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Need Help in choosing a wallpaper

uhumayunJanuary 30, 2013
Hi everyone.. I need some help in choosing a wallpaper for this bedroom. Any ideas? I am thinking of putting a wallpaper just on the wall behind my bed.. Also, the bedroom is still incomplete. Any other ideas with this existing furniture are welcome!!
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Linda Bibbo
One of my favorite wallpaper designers is Thibaut (www.thibautdesign.com). They have such beautiful designs, along with matching fabrics, and the paper is so easy to work with. They also now have a line of furniture. I think that putting wallpaper just on the wall behind the bed would work great with your design style.
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Calvin Simons
An orange wallpaper should do it.
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I love this wallpaper.
Modern Guest Room · More Info
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Leanne Lovie
I did a quick search for orange wallpapers for you and here's my favorites You'll have to click the link to see the one from the wallpaper supplier Linda suggested/


Farrow & Ball - The Lotus Papers · More Info

GardenWalls, Japanese Spring Series, Orange · More Info

Master Bedroom Suite · More Info
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whatever you choose will need to be simple with not much pattern given that you already have a lot of pattern in there. where is your dresser?
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Tracy Taylor
The inner child part of me is screaming ditch the bedding and what about some vintage wallpaper? http://www.wallpaperfromthe70s.com/product_info.php?info=p947_Geckos.html You could totally get some bigger nightstands and paint them a color right out of the wallpaper... or just buy them from here http://redfordhouse.com/Beds/Nightstands/Bennett-Nightstand#.UQogOr_C2So and pick your color... Bring a lil color over to the windows... http://www.worldmarket.com/product/green+velvet+oasis+curtain.do?camp=ppc:GooglePLA:none:goobase_filler&gclid=CMG2i5eTkrUCFSXZQgodGGYA-A have fun with some lamps and definitely add some wow at the foot of the bed... get a bench or some stools even a modern chaise! IDK just what I envisioned~
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Your so funny Tracy............. How did you identify that it was your inner child who didnt like the bedding?
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Tracy Taylor
She has a loud voice and is very pouty about things.... Bahahaha Mostly I just wanted to introduce some color... the room seemed a lil stark everything was black and white except the bedding, but the bedding limited your choices regarding what you could do to a degree. You do not want to do black on black wallpaper with a black headboard can you say BLACKHOLE! It would become a huge block of blah... and orange and black can end up going halloweeny very quickly. The burgundy is a little hard to keep modern so I took liberties. The point is if you change the bedding and put wallpaper you have a blank canvas to reintroduce color even if they are not the ones I choose.
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How about painting the bed wall "Pumpkin..BM Historical Collection"?. Not a Halloween orange and would look very nice with your bedding.

Kathia's Home · More Info
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Move the sticks from the corner and center the bed and tables on the wall. Angle the chair under the picture arrangement, sticks beside if if you love them. I agree that a focal color would be ideal. I would paint first, and when you tire of that go for a wallpaper or stencil. Here's an idea for an angle softening table lamp for each side of the bed. Have you thought of moving the round starburst type item above the bed? It may be too small for it, but try and see.
Vertigo Arc Table Lamp · More Info
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L Decor Nanaimo
Your idea of just wallpapering the wall behind the bed is a great idea. I love your black and white chair too, I would go with a black and white wallpaper and use orange accents like in your bedding for throw pillows and bed side lamp shades etc.
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Love the idea of wallpaper behind the bed. A damask maybe. Can you change the pics to black and whites and put a dresser type piece under them? Maybe a painted piece of furniture. You definitely need to soften it up and coordinate instead of just black and white. Need some pops of color... Looks great so far though!
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Nancy Hehmann
I love your bedding and chair. Perhaps you could find a fabric in either orange and white and make three panels [ staple to frames} and hang on the wall rather than wallpaper. Or you could choose red as your accent color sine one of your portraits has a red dress in it!
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Welcome Home designs
I like the idea of an orange wallpaper to complement your bedding.
Check out this one.
Orangerie · More Info
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You could also do an all over modern stencil instead of wallpaper. It's less expensive and no peeling needed if you change your design style. I just did white walls with a white pearl glaze stencil in my bathroom. It's subtle and looks completely different in different lighting!
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Beautiful bedroom!
Personally I 'd go for simple wallpapers that can be easily incorporated in other design ideas considering that there might be one day you 'd love to have another accent color than orange
A a slate gray could look fabulous on your wall if you accessorize it with touches of color.
If you want to keep the light and airy feeling that you already beautifully achieved than a much simpler wallpaper would be my option.
Geometric patterns would work as well, as long as you really want to emphasize that wall. (though I would choose geometric or bolder wallpapers for a modern living room rather than a bedroom as it helps creating a more active space rather a soothing one)

Or you could play with wallpaper - a textured ,monochromatic (grasscloth, the slate gray for instance ) wallpaper to cover the entire wall. Then 2 large patterned, colorful pieces framed with white trims above the night stands (or play around with other shapes above the headboard). One of these would be my way to play.
some simple patterns that I like ( 2nd, 3rd,4th pictures)

I also love the stencil idea instead of wallpaper, as smusec suggested. i requires a little bit of work but you end up having a great original wall, using the colors and the pattern of you dreams.

Jonathan Adler Slate Grasscloth Wallpaper · More Info

Elitis Azzuro · More Info

Diva Wallpaper, Beige · More Info

Folia Wallpapers Allerdale · More Info

Moroccan Grass Cloth Wallpaper, Black · More Info
Greek Key Wallpaper, Black · More Info

Chevron Texture in White Gold Wallpaper · More Info
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I would use a paint not a wallpaper because you have a lot of patterns in the room already. It looks like the shams on the bed are rust not orange so I would work with that color. Bring one with you to the paint store and check out your options. See if you can find a similar color blanket to place on the bottom of your bed to tie in the colors. Love that chair!!!
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I would do this on the back wall:
Tree Wall Decal Wall by NouWall · More Info
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Linda Bibbo
I found a finished room decor on this site that could give you another option besides orange. I think this color would really go well for the one wall in your bedroom. As you can see, the same colors you already have are also present in the photo. (o:
The link is:
Interior Renovation · More Info
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How about any of these?
Mind you the first one would not go as well with the current bedding...
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I would go with the coolest wallpaper that you like and find a solid bed covering to anchor it. Your pillows dont fit the bed at present...the bed isnt center...the lamps are too little and the chair is not in the correct spot. These little nuances will ruin a rooms total look. Those few minor changes will do wonders.
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Try cuttingedgestencils.com they have all over stencil patterns. The stencil is large so it doesn't take as long as it appears. I just used a white pearl glaze over white paint. Getting in the corners is the hardest part!
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uhumayan...If you can put it in your budget (instead of expensive wallpaper) paint the wall but install flanking chandeliers above your bedside tables. This always looks like a "wow" factor and also frees up the table space. First, center the bed with the wall. An electrician can install boxes for you in the ceiling and it's not as expensive as you might think. Not so much this style chandy..but you see the look is fabulous. The room is actually sort of "plain" but the lighting really makes the room. The black/crystal drum one is $159 from overstock. ;)
Feldman Architecture · More Info

Chrome and Black 6-light Crystal Chandelier | Overstock.com · More Info
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Lily Ann Cabinets
hi friend i have great idea for this bedroom wallpaper it's eco friendly and awesome display http://image.made-in-china.com/2f0j00uswTPcgngEkY/Eco-Friendly-Bedroom-Wallpaper.jpg
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the bedding is so limiting.why not have fun with color? black and white can be dominant theme f you like.( not B&W&orange) it leaves the room open to any combination of bright colors changing with the seasons or moods.

i agree paint with stenciling is a good choice. a silver on pale gray is an easy background. it works with B&W but linens and accessories could change to all white or aqua,pink,lavende or yellow for instant totally different looks.
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Maison Pompeii Antiques and Interiors
I would suggest a grasscloth wall paper in a solid color and then add great big vintage lamps on either side of the bed and a beautiful painting or wall sculpture. Scale here is going to be very important. I like your room so far.
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The bedside lamps look so puny, I think I wld get something bigger round or taller.
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Also make the most of that window...raise the rod about a foot above the top of the window, of course you'll need new drapes.
I'd go with white or cream.
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