and definitely switch out the blue couch for the burgandy one. I realize this would mean placing the couch partly in front of the doors, but the question you have to ask yourself is which function is more important to you, using the tv or using the doors to the patio? If you had the budget for new furniture I would be suggesting a corner tv unit and a sectional couch cozied up to the wall the tv is on, and facing the wall with the french doors. But since you must use what you have . . .

You could also push the tv clear against the wall toward the french doors, tilt it so it looks like a corner tv, place the (1) recliner where the tv was (but closer to the hall), and the couch where I previously suggested it, but closer. The other recliner may fit in the opposite corner and create a sort of reading nook. If there is room with this (separate) arrangement, the wood trunk/end table may be placed behind the couch (since there would be no room for it in front).

Another easy fix? Tie in the rug with all these peices by buying some pillows (2 to accent for the couch), burgandy/black/brown combo, and buy some curtains with a similar pattern, but not the same. A neutral white or light brown pillow for either end of the couch (to go behind the accent pillows), and the recliners would also add character and add a visual pop.

You can buy your self some decor time by painting the walls a beige color. I am not fond of beige, but when your furniture goes bold, your walls must suffer by becoming neutral so as not to overwhelm. The good news is, the paint should be about 40 bucks for two gallons (one gallon of primer and one of paint).

Im blanking as to the name, but a long behind the couch table would help create another space and keep people from tearing the back of the couch-if you have the room for it. you may not have the room for end tables, which is fine as long as you have something you can use as a coffee table-the one you are currently using as an end table would make a great coffee table.

To help the tv become a focal point, consider flanking it on either side with two tall book cases and then a shelf right above it. It would give the appearance of an entertainment center without the price tag (again, if you don't have the budget, walmart and target have some for as cheap at $30.00 apeice).
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Ok. I'm going to be honest - can you add the two armchairs to storage? They really age the room and make it look dark and heavy. Your blue sofa, woodwork, wood furniture and dining table and chairs all work quite well together. The wall would benefit from a coat of paint. Something in a neutral colour with maybe a hint of very very pale mole colour or pale yellow to keep it bright.

You could get a great Mediterranean look going here I think - especially with that gorgeous wall of doors and porch - you could bring the outside in. I see some sort of blue pattern (geometric print) on the cushions on the chairs with two new armchairs (in blue and white stripe or using an accent colour) in the living room area. Some blue and white with another punchy colour (rust? orange? lime green? yellow?) as accents/pillows/throws.

You could bring your white shag rug in and perhaps put a sisal rug underneath which would tie your dining chairs in nicely in terms of texture and tone. Personally I'd love to see a really funky graphic rug.

Some ideas for inspiration.

A' La Mer - Family Room · More Info

Niche Interiors: San Francisco Interior Design Services · More Info

Nantucket Summer Home · More Info

Mascheroni Construction · More Info
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Tammy Sprinkle
Hi there, congratulations on your new home. That's always exciting! For starters, remove all of the the fabrics tossed on all of the arms and backs of the furnishings and the trunk. Now, paint the room. The yellow color is not complimentary to the blue or the burgundy.

I would choose a khaki to accent those gorgeous doors since they are a focal point. All of your doors and windows are very nice. Now add an area rug that marries the colors of the sofa and chairs. Place the trunk in front of the sofa and add a small table between the chairs for drinks. Bring in a Large plant (palm or something like that) and place it to the left of the doors so it takes up some of that wall space. Now I would paint those other walls in the dining area the same color as the living room but I might make the kitchen walls a shade darker or lighter. White is too stark and it makes the room feel cold.

Now those round paper lanterns are not doing the room any justice and look more like patio lighting. I would choose something simple or have them changed to canister lights
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See Jones
Yikes. The colors? Also, there is no coffee table. The focus should be that window. Those dualing recliners should flank the sofa like a hug. I would neutralize one of those colors, like the sofa. Pottery Barn sells a semi-tailored slipcover for your sofa type and it's about $200. The cover would blend with the relaxed style of the room. The furniture isn't that bad. I would remove the extra throws and blankets. I also would change the room color to better flow with the furniture. Restoration Hardware has no-fail paints. Latte would go well in this room, esp. with the window treatments and the lights.
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Maree Earnshaw
Thank you all so much for your suggestions - you have given me some great ideas and I'm feeling a little more optimistic about the room now. Today, I rearranged the room and took the advice of removing the various rugs and fabric throws. I think it looks better but still needs a lot of work. Again - thank you all. If anyone else has suggestions, please keep them coming - the more inspiration the better. :) photos are now taken at night, quality not the best - but gives you an idea of the change. Is it better? (It's ok to be honest)
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Maree Earnshaw
Just noticed that I have not removed ALL fabric throws - lol - maybe I'll try that tomorrow.
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It's on it's way!
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Katie Hofacker Art
I create custom map paintings. I can make one in any size or color that you like. The maps list favorite places you've been, and the longitude and latitude of each place. I am just finishing one up for a person in France!
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I agree "yikes"! But you have a great room. Those french doors and windows are fantastic. Those lights are so distracting. Sorry. Can your tv move to the opposite wall? I can't tell if there is an outlet there but it looks like it would be nicely centered. I actually think the trunk is a nice coffee table until you can replace it. I like the idea of the blue sofa facing the tv perpendicular to the doors if there is room. Don't know about those recliners. Maybe a beach theme would be nice for now. As if you were staying in a rented beach house, until you can make the changes you want. I do think a shade like Griege by Ben Moore would be nice with the furniture. I would not waste money buying a rug to tie in with furniture you don't to keep.
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PS. Love the beach themes anthip supplied.
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Warner Decor
Looks like you all like using darker pink reds :) Here are a few suggestions in terms of wall art:



Hope this helps!
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Old New House
really beautiful and cozy space. I would recommend an area rug by the lounge area, and a runner behind the couch.
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It looks like a cedar chest under that red cover alongside the sofa, use that as a coffee table and get rid of the fabric cover. I agree with just some slipcovers in a white or natural color for now,
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Angling the furniture as you have is not really helping disguise the mis-match problem; in fact, it is drawing attention to it. Center the TV and cabinet back on that wall as they originally were. Get rid of the of the underscale hexagonal patio tables, and use your trunk as a coffee table 18" from the sofa. You have two options with seating; both involve slipcovers. You can bring back the matching 3-seater and slipcover the two sofas alike, eliminating the lounge chairs. Or you can slipcover one sofa and the two chairs. I don't think loungers look great slipcovered, so I'd prefer the two sofas. Place them in an "L" just like your original layout. Remove all the art which is mostly hung too high. The piece behind the lounge chairs might be a keeper but needs a sofa table under it. Put the tall china/display cabinet on the wall behind the blue sofa in place of that dark looking art. Turn the dining table the other direction. The DR chairs won't slipcover very well, so replace them first if you want to retain the table. You can DIY some embellishment on the paper lanterns to give them better presence until you can replace them with something else. I see more furniture in the background room. Would you like to post that room so we can see if there are usable items there that could play a role in the living room. If you have a house full of furniture and art, your best bet would be to let us "play" with all of it.
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