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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Tiny bedroom with overpowering window

ymh2986January 30, 2013
How can I make this room appear more balanced? The beds cut into the windows, no room for a dresser or chest of drawers. A closet & doorway are on the north wall, a large window on the south wall, not enough space on adjacent walls to place beds & be able to walk into the closet. Would like to create balance on the south wall that would tie everything together. Thinking of a large mirror on the wall opposite the wall hanging. I am shopping for a low-profile nightstand. Need some 'out of the box' ideas that would make this cozy room inviting.
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Is this a kids room and can you add the size of the room?
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This is a guest bedroom; no way to increase the size without tearing down the house :)) Also hope to achieve a better look on a budget. And when I say 'cozy room,' I really mean it is small!!
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Have you considered a double bed instead of two twins?
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Yes, but my thought is that twin beds offer the greatest flexibility (i.e. two female or two male guests sharing the room but who do not want to share a bed).
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Definitely a double bed to extend on either the east or west wall depending on where the entry is exactly. Dresser goes on the opposite wall to that. If you don't want to pay for the double bed today for budget reasons, do the dirty hotel trick of sticking the two beds to each other and placing large sheets. That can also be useful in the event that you need to separate the beds depending on the guest.
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Stanton Designs-online design services
I would suggest making the window wall behind the bed a curtain wall....from one corner to the other. It will give the wall a smooth transition and the window won't seem awkward.
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First of all, I would drape fabric across that whole window wall. Instead of that small table, put a small drawered cabinet between the beds to hold the lamp higher and provide more space for glasses, phones, etc for your guesst. Coordinate the wall fabric with the bed coverings and wall color to make it seem more cohesive. Add a coordinating rug between the beds and possible luggage racks at the end of the beds along with a mirror or two. Do it all in a lighter color than the bed spreads, their contrast with the wall color makes the space seem cluttered.
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I agree with the curtain wall. if you get headboards for them, then they can sit away from the wall slightly so that there is room for the curtain behind them.
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Have you considered painting the walls a color to warm up the space. That would help also. A tan color would be nice. Also change the vertical blind to a regular mini blind or plantation shutters. Replace the lampshade to one in color (blue, tan , etc.) Replace the wall hanging (it doesn't work for the room) with a nice picture of abstract art or a big flower picture. Could you show more of the whole room to see what the other side looks like?
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Place the two beds together treat them as one. When you have nighttime guess over and you need two beds, you can separate them. If you decide to keep them apart look for a tall unit about two feet wide by one and half in depth by five and half feet tall with all drawers. Place this unit between the beds in front of the window. Get head boards and move the beads about five inches from the wall and install floor to ceiling drapes.
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I have a small cottage with a tiny bedroom like this one. I would eliminate the table and lamp and find matching bookcase headboards and paint them a glossy black. Perhaps change the wall colour to a warm grey shade. Wall mounted lamps (Ikea has some nice ones) provides each person with the option to read and not directly disturb their room mate. I would also get rid of the bed skirts and substitute a fitted sheet over the box spring instead. This will open up the space. You will not need all of the throw pillows with the headboards and this too will open up the space. The vertical blinds date the space. I'm not entirely sure what to replace them with but perhaps a simple curtain hung high to give the room the appearance of height. A solid colour maybe a grey shade close to the wall shade so as to not create too much contrast. Could you mount a full length mirror on the closet door. It will reflect light when the curtains were open and give guest somewhere to check their appearance. The wall hanging would work with grey walls . If you could frame it , you could then hang it on the diagonal (so it looks like a diamond). This would also give the illusion of height. I wouldn't worry too much about the other wall, it's nice to have some open space and the headboards will provide interest. A small throw rug between the beds would also be nice. Good luck.
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Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful comments.

First of all, the room was recently painted a beige color, which is lighter and in the same tone family as the carpet. Prior to that, everything was 'contractor white.' I did try pushing the beds together, and the room was almost completely swallowed up by the beds, with only about a foot of space on each side of the beds (two twins=a king). It looked way out of proportion.

The room is about 114 inches wide, and about the same length, so this is a crackerbox :) I also tried one bed against the east wall, with one against the south wall (i.e. an L shape) - but not enough room.

Putting a luggage rack at the end of each bed means there will be minimal space to get into the walk-in closet on one side of the room, and no space to open the door going into the room on the other. It's that tight - one would have to walk sideways to get by luggage racks - but I do have one in the walk-in closet.

I really do like the idea of drapes across the window wall; and yes, I do plan to get rid of the vertical blinds. Will either put up a solar fabric shade or maybe shutters (though I don't like the idea of having to dust shutters). This house really collects a lot of dust.

Please feel free to offer additional ideas and/or pictures.
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Can you not put the beds on one of the other walls - Right or left of the window? Even if it's close to a closet/wall? It looks like there should be room. As long as there's 6"+, you don't have to worry about bed interferring with drapes.
And definitely drapes floor to ceiling. You could keep blinds for light control and the mount drapes on rod above blinds, almost at ceiling. Look for extension rod so that drapes hang further out than blind header.
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Kevin Retired Decorator
I would drape the whole wall from 1 foot above window to floor then use roll up bamboo blinds underneath the drapes open the curtains to show the blinds centered on each bed creating a two window look that would be centered on each bed. I would get head boards too. In White, A very small drop front desk painted white would be a great piece between the beds. With a storage ottoman under it. Add a couple of floating shelves about 6" deep on both walls next to the bed high enough to give bed clearance about 5 ' high that would give a nice place to add accessories. I would add a accent color. Aqua or orange or some rich contrasting color you like. Retired Decorator , Kevin
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Consider this arrangement. Hang panels on the windows to act as a headboard and bring them past the corners where the beds impact the windows. Pull the beds forward several inches. Use a combo of coordinated fabrics so the beds and curtains are related. It will draw your eye into the room. Remove the little table and get two wall sconces. Outfit the closet with shelves/baskets from The Container Store so you need no other furniture.
Bedroom Design ideas · More Info
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Would you consider a trundle bed? It would be a single bed until you needed space for two. A trundle day-bed would look like a sofa until you opened it. Either one would really open up the space during the day!
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Blinds Direct Canada
Remove the vertical blinds and replace them with a room darkening Roman Shade . It will make the room more clean and neat looking .

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judyg - you nailed it exactly! This is the kind of look I will work toward, might even look for something to put above the window, some kind of mirror to create the illusion of more space, though there isn't much space for one. The white curtain panels & bedding really add contrasting punch; will be perfect since I already have white doors, baseboards & trim. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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Gloria Jaroff, A.I.A.
Small rooms are easy - square rooms are more difficult to design. Focusing on the window wall with a simple wallcovering surrounding the window blinds- a beautiful light, open and flowing pattern using the colors of the room - white background with yellows and small grey accents would open up the space - create depth - push out the end walls and make the room appear much larger. It would also carry your eye upward and outward away from the heaviness of the beds. It creates the effect of a mural. Toile de Jouey may not be your style but you get the idea. Keep the pattern small to medium in scale. It could become a conversation piece in the room.
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Gloria, I like the idea of using yellow/blue fabric for the curtains, picking up on the quilted wall hanging, which I would like to use. Then maybe a mirror on the opposite wall, framed with tile in beiges, blues, grays, yellows & mother of pearl?? Will keep my heart open to the possibilities as I go out treasure hunting.
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Gloria Jaroff, A.I.A.
Great idea. Mirrors always open up a space.
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ymh2986, thank you for your thank you. Glad the photo worked. A picture is worth a thousand words :>)
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ymh2986, any updates on your room?
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Yes!! Thank you for asking -- Installed new cellular blinds, painted the lamp shade the same shade of yellow as the quilted wall hanging, hung new curtains, sewed new bed skirts with fabric that matches the curtains, bought new yellow & charcoal pillows. Will put in a black nightstand this fall, also hang a large gold-framed mirror on the wall to the left of the first bed in this picture, and will buy new white throws to drape on the beds to pick up on the white curtain panels. There has been a huge improvement - it will look better when it is completely done. My friends have given me tons of compliments on this room.
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very nice, the curtains really make a big difference! Keep us posted.
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Well done!
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Updated picture: room with twin headboards (that allowed me to pull the beds away from the curtains & keep pillows from falling off the ends) and a glass-front nightstand. Took awhile to find headboards with the right scale for this tiny room. Got them at a thrift store - they were oak, old & beat up, so I stained & glazed them. Found the night stand (for free) at a street sale. This room is so cozy & fun to sleep in. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
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