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Need help with my living/ family room

mariaFebruary 3, 2013
Any recommendations are welcome. We just painted the walls and we like the color. Buffet and book case I like to keep as well.Coffee table can be relocated, curtains need to be changed, as well as pillows.
This room is really long and narrow: 25 by 12 feet. Right corner - white leather in front of tv, left corner - dinning area. Piano and aquarium will be moved in the other room. Need help to pick colors of pillows curtains, art. Also the middle portion of the room- it's totally empty. Any advice is welcome . Thank you.
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Barbara Griffith Designs
Can you take a picture looking the entire length of the room..don't see piano.
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a lovely space! i suggest incorporating some texture into the space, perhaps linen draperies in the same tone as what you have with a vertical contrasting band at the edges in a deep indigo.

i can see some toss cushions with an oversize print (the ones on the sofa now don't look too bad!) or maybe even an ikat pattern, then perhaps additional cushions in a solid indigo or deep brown with a different colour piping on the edges. Again i think a linen or soft velvet would be great.

for artwork i can see a gallery type placement over the sofa, perhaps of illustrations, or maps, along with some mirrors. Just make sure the prints are all in the same tones. A smoked oak frame (lighter than your buffet and bookcase) would make great frames. Alternatively, a large scale mirror with a fairly contemporary frame would do wonders at widening the space. Perhaps a large mirror with two smaller prints next to it to fill up the space on the wall.

i cant see the middle section of your space to offer suggestions there!
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i would have a 2 mirrors on the diningroomwall,colorfull cushions and curtains the same color as your new wall but darker,have tried to find you some pict..
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The Creative Man
Hi, What would you think of switching positions. I'd like to see the dining table in the center of the room. The tall bookcase on the wall where the TV was. Move the couch down to other end of room facing the door and separating the TV area from the dining table. Put the lower bookcase on the other side of doorway from the taller book case. TV on solid wall. Add a patterned chair in this area for more TV visual. Set up a s,mall sitting area of 3 or 4 chairs and a coffee table down where the TV area originally was. New carpet for TV area , oriental to go with dining area rug. I agree w/ others patterned throw pillows.
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Could you move the large sofa along the wall a bit away from the large window? I would put a single armchair in the space created in front of the window making the space into a larger seating area less squashed up one end of the room. I would prefer a lower coffee table or an ottaman in front of the sofa. A collection of artwork grouped together in different sized frames but with the same finish would suit the space above the sofa. Maybe pictures with a natural or botanical theme?
I would have large matching rugs in both area with some colour and pattern in, you could use the colours in the rugs for large plump scatter cushions and linen curtains.
The wall colour is lovely and works really well.
I can't visualise how much spare room you have in the centre of the room.
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what colors are in the rug under the coffee table? Lovely space indeed!
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Roberta Ann Interiors
The biggest issue I see is that your carpet is too small for the space. Your furniture should be "all on" or "all off" of the carpet. In your case, all "on" would visually enlarge your space and make it appear more cohesive. Also, I would frame your windows with the drapery rather than hang the panels in between. Keep them on the outside of the window frame for a cleaner, neater look. Once you get that into place, your space will immediately feel more open and pulled together....then you can have fun with your accessories...some mirrors, colorful pillows and lamps :) Good luck!
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Your room is long enough to make to seating areas but make sure your extra seating will match you sectional in style not nesscary in color. Get some art on the walls quick, fast, & in a hurry that will help make the room pop instantly. Looks like you have comtempory style kind of stay with that; since you have a lot of white and dark stuff colbot blue would look great in your space and move those cords running across that beautifull floor change the coffee table to an ottomon w/storage and take that cloth off the dinner table put a big bold vase on it. Give your living rm a nice bold rug that will tie you color scheme together. Just have fun doing it !!!!!!.
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Carolyn Hennes
Well I think your curtains are fine. Get rid of the area rugs and table cloth. I think golden yellow would look great with the gray walls and black furniture - make it bold like wide stripes, large polka dots or big Marimekko abstract flower shapes. A bit of green also seems to bring any room alive.
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Are you able to change your lighting? Difficult to tell angles here, but I would like to see the black pendant, if you are happy with it, hanging lower and centred over your dining table and the existing light removed. I can't tell if you have any fixed lighting in the living area, but I would have a mate for the reading lamp at the other end of the sofa, or end tables with lamps. Depending on how the room is used, that could be sufficient lighting for the area.
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Nice colour on your walls. I agree with moving the sofa away from the window a bit and hanging the curtains only on the sides of the widows. The curtains in your dining area seem to be hanging somewhat higher (better) than the ones in your seating area. That's a point to think about.
Also... your lamps hang in weird places :-) Would it be an idea to hang the larger chandelier above your dining table (centred)? And lose the smaller chandelier?
A photo of the entire length of the room will give us a better idea of the space.

I do like the buffet cabinet in your dining room, but perhaps you can move the higher cabinet so that they are not directly opposite each other. If you've moved the piano there will be space there. Keep the top as clutter free as possible.
Another option could be to move the higher cabinet to where the buffet one is and place the buffet where the piano is now, with some nice lamps on it and artwork above?
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This may not be the advise you are looking for but can you switch the function of the spaces? It looks like your dining room is in the space with the doors that open to the outside but the living room is placed in the space with fixed windows. Consider flipping the space functions so the dining room is in the area with the fixed windows but move the living space where there is the option to open up to the outside. Seems more realistic and possibly enjoyable. It does look like you may need to change the positions of some existing lighting fixtures but it may be worth the adjustments in the long run.
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Jan Neiges, CKD
I agree with flipping the use of space. Mirrors on the solid walls will help to visually widen the 12' space. I would like to see more colorful throw rugs on the floor. A vibrant pattern that pulls your eyes to the floors. When mounting art or mirrors on the walls, make sure they are tall, or add a collection of them so your eye goes up. You might even consider creating an interesting landing area upon entering the room, that is positioned in the center of the 25' lenght - a small table with a beautiful display of flowers, or collection of family photos - the table should be small, square or round - no wider than 36". It can be draped with fabric that matches the color on the rugs, or curtains, or pillows.
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It definately looks like the room would feel better with the living and dining areas swapped. The L shaped sofa would work much better that way round and would be nicer near the opening doors.
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Blinds Direct Canada
Ripplefold drapery or sheers would work great on such a large window. It traverses really well and it comes down easy for cleaning.
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Coralee Angell
I really like the colours in this room already. I would keep the black and white pillows and put up black and white striped drapes. Then I would pick an accent colour, maybe pale blue or red and add some pillows in that colour along with artwork over the couch to match.
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Move the position of the hanging light fixture in the dining room directly above your dining table. It's also hung too close to the ceiling. Then, swap out that hanging fixture for something more open (without shades) and with character that harmonizes with the the other accents you have in the house. The dining room looks nice but is getting thrown off balance by that light.

Maybe something like this? The room could use a beautiful texture for dramatic effect (but not over the top)
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Your rug needs to be bigger to make the room appear bigger!
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From what your pics show, it looks like you've done a great job separating the large room. I see the problem lying in the large archways that I assume, are walk thrus to other parts of the home. I wonder if a large runner with low lying bookcases or double facing cabinets on its perimeter further dividing the room but adding storage and taking up more of the floor space, yet allowing a walk thru might be a solution. Other than that, if there is not walk thru needed, I would add a small round table for holding bouquets of flowers. or maybe an open type floor to ceiling unit to divide the room but allow light to flow thru.
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I suggest putting your TV either on a higher more substanial piece of furniture, (perhaps your buffet?) or mounting on the wall with a great piece below it. I think a grouping of four to six square mirrors would look nice above the sofa and would reflect even more of the great light streaming in. Take off the table cloth, remove the rug, and change out the chairs. Look for some that are either a bit unique, or paint the ones that you have for a pop. Add some personality to the living room with a different rug, stripes or a pattern. I bought a black and white striped rug from Crate and Barrel and it MAKES the room! Add something with height and scale on your buffet.
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Cynthia Koning
I think that the problem you may be having is that all the furniture you have selected are larger feature pieces for the rooms. The shapes of furnishings should blend and differing indicates a distraction of the eye indicating a feature. Start again and work with the furniture you love first. look at its shape and shop for furniture in similar shapes/angles then jazz up your feature pieces with some nice colour. Also is you go to a paint shop with the colours of your main furniture pieces you can get a colour chart to see what colour furniture with match well (I suggest play it safe and use colour pieces on your feature items). One more thing, your lounge is a place of relaxation, SO DECLUTER! If you wall mount your tv and put in side tables rather than a big coffee table you will be able to walk in and flop and that in itself will make the room better :) Run with it, love to see how you go.
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Miranda Lund
I would like to see the rooms switched purposes also. Possibly, you could place the large china hutch in the middle of the room and the tv console on the opposite side. That would get a bit more usable space for each 'room', although you might need to dress up the end that faces the entry way witha plant perhaps. Or you could put the tv in the nook and the couch along the wall that it's on, just move it down, and place a nice arm chair to end it out on that side. Either of these would help with the sun issues I assume you have and why your curtians aren't picture perfect as they are needed. But the best thing about moving furniture is that you never have to be afraid of being wrong! You can move until it's right visually and right for your family. Have fun!
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Two comments ... what's up with the off center, wimpy dining fixture? If you are happy with the current position of your table, move the light and replace it with something that compliments the fixture in the centre of the room. Better yet, use that fixture as your dining fixture and place it with a ceiling fan for air circulation. Second, the wall where the current entertainment unit is is crying out for a gas fireplace with mounted TV. That will bring some needed weight to the centre of your room.
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Ravishankar Rao B
Really a treasure trove of beautiful living abodes
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just read the comments on switching the rooms,that makes sense!!did you switch the rooms before or has it always been like this??
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I agree about switching the rooms. I would also put in a few "faux" wood slats on the ceiling and hide new wiring inside them so you can add/or a fan or spots and get rid of that ill placed light in the dining room. The carpet in the living room is too small. Nice cupboards! A living room opening out onto that patio would really make the room feel and look bigger!
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I suggest a Round coffee table, one big piece of contemporary art behind sofa, mount TV on wall and add a bench under it. Pretty space you have!
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And I agree you need a larger rug to draw the eye to a destination. Possibly have a large carpet bound from a discount carpet store.
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