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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Great wallpaper - how do I finish the room?

darcyanneJanuary 25, 2013
This is my spare bedroom, with pullout couch. I just put up this awesome wallpaper, but I feel like the room is still incomplete and would love some advice.
On the right of the couch is an antique green steamer trunk - and to the left is a teak folding table for people to put their suitcase on. The room is small - and there's open shelving on the opposite wall.
Any help greatly appreciated!
Ps - can't afford to swap out couch just yet.
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Could you stow the bedding inside the steamer trunk? I'd consider painting the nook with the open shelving a color that harmonizes with the green background of the wallpaper...a deep purple, maybe? Or, perhaps you're more drawn to something serene like brown? Your shelf will have a tidier look if you bring in a few baskets to store the movies and stuffed animals. I like your globe and the back and white print. I think the framed photos should go in one of the empty cubbies left after you've stored the bedding.

Can the sofa be centered on the wall? I don't know how much space there is, but you might consider moving the steamer trunk in front of the sofa so it can act as a coffee table. If there's money in your budget for them, a more substantial end table or two could serve as a pair of nightstands and would help the space serve as a den when you don't have guests sleeping there. The teak table feels like something that belongs outside; I'd fold and stow it when it wasn't holding a suitcase;)

How about a floor lamp to vary the height of the furniture along that wallpapered wall? Or a pair of lamps with some visual heft to sit on the end tables....

Last thought: the throw pillows aren't speaking to each other or anything else in the room except the couch. I'd replace them - if you sew, the world is your oyster. Find a fabric that plays well with green and the color you choose for the nook. I think geometric patterns, big florals would be fun here...maybe two matching geometric pillows with a big floral?

It's a lovely room with a great start! Have fun:)
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anniebird nailed it this time! Love the wallpaper - play it up with your colors!
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Great advice.
Okay, I changed around the shelving with some baskets - I think it looks cleaner. It's the only place for linens though, so that has to stay.
I love the idea of painting the inside of the cubby! What colour brown would work? I'm always worried about it looking too forest-y in there.
As for the throw cushions, do you think I should just throw out the small one?
The trunk is too big to use as a table - the room is very small.
I covered the teak table - does that help?
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Kim D
I feel like the cool wallpaper needs the other walls in the room to coordinate with it better, painting the walls a dove grey might be nice.
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It's hard to tell, but the walls are already a dove gray colour - almost matching the walls.
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The baskets helped alot! For a little pizzazz, you could try fabric bins like this:


.....just another to way to work color into the room.

Just popped into the BM website and looked at this for paint:


I think a deep taupe-y brown would be nice in the nook - nice contrast - and it looks as though the falcon brown has some color coordinates that echo those found in your wallpaper. Also, a taupe would look nice with your dove grey walls. Of course, we're all limited by the colors of our computer monitors, so there's no substitute for painting a swatch on your wall!

I see that the room is cozy. It also looks like your style leans more towards midcentury modern with a little spa vibe - yes?

How about this: center the couch, keep the stepped side table because it fits that retro vibe, but take away the teak table...even covered with the cloth it's not playing nicely with the room. I also think that wall needs some breathing room - the furniture is crowded shoulder to shoulder and you can't see the nice line of that little end table, for instance.

for fabric:

for a spa vibe, what about two velvet pillows? Something like this:

http://www.fabric.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=9ffc5d71-f908-498b-b38f-080850899859&CategoryID=0309e182-bcb8-42bd-80e7-3ec805d15f55, maybe with a contrasting piping in dark brown?

then a third pillow in a big floral which could tie in with the green in the background of the paper:


I like this fabric for midcentury modern vibe:

Just be sure to consider the couch. If you're staying with this one for awhile, think about lighter pillows so they'll stand out.


I think the white lantern isn't quite right. What about this:


I love the whole Nelson collection at Room and Board :)

This is just a jumping off point. I see, for instance, that most of my suggestions coordinate with the paper very closely, which in my mind is a little boring. Browns, greys, taupes and greens all have a place in your room, but I'd pick another color - one you love - as an accent. Orange? Turquoise? Purple? Charcoal? All could work here:)
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for a little more eclectic look, how about a sari throw?


...there's your pop of color:)!
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I love that sari throw - and those green fabric and baskets.

The steeped table actually belongs in the living room - I'm going to bring the trunk back - and ditch the teak table.
in its place I'll try out a standing lamp.

More pics to come!
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Okay, teak table gone - and colourful sari that was covering it now on the couch for that 'pop' of colour.
What about those couch cushions? I moved them from another room. I prefer the white and yellow ones, until I can find something brighter.
I will also move the couch closer to the centre.
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Jayme H.
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Kim D
If the walls are already dove gray, then I'm with Anniebird try a purple or eggplant color for contrast. The couch almost looks purple in the photo.
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Artistica Painting & Decorating
I know and love this wallpaper! The room is looking better...especialy the storage unit with baskets :) I think you are still struggling with the cushions and the sari throw. I agree with anniebird that you should source some fabric and make some beautiful but economical throw pillows. Also, If you sew, a great way to change the look of your couch is to make a slip cover out of painters drop sheets. You can dye them to any colour and they are spill resistant. I would paint the nook to echo the green in your wallpaper or a nice gray like BM Fusion AF-675. Lastly, If I could, I would place the couch on an angle in the corner (not sure if you have room). And a plant would work nicely :)
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Artistica Painting & Decorating
Oh, and yes, I would accent with purple!
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What about a few cushions in a fabric like this and then a third one that's more floral and brings in some green?


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What about some of these pillows?
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I'd look for a deeper purple - eggplant more than lavender - to provide contrast with the color on the walls...not a dark or jewel tone, but something mid-tone. I like the chevron motif, less fond of the graphic floral - there are already lots of lines in your wallpaper and my eye wants to rest on something less graphic. I really love the bird motif pillow Keitha suggested - especially cute with your tree paper!
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Keitha I love the Ikat fabric in those pillows.

Okay, designistas -- is it better to have purple AND green tones in the pillows to bring them in -- or enough to have a few pillows with purple, and then a separate one that brings in the green again?
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my vote is to bring in a little bit of the green and I liked recommendation by anniebird for midtone colors instead of jewel tones. This will be a very exciting room!
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I don't think you've answered the question about your ability to sew. For me what is stopping progress in your room is the color of the couch. I have reupholstered two couches (one twice!) and maybe four or five chairs and I've recovered my dining room chair seats every time a gorgeous fabric in my color scheme says take me home and use me. Someone mentioned making a slipcover but reupholstering is much easier. With a good staple gun (better yet a staple gun and an air compressor) you can recover the couch and then make pillow covers with the old sewing machine. If you can't or won't try this think about buying a ready made slipcover in a color that works perfectly with the beautiful wallpaper. Good luck, it sounds like you're having fun with this and that's important too. madeline
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I'm awful at sewing but my mom is great! She's in the process of making me drapes and pillow covers at the moment, so I have to take it easy on her.

My priority project this weekend is to paint out that nook behind the shelves - I really like that idea - and I have some nice greyish brown paint leftover from another project.
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The wall just shows one fabric. Is that what you built?
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I took the liberty of adding fabrics to your design wall - hope that wasn't too cheeky of me! You can always delete:)
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I don't know if there's a problem with the tool, but I'm still only seeing one too.

Just an update: I bought two fabrics to make pillows -- one with a graphic green pattern and the other with a large purple floral -- following your directions! I might also get a plain one with a bird applique.

Next time I post I'll show you the finished product -- WISH ME LUCK AND THANKS SO MUCH
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I would put doors on the nook to make it into a closet and hide the "stuff". It isn't adding to the room, it is taking away from the serene feel of the room. The cushions from Keitha (above) in greens , greys and whites are great . I would also replace the side table on the left of the sofa with a large container with long lengths of birch tree branches to bring the wall paper into a 3 dimensional look even a branch anchored from the papered wall to the adjoining wall with a ceramic bird (in all white or all green) on it would be really cute and add a bit of interest.
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Thanks! The nook is eventually going to have built-in cabinets -- so this is just a temporary measure. And thanks for the suggestion about tree branches -- I am sort of obsessed with tall sticks!
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Update: The room is finally done and I love it! Thanks to everyone for the great advice.
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Looks great DarcyAnne! So glad you're happy:)
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