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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

My New Living Room

klinkfamFebruary 1, 2013
We've just relocated and this furniture will be moving to different locations in the house. We would like to get some Leather Furniture but we cannot decide what name brand has a good reputation (the furniture in the photo is Lazy Boy and its nine years old) and we also cannot decide how to arrange the furniture in the room. We hope to eventually put a fireplace where the plants are. I think our style is grown up, comfortable but we also like to entertain. Children are grown...
All suggestions are welcome!
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I'm confused. Is this a picture of the new home? I wouldn't put a fireplace in a corner in general because it is hard to decorate around. I'd put a fireplace along the long wall opposite the kitchen and design it with built ins that accommodate the tv to the side of it. I have two Lazy Boy chairs whose simple style I like but they are not padded enough so they are kind of harsh for recliners. Good quality furniture costs an arm an a leg. I also have some Ethan Allen which I consider mid range quality, not top quality at all. I think Mitchell Gold is a higher quality without being too overpriced.

Good quality sofas have eight way tied springs. Sinuous springs are not as good. When you get that quality, you can expect the rest of the sofa to be of similar quality.



Hancock and Moore seems to be the favorite at the postings I looked at, but I'm not crazy about their styles. They have a ton of different colors of leather.

This is one l liked, but really don't know what you are looking for.


HM sofas run around $ 6,000 so shop around an read those links because one vendor says he can get them lower and he might ship to you.

Also, Bradington and Young

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Hey, what about this idea ?as its colorful and your children are also grown up.
HGTV Garage Turned Lounge · More Info
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Hi Ramona, yes this is the new home. Thanks for your feedback, I will check out the Hancock furniture links. Also thanks for the info about the springs as well.
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Paint the room white! Will look more big!
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I agree, build in the TV and FP across from the kitchen, but there is a window there that isn't on your plan. I would rather see the two chairs where the sofa is with one of the tables and lamps between them. Float the sofa in an "L" with them, facing the TV with its back to the window. Center the rug on the window.
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I'm not sure a fireplace should be added, unless there's a strong utilitarian purpose for it. I think your living area is little tricky already when you consider traffic paths and window placement (I seems like adding a fireplace would just give you one more thing to deal with). I think leather would be nice (we have it, but I don't know the brand). For arrangement, I would keep it mind that the furniture does have to back a wall. Perhaps you can angle the couch parallel to the current tv location or the tv could be placed along the stair's wall and the couch be "in front" of you sliding doors (obviously the couch would have to be a few feet in front of the door so you could still move in and out and you'll want to consider if sun direction will cause a glare on the screen in this arrangement). Last comment would be, I would get matching end tables/coffee table to give the room unity. The coffee table should have more "presence" than the current one. These are ones I'd like for the space:
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What's Inside Design Ltd.
Hi Klink family,
I would suggest installing your fireplace on the "stair-wall" where your couch is currently backing. (You'd have to check if this is possible, or maybe go electric if gas isn't an option) I would then rotate your furniture layout to face the opposite of how it's currently positioned. The back of the couch to the sliding doors (in far enough for access to the sliding doors), and the chairs flanking the fireplace and facing the couch but at a slight angle.
I hope this makes sense!
Family Room · More Info

(Imagine picture taken with back to patio doors)
Have fun with your space planing and furniture selection!
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What's Inside Design Ltd.
Since you're buying new furniture, you could also consider buying 4 chairs instead of 2 chairs and a sofa. You could then create radial-balance in the space which would further increase your access to the patio doors.
Here's a couple of examples:
FORMA Design · More Info
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What's Inside Design Ltd.
Spinnaker Development · More Info
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I love all of these ideas.
Ramona, that Palerma Sofa is beautiful! and it looks like it would be comfortable. You've give me a lot to think about.
Hi fairyk, that photo is very colorful and may be more modern than I'm comfortable. Thanks for the feedback though.
decoenthusiaste, thanks for the idea of the two chairs on the wall where the couch is. I'll give it a try.
Hi Caroline, in our original furniture placement we had the tv where the couch is and the couch in front of the patio doors and that furniture placement really closed up the room. It didn't look bad, just smaller. I like the four chairs idea too.

Thanks everyone, you've given me food for thought and I really really appreciate it!
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rp7843, I like that first coffee table and unfortunately it gets cold here in the winter so we'll need the extra warmth.
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Alexandra Florimonte
I would recommend checking out the Ekornes Stressless chairs and their contemporary sofas in leather. They are really well-made, beautiful, and you can also choose (in the chairs) by the size of your body. I have paid the same money to other furniture manufacturers and have not been as pleased. http://stressless.ekornes.com/ekornesconnect/Default.aspx?LOCALE=US&COUNTRY=US
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Transitional Designs, LLC
A problematic room for sure.2 Key factors; How do you use and live in this room most? Do you plan on living in this space for some time? Is it in your budget to purchase more porportionate furniture on a smaller scale for the room?
I would rotate the room. Angle sofa off the far end of slider to deck with one of the end tables if it is the walk through side, get a coffee table.You could add ottomans across from the sofa for additional seating/ foot rests and they wouldn't block your view of TV Put the two big chairs on the stairway wall with the other end table and lamp between them. I would find an interesting piece for the corner or a cool chair, this is the focal area when you come in - make it a statement and make it functional.
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Tarey Cullen
It appears Mom and Dad have retired to a patio home ?. questions:
1. Is that a breakfast area North of the Kitchen ? with access to porch ? ...
2. .and is there a wall opening at kit sink looking into liv rm ?
3. Does the sliding glass door open on the right side or left side? If the left side is stationary that allows the left side of the Liv. rm to configure into seating area w/couch on left wall and a chair a bit in front of left side door ...
Don't know about "Dad" but I enjoy a good couch for napping through the golf match on Sunday.( :) ..jus saying)
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Chic Alors Decor & Design
Hello Klinkfam! What a beautiful space to work with!! There are lots of options for you to do! Just remember the key design principles!!!! Function of the room, T.V., reading, etc. and then work on a focal point. Don't forget budget! A fireplace, gas or electric would work nicely as a corner unit. It also looks like you have high ceilings so you want to make it feel cosy. You can easily make this a comfortable space for you to enjoy!
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I would put in a small neutral L- shaped sectional facing the stairs and kitchen. Hang a plasma TV on the wall with the stairs with maybe an an electric fireplace underneath. If your choose a fireplace you could add an elevated hearth that could be used for extra seating. Add two shallow open built-ins on either side of fireplace for pottery, pic's or glassware. Center in a large coffee table. You could add a console table in front of the window and 2 chairs on either side to pull up for extra seating. If your going with leather remember to bring more color and texture into the room with pillows, art, rugs and curtains or your room will look flat
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A large sofa with reclining seat instead of the chairs would probable be best for your needs and please do not put a fireplace in a corner .

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Arranged To Sell, LLC
2011 Street of Dreams ("con Amore") · More Info

East-meets-west in San Francisco's Russian Hill · More Info

I would pull your seating area in a bit by adding a sectional coming off the slider wall. Then I would add a nice sofa table to where the couch is now by the stairs, add some lighting to it and art. I'd also move the TV so it is flat on the wall and then you can add a chair angled in by the slider for extra seating. Good luck, I love the space!!!!
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Thanks Lisa! Love these ideas
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