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What can i do about this hunter green viking range?

hormonalJanuary 29, 2013
I want to remodel my kitchen but I hate this hunter green range. All other appliances are stainless. What typeof sink would work best and what can I do with this range? My husband doesn't want me to replace it because of the color.
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I think the hood on this is overwhelming, Can it be separated? It may look better if it was just stainless steal! How does the rest of this room look? Can you add other pictures?
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Lucky you :) you have a retro . Remove the spices and put a ceramic Rooster
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Jayme H.
Wondering if u can a thin sheet of stainless to cover the green on the hood. I think with the hood being green also, it could look better.
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Interiors International, Inc.
You can have appliances painted.
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Vic Reffett
I like it It is different
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I like the green and it could be a nice splash of an accent colour. You could also tie the colour into your backsplash with silvers/greys.

I agree that the hood is a little overwhelming. Two options spring to mind:
1. What about using tremclad paint to paint the range hood? It would probably be a bad idea for the actual stove (given the heat) but the hood is not subjected to such extreme temperatures.
2. have a custom built range hood go "over" the current functional one. Obviously the style/colour is wrong, but this was kind of what I was thinking: http://walzcraft.com/product/range-hood-g-series-standard-cherry/
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auburn gallery
tape off the stainless portion and spray it black like the body of the Viking.
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I think you are right about the hood being overwhelming. I can replace it with stainless and it might do the trick. Also I do need to remove all that junk and put something attractive on that shelve in the meantime. Thank you.
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Significant Buildings and Construction
You could definitely paint the appliances but I would be worried it would peel. I would consider accenting with a stainless backsplash that has some green tile in it. The backsplashes they are coming out with now have diversified remarkable, and we have put in many that accent even hunter green appliances! Good luck!
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Ashley Camp
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I love that range! My 1931 kitchen has jadeite green tile and that range would be the absolutely perfect accent. But, my kitchen is one of a kind...

You could paint the hood. I have a neighbor who painted a 70s Burnished Copper hood and you would never believe that it wasn't real stainless steel. I don't know exactly what paint he used, but I do remember he told me that $40 for paint was a lot cheaper than replacing a 36 inch hood
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Have you talked to a Viking dealer to see if the front panel could be replaced?
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I also think if you changed the rangehood to stainless steel the green wouldn't be so "in your face." I like green, but I think on the hood it gives a top heavy feel. Also, a very inexpensive idea is to splurge on some nice kitchen towels and hang them on the oven door handle. That will have even less green showing.
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LOVE the green Viking, the hood not so much. I'd keep the stove (green is making a comeback now) and try to work on the hood to get it to a stainless style. Think of the stove as being the "unexpected" in the room. I would love to have it myself!!!
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Thanks to all that replied. I think the hood is indeed the problem. I will see about changing that.
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To Linda
I would love to see a picture of your kitchen . I absolutely love that stove its one of a kind . I wish that I would have one now:) if you look at Elmira stoves you well see how beautiful they all are and in the retro colours too......I can only wish for a stove and a kitchen like yours I can visualize a black and white tiled floor and these appliances , they would take me back to my childhood in my mother's kitchen.
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You are right! I thought my stove was dated and it turns out to be great. I just need to remodel around it. I think i will change the hood however, it is too low and over whelming.
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Take a look at these beauties

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The rack under the hood is there for a couple reasons the first one is that you can keep dishes warm while you are cooking the steam will heat up the base of it and the second one is that no dirt will fall into the pots . To remove this will take the purpose of it away , think twice before doing this , that shlf is not to keep spices on it .
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Thank you. I didn't know that. You are right. I have a jem and didn't even know it! Thanks for educating me. Not only will it save me money but i'll have a great
Look. Can't thank you enough.
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Shekinah Ruston_Kromhout
I would remove the spices for sure. And You can I get metal paint and paint over the green, I would not paint the oven itself just the hood. Also, I am completely jealous. I would love to have a Viking stove. That is wonderful.
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It is a wonderful stove and i think you are right, it is the hood that is too much. Thanks
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