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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

What colour(s) to paint dressing table unit and chair?

cannawineJanuary 26, 2013
I have bought an old dressing table unit and chair to put in my 3 year old daughters' room. This will replace the white compactum (against the wall with the owl mural). The owl mural will be painted out as that is the only wall which will fit the new dressing and chair. I would like to put the chair next to dressing table (as in the houzz image attached- 2nd image). I really like the idea of painting the drawers a different colour to the rest of the unit. Please could I have suggestions on colour for the new unit and chair. The other furniture in the room is white.
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Aja Mazin
Home made chalk paint
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Aja, I saw you give the 'recipe' for home made chalk paint once before. That piece is really gorgeous. Could you post it again please?
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Aja Mazin
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Aja Mazin

Mix to creamy consistency.
Add a little more water if it seems to thick or let it set with the top off if it is to thin.

No sanding or prep.

Apply a coat and allow to dry - less than 2 hours.
Apply additional coat[s], if needed.

For shine and added protection, let dry overnight.
Wax liberally with Johnson's Paste Wax, buff, repeat if you wish..

I used a quart of inexpensive paint from Walmart - $11.00
The man who mixed it said it was made by SW.
I got the Plaster of Paris at Loews.- seal the remainder in plastic to keep "fresh".

I did a French Provencal double dresser and nightstand and only used about 1/3 of a qt.
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Danielle B
I have two daughters now in their teens. I predict your daughter will ask for a new decor in when she is 9 or ten, and every other year after that, as mine did. If you treasure the dresser and want to keep it for a long time, my advice is to paint it white.
One neat trick I did with a plain white dresser to make it more girly when my daughter was three: I removed some of the knobs (maybe for the two drawers flanking the mirror) with hot pink ribbon bows. To do this, I took 24 inch lengths of ribbon. Tie the ends of each ribbon in a knot and pull the loop you just created through the knob holes from back to front, and make a bow from the loop on the face of the cabinet. Sew some ball buttons at the centre of the bow to act as the 'knobs'. If you use wired ribbons, they will last for years, as you can reshape them as needed. Save the knobs for later...
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Thanks for the suggestions. I don't think I've seen anything painted with chalk paint before. How is the look different from painting with ordinary Matt enamel and then sanding the edges to get the distressed look? I'm not sure of the wax you are referring to.. is that a furniture wax that comes in solid form in a tin?
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Aja Mazin
It has a softer look.

You can get a distressed finish or a finish with no brush strokes.

No sanding or prep, it will adhere to all types of surfaces - laminate, plastic, etc.
It can be used on kitchen cabinets.

This is quite similar to my first piece ~ I filled in missing veneer with Plastic Wood.

[My mom spray painted the pulls]

I have not distressed anything yet.

Johnson® Paste Wax or Minwax Finishing Wax

I used satin latex paint.

Before the dresser and night stand, I had painted only 1 wall with a roller and a brush.
It was a disaster.

I am a failure at spray painting ~ drips, runs, ,,,,,,
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Thanks. Do you apply the paint evenly with a brush? How many coats?
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I agree with Danielleb as far as painting the dresser white. White is a timeless color and you probably won't get tired of the color. And as your daughter gets older, the white will still be timeless and look great in the room. Thats a very nice dresser (it will be stunning in white). You could add glass, ceramic or brushed nickel handles, knobs or pulls. You can always add colors with any accent pieces you add or change in the room also. You cna also paint the chair in a fun color instead.
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Aja Mazin

You can use a regular brush, a foam brush, or a foam roller.
Use whatever works for you.

I did not want brush strokes to show so I used a foam brush at first, before I discovered that once
the chalk paint dries, any brush strokes disappear.

I applied 2 coats.



That is about the colour I used,

And here is a tutorial on distressing:



"Do It Yourselvers" figured out the formula long ago.

Plaster of Paris contains calcium carbonate.
Strictly speaking, lime is calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide.

Lime plaster contains limestone (calcium carbonate) and is what we know as white washing or lime washing. It is an alkaline substance and can be highly caustic.

Limestone or CHALK is composed primarily of calcium carbonate.

Making chalk paint has something to do with the reaction of lime [general term for calcium-containing inorganic materials, in which carbonates, oxides and hydroxides predominate] with the latex paint.
In the chemical reaction a small amount of heat is generated.

Sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate or unsanded grout can also be used instead of Plaster of Paris b/cs the end result is a similar chemical reaction.

Tightly cap what you do not use and the chalk paint will keep. Add water if it thickens.
You want it to be creamy smooth!
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Aja, thanks for posting the 'how to' on chalk paint. We have another grandbaby on the way and I look forward to trying it on a piece for his or her room. Your examples are lovely!
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Aja Mazin

oh, how wonderful!
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