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Design Dilemma

Need Ideas for Split-Level Facade

atomicsplitlevelJanuary 31, 2013
Cement siding in natural cedar along with aluminum frame windows are a recent renovation. Additional help with materials and colors is appreciated!
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Don't care for the colors, but this one below reminds me of yours. What about some chocolate brown on that front trim piece to add contrast? Is that a green on the far left and behind the bbball goal? Try the chocolate there too. You'll need to find a color for both the garage doors. Maybe you could better match the body of the home (the brick) for those and all the window trim. I do like the orange - very stylish right now. If you go for solid doors, you could add an accent color there, but don't let it get too busy. I think the limit should be three all together. You could use some larger light fixtures that contrast and show well against the brick.
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This example below has been picked numerous times.

exterior'>Exterior · More Info
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Denice Shuty
The vertical siding should go. Cover all of that vertical siding with either large square or rectangular panels of some kind. There are so many types of exterior architectural panels now. Try a muted rust , bronze or warm gray. Get rid of that old evergreen and modernize your landscape to compliment the new look of the house. What ever the material is on the garage addition is not a good match with the rest of the stone on the house. Cover it. Get higher quality garage doors that contribute to a more upscale, designer look. See dytecture's example
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Beautiful home. I guess it is the cedar that looks a little orange. How about staining it the color that is over the large window.
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Denice Shuty
The pumpkin color cedar is gorgeous, it's the other elements that look dull with it.
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Thanks for the ideas! Good eye to pick up the stone/brick on the garage addition is not the same as the original. I wish they would have used something different. (previous homeowner) I like the contrasting colors and materials of many contemporary homes and love your idea for architectural panels- especially the metal in graphite color in your example. Do you think I could cover the brick there with panels or siding? Not sure what you were thinking. I thought for sure someone would criticize the front door with colonial divided lights!
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Love the cedar. Change out the mullioned entry door for a sleek modern look. Some dark grey or olive trim on the roofline edge and the garage doors, and the siding above the garage doors wood highlight the new cedar color - grounding the house more. A horizontal band of color above the garage doors would be nice and would make the stone pop separately from the siding.

Friedman · More Info

Walk Street Entry Porch · More Info

zipper house · More Info
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Denice Shuty
Change the front door later, the garage doors and brick/stone are more important. Yes, you can have siding put on over the brick. If you can't afford that at least have it painted (with a special paint made for exterior brick) in a carefully selected color works with the original stone, new cedar, garage doors, your other siding color, and the roof.
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OK, another good idea but If I would paint the brick on the garage addition wouldn't I then have to pick up that color (paint) somewhere else to balance? I thought of using the cement siding somewhere here and there as well, say above the front windows and maybe above the garage addition to but most of the really modern homes I have seen typically use the natural siding in one area only .
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Denice Shuty
Yes, You would want to pick up the color elsewhere. I like the one section of cedar siding, but as I said before, the other wood siding and trim color should be changed. So if you painted the brick a charcoal or bronze, or covered it with another type of panel, then perhaps the other siding and trim could be a slightly modified value of that, a lighter charcoal or bronze. Just a tonal variation is all you need.
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Do you like the green parts of the exterior? Im sure it looks nice in the summer with all the trees around. I would perhaps paint the vertical striped addition and the garage door the same green, to make it look "whole".the other type brick no one will notice.i didn't see it until it was mentioned, so I would not worry too much about it, unless it really bothers you.
The front door for now, you can just take to a glass or door manufacturer and have a clear glass piece put in.
My mother in law just had her huge dormer clad in cedar and it looks fantastic with her dark blueish-gray exterior. Orange and blue are opposites on the colour wheel and therefor complimentary. What I'm saying is instead of the green accents you could go more blue.Hope that gives you more cost effective ideas...best of luck!
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Yes, I sort of like the green/gold color due to its "neutralness" and this color will appear different in varying light ie goes from looking beige to gold to green. If it is appearing "green" it may be a challenge to find a suitable accent color for the eaves and garage doors. I may end up going with aluminum frame and glass garage doors but I would still have to find a color (probably a dark gray) that would work with orange (cement fiberboard siding) and green, if I am going to stay with that. Maybe I should just punt with the existing "green" all together.
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