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Exterior vinyl colors ??
February 2, 2013 in Design Dilemma
My house has wood siding that needs to be replaced with vinyl. We like a wider width vinyl. Any color suggestions for house, shutters, and door?
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Ironwood Builders
Can't see any defects in the siding. Why do you say it has to be replaced with vinyl?
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It's painted wood and needs to be reprinted ... Chipping, some boards in disrepair. It's been recommended to put the money into vinyl siding rather than keep repainting every few years.
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Ironwood Builders
I'd look to solve the "every few years"issue first. A good prep job, prime and recoat with modern acrylics should last 15 years. Power washing, scraping, sanding...prep is important to keep the paint on. Fading is about exposure and color (nothing fades faster than yellow in the sun). Blistering, peeling, flaking and chalking are about moisture and paint chemistry. Water behind your siding won't be cured by slapping vinyl over the top. It just rots faster. Addressing moisture is the first priority. Why is it peeling? Bad prep from the previous? Water intrusion from wind driven rain? Leaks around windows, doors and at roof to wall transitions? None of these issues will disappear on their own. If you get the reason for the problem dealt with and still feel that vinyl siding is the best option for moving forward, consider this...vinyl siding is made from oil. Wood siding is a renewable resource (slow but it does grow on trees). We don't have any more oil, we can't grow more. Painting is labor intensive...but changing your mind on vinyl siding colors is waaaay more. What looks good now, trendy and hip (OK girls no more freaking grey, please) may be passé in a year or two. Anybody like that Caribbean house painted turquoise...in Cleveland?

One more thing to consider. Short of chopping all the detail off your exterior trim and covering it with aluminum, you'll still have that to paint and maintain.

This is maybe more opinion than usual for me...but I'm a woodworker...not an oilman.

Best of luck with your decision!
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If you have problems with some boards, replacement vinyl siding will not fix the underlying problem, only cover up the issues. Many contractors will tell you to replace your siding...especially since low end replacement siding is a big money maker for the installers.

Are you really intending to replace the existing siding? Or, are you planning to install new siding on top of the existing product? If you're planning to spend enough money to do the job right with remove of existing, new insulation as needed and reinstallation of upgraded vinyl, it would be cheaper to paint. If you're planning on a quick install over the surface, be aware that the look will never be right and you may be either reducing the value of your home or reducing the size of your potential market.
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Interiors International, Inc.
Before you waste money on vinyl (always looks like you where cutting costs) Hardie board is maintenance free has a great warranty and looks high-end in comparison without spending much more.
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These are excellent suggestions... I'm just now entering the whole world of wood vs vinyl vs hardie. I love the look of wood but I'm being told that the wood is just a money drain some was trying to recreate the look of wood with a vinyl. Hardie board would definitely be a choice over vinyl but I don't know If I can afford that right now. So that's why I was thinking I had to choose vinyl.
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Here's another thought to factor in... a Pest Control man once told me that vinyl siding is like installing a mouse super highway because there are so many pockets behind the vinyl and it gives. It's an invitation to mice. Wood or Hardie board looks nicer too.
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Please visit http://inhomeinterior.com to get information.
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What do you all know about Crane Board? I hear that is a new vinyl option with lots of good features.
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You have a very nice looking home. I agree with most of the comments and would never put vinyl on a home. The sales people do a great job of convincing you that it will be "guaranteed" and that it is problem free. My parents did this to their old home and it looked fake and had serious problems after a few years. The people that sold it to them we're no available to fix the problems. I've seen such good results of fixing damaged wood and getting a good painter who is willing to put in the work of prepping. Good luck. I just got my 1946 reprinted which included repair of some dry rot issues. It looks beautiful and we get compliments on it every week.
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