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Need Design/Decorating Help for my 11' x 14' Upstairs Bonus Room!!!
January 21, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I am currently building a house and have a small Bonus Room (11' x 14' ) upstairs that I'd like to turn into a Tv/Movie Room, as the basement will be unfinished. Any Suggestions on how I could set up furniture/decorate? The walls are being painted a light gray and just bought a dark chocolate leather sectional (about 11' L x 7' W x 3.5' H) for this area. Please see plan attached. HELP!
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You only have one place for the sectional and that is in the corner opposite the windows. Get a blackout window treatment and place the big screen in front of the center window. At the entry end put popcorn and soda fountain machines and mini fridge/beverage center.
Traditional Media Room
Media Room 1
Lawrence Park Residence
Media Room 2
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Interiors International, Inc.
You could put the sec. up against the windows and the TV on the wall opposite them. Or if it would squeeze in at the end wall and put the TV on the wall on your left as your walking into the room.
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Thank you very much for your input! I was worried at first that the couch may be too large for this space. But was also thinking of putting the couch on the window side with the tv on the opposite wall, with an entertainment unit. Any ideas on how to decorate this without making it look cluttered? Maybe a couple side tables? A large square ottoman? Thanks so much!
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Probably your best choice is to use your long wall (window wall) to put the sectional against, if you want to try to include a couple of end tables, like you were thinking. Your measurement said "about" 11 ft long; sectionals are hard to measure precisely because they lack that right angle corner to keep things square. Your other wall choices are 10'-9" or 11'; in one case, the edge of the recliner may jut out into your entrance way which may look kinda weird even though you have plenty of walking room to get by. In the case of the 11' wall, it may not quite squeeze in and you certainly would not be able to use end tables. Putting the couch on the window side will mean that the chaise/ottoman part of your sectional will take up about 8' of your 11' foot dimension. You will need to bring it out about a foot off the wall in order to give the recliner clearance when it is in recline position. This means that as you enter the room, if you walk straight in, you will have about 3' before you encounter the end of the chaise, just so you are aware of that aspect. You will most certainly walk toward the center of the room upon entering, but if you want to add a small coffee table or ottoman in the center, again you will probably only have about 3-5 feet between the table and the wall with the TV. An entertainment center may not leave enough clearance to comfortably negotiate the room if you tried to also include an entertainment center. The TV would have to be mounted on the wall in that case. You could add a vertical shelving unit for the corner where it is out of the way, and perhaps a narrow sofa table for behind the couch. You may be able to do something similar to the Media 2 picture submitted by decoenthusiaste for an entertainment unit (narrow), but I would get the couch in there and use the space for a little while before deciding how much more furniture to add without "cluttering" the space too much.
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Thank you so much for your input! That really helped me get an idea of how much space I am working with after the sectional is in, so very good to know!! You said to refer to the media 2 pic by @decoentusiaste. Would you happen to know the DIMENSIONS OF MEDIA 2 ROOM PIC?? Is it similar to my 11x14 room? I also like the idea of a corner shelving unit, as well as a narrow table behind the couch. I will definitely use these ideas! Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
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If I am reading this right, the sectional is almost the same length as one end of the Bonus Room !

Here is an idea with the TV by the hallway since it is 4 feet wide and it could be reduced there.
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I was originally thinking that idea @dytecture, however the sectional, also has a chaise recliner lounger on the other end, so the chaise would be by the window. I believe the measurements are 134" L x 40" H x 80" W (but it is so hard to measure a sectional like this). Would there be enough room to fit this sectional this way? Also, would a square ottoman fit well where you had the coffee table placed in this picture? I have a 55 inch TV that would be mounted to the wall, but I'd love to have some sort of entertainment stand/furniture to place where the tv is mounted as well. Thanks so much!!
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You're welcome! Decoenthusiaste left an earlier post with 4 pictures, and the bottom right one is labeled Media Room 2 (I mistyped earlier). After looking at Dytecture's post, I realized that the recliner will be on a different wall than the rest of the back of the couch, so you don't really need to worry about bringing the couch off the window wall a foot, unless you want to insert a sofa table behind it. Also, that means there might be some more corner space available since the sectional back will actually curve away from the corner as it changes direction for the recliner piece. Probably a good place to put a floor lamp, for example.
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@bvbv, do you suggest putting the sectional against the back wall like @dytecture suggested in his image? or against the window like you had originally posted? (if it was against the window, it would end up being about 3-4 inches above the window). Thanks!
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Against the window wall in order to maximize your ability for end tables. It's nice to have a place to put beverages when you're enjoying a show... We actually have a similar set up in my husband's man cave with the sectional against the window. In this case, the couch is probably a foot higher than the sill but it doesn't really matter if it were less or more. Depending on the appeal of the view outside and how dark you want the room to be in order to get the best picture on your TV screen, your window coverings may be covering the window a large amount of the time anyway. And when they're open, your eyes see the view, not the fact that you can't see the bottom of the window. Unless you put the TV against the window wall, your eyes are probably going to be focused on where the TV is, not the window view. If the function of the room was a dining room, office, bedroom, or study, then I would be trying to maximize the view, because those activities typically benefit from connection with nature as desired, but TV watching usually doesn't allow for the attention diversion. You will still have your windows and can certainly open the window coverings and gaze out when you want, but the reailty is your focus will be watching the TV so you might as well plan your space to function optimally for that.
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Thank you so much for your input, I definitely will put your advice to use once we take possession :)
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