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Kitchen Paint Color and Counter Top
January 23, 2013
I've already posted about my kitchen on this forum, but the other post was about the layout, this one is purely about colors.

I still need to pick a counter top and after that I guess I'll pick the paint color, but since I don't have a clear idea of what I want, I wanted to see what you guys think.

I was thinking of going light on the counter top, like a darker beige than the cabinets, with reddish tones and a greyish color on the walls.

But then I would also like green for the backsplash.

Would these colors work together?

What would you do?

Thanks a million as usual.

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How about soapstone countertops. They look great with a green backsplash. I personally do not like speckly granite. I like to see something that would have been used in the era of the home. Black honed absolute black granite is very durable and has a similar look. Quartz counters come in a variety of colors from light to dark and it too takes all the abuse a kitchen has to offer.
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Are those floors the finished final color?
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@anilup2: can soapstone handle heat? I like how granite lets me do whatever I want without burning, scratching... the house is old, sure, but we are updating it all over, and I'm not a big fan of "old".

@mmilos: yes, that's the final color.
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Yes soapstone has long been used in laboratories as working tops for the lab benches. I remember them from my chem labs in high school. They handle heat well and have veining in them like marble( although not as prolific. ) you seem to have the right instincts since your remodel so far looks great but It is good to examine all the options when making such a costly decision.
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Normally I would suggest choosing your countertops first, and then worrying about your backsplash since there are SO many tile options and not as many for your countertop. However, if you definately want a green backsplash, then I would pick a solid neutral countertop, such as something like soapstone. The only concern when it comes to soapstone is that it can scratch. However, the scratches can easily be removed by oiling the countertop.

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robins roost
1803 castro kitchen is beautiful...however i would like to see different flooring.If you are going to go gray on the walls and leave flooring as is I would pick a neutral lite multi colored granite that pulls the grays and the camel colors together.Then you can add color as you like and change colors easier in the future.I like to keep warm colors with a yellow base together, and cool colors such as grays with blue base together but by combing them in the granite you could pull it off!
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lauren beyda
what about a red backsplash (square tiles), neutral beige countertops, khaki ceiling,blonde wood chairs, glass circle tabletop, green vase maybe glass or something you can see whats out there- for your additional pop of color.
And for the walls keep it light- in the beige family
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lauren beyda
oh! and red is an appetite stimulant :) nice for a kitchen!
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lauren beyda
I was thinking some more maybe a square table and any different size vase....
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Danielle B
Elisa, I just looove your cabinets! Just like you, we have white cabinets and oak floors in our kitchen. See the attached picture; although you can't really tell from it, my floors are the same golden oak shade that you have. We chose a more modern approach, similar to Stoneshop's left-hand picture. From your bathroom post, I take it that you prefer warm tones. We were going to pick a granite called 'Ivory Fantasy' for our countertop (see attached pic), but it was hard to get at the time, so we went for charcoal grey quartz instead. If you are lucky enough to find some, you will find it works well with the oak floors, the white cabinets, even the stainless steel appliances! The color on our walls is 'gray mist' from Benjamin Moore. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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kathleen MK
Red and green are opposite on the color wheel and could work well or vibrate depending on the intensity. I really like Silestone counter tops. they have several tan blends that have flecks or swirls of green, blue or other hue that would tie to you accent colors. All should be stain resistant but those tomato sauce stains could really disappear on a reddish (rust or terra cotta) counter top.
I'd stay more neutral and midtone because you can go either darker or lighter with paint on the other surfaces. Maybe use the same paint as in the bath since both need to be the durable stuff.
Also consider your pottery. how will your china and everyday stuff look on the counters?
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Big ticket items such as counter tops, and I think granite is a great choice, should be in a more neutral color range, because this is one of those things you can't change once it's installed, without great expense. We never know our circumstances, so we never can tell when we might have to put our properties on the market, but this past 4 years of economic uncertainty tells me that this choice should appeal to potential buyers. Paint is cheap. Solid surface counter tops are not. And neutral doesn't mean boring. Granite and marble are never boring whatever the color scheme. The wood floor is a predominate color in the room, so make sure your other color choices work well with it. Good luck!
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karen paul interiors
If you want a green back splash, and are working with a black stove, my choice would be to put in a countertop in black with green running through it. Also, to offset the black stove and counter top, I would work with your cabinet color in painting the walls (same hue). I like the idea of tying together your pre-existing colors to make for a more cohesive unit. You will have a good contrast and a unified look throughout. The stove area really needs to be addressed so as to insure balance and continuity. If you paint your walls a color, have a green back splash, a countertop that is a mid-tone of the cabinets and the wood floors, you will notice the stove every time you are in the kitchen, and you will have the odd feeling that something feels awkward and that the space isn't properly balanced visually. Hope this helps.
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Joys, Jewels, and Gems
Solarius or Delicateus in granite. Both would allow you to pick up a grey green or a rust red depending on the way you decide to go. Or add both with the right designers help.

Just type in cream cabinets in the search engine....
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Joys, Jewels, and Gems
Course you could even choose a green or blue granite like the brown and red below to work off of. WOw! Doesn't that look great!
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Green subway tile with honed granite or soapstone....would never go out of style!
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Subway Tile Outlet
If you decided to go with a green backsplash we have a couple beautiful green tiles that I think would work great for your kitchen.

Sage Green Glass Subway Tile 3" x 6"

Surf Glass Subway Tile 3" x 6"
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Barbara Griffith Designs
You cannot even think of a backsplash or a paint color until you choose your countertop. My choice is almost always granite. It is the most durable and is easy care. Personally I like granite with a lot of movement..it is art to me, but it is not for every space. Go to a large granite sales place, even if you have to travel to do so..hopefully they have full slabs to look at. Be sure to look at everything and bring samples home of what you like and look at them in your room. Then YOU make your choice of what you like best. After you choose that..we can all suggest a backsplash and paint colors.
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Fleishman Construction & Fine Cabinetry
I agree with many of the previous comments especially the subway tile. Here is an item I would put together in your kitchen along with Sherwin Williams color Repose Gray and Silostone color quasar countertops. Plus a very cool chandelier with crystal and black iron would tie in with the stove and over all look of the kitchen. Overstock has some very afforadable chandeliers that would look awesome in your space.
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With the white cabinets and oak floors, lots of different combinations would work. I think you should pick the counter first, the backsplash second and figure out paint last, because there are so many colors UNLESS there is one of those things that you really want to work around. I mean if you've found a backsplash you love, work with it.

If you go with a dark flat black it will be fairly contemporary - beautiful but it depends on the rest of the house and especially the rooms that lead off the kitchen.

The TGM kitchens are all gorgeous, but they are beautiful in large part of the lighting. They show that lots of schemes work with the basic bones that you have.
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