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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Vent hood placement- new construction

Sarah HughesJanuary 25, 2013
Oh no- our GC used an old set of kitchen plans when the ductwork was installed. Our duct work is 68 1/2" from the left wall when it should be 60". I want to have a chimney hood (basic idea attached) but can't think of a workaround other than call in the drywall guys and have it torn down & ductwork installed (ugh).

The vent design and kitchen layouts are attached. We do have 9' ceilings & cabinets will stop about a foot from the ceiling.

Should I give up on my chimney hood idea and go with another design? We don't want to tear up the Sheetrock unless necessary.
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If you were set on a particular look, better to just tear the drywall down and move the ducting to get what you want.

Is downdraft venting an option? Keep in mind downdraft doesn't work as well...competes against normal physics.
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Sarah Hughes
One idea was to build a soffit to cover the 45 degree bend and connect the hood to that.??
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Hmmm... I'd need to see a picture to get a visual of what your idea is.
IMO, since house is under construction, bite the bullet and get it fixed correctly. You don't want some soffit looking like an after thought. The GC should eat the cost if it's his fault.
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Yes, a picture would be helpful. Did they build the ductwork too low from the cooktop ?
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It might be a pain in the neck to redo everything, but whose fault is this .. at least maybe your GC should be paying for all the extra work. If this is part of new construction, I'd want it done right to start with .. not as a "patch job" because someone goofed.
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Ironwood Builders
How long was the contractor working with the old drawing? What else (that you haven't yet discovered) is fubared? Some appliances allow us a very small area to run utilities! Check! As for who pays...delivery of the plan and the change of plan was generated by whom? We destroy, or redline and archive all old plans as new plans are developed. Unfortunately, the hand off of the change needed to be well documented...by both of you. That said, as the GC, I'd bite the bullet and make it right. I'd hope for leniency on problems that were or are, not my responsibility.
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Deborah Butler, Brickwood Builders
Taking out sheetrock is really not that expensive in the whole scheme of things and can be easily repaired at this stage. As a GC, we'd want to go ahead and get it right. If there was an issue in that the new plans were not delivered in time or something else, maybe you split the cost with the GC. If he/she had the plans and was made aware of the changes and it slipped up, which sometimes happens, then ask that they fix it at their expense. There are some things that just aren't worth making a big deal about. This is fairly major. Just have an honest discussion with the GC, not a threatening one, and most will deal with it (unless there is clear evidence that they were not at fault).
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Scott Design, Inc.
What does your GC say about the situation? Have you discussed what is involved with the relocation? This no doubt affects the center of your cooktop and its connections as well as the position of other cabinets. Is there something in the ceiling/wall that prevents a 60" centerline? Do you have the hood on site to see what leeway you have within the ductcover for an offset? If nothing gets in the way of moving the duct to 60" and offset is not possible, then opening the sheetrock, cutting back the ductwork and patching is probably the least time intensive solution (he may even have to relocate the electrical feed as well) then rethinking the whole hood thing again regardless of who did what and when particularly since you are still in kitchen install mode, have not prepped for hood installation and have not done your painting.
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Sarah Hughes
Thanks for your suggestions. I was able to speak with the GC and after some investigation the miscommunication/error happened with one of the subs. The drywall is coming off Monday- with the vent moved and insulation fixed. I couldn't find another design for hood/cabinet that I liked to avoid this mess but am so glad the mistake wasn't ours. I have to admit I'm a little more paranoid about double checking measurements.
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Glad things turned out in your favor, even if it will be a hassle to make the change.
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Aegean Designing Whims
I'm glad you went ahead with making the change! There's not much worse than living with something you were hesitant to change. Chrysteen
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Scott Design, Inc.
onward and upward!
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