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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Help, living room has two focal points on opposite walls.

cbridgersJanuary 30, 2013
When entering my step-down living room, there is a fireplace on the right and large bay window on the left. The window has a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mts. (See photo snapped from window last Oct.) I'm considering 4 chairs so that the fireplace and window can both be enjoyed. Or 2 chairs and a loveseat... or 2 loveseats facing each other, flanking the fireplace. Also, considering a seat pillow on the window as it's a good height for extra seating. I've been told that 2 loveseats would set up barriers in the room, but the living room is lower as a step-down. If I use 4 chairs, should they be the same, 2 pairs of chairs, or 4 different chairs? All I know is that I don't want to put a sofa in front of the window. The loveseat in the room is 62" wide and will go back to my bedroom. Thank you in advance for any input.
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Yes... add a cushion to the window seat. That's a great idea! As for the chairs or love seats, I think that's personal taste. In my mind, I see the love seats as being more formal than the chairs. So decide if you want a formal or informal space first. I like the idea of chairs becuase you would have more flexibility in moving them around. And, again, I think it's personal taste as to whether the chairs all match or not. :) Good luck!
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I think your idea is great and I love the cushion for the window. First, center your rug based on the two openings into the room and the steps. Move the secretary into the dining room, centered on the chandelier. Consider four chairs, but they don't have to match - two armchairs on the FP side of the rug and two swivels opposite them so they can turn to see the view. Your coffee table will work fine, and if the hall chair has a mate, they might work near the FP so their backs don't block the view. Will the sofa fit on the left or right side of the FP with a bookcase beside the opening for a nice place to read, knit, do crosswords? Just a thought and you might spice that corner up with a flokati underneath a small coffee table, then dd a good floor lamp and a pretty piece of framed art.. At the other side of the FP use one of your other pieces of casegoods and art. I only suggest mirrors when they will reflect something beautiful, so I think you can use one over your mantel. I think some plants for a touch of green/living things would be good in your space and would help in the corners.

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Thanks! It is a formal living room but is used. I love to sit with coffee and contemplate the mountains. I too like chairs, but wondered when looking through living room into dining room, all you would see is "chairs" except for the cushion on the window seat. Too many chairs?
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What a gorgeous view! I think 4 identical chairs with a cocktail table in the center would be ideal. Usually 2 people on a loveseat are too close. (I guess that's why they are called "loveseats") Also adding the cushion on the widow seat would look great!
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Billie G
Is the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, perhaps Wintergreen?
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It's actually Bull Run Mountain, not near Wintergreen.
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Billie G
Thanks. Great view!
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Warner Decor
I think that I would do 4 of the same chairs. Here is an option:

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I agree about using 4 chairs, & the mirror over the FP.
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@Warner et al - this post is over a year old - please don't waste our time or yours. Check the dates before replying.
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Beautiful room! I think a bunch of chairs grouped together kind of looks like a waiting room. I would go with 2 love seats and ignore the bad advice you got. And go with leggy love seats so they don't look too blocky (like the one you have there already). Place them facing each other like the one in the photo and add a sofa table behind one and a shallow desk behind the other since you have the room. Love your idea for a cushion on your window seat. Can be used for overflow seating. Love your rug too. I would pull colours out of that for your fabric choices. Good luck!
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@decoenthusiaste: Frankly I don't care if it's over a year old. I enjoy reading the replies as much as the questioner - So what say you 'let us' make our own decisions and try 'not to assume' on my/our behalf ?
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