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Suggestions for paint color

preciousbJanuary 23, 2013
Hello there,

I'd like your suggestions for master bedroom and bathroom paint colors. The bedding will be white matelasse coverlet in the summer and the golden duvet cover in winter. The three swatches on the wall are Sea salt (too neon) bm primso dunes (too violet) and bm hot spring stones (too lavender as well). The carpet is beige and the tile is creamy in the bath with oil rubbed bronzed fixtures. The trim is off white which I do not want to change. The swatches with the clock is Wyeth blue (too bright for me) and Revere pewter but I am afraid that the Revere Pewter clashes with the beige carpet and I've already used that in two other bedrooms so am looking for another coloe even though I love it.

I have restoration hardware goldenrod silk drapes that I would like to use as well so I would like suggestions as to what you would recommend other than gray paint (I know gray and yellow is pretty but would like another suggestion). I tied SW tony taupe and that is turning violet on my walls as well.

the original beige paint is duron tuscan terra or sw macadamia builder flat. I am open to a greyed green as well. Please help!
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Jayme H.
I do not have actual color names, just examples of looks.
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thanks for the reply, and yes I tried wyeth blue but it fluoresced too neon in the room, perhaps it was all the yellow on the walls and the carpet? after I tried wyeth and sw sea salt (which is light greyed blue) that turned neon I got skee-ird. that blue you posted I love but don't know what paint will look like that on my walls, its the back master on a house that faces south so it's not a bright room.
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dont mind the pillow we just moved and it's not all unpacked. Would the revere pewter gray clash with beige carpet and creamy tile??
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I just picked up a couple colors that would look good. martha stewart living tidewater, behr southern breeze, behr smokey slate. All lean to the smokey green. I like green. Originally, I looked at the smokey blue but it just isn't right for me and it is being done to death.Good luck you have great "bones" to work with.
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'oyster bay' on the walls (s.williams paint) ' blonde 'on your molding then a cream color on the ceilings would be very warm..Good Luck..
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Jayme H.
My best advise is to chose a color ...IE: a white, off-white, grey/light, med or dark...beige, etc...get more samples and go forth....if u need another discerning eye...take the samples to the nearest decorating ct with u...if they can sell the paint or another feature, or often even if not, they will help u find the correct tone, LIGHT, is huge...colors change in different lights. Very, very often colors look wonderful until they are introduced to our homes, lighting,etc.
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Laura Maxwell
I really like Silver Sage from restoration hardware. It's greenish, bluish, grayish and seems to change with the light. I think it looks really nice with yellow. It's got color while still being neutral.
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Diana Bier Interiors, LLC
You really shouldn't select colors by painting them one next to the other on the wall, because each color is then affected by the one next to it, and distorts what the color will look like. Read this article
colorindesign.net/2010/10/12/the-changing-nature-of-color/ for a discussion and illustrations of this phenomenon.

Also, you need to paint the wall white before you put the test color on the wall--I think the beige color on the walls is "bleeding through" and also distorting your test colors.

If you don't want to paint the actual wall white to test out the colors, buy some white foamcore boards and paint them with your selections. Then move them around the room and look at them in the daytime and at night to see how they change with the light.

I'm surprised to see that you think "Wyeth Blue" is too bright--it's really a grayed-down color. Try it again using the foamcore/white background, and also try "Stratton Blue" and "Palladium Blue". "Summer Showers" is also a subdued blue. (All by B. Moore)
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Jennifer Hogan
It may just be my monitor, but your beige carpet seems to have pink undertones. That limits your neutrals to grays and taupe. Mixing pink and yellow is tough. Navy looks sharp, but your wood is to dark for a navy room.

When I was looking for a taupe most turned lavender. Devine Color Cappuccino worked really well for me.

I would also suggest trying a few of the Devine gray greens. Glass, Olive, Moss, Date

and possibly Devine Spray or Rain for a gray blue.


You can buy 8 1/2 x 11 sheets sprayed with the Devine Color paints for $2.29 each. No need to paint swatches on the walls, but do use a poster board or something else white behind the colors on the wall.
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just finished our master with beige carpet and used praire dust by olympic very nice color
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Jill McDonough
I like the idea of a grey-sage color. Can see how Wyeth and sea salt have too much color. Knock it back a little. try Sherw. Wil. silver strand 7057 or SW aloof grey 6197 also Ben Moore thornton sage 464. as for ceiling I would do a soft creamy color a shade deeper than your trim (color?) SW steamed milk 7554 or SW patience 7555 are nice ( don't know if they are in the same color field as trim )
Bath I would either repeat color from ceiling or a notch deeper ( SW chopsticks 7575) bring sage tones back into bath with accents (towels etc.)
I have used aloof grey in a master bed. and chopsticks in master bath, it looked lovely.
good luck
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Thanks for all the replies/comments. Attached is a photo of the bathroom in our previous house. I think that was restoration harware eucalyptus or silver sage... Jennifer, you're right we do have a pink undertone to the carpet which was why i was trying to go neutral but i love the zen blues and greens.

Thanks brandon, they closed the nearest RH arghhhhh and Devine paints is not sold in north atl.

Diana, I know I love Wyeth blue on the chip and on the moniter but on my bedroom walls and even in my laundry room i didn't love it. I tried SW quietude and rain for other blue options. I looked at palladium and now am considering going back to looking at a few blue/ greens on foam boards.

Big question is, worse case scenario, with the pink undertone carpet, do we all agree that the Revere Pewter gray is a good second choice (just in case I go crazy??)
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ironman, what color family is prarie dust (and good lord, I did a sprint and that bout killed me)?

jill, I like that idea of doing cream on top of trey ceiling, that takes care of something at least! Do you recommend just the flat parts or painting the middle sloped section as well?

I'll keep you posted! thanks
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I would suggest you prime your room. I think anything you put on the walls now won't show properly because of the present wall color. I wanted a tranquil spa-like feel in my bedroom so I used Ace Hardware's "Oak Bay" on our ceiling and walls with soft white trim - Ace's "Xanadu." I love my bedroom! Good luck with your project!
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Jean Tuck
In bedrm, I love space and would hang up/put away garments (i need to do this as well) and the greenish grey shades of paint long as its soft shades, for me it would be a light colors of blue.
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Jody Stafford
I had the same problem in my house, built in 1956. I chose a soft sage color. It is very calming and while not exactly neutral, it is an earthtone that goes well with the english chestnut hardwoods as well as the white trims. I left the ceiling white and painted the closet doors and trim in a high gloss white. In spring and summer my bedding is white and lavender and in winter it is a deep wine color. The bedroom suit is cherry. I chose varigated lavender drapes as well. I tell you this so you will understand, there are no blue, lavender or yellow tones to it.
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Jennifer Hogan
Just an FYI - Devine Color paint is available via mail order. Not sold locally anywhere but the North West, but you get the paint in less than a week.

All of the samples are actual paint, not printed paper, so you get a real understanding of what the paint will look like on your wall. They also sells Paint Pouches if you need a larger samples and painted pallets of each color grouping.

Without good natural light you may want to go with a color that is more saturated. The lack of natural light makes the colors wash out. and go gray.

I also have the pink undertones in my flooring and had low light conditions in several rooms. My home color pallet is below.

Colors are Devine: Almond, Steamer, Date, Icing, Bavarian, Bordeaux, Cappuccino.

My base color was Cappuccino - all ceilings and walls in my halls and living room and our gym. Trim is Icing. Bordeaux is in my kitchen and the common wall into the family room. The other two walls in the family room (dark room) are Bavarian. Used Steamer in the guest bath, Almond in the two guest bedrooms, date in the master bedroom and bath. Master is also a low light room.
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ok thank you, wll look at them again. may have to prime the walls as someone suggested as well. i had thot about that too but the BM paint consultant said i wouldn't need too....
did you have to prime be4 using the devine paints?
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You have great ceiling architecture which would really stand out if you did the walls with a bold intense color. You say that you have a Southern exposure which should mean that you have a lot of sunlight and brightness in the room.....confused that you said it's not bright(?)

We have coved ceilings in our 1920's house. I love that the ceiling coving which comes down a foot or so allows for more white ceiling. Because of this I have used intense color without it being overwhelming and it sets off the architecture. You might try Chartreuse (I used Sherwin William's chartreuse). It's a surprisingly warm and pleasant background. It looks great with blue & white, or with reds and black. White trim with define it nicely. Another color I've used is cobalt...I think it is Stary Night by Benjamin Moore. My brother used a deep chocolate brown in his room. It looks great with his light carpet and natural pine ceiling...in a room with lots of windows.

If you are hesitant to try a deeper, richer color (and yes, deeper is RICHER...not necessarily brighter), you might start by painting the wall your bed is on. If you like it you can then decide whether you want to paint the entire room that color or leave it as a one-wall treatment for your focal wall. Possibly you could then use a lighter version of the same color for the other walls. A deep plum would be nice...or navy...or green. What's your favorite color?

You asked about yellow: Yes, it can look bad with beige. My brother wanted to use yellow with his beige cabinets in his kitchen. I warned him not to. He used a cobalt/navy color instead, then ended up painting the cabinets white. It looks great! Now we are going to add sea-glass colors for accents (aqua, lime green, turquoise, light blue.....). Have some FUN with your color. A deep color is an interesting background for lighter colors. If it darkens the room just think of ways to add more light aimed up at your lovely ceiling. It will be warm and dramatic!
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Some paint companies, such as Sherwin-Williams, has a tool on their website where you can upload a photo, then click on different colors to "paint" the walls in the photo. After its originally set up, you just click on any of their colors and it will fill in the color for you. You can then see what your bedroom will look like.
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Jody Stafford
Behr has that program too
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Diana Bier Interiors, LLC
So does Benjamin Moore. A word of caution--those images will give the effect of one color versus another, say red versus green, dark versus light, etc. They will NOT allow you to distinguish among the finer gradations of color, like which blue is better, which color has more pink/green/yellow undertones, due to the limitations of the computer monitor.

So as I said before, the only way to really tell what a color will look like is to see it in the room, by itself, painted on a white base.
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Judy M
I have used BM Hot Stone Springs several times. It has never read any lavendar in it for me. I describe it as a "greige". a friend has also used it at half the formula and it is a very nice color. You might want to re try it after using painting on a pice of poster board and then taping it tothe wall. As suggested prime the wall first.
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Rebecca Bandy
Paint the wall and ceiling the same medium sage green with definite green undertone ...all your accesories will go perfectly with that color. Paint the bathroom with the same shade of Sage...either deeper or lighter than the bedroom. Towels...use white in the summer...gold in the winter. Just like the coverlets on your bed. If you want...put some type of colorful/flowered/pillows on the bed that will give highlights to the walls but not detract.
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Jennifer Hogan
Devine Paints have more color particles, less water than most other brands so the coverage is great. Often described as painting with yogurt. This may be true with some of the other premium paints as well. It is too thick to be used with a sprayer.

Used one coat of paint over a tinted primer with the exception of the deep burgundy. That was a learning experience. Used a tinted primer that was pink - learned from some experts that a deep gray primer is much better to use under a dark red.

Even with the incorrect primer I still only needed two coats on the red and got really good coverage and I started with white walls.

I also found that I used about 1/3 of a can less when using Devine Color than when I used Behr Premium Paint and Primer in one.
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Barbara Griffith Designs
I think you cannot tell the color in your room painting these little samples all together on a wall. The eye is not as discerning as you think. I always suggest painting 2 coats on a white poster board 22"x28". The size is larger and you should move/tape it to each wall. Look at it in daylight and at night. You may even change your mind about colors this way. Be sure to use different shades in your tray..and always paint the ceiling a color/tint.
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Jennifer Hogan
Something else you can try is for finding the right color is to look at the colors next to the materials that you are working with.

For this project if you have a spare tile from your bathroom I would lay that and your comforter and curtains and set a drawer from a dresser all on the carpet. Include other things that you feel are a must keep. Then you can place your color samples with the items and see what makes your heart sing.

The owner of Devine Color posted the color pallet from photos of the things my sister was using in a new home (She is on FB). Before making our final selections we laid all the samples out on a white sheet and looked at the color samples with everything. Ended up using Orangutan and Moss from this pallet and changing the other colors, but it was a great way to start the selection process.
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Jennifer Hogan
Here is my sisters final pallet
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Blinds Direct Canada
A decorative rod with drapery panels will really finish the look. I would also suggest getting pillows that match the drapery. The rod should be mounted 6'' above the frame and the drapes should just sit in the floor.

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Go find some curtains or drapes that interest you with the colors you want. Then take them home and check them with your flooring, furniture, etc. When you find the colors that go well with your decor then the paint store can match colors from the curtains.
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I will definitely do the foam boards!
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Used Martha Stewart "Rainwater" in my bedroom on all walls with Swiss Coffee ceiling and trim. Very soothing gray blue without glaring at you. Spa-like.
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John Gartelman
I had similar colors and behr paint from home depot in gallery taupe worked well. I had about 12 swatches painted on the wall before I picked that one.
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I think a rich blue, or grayish plum
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Winward Designs
We love Reef from Devine Paints. Here is a sample. It looks like a light sea foam blue. It really adds a calm feel, perfect for winding down a long day.
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Check out Sherwin Williams Lazy Gray. I know you said you don't want gray but it is a beautiful light bluish-gray color that would be lovely with your dark furniture, light trim and carpet and gold accents.
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hey courtney, it's funny you said that about lazy gray, we tried that for daughter's room which flouresced into crazy baby boy nursery blue so that is how we ended up painting their bedrooms BM revere pewter. Funny thing it worked fine for their jack and jill bath room though and looked close enough to the revere pewter since I already a full gallon mixed.

i'm trying to keep this as simple as possible and want to use what i already have since those R Hardware drapes were spendy.

will redo samples i liked on white poster boards, will order devine samples, realized that there is a RH outlet that I have to go by next couple days so i can get small samples of silver sage so I will post pictures of some progress next week.

I agree diana, that is the crux of the problem I am having- what the acutal paint will look like in my room, lighting and with the accessories although those programs are handy for other applications.

tigerlilly, bedroom is in back of the house though with lots of hardwoods shading it. and judy even color blind husband thot the hot stones was violet so I will definitely revisit that color on foam boards.

thank you thank you everyone, and I'll post photos of soon
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