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Need help with living room!!!

christinegolfJanuary 31, 2013
Please if anyone has any ideas for this room! Tired of color on walls! having a hard time because of the molding 3/4 of the way down! do i do all one color, or different? What about window treatments?? Thanks so much!
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Shelton Interiors
The sitting area seems to be 'floating' in the room due to too small of an area rug. I would suggest purchasing a larger one (8x10?) and anchoring the new colors around the rug and some toss pillows - you'll need heavy texture or they will slide on the leather sofas.
The rooms looks pretty 'woodsy' and masculine. Can you paint all the trim white? The color on the bottom grounds the room but if you could take the chair rails off, paint the walls one color and add more modern Roman shades on the windows, you'll have a fabulous update!
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Thank you for the ideas! We would like to put hardwood floor in here! What if i paint trim white in this room and not others that are open to this room? Kitchen & foyer?
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Carolyn C. Interior Decorator, Brampton, ON.
Hi Christine. Here is a sample of what you can do with your room. If you want to keep it rich and warm try painting out the wood in the same shade as the bottom of the wall or a shade darker. Add your roman valances just beyond the trim lining them up at the same height at the top.

Consider trimming up your beams and the trim around your windows/doors, chair rail and baseboards. I think this will give it much more architectural appeal.

Also, I agree with Shelton Interiors in that the rug is too small for the space and makes it seem smaller. Remove it altogether or get a much larger rug.
Hope this helps.
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Carolyn C. Interior Decorator, Brampton, ON.
You could consider a nice geometric print on your rug
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I think the fireplace need a new face. Get rid of the brick and use granite or something more modern. Maybe just paint it. This room needs color.
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rod handler
Paint all the woodwork, take out the w2w carpet, hope for the best.
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Shelton Interiors
Totally agree on the fireplace. You could just remove the upper brick, then install stone and a nice mantel. If you do paint the brick, make sure you use several layers of sealer first, lest the paint will get absorbed by porous brickwork. Love Carolyn's drawing with window treatments!
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Diane Brown
can you lower or mantel and mount the TV over the fireplace.... giving you more room. Picture over the mantel is too small -- seems lost of the large brick area.
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Nice, larger rug with more colors; put the main sofa directly facing the fireplace. The angle looks odd now. Consider removing one piece of the leather - maybe the coffee table or the chair. The furniture is so leather-heavy and matching that it gives the room a more masculine feel. Definitely add throw pillows that bring out accent colors you use around the room. Agree with removing the chair rail and painting the walls one color.
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Personally, I like your furniture arrangement and I love natural brick. If it were me, here are the things I would do: I would add these Roman Shades: [houzz=
Branches Printed Roman Shade · More Info
] If you look at the windowsill under that shade, you will see a coral-ish color, so I would then add one of these area rugs: [houzz=
Surya Frontier Rug · More Info
Jaipur Rugs Grant Outdoor GD1 Rug · More Info
Printed Coral Rug · More Info
Normally when you have two tone walls, the lighter color goes on top; in your case with all the dark furniture you could reverse this, with the darker color on top and the lighter on the bottom. I did this in my bathroom and I love it! I would also add a table behind the sofa: [houzz=
Riverside Andorra Sofa Table - Eden Burnished Cherry · More Info
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Carolyn C. Interior Decorator, Brampton, ON.
Here is a simple look at your room. Just showing you how it will look if you bring a textured or printed chair in with a printed or textured rug and romans. The romans are too wide but I wanted to cover the existing valances.

This may help you get a sense of what olldbobbi means above except it's more neutral. The sketch is more about the balance pieces and size or the rug. A sofa table will look nice behind the sofa.

So moving forward, choose a larger rug in colours that you like and will work with your fixed items in the room then co-ordinate a fabric for one of the chairs and the ottoman to break up the leather and then choose a complimentary fabric, or choose a woven wood, for your romans.

I purposely did it neutral so as not to influence your colour choice.

Good luck. :-)
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Denice Shuty
The knotty pine timbers on the ceiling look very 80's. Paint them white/off-white in a satin finish. The ceiling could be the same color or darker, but in a flat finish. Lose the wainscoting/chair rail look. Go with one paint color floor-to-ceiling. Your ceiling height is low, and the wainscoting makes it worse. Paint the brick fireplace or clad in stone. Could you do some can lights so that you don't have so many lamps?
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Thank you for all of the ideas! I can't believe how much warmer the room will look with a larger rug! I already have a console table on the wall behind the sofa, would it be to much to put another behind the sofa, or something else behind sofa? I have a chair and ottoman in a solid cream i could switch out with the leather one. What do you think? maybe add textured pillows to break it up? going back & forth on color. Thinking a light blue, brown & cream, or lime green, brown & cream? Any ideas? room is open to kitchen & foyer! Thank you all for ideas!!! :-)
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Sheila Adams
The fireplace should be the focal point; consider using stone facia to update the look; a larger surround & mantle. Place the furniture facing the fireplace. Put the TV over the mantle; choose an area rug that has a nice design in colors like teal or green & neutrals and a complimentary color splash, will ground the dark furniture. Repeat rug colors in pillows and artwork. 3 plants of varying sizes near the door or window will add life to the space. I like the idea of matching the beams with your wood flooring color you choose. Roman shades at the window give a warm glow, as well as an updated look.
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Budget Blinds
Maybe add some color with drapes. http://www.budgetblinds.com
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Well, I really think you have a great room there and you don't need to invest much energy and money to make it look more inviting.

I wouldn't paint any of the trims white especially because you mention having the same trims in the kitchen and foyer unless you are ready to start on painting them all.

You only have to work with small details to get a cozier place.

For instance, the way your furniture is placed is not quite inviting. How would it look if you have one of the loveseats against the right handed wall, the other one facing the fireplace and the armchair with its back to the glass door? Or the 2 loveseats by the fire while the armchair goes to the corner not visible in any pictures to create a reading area? Just grouping up the furniture in a different way could have a big impact. Play around.

I'm not a big fan of rug on top of the carpet, but this is me.

You also have a lot of side tables and to me they seem lost. Try to find the right place for them to make sense - a side table with a lamp would be more useful near a loveseat, in a dark area or one that highlights an artwork then near the TV and a glass door.
If you really need a lamp there try to go for one with a bigger, wider and opaque base .

I would invest in another fireplace mantel - I'll attach a photo, bigger lamps, window treatments and wall paint for the beginning.
Bigger lamps for an warm feeling. They not only work as source of light but should be noticeable as a great detail even during the day.

For window treatments I'd definitely go for drapes - heavy ones .

But first you'll have to decide on the color palette that makes you feel comfortable.

In that beautiful room of yours I envision at least 2 color schemes :

- burnt sienna/ brick red or cinnamon with cream and olive green (this one will save you from painting the brick fireplace)

- warm greys ( grey with yellow or brown undertones) with soft blue and cream
New Construction - Oak Brook · More Info
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Jiangsu Yuhang Furniture Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu Yuhang Furniture Co.,Ltd

E-mail: sales@jsyhfurniture.com info@jsyhfurniture.com
Skype: jsyhfurniture
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1st picture -heavy drapes, well placed bigger table lamps
2nd picture - greys, blue, cream ,dark brown furniture, hardwood floors in a similar color to your trims - again drapes
3rd picture - rusty colors, cream, dark brown furniture, green accents, wooden trims, drapes
4th picture - warm gray, blue, cream, dark brown , drapes - please notice the mirror's frame
Panache Designs · More Info

Contemporary Living Room · More Info

Montage Deer Valley · More Info

Charmean Neithart Interiors, LLC. · More Info
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Depends on how much money you have to spend. Paint floor to ceiling all one color, I'd suggest something close to the color of the carpet but a little darker, paint the ceiling a flat white, paint the beams a slightly darker white that picks up color of the wall and distress to make them look weathered. If you have some money stack stone the fireplace. Changing out your wood side tables and lamps will give you a big look quickly balancing the visual weight of your leather furniture. A large scale floor lamp next to the chair by the fireplace will help illuminate the room while providing reading light. Some suggestions are http://www.westelm.com/products/adjustable-overarching-glass-floor-lamp-w766/?pkey=cfloor-lamps&cm_src=Quickbuy. Medium tone wood side tables and coffee table will create visual texture in the room. An idea for a table behind the couch http://www.crateandbarrel.com/bluestone-console-table/s214577 (you can put baskets underneath to store toys or throws for winter time. A large coffee table in similar tones http://www.crateandbarrel.com/edgewood-coffee-table/s588019. For side tables http://www.westelm.com/products/carved-wood-side-table-g559/?pkey=ccoffee-side-tables-sale&cm_src=coffee-side-tables-sale||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-. Nice texture change. Also consider a larger piece of art over the fireplace or two pieces hung side by side to give more weight to this area as well.
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Carolyn C. Interior Decorator, Brampton, ON.
Christine, all of the above recommendations are good but what you have to weigh is:

1. How much money do you want to spend as many of the suggestions will require some
financial investment
2. Do you want the TV on top of the fireplace, not always the best option as the heat can affect
the tv's sometimes and you should check out your warranty to ensure that it's not affected by
placing the TV over the fireplace
3. The firebox is a bit high so the TV will be quite a bit higher than it is now, may not be a comfortable
height for your viewing so tape it out on the brick and see if you want to watch it at such a height
4. Panels are lovely and would certainly warm up the space but not sure if they would work with the
TV where it is now
5. Painting the trim and woodwork out is certainly a lovely option, but again it mushrooms and you
would have to do it everywhere
6. I understand your furniture placement in relationship to the TV so if you are keeping it there then I
wouldn't use two sofa tables, one on the wall and one behing the sofa, perhaps just a nice throw
with texture and pattern would break up the look of the leather
7. If you bring in the cream chair and ottoman then choose a rug with some of that cream in it
as well as any window treatments. It would look nice to break up the leather, the cream may
be a bit too light, but you could try it. A chair with a great fabric would look better.
8. Rug on rug, not the best, especially if the current rug has a pile, if it's a very low pile you can
always use two sided tape to help keep it in place, sometimes they wrinkle up when sitting on
top of another rug so instead of a rug just remove the existing one and bring in colour, pattern
and texture in the form of window treatments, throws, pillows and artwork.
9. It would look nice if the mantel were lower and larger with a larger piece of artwork above
10. If you are keeping the existing arrangemen because it works for you, consider removin
the ottoman in front of the sofa and the rug and adding a nice square cocktail table with some
iron and glass or wood and glass - try taping it on the floor first so you can visualize it.

If money is no option then you're lucky :-) then definintely explore the many wonderful options
suggested above.

I'll do the panels below so you can see the affect. They will make the ceiling look higher.

Good luck and have fun, remember it's your space and it has to work for you and your family.
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Carolyn C. Interior Decorator, Brampton, ON.
Here is your room with panels and a different chair. I don't have time to search for perfect fabrics etc., just wanted to give you a visual of what it would look like and blended it as best I could for this purposes.
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I have a similar setup. I have my chair in the left corner. Then my couch is to the right. And another chair in 90 degree angle to couch.
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Tv could be mounted above fireplace if you have a way to hide the cords.
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Wow! Thank you so much for all your work! You have so many great ideas! Iam having a larger darker mantle being made! It is a tough room to arrange furniture having a whole wall of windows and openings to the kitchen. hallway & foyer! I will attach another picture so you can see what i mean! Iam also thinking of going with a light blue/grey on my walls?? with brown & cream around the room. Would a light lime green fit it with this decor as added color? I know this will require alot of painting, but i love painting!! Thank you so much! I will post pictures as i make changes!!!
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I'd paint the entire room a light grey and trim white. I'd paint fire place and scrape it to give new texture. I'd also darken wood beams.
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Color Zen
I like the idea of removing your chair rail completely. I think the room would look much better in 1 paint color. If you decide to paint the trim in this room white, your color options will really open up. Oak trim can be hard to blend with paint colors. I would remove the valances too. Good luck!
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Denice Shuty
Never put a TV above the fireplace - too high!!! And it detracts from the fireplace.
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For lime green accents around the room the paint on the walls should be warm grey , instead of light blue grey. Actually I' d go for warm grey regardless the accent color .
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some ideas
Benjamin Moore - Raccoon Hollow 978 http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-color/raccoonhollow#ce_s=%20978
Benjamin Moore - Pale OC - 20 http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-color/paleoak
Benjamin Moore - La Paloma Grey 1551 http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-color/lapalomagray
Benjamin Moore - Winter Gates AC-30 - http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-color/wintergates#ce_s=winter%20g is one of my favorites - very warm, a lot of brown in it.

Benjamin Moore - Abalone 2108 -60 - elegant grey http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-color/abalone#ce_s=abalon

Check Benjamin Moore' s website and for each color listed above you'll also see different shades to help you choose one to match you taste and also ideas of how to match the color of your choice with others.

I'll go with the same paint in the kitchen and foyer as well. (or at least a similar shade)
Add a rug under the kitchen's table and window treatments and you'll have a great unitary space.
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You have a lovely room and I am looking forward to seeing the results as you fine tune it. The TV does seem to dominate that corner and takes away from the fireplace. Instead you could use an articulating wall mount on the wall where it is. You should get one that will allow you to pull it away from the wall and swing out for the best viewing but can be pushed back flat against the wall when not needed or wanted. Here is a link where you can research what would work best for the size, weight, and install type for your Tv. http://www.displays2go.com/FilteredCat.aspx?ID=26431 .
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