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Why does my POOL Room look unfinished?

daryajoonJanuary 23, 2013
I have convereted my formal dining room into a pool/game room. I know the chandlier is offcentered and probably not match the room but it would get very pricy to change it i think. I will be getting window treatments too. But I just can't get this room to look finished.
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Artwork is way too small for the wall. You need something about 50% bigger...preferably something with a bit more color.
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I think window treatments will definitely help.

What about painting the wall that the art work is on with an accent color?
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Jayne Bunce Design
Big crown molding, a much larger and more colorful art piece and of course the new window treatments will go far to create a more inviting space.

The cost to move the fixture (and replace with a billiard style fixture) may be less than you think and is really a problem here. Think about playing pool at night with only 1/2 of the table properly lit! It now looks like a "converted dining room" with a mistake at that! When you add up the cost of the entire room (Pool tables are not cheap!) it may be a small percentage of your total budget. Get an estimate to move the electrical.

Can you add a pair of chairs to the near side of the space so that people could have a conversation while waiting to play a game. What is on the right side: wet bar, bookcase?? Hard to tell but the small dried floral arrangement could be replaced with bigger, taller, wider,more colorful flowers in eggplant, Indian red and burnt orange. (Pick up those colors in the art work as well)

On the ceiling, in addition to the crown, you could add a rectangle of picture molding (centered over the newly place fixture:)) and then paint an accent color inside or outside of it. If the floral colors are too strong, pick a color a few shades darker than the wall color for the outside of the rectangle and a few shades lighter for the inside.

Great choice of wall color and gorgeous looking pool table. You are off to a great start!
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Hi, Daryajoon. Your space has a contemporary feel, but your chandelier is more traditional. Have you thought about swapping it out with an actual billiard light (http://www.atgstores.com/pool-table-lights_858.html?linkLoc=topnav)? You can find models that are not too spendy. We've posted a few we thought may look good in the space and give it a little more of a pool-room feel. We hope this helps give you ideas and wish you luck.
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1. The right window treatment will add color and texture- with cool large scale chrome/silver/wood finials to pull together your wood/metal combo 2. There is a little too much "white" space on the walls-consider changing scale of current wall art and/or add additional pieces 3. Scale up your accessories-for example the floral element in the corner needs more height (a stand could do it) and fullness. 4. Add some bar accessories that compliment your window covering 5. Lastly, you could add some pillows...perhaps bolsters in multi fabric that compliments window covering. Hope this helps! E-
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I would start by working to figure out how you want your room to look and feel - would check out pool and billiard rooms at Houzz and think about what type of look or feel you would like - more of a pub feel, more upscale and richer, more fun with the table and bar a bit tropical maybe Tommy Bahamish, etc etc. From there I would look for drapery panels that fit into that look and take a color from that for the walls - I wouldn't do a neutral - this is a fun room, so I'd go for it. You could use larger art and perhaps a couple more chairs and as others have mentioned a different light fixture. Some more great bar accessories for the bar, etc. This doesn't appear to be an "I've got to do it now" essential room. (Unless you're Minnesota Fats related of course!) - so I would take your time, think about what you want and add to it over time. Most impact right now would be drapes, wall color and lighting. Good luck! - Just wanted to add that Homegoods and online - Overstock.com are a few reasonably priced places to check out lighting.
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Get Back JoJo
There are numerous reasons why the room looks unfinished or incomplete. Scale is important as well as color. What is the rooms primary role? is it a party room? How can you make it reflect what it is really about? I can help you get the look you want for the budget you have in mind. email me @ joan@getbackjojo.com
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Studio Homes
honestly everyone here is right with all their suggestions....but i think the biggest things are the size of the artwork being to small ...and maybe lacking color........as well as some texture filling the space with some drapes. If you have a bigger budget change those "too small" ottomans and trunk with accent tables like a sofa table ora pool cue rack. Maybe an armless upholtered chair for color with a colorful throw pillow in a corner. and last but not least ....yes the light fixture is in need of change. The room feels like it needs texture to me....so drapes would make the biggest impact i think.

one other idea that I think would be awesome in this room is wainscotting or panel moulding with a chunky chair rail. I think that would be absolutely gorgeous and inexpensive to do.

but just so you know the room is very nice as it is!
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Interiors International, Inc.
All of the above ideas would help. Your room is empty of character. The art piece is to small and lacks color. If you are going for a minimalist look you chose the wrong pool table.
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Digital Imaging by Tina - Interior Designer
I think this room would be a great pool room; you have the space for it. Think entertainment, you want this room to be fun; from wall color, decor and furnishings.. Here's a digital image I designed for one of my clients pool room. Check us out; I'm sure we can help you come to a conclusion! Tina
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I think adding drapes...floor to ceiling deep purple velvet..would make it cozy and "loungy". Yes, the art is too small and no color. How about painting a LARGE rectangle the deep purple drapery color surrounding the current art? Sort of a BIG purple solid matt of the art. The deep purple would compliment the carpet color/wall color/ and the gold of your pool table felt.
Amoroso Design · More Info
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Something like this wall..but have the "Frame" fit your artwork nicely. If not paint, a purple grasscloth would add texture and style too.
Gorgeous Living Room in Hollywood Regency Style - Robert Naik photography · More Info
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The back wall needs to be painted a dramatic color like this..
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Then I would do a leather wrapped valance with nail heads like this picture with side panels
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It needs a larger 6' green tree in the corner - like a palm, the left corner looking at the window needs a highboy table with 2 chairs for guests to take breaks. Drapes placed high above window, maybe burlap type to add some texture and metal rod adds another texture. Get rid of the blinds it suffocates the room. I like Hardware color by Sherwin Williams-its a mid tone grey green. Paint the bottom baseboards a darker brown. Try Mink. Then yes, artwork needs to be oversized and transitional try Christina Doelling - I like Rush Hour or Northside Lofts. You can buy prints online and then have glued professionally like at a Dick Blick on foam board $35 then use 50% coupon and spend the money on a thick black distressed frame. Ditch the glass OR some old photos like on photosofoldamerica.com in sepia. Get a fixture to hang up pool tools. You can tell I don't play. Yes replace the light fixture or raise it up slightly. I like Restoration Hardware Metal Filament 14" Pendant Aged Steel $199. Since the walls lack woodwork/dimension, textures need to be added.
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The I would add a black shelf with lights shinning up under your large water photo like this..with four more two on each side flanking the larger one.
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Donna Lavecchia
The room is beautiful, I believe less is more the artwork is fine but if you could do crown molding that would ABSOLUTELY finish it off perfectly, sometimes you don't realize how much of a difference crown molding makes. I would love to see it!
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As others have said, bigger artwork, crown molding, and I would have your window framed at the same time. Having wood casing around windows makes a huge difference in helping it look finished. .
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Causa Design Group
Art is too small, chest under window too small with no purpose- Remove.

Do not paint an accent wall for it will chop up the room and make it appear smaller.

Yes you need larger art that makes a statement.

Yes the fixture must be corrected!! Cost to move Junction Box should not be bad if you have attic access. The fixture is too small for the room and pool table. If you move the Junction box select a fixture that is oblong to provide more even lighting over table which will also be more appropriately scaled.
Should you keep the junction box location you should consider a track lighting system with pendant fixtures. LBL, Tech Lighting, and WAC have track at different lengths and various pendant lights you can select from. (I am thinking a track of about 5 feet long with the power feed at the exiting junction box). Probably 3-4 pendant fixtures depending on the size of the globe. This would be a great look.

As for window treatments you could consider wood blinds (clean and simple). If you feel you would like a soft treatment then I would suggest simple long side panels (maybe a linen or textured cotten---skip the prints) to hang from a decorative rod. I would install about 12" above the window. This will add more height to the room. I would skip the Horizontal valance for it will cut the room vertically.

As for more furniture, I would hold on purchasing barstools, tables, etc and complete the items above. Dont over crowd the room. See the transformation above and then see if more is needed.

Remember, LESS IS MORE.
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You might consider a jut box or a home stereo system. An area rug would look great. Paint your walls a different colour, how about a couple of high bar tables with stools and a neon billiards sign. Get jerseys of your favorite teams and frame them. Yes, I do believe you need to change your lighting fixture; you need something in the line of a rectangle or a three lighting system in stain glass. Window treatment should be simple. (See picture) CHEERS!

Hillgrove · More Info
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Thanks everyone for your great suggestions and detailed explanation as I am not a designer by any means. I really want an elegant yet masculine space without spending too much more.

From what i understand so far it seems that the LIGHT fixture has to go and replaced with a long more contemporary maybe pendant lighting. given that this is 8ft table how long is the needed light fixture- 5ft?chrome finish?

Also most think that ART should be larger and colorful. contemporary? the one i have now is 68X24. what size do i need? should i get multiple pieces to fill up the space instead?

The CHEST must go though I love that piece!! The TREE must be larger or replaced by a BAR TABLE and move the stools from the bar to the bar table. I need BAR accessory help!

I will price out MOLDING. are chair rail moldings inexpensive? do they have to be throughout the home?

@JAYNE BUNCE: the ceiling idea sounds cool but not sure exactly how it is. is it pricey?do u have pix?

I don't know if i should put the POOL STICKS on a rack or in a vase? does anyone else think that armless chair and PILLOWS would work here?exactly where? The 2 OTTOMANS cost me $280. does it look cheap? Is there a better alternative?

Most suggested WINDOW tx should be textured not patterned. not sure what color yet! Do my blinds really need to go or can i pull them up?

Thanx again, I will post pix as I get them in ;)
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Hi, Daryajoon. Regarding your question about the LIGHT, it needs to be at least 40 inches, but not longer than the pool table itself, and should be suspended between 32-36 inches from the table top. We have nearly 700 billiards lights in our inventory (http://www.atgstores.com/pool-table-lights_858.html?linkLoc=topnav) that you can browse by length, finish, style, cost, etc., and it can be a valuable tool to use for ideas regardless of your purchase preference. Again, good luck.
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Blinds Direct Canada
I would suggest a Roman Shade mounted inside the window . I would also pick a more Manly fabric it will really finish the look .

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movenready properties, LLC
You need curtains and your art is too small for that large wall!
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Jayne Buonce:
I was notified that you had responded to my question but I don't se the full response. Please rewrite :)

So far here are some items I am considering (attached photo)

I ordered custom drapery in the gold/silver fabric. The art is 59"X79" for $400...not sure it its worth it!
I liked this light since it matches the LR but its only 6"X31"X23 which may be too small.

I have also included pix of my adjacent spaces.

Let me know what you all think
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movenready properties, LLC
Beautiful! Love your selections!
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Jayne Bunce Design
Sorry it did not work the first time. ...and that I was not quicker to respond. I was travelling for the past few days. These should give you an idea of what I had in mind. Is the blue room adjacent to the pool room. If so, then colors should be pulled from this room, not the colors I first suggested before seeing the entire space
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Committed Photography, Inc.
A HUGE piece of art to fill the wall will look great but it also comes with a price that reflects it. A way to get around this is to use three individual pieces that compliment each other in order to cover the same amount of wall space.

Consider grouping these three images together for example. It works with whatever art subject you prefer and produces great results.



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Susan Mladenovich
There's a recent post in the before and after forum of a pool room that started out similar to yours.
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Pool light would help along with wall mount to hang sticks!
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First, turn the table so that if I were looking at it in this photo I would see the end of it , not the side. Better still, make it paralelle to the window. If the chandelier gets in the way, lift it up a bit. If you can get a different one because this one is way too big. A cool black fan with a light would be more conducive to a pool room atmosphere (in my opinion). You must paint the room a bold color like the red someone else suggested. And you could just do one wall, but I would not hesitate doing the entire room. Sometimes just adding paint is enough to make a huge difference. Good Luck!
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Alexei Rebrov Art
I agree that you need a bigger picture on a wall with more colors. How about this one: http://alexeirebrov.com/collections/abstract-prints-for-bedroom/products/abstract-print-on-aluminum-3778
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Erik Johnson
Beer sign! Change out the light...or make it a pub type room, wood raised panels, I like anyone who will convert their formal living room to a pool room...
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Probably too late to suggest something, BUT doing the same with the lighting. Just used the original box but used it as a one leg down with another dummy line down centering a 5' pooltable light I got online for $250. This way whoever buys the house can convert it back to the Dining room if they don't like a pooltable there. Used 2" faux blinds and dark brown heavy drapes.
    Bookmark   Thanked by daryajoon    July 26, 2013 at 3:44PM
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do I need a special pool light that has a dummy leg or the installer can convert one to a dummy line?
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What ever the fixture (pool fixture is longer and better). Use the chain from that (sometimes they give you two if it requires two) that's the one I'm referring to. If you need longer chain or another line down just go to a lighting store where you get more, so bring the chain with you to match it. You or your installor (electrian or handyman) can see that the fixture is centered (my down lines are angled on both sides so the fixture is centered). The dummy or second leg has no electricity so it attaches with the same type of plate with a big molley wing nut into the sheetrock.
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How about a Circa 1890, 4-light Wrought Iron Gas Billiard Chandelier. Click here for more info: http://bit.ly/14eN0fm. All our Gas fixtures are converted to electric.
    Bookmark   July 29, 2013 at 6:57PM
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