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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Should I sell the 2 ottomons and get a coffee table?

designideas4meJanuary 24, 2013
I feel like I should have bought the chair or something that matched the couch instead of the 2 ottomons that were a lot of money and dont seem to have much purpose. But the saleswoman who helped me said not to get 2 sectionals and 2 coffee tables since my 2 rooms are so close in proximity and view. So I did the sectional and coffee table in one room and the couch in the other. But It seem empty in the middle of this room and I am not sure what to do in here. Any ideas? I know I have to do something with the fireplace but besides that what does the room need.. yes a floor and paint on the wall... but what else?
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In my opinion you need a large artwork over the large wall where your entertainment unit is. A nice tall plant or two would soften the room and add some color, as would the artwork, You could have some pillows on your couches to add some color too.
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Manon Floreat
I'd go for a sleek glass coffee table. Platner or Naguchi style - throw some curves in this room Currently it's very linear. I'd replace the vertical blinds with solar shades as shown below and get an upholstered arm chair for the right of the fireplace. I like the white walls, they'll be great for showcasing art.

Insolroll - Interior Solar Shade · More Info

Platner Coffee Table · More Info

What are you plans for the floor?
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How about a tall bookcase next to the fireplace. One or more white Billy bookcases from Ikea would work well. Hopefully you have some books to add to a bookcase, but other items would be appropriate as well.
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Thanks. Yes I was thinking glass would be best since it feels too dark and heavy in there. Those solar shades look nice but are they expensive? The house came with those ugly vertical blinds and they match throughout the house. I tries some curtains and it looked odd since I have curtains handing from the patio outside that window to give shade to another seating area. How is it to change the window treatments in various rooms or should they match? I am a linear person as you know but the coffee table on the bottom is very nice. I have seen it before and its priced well. Those ottomons were $1000. The sales woman told me to use it as a coffee table but that idea never worked for me. Should I just sell them? Do I need an end table too? What type of interesting art do you see on that wall above the stereo? Something I can make?
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I like the book case idea. I saw on at plummers a while back that I really liked. Very open. I like to make most things go to the ceiling or close to it which is 9 feet. But will the fireplace compete with the bookshelf or is there a way to make the work together? How do I balance it with the window on the other side of the fireplace?
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Manon, I'm curious about the solar shades. We have an inexpensive one in our laundry room. It's great during the day - but in the evening when there is a light on in the room, a person outside can easily see into the room.

Do they only block the visual during daylight? Or is it just the particular blind we have?
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You reminded me about these bookcases i always liked. I know part of the issue is that I need to do something with the fireplace to finish it but I dont want to spend more than maybe $1000

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Manon Floreat
Yes, the solar shade, regardless of model, will allow people to see outlines of what's inside at night if the lights are on. That may be a consideration for designideas4me.

Regarding the art - I've seem your paintings and you can make something totally wonderful! You may even consider getting out your creativity box to address the fireplace. . . and the floor for that matter.

I like for window coverings to aesthetically relate to one another throughout the entire house. It provides for continuity. The solar shades are on the expensive side as they will be custom, but they will protect your leather furniture.

If you're not feeling the ottomans and they won't compliment another area of your home, sell them. Then take the money and buy an arm chair. The room needs more sit-downery!

ETA: the Plummers bookcase is very cool!
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Thanks for the info regarding the solar shade Manon. Love the term 'sit-downery' :-)

And designideas - that bookcase rocks!
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Yes I think a bookcase idea is good. There is many bookcases under $1000. Maybe you'll like it?
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That glass metal bookcase is a great idea. I am tired of adding more wood and it will keep the room light and open which i want. along with some glass coffee tables.....sounds nice.

what to do with that fireplace? must it be built out to dive depth or can I just put tile on the wall where the black paint is now? Ideas for contemporary low cost way to finish it off?
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Terri Williams
Your palette is rather monochromatic. If you started with one big piece to inspire a secondary color, an area rug, window treatments that echo color from the rug, some art on the walls, fireplace to bring in more energy and color and a large plant behind the sofa like a potted ficus or palm you fill your space better. If you added a chair picking up some of that color and balanced it with accent pillows, it would change the feel of the room.
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my palete is boring and unfinished. I am thinking maybe a light colored bamboo or white oak floor. Light colored cabinets and well just no more dakness. but the thing is since this room is next to the living room and separated by just one wall...dont the two rooms have to tie together or can they be really different and not look wrong? ok so maybe the clear beads are the glass coffee table and glass on the shelves and the purple color is where? on the wall over the stereo? with artwork? what do I do with the fireplace? Do I need to bring purple into the livingroom to make the 2 rooms cohesive?
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Blinds Direct Canada
I would recommend replacing the Vertical blinds with a Silhouette type blind it will really soften up the space and give you alot more natural light.

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Manon Floreat
Here are some fireplace ideas for you featuring stainless steel. I think they've got a very cool contemporary feel. Something to think about.

Regarding the purple as an accent; you have the right idea, add through art, throw pillows and fresh flowers. You don't have to have purple in the living room as well. The general style of the rooms are similar enough to provide for the conistency you mention. I would make sure the flooring is the same, though.

A little fireplace eye candy for you.
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