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Stumped by a MAIN focal wall. Please help!

txlrbJanuary 24, 2013
I am stumped by this wall. It is the main wall of our living room (and our living opens to our dining, kitchen and mud room- so basically we look at this wall a LOT). The tv has to be on this wall but because it's not centered, It throws me off as to pictures beside it, decor, etc. It is also the only wall that I could paint/wallpaper in this room because the other walls go on with no end due to the openness. I was considering maybe a grass cloth or painting it but stumped on color. I've even hired an interior designer who basically ignored the wall and focused on everything else because she had no idea. I'd really love any help you can offer! I have no eye for decorating and it shows! THANKS!
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A focal wall usually has a focal point built in - fireplace, window view, architectural do-dad. Is there no FP or window in this room? Since you haven't shown us the room, we're at a loss too. What else do you have here and what are you working with throughout the space? This one pic is not enough info to be of any help.
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Oh! I can add more pics, I'm sorry... I'm kind of new to this. There is a fire place but it sits on a short wall to the right of this wall. Hold on, I'll upload more pics. Thanks again!
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Okay, here are a few more photos. The 1st photo is from my dining room area (my back is to the open kitchen). The 2nd photo gives you a shot toward the front door entrance) and The 3rd photo is from our front door entry but, again, it is rarely used (most people enter through my mud room, walk through kitchen and through the dining room). I also just purchased a new large art piece from Pottery Barn which I attached of a train engine on planked wood... we have a deep family train history! And, I am looking for a new rug for the living room to bring in color. There is absolutely no color in this room. ...And I loathe this huge sofa but it is my husband's only love. Thank you for your time!!
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Barbara Griffith Designs
That is better. First of all rehang the mirror on the short wall near the foyer vertically. Draperies hung higher and off the window in a lighter color. Also a brighter patterned rug. Now to the wall. Consider a longer, higher console under the TV, keeping the TV to the right side of the console. At least twice as long or more, maybe doors on the bottom for storage and "bulk". To the left of the TV over the console table hang something large & tall. Not knowing the size of the train piece (my husband is a model RR person and loves all things train) I would maybe mount it with a space around it, then hang a much larger empty picture frame around it and paint the wall (or a lining) a great color such as a dark red. Needs more color on the walls too, even something "greige" and certainly darker than now.
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I think you are going to have a problem as long as your TV is on that wall. Are you sure your cable company can not move the connection? A better placement for the TV would be over the fireplace. If you absolutely cannot move the TV, one option would be to invest in a large wall unit that complements your built-in cabinet and could house the TV and help to balance the room.
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iambicgirl- we have tried 2 companies now to move the tv... long story short, we bought a house that had been revamped and they took a bunch of shortcuts which severed the original lines and built a wall which will not allow for cable drop. We have spent the past 4 years trying to get around it (and that hideous black cord you see on the tv wall going into that cabinet)... it's a pain in my rear end.

Barbara, I want to hug you and ask you a million more questions at the same time! I love the idea of reorienting that mirror. The train piece is 4 ft by 4 ft. I was thinking of putting it over the fire place but you mention putting it on the tv wall, huh? And, now I'm trying to picture the furniture piece you are suggesting. Like a big solid buffet piece? I need to google griege (haha- I am really horrible with design!). Is there a color you'd paint the entire wall? Would you suggest the red on the entire wall? Thank you so much for your time!
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I think the main thing that wall needs is some paint. Color is up in the air since we all have different tastes but something like a dark pumpkin would help brighten the room and would complement the color of the floor and furniture. I do agree with the others that a larger entertainment center/wall unit may help balance things out but a larger piece of wall decor could also serve the same purpose (like a large really cool clock maybe?).
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Tres McKinney Design
If you wish to keep the TV on the existing wall then I recommend a long low cabinet with the TV hung nearer one end and lower on the wall. The cabinet you have now is too small for the wall. You need something that fills the space and balances the weight of the sectional. Hang your curtain rods at ceiling height and wider than the window so your panels frame the window. Pull the floor lamp near the chair closer to the window and add a small table next to the chair. In the image it looks like the coffee table is placed too far from the sectional to be functional. It should be only about 15" from the front of each sofa section. A larger area rug would help balance the room and anchor all the large scaled furniture. If your budget does not allow for a larger more expensive rug then you could purchase an attractive hemp or sisal rug that would add interest and character .You might also add a smaller semi upholstered chair on the other side of the fireplace between the built in and a new TV cabinet. Consider painting the walls of the entry alcove a mocha brown color similar to the sofa color and maybe using your existing area rug if it fits. If there is a wall in the entry hall you might try the small table currently under your TV with a table lamp and art work above.
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Hi-Lite Manufacturing Co.
Txlrb Don't worry about being new to this! You are brave. I roam from discussion to discussion to learn about what people have to say without even a peep.

You're letting us into your home and actively seeking knowledge!

I saw 2 ideas from DYtecture earlier that I thought were great:

Framed picture/paintings organized in a grid on the wall
or framed wallpaper!

The framed wallpaper had the same pattern as the window treatment that looked wonderful together.
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Here's what Barbara is talking about. With the rustic RR art on boards, you might like one similar to #4 pic.. It is much like a buffet but sometimes a bit lower. You'll want to get a longer one to have room for the TV and art to hang above it, not extend past the ends of it, and still have some space between them.
Penthouse in Belgrade · More Info

Bathurst Credenza · More Info
NJ Residential · More Info

Illusorio Console · More Info
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txlrb, I LOVE that train art. I just checked PB and can't seem to find it. Do you remember what it was called? Family history here with railroad too. This would make a great surprise for DH.

I love the advise Barbara provided. What a treat Houzz is, eh?

And personally I don't care for TVs over the FP. Having yours where it is seems to be the best of all possible worlds IMO. Perhaps if you have a taller console you could take the TV off the wall and eliminate the cords that way?
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Do a series of floating shelves like this pick. What size is the wall? I can do a quick sketch if you like the idea.
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Jenny Ramshaw
Hubby and I have just read your dilemma with interest, we both immediately said either move the tv or have a much longer cabinet, which reading down I see someone else has already suggested. However, to eliminate the cables being on show my gadget loving husband suggested you go with a Wireless HDMI AV Transmitter & Receiver kit (about $200ish - just type it into Google.) That allows you to have your Cablel box, dvd player etc, hidden in a cabinet and the picture and audio can be transmitted wirelessly to your TV.
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I think you might consider putting some beams down the length of the ceiling towards the fireplace. I would cover the entire room including over fireplace with a wallpaper with lots of texture. I agree with hanging the curtains higher. Check out Pottery Barn curtains and curtain rods. My builder made me cheap beams by nailing one board to another to get the depth. Your ceilings have an interesting shape that need accenting. The TV needs to be lowered over a longer piece of furniture. I think it is called a credenza like the pictures above. There are some Thom Filicia pictures on Houzz with this kind of furniture with a collection of muted pictures in various sized frames and heights. He also has lots of rooms with interesting wallpapers. I would consider painting the built in the same color as the room.
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Replace existing TV with a 70+ inch big screen, sit on the couch, and call it a day. ;-)
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oh my goodness- I am so grateful I posted here. I was nervous (and embarrassed because I have NO design vision at all) but you all are so kind. I really appreciate your input... all of you!

First of all, I am completely sold and in agreement with the longer, more solid console. Thank you decoenthusiaste for giving my some visuals! I already told my husband that is going to be our next item on the agenda. I can completely see a good solid piece changing the look of the room.

onthefence, Here is the link to the train art (Planked Train Panel Wall Art $299 and there is a 15% off code floating around right now): http://www.potterybarn.com/products/planked-train-panel-wall-art/?cm_src=AutoRel ... I am stalking the delivery man till it gets here!

Tres McKinney, I love the idea of painting the entry way, raising the curtains and the rug changes. We bought the rug because we were raising 3 toddlers but the rug has seen it's day and we are in agreement that we are now to the point that we can put more money into a rug with less concern about the kids. I'm excited to rug shop to hopefully help bring color inspiration! I love that you mentioned that a good console can help balance out the weight of the sofa... that makes sense to me. I feel that sofa is waaaay too bulky to begin with but it was what made him happy and I figured I could work with it somehow.... till i got it in the house!

Jenny, we do have a wireless HDMI set (we have indoor/outdoor surround sound in which all that equipment is housed in that cabinet) but we have Dish so I believe that is the reason for the cable. I don't understand why it had to be done that way but we had already received a second opinion on it and both companies said that was our only hope. It's the ugliest thing.

Maria, when you mention the floating shelves, do you mean to the left of the television (such as in NJ Residential photo which decoenthusiaste included)? The wall is approx 25 feet long to the door which leads to the hallway.

Ya'll, I STINK at this and I am so grateful that I posted. I really appreciate your kind words and thoughts. I hope that I can pay it forward in some other arena in life because I don't need to be giving my thoughts on decoration dilemmas!! I am one big decoration dilemma! Haha!!
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You could eliminate the ugly cable by switching to internet TV. You are using Houzz, so you probably already have good internet access at home. Research options like Roku, Apple TV, or Google TV.
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Thanks SO much for that link! Being someone with a history of trains, you'll understand that I was searching the word 'engine' ;-) The train part is what follows the engine!
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Barbara Griffith Designs
Txlrb..I'm glad you liked some of my ideas. Never do an accent wall. I was suggesting painting red inside the larger frame, so it looks like a mat for the train picture. And yes a dresser, credenza would be perfect. Sometimes you can find these in resale & consignment shops look for the length, height, and look you would like..then prime and paint it, maybe black. Choose your wall color AFTER you choose a rug, find one you like and choose a hue from it. A mid tone shade for the great room, and a darker shade of the same color for the foyer.
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I recently had to deal with a long wall ..this is what I created.
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Activated Decor Inc.
Take the TV off the wall, remove the TV cabinet and put the TV above the fireplace. We can have your TV deploy from your Attic stopping just above the fireplace. That will make the Fireplace the focal point wall and leave the wall where you have your TV now free to have more Family pictures or whatever comes to mind.
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i had a similar problem i went black friday and got a 65 inch smart tv at walmart for $688 then i went to to tj maxx and purchased to large colorful canvas prints similar in color and design to hang on each side and i have a 47 inch media stand underneath i got at peir one yesterday media consoles are on sale till jan 31 its beautiful! everything is now to scale alongside the wall all for under a gran.
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^^Lorimike...can you post a pic? Sounds awesome
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Have you looked into Uverse? They have a wireless cable box. It's what I use.
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Yes Lorimike! Pic please!!! I was just at World Market today looking at consoles since they are on sale, too. I will have to look at Pier 1 also.

JennDavis, thanks for the thinking but we don't get Uverse here... it's not offered in my area. :(
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Pamela Nixon Bennett
this has been a fun string to watch unfold. Now i want to decorate my focal wall. haha
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Take a look at Ben. Moore Reveer Pewter or Bleeker Beige. ( not sure what color you have on those walls. The piece under the TV needs to be larger and higher. Don't be afraid to make a statement! Where does that black wire go to? Have you looked into putting it in another room and using a remote electronic eye? Would cost less than trying to move that unsightly cord. Cable box goes in another room, and a 1" x 1" ' eye ' attaches to TV. No ugly boxes or wire! I have one. It works great! Can you get a larger area rug? Also, I agree the curtains need to be raised. Good luck:)
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Lynda Meyers
I love all of their ideas. I have the same problem, but no color and hardly any furniture.
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