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What to do with space above fridge

jagwyreJanuary 23, 2013
We demolished a wetbar to make room for a pantry and larger fridge. There is a big space above the fridge that needs something like a cabinet but since our custom cabinets are 30 years old, matching is a dilemma. What should we do? Any pictures would be appreciated. I thought originally of doing a wine rack but we have just added a wine fridge to the kitchen. Pics are from mid renovation. Cabinets are about to be painted and counters go in today.
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Shannon Ggem ASID
If the cabinetry match is going to be off, perhaps look into doing them to match the white doors. That way it has some context on that wall, between those doors. Good luck!
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It seems a bit dark up there, if you don't need to put a cabinet back up there, consider puting an unusual/sculptural light fixture up there. Or a shelf to display a piece of artwork that ties into your colors & you could uplight it.
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I have an electrician coming this week to install another can light in front of the fridge. I also thought he could wire on top of the fridge so if I put a shelf there I could put a light down on it. It is very dark there.
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R J Hoppe Inc
A qualified professional cabinetmaker should be able to match your existing cabinets, in style materials and finish. 100% no, 90% yes! There should not be an issue with matching old and new other then price. If it were my kitchen that cabinet would hold the Thanksgiving Day turkey platter, the items you use once in a blue moon. If you need a step stool to get to them so be it. However if the cabinet does get custom made then there are some very interesting sliding rack systems that you might consider using.
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I would shorten that cubby. Either make the height match the cabinet height with a drywall soffit, or drywall all the way to the top of the fridge and hang art, a large clock, etc.
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The Staging Fashionista
I think it is a great space to add one of those built in wine storage racks that is if you drink wine or if you need more storage make it a cabinet space for storing seasonal items/dishes. Good luck!
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Lucky's Charmed Home Staging & Organization, Inc
have you thought about maybe a colorful vase or decorative-only candle holder? It would certainly add some color
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GMR Inside and out
Wine cooler or wine rack.
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Barbara Griffith Designs
If you don't need storage, I would install a drywall piece, in other words make it wall like. Add a nice piece of art or large round clock.
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What about a wine rack?
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I completely agree with RJ Hoppe - a good cabinet maker will be able to match those. Especially given that you don't need to match stain and color since you're painting. I also think that would be an amazing storage space for those big bulky items you get out once a year. Also consider that you don't have to store kitchen stuff up there. If you are storage challenged elsewhere in the house, that's a great little cubby. Even if you buy bulk papergoods at a warehouse store, it could be good storage for the extra 20 rolls of paper towels or half the ginormous pkg of TP.

Since you already like wine enough to invest in a wine fridge, I know you won't put a wine rack there ;-)
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If a matching cabinet (first choice) turns out to be impossible, then I'd put in open shelving in the same material as your cabinets.
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I'm going to have a carpenter look at to see if he can match. Hopefully it won't cost an arm and a leg!
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Activated Decor Inc.
Add something different to it. Add some words or whatever inspires you. Not always do you need to have a cabinet there or lights or plants. Make a statement without making it bland or over done.
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Residential Design TN - Tracy Nichols
Cabinetry would be the best look. If you go this route see if they can trim down the sides to create a built-in look. A good cabinet shop should be able to match the stain and give you advice on how it will age with the rest of the kitchen. Some wood species will age (darken) faster than others. If that is too large of an investment suggest closing in the space with drywall to create a continuous look of the other two walls.
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Sorry for the delay... Other renovation projects took over! I finally had a cabinet maker look at this. He can match the existing doors, yay! One thing he said I wanted all of your opinions on. He said since the existing crown molding sticks out a bit (picture attached), he recommends setting the cabinet back a bit in the recessed area because otherwise the crown will look awkward where it sticks out. Do you agree or is there another way I could finish off the top? Thanks!
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Dar Eckert
Here are some options for you. I have a cabinet and use it to store trays, cookie sheets and other taller items. However, I thought about putting the TV there since it is directly across from the bar counter.

Classic Contemporary · More Info

Shaker Kitchen Renovation · More Info

Kim Schmidt/Design Details · More Info

New Kitchen in Historic Downtown Charleston, SC Townhouse · More Info
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I love the photo of the wine storage above the fridge and think that solution would fit your unique space better than the matching cabinet, only because of the crown molding problem. Since there isn't crown molding at ceiling level in the rest of the room--only on top of the cabinets--but the space over the fridge goes up to the ceiling, I think it will look odd either way (inset with isolated crown molding or matching cabinets flush with the fridge but without it). Neither of those solutions will look bad, mind you. I just think the wine rack solution looks nicer and neatly avoids the problem.
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