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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Need help in choosing exterior paint colours for my West Coast style home.

NancyFebruary 3, 2013
I need to repaint my West Coast style home and cannot decide on a paint color for the trim, siding, and door. The roof is shake and is a dominant feature at the front of the house and there is not a lot of trim. The neighbour on one side has his home painted in a blue hue and the other neighbour's home is painted in a dark beige. I tend to use Benjamin Moore paints the most. Any suggestions for colors and combinations would be most helpful.
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The Virtual Designer- Kitchens & Bathrooms
Hi- I'm busy right now but will get back to you as soon as possible. I just want to ask a question...are you able to remove the large tree that is closest to your house?
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I could remove it but the apprehension is there. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with that tree! It had been planted there long before I bought the house and I have removed many of the lower branches to allow light inside. I am reluctant to take it down though because I have a couple of Blue Herons that nest in that tree.
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The Virtual Designer- Kitchens & Bathrooms
Okay, I have found a few colors for you to look at but I would suggest you purchase paint sample pots beforehand. Look at Benjamin Moores LUSH - AF-475 main WIND CHIME AF-465 trim and door color, I'd choose a deeper tone of the main color so that is almost charcoal.
Hope your painting project is a great success.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to give me your suggestion. Those are nice colours too!
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Hi Nancy,
For years I had a blue heron in my back yard. You would miss having them so I agree with you about keeping the tree and continue trimming lower branches. The difference between your first and second pictures is amazing; the plants have really grown. I think it would be nice to trim those down a bit so you can see more of the house. That may give you a new perspective as to the color of your house.
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The current color looks fine...are you sure you want to change? How about a dark sage then?
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I am also deciding on paint colors for my house. It's a little scary and feels like a guessing game. Have you tried using the programs online (I just spent an hour playing on Sherwin Williams website) that let you upload your photo and drop different colors onto the image? It is super cool, at least to gain a direction, though I woudn't rely on it for the exact color as every computer displays color differently. I highly suggest trying one of these programs out. I think a lot of the big stores have a similar program. I just decided my color scheme and am ready for spring to come so we can start painting!
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Susan Friedman Landscape Architecture
I agree with the advice about vegetation removal. It's hard to see the front walkway and front door location because everything is overgrown. It would be helpful to thin out, trim down, or remove some of the plants under the tree. Limb up and thin out the evergreen tree to allow more light to penetrate the branches and brighten up the home. An experienced arborist can help you with that - do not top the tree. Maybe redesign your front walkway to visually and physically guide people to your front door. Paint your front door a bright and cheerful color. Add colorful flowers in pots by the front entry. Its a very nice home that will stand out with the right treatment. Good luck!
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I guess the original photos that I submitted don't quite reveal how the front garden is situated. So I am attaching more photos of that. When I bought the house, I basically went with the "bones" that the previous owner had started. I sit in the front quite a bit and actually like the privacy it gives me, as having my front door and living room window seen from the street is not a concern of mine.
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I should add though that while I originally came here to ask for suggestions for paint colours, I really appreciate the other suggestions for helping me make my home attractive!
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Louise Beard
Hi, your house looks really rather nice with the colour it's already got. And the trees look lovely, please don't cut them down!!
To my tastes, maybe it just lacks a little bright 'punches' when being viewed from the street... but a brighter driveway would fix that... so, why not paint the driveway? Good luck with your project :D
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I have never thought of that...painting the driveway. Is there a special paint for that and what colour would you suggest?
It is a pretty wide area as well as it allows for R.V. parking as shown in these photos.
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Sara Spencer
Your house is beautiful, your garden is heaven. Paint? Lady all you need is a barbeque and your friends over!
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I know that you originally posted this a bit ago, but I just wanted to make sure that you're aware that your home address is displayed on the image from google street view.
I know not everyone would be concerned, but I just wanted to make sure you knew.
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Meet Me at the Wrecking Ball
Contact a local animal control agency or fish/wildlife center and find out about how to help your herons relocate on your property. That tree absolutely has to go--at first I was sure that your request for help was a joke. Seriously, it's impossible to see most of your house.
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Susan Friedman Landscape Architecture
Good idea to limb up the evergreen tree. The next thing to do is clear out the undergrowth, either selectively remove some of the shrubs and/or prune them so they are lower and expose the beauty of the home. By opening up the view to the house and front door, your home will feel more inviting.
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What kind of foundation do you have? That tree may be causing serious damage.
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Hi. Which colour did you go with?
Can you post pictures? Thank you.
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