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Budget mini kitchen redo
nanny60February 4, 2013
Budget redo. Painting our 80's laminate & oak cabinets a gold color with a honey colored striated glaze. I may have to leave countertops for now, we'll see. They are an ivory laminate. Wondering if I should paint the soffit a different color to show up the cabinets. Also redoing island with tongue and groove wood around the laminate and new countertop. Would like to do it olive green or a maroonish red. Colors in kitchen are green, maroon, gold and purple. We have a beautiful wood ceiling and oak wood floors, with a fireplace. It's a large kitchen. Any other ideas on the island?
Wall color is desert tan by BM. Have a greenhouse area attached with kitchen table in a grape colored stain with natural birch tabletop. Any ideas will be appreciated.
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Sounds like a good plan. I would actually leave the cabinets as they are, but painting over the oak strips in black to have a more updated look.
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Love the fireplace would paint out the wood strips on the cabinets, add some hardware and a different paint colour on the island to make it more like a piece of furniture.
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You have a great, rustic "wine country" kitchen setting inside your own home! I like your change of barstools at the island. Fabulous beams, floors and fireplace with great light and tons of counterspace!

Clarification: Are you painting the laminate cabinets on the island olive green or dark red? with the rest of the kitchen cabinets the gold/honey glaze? Or were you talking about the countertops being the olive green or dark red? I like the idea of the island cabinets being a different color than the rest of the kitchen cabinets. You could have a pale olive tone on the walls to set off the golden tone of the cabinets and then a deep red on the island cabinets.

I do worry about the gold/honey of the cabinets blending into the golden tones of the floor and woodwork surrounding the kitchen. You could opt for new doors in a different style and it would not be too expensive...

I like the "eggplant" grape-colored stain idea and that would be a lovely complement to the golden tones in the woodwork. How about staining the wood trim on the cabinet doors in a matching stain as well? Do you like the open cabinet display ideas at all? Taking a couple of the doors down and opening up the cabinets, trimming with matching wood edging on the shelves could be a nice option.

There are some beautiful quality laminate countertop options out there that could work in your "wine country" kitchen. I encourage you to add the beauty of the "stone look" to your kitchen as well.

The last photo is of a "modern rustic" look with the contemporary cabinets juxtaposed against the rustic background elements which you already have. This is a great look too!

3420 Dolce Vita 180fx® by Formica Group with Bullnose IdealEdge™

Buffehr Creek Residence

Michelle Fries

German-style Bank Barn Conversion
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Thank you for all your thoughts.
It seems as though painting the laminate part of the cabinets might be a bad idea. I am definitely going to redesign the island with the wood to cover all sides of it so I will be painting the island either olive green or maroon/red, and will get a new countertop for at least the island.. I have an olive green couch on the fireplace end of the room and a maroon server in the area of the table and chairs. The valances are definitely going, but I don't know if I like the windows completely bare. We have a wooded lot so I don't like to cover up much of the windows. Don't want a too modern look, something very comfy and inviting is my goal.
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How about an interesting backsplash?
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Simple roman shades would look nice on your windows. Dytecture's idea of leaving the cabinets and painting the trim I ditto! Those laminates do no paint well and I think you'd regret it. Plus, the white/black white trim will look good!

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Light filtering Roman shades in a print fabric that will offer you light control when needed.

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If this were my budget kitchen redo, I'd pick some fabric for the window treatments first, then pick up the paint colors off that. Then I'd take every single decorative item off the walls and counters ( including the pot rack, mug holder, clock), put them on the kitchen table, and paint. Look at the pile on the kitchen table and imagine you are a set decorator for a wine country cafe. Which items would you choose? I would put back only three items at most, and possibly replace them all with new decorative items in the wine country theme. Moving the track lighting bullets a few inches one way or the other can also give a startlingly different effect. You can replace the track lighting with smaller, newer styles if you have the budget.
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Rustica Hardware
I've seen some great results in using paint to make your counter tops look like granite. They say it only costs about $70. See:

You also could add a nice cutting board or butcher block to your kitchen for not too much. See: http://chopbloccuttingboards.com/
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Check this post out! Look for my id and you'll see what I did to my cabinets that were the same as yours! Good luck on your project and let me know if you have any questions. http://www.houzz.com/discussions/303456/80-s-Laminate-Cabinet-Kitchen-Update-Advice
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If you are still inclined to paint your cabinets (laminate part): Years ago I painted laminate cabinets and the result was great. Use BIN pigmented shellac as a primer and your latex paint will stick, no worries. I also did the faux finish in the video above on my countertops and they lasted for about 3 years without touch up, which got us through until we finally replaced them. Didn't watch the video, but my tops looked just like that! Again, we used BIN as the primer and then sealed it with a water-based polyurethane.
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The space looks dark to me - so add light and remove the dark holes Painting the wood strips on the cabinets white would give less contrast and therefore less visual clutter to the space. I would go with a stacked stone backsplash. Make the island the focal, you could even add the stacked stone to the outward facing side for cohesion. Be careful of too many paint colors in a small area. The hanging pot rack is a visual block -a nice open light fixture or some small halogen lights would open it up.
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I think you have some good ideas, I especially like "Elise's" ideas above using an eggplant colored stain. You have a great rustic feel in your house and I think that theme/feeling needs to remain.
I know this isn't relative to the look that you are trying to achieve, but I just wanted to share this with others that may have these cabinets. My Aunt & Uncle in Toronto Canada had the same cabinets in their house; they recently updated their kitchen on a budget, from the 80's laminet look to a high end traditional look. They did all the work themselves (amazing since they are in their late 70's), except for replacing the countertops. They removed all the cabinet doors & cut off the wood trim. Then they framed the entire door with wood moulding to make it look like a raised panelled door. They sanded & primed the laminate so fresh paint would adhere, and they painted their original almond cabinets a pure white. They replaced their older appliances with new white appliances (keeping the budget in mind), and chose to splurge on the grey & white carrera marble counter tops. What a trasnformation! (unfortunately I don't have any pictures just fond & proud memories)
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You have a great base to begin your remodeling. I love the floors, ceiling, large windows, and the open plan. I'm a bit confused by the contemporary room with the country accessories. I would not paint the soffitt because it would draw attention to a part of the room that should not be a focal point. I suggest painting all of the oak on the cabinet doors the same color as the laminate on the doors or a color to match the wood you plan to use to face your island. That would limit the number of different finishes in the room. I think part of the room's problem is the number of items fighting for attention. The pot rack is winning the focal point war. I think your counters are fine. You might consider some color in the backsplash or facing it with the same finish as the island. Remove the majority of items on the countertops and your window coverings. Pick just a few functional but beautiful items to return. I like the idea of painting out the oak shelving to match the rest of the cabinets and place doors or a simple fabric curtain over your storage area to hide the trash and groceries. Personally, I have never liked pot racks and yours is getting all the attention. If you love the look and need the storage, then neaten it by removing everything on it but the pots. A kitchen should function first and foremost. It's beauty is in the finishes and way it does that. All the knick-knacks are distracting from the room's beauty and the lovely views.
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Interiors International, Inc.
It sounds like you have a great plan. It is such a cool space. I wouldn't do anything that you will feel bad about removing in the future. I know if you stay you will put in a new kitchen.
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I don't know how inexpensive you want to keep this. Your space is beautiful and I'd kill for the ceiling and fireplace. I lean toward rustic/country decor. Then there's those cabinets. No offense, but I truly hate them. They'd be fine in a modern space, but with all that wood and rustic charm I can't imagine why anyone would have choosen them. Personally, if you can afford it, I'd just replace all the doors with nice white-finished ones; something more traditional with some molding or routed design elements to them. Like these: http://www.innermostcabinets.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product2_15101_16551_26995_-1_13551_13551_13551

I suppose you could paint the wooden parts and maybe add trim of your own, painted the same color. I can't find an example on Houzz, but there are some video and DIY's out there to show you how.

Where the counters are concerned, I did the Giani paint treatment too, last August. While you do have to be a little more careful with them than you do with laminite, my counters were yellow formica faux marble, so I was willing to try anything. So far so good and they look much better. (Not that they could have looked worse.) I had also found a DIY concrete counter overlay that looked fairly simple and which I may try in the future if the Giani lets me down...but it was harder to find and more than twice the price. Pretty though.
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I would highlight the beams by painting ceiling and soffit a neutral color since your scheme is maroon, green, and gold. The current cabinets style just screams 80's. If replacing cabinets not in the budget, I would try to transform cabinets so all white and add some type of trim on door fronts to get rid of "flat" look. All white would also brighten up the kitchen--the photo looks like not much sunlight comes in.

Removing valances would bring in more light and and highlight nice oak trim of windows.

if keeping countertops, island base would look nice painted either deep green or maroon with a roughed up, county look.
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I love the colors you picked Nanny60....very warm and cozy. I don't know anything about painting laminate cabinets, but it seems from earlier posts that it is quite possible (white doesn't seem to go with your feel)....or just replace door fronts. I know it is a bit more spendy, but well worth it...and then just paint or stain the frame to match the doors...I have replaced door fronts with cherry wood in the past and it looked great! I absolutely think your idea with the island will look fabulous! Good luck!!
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REL Interiors
Have you seen Kohler's new farmhouse sink? It is made to fit into a standard sink base rather than a farmhouse style base cabinet, so you don't have to switch your cabinet. Love the Stainless Steel too. http://www.us.kohler.com/us/Vault%E2%84%A2-top-mount-double-bowl-stainless-steel-sink-with-shortened-apron-front-for-36cabinet/productDetail/Apron-Front-Sinks/429139.htm
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Blinds Direct Canada
I would recommend Fauxwood blinds 3 blinds on 1 head rail for the large window and 1 for the smaller. I would either pain the frames white and put in white blinds or match the color of the existing frame and put in fauxwood blinds that color. Its a great option for a kitchen because its something that can be cleaned very easy and it last a long time .
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I hate those cabinets also. They were there when we bought the house. I am also uploading a few pictures of the rest of the kitchen. Sorry I'm new at this so didn't know where I could post the remaining pics when I originally posted the kitchen. I appreciate everyone's comments and I now realize I have a lot to consider. I didn't realize I had so many little things around until so many commented on them. that will be one of my first fixes! Get rid of some of that clutter. I may look into replacing doors on the cabinets but want the island to be the standout.
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Did anyone suggest taking the doors off most of the cabinets and painting the inside, or perhaps buying glass doors to replace the original ones? Also, IKEA sells butcher block countertops which are certainly rustic and inexpensive.

I also love the idea of roman shades and personally prefer something of a natural woven material. I would also remove those valances. Someone once told me that curtains keep the focus indoors rather than drawing the eye to the outside.

Also agree on adding hardware. Great way to update somewhat cheaply if you don't have a ton of cabinetry.

What about adding a tension rod and fabric to cover the space where the garbage/recycling is kept? Easy way to introduce some pattern.
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I love the idea of the wood counter tops, but this is a vacation home and I have loads of company. How do you think this would hold up and how much care would be involved? It's funny when you live with something you don't notice how weird it looks until you see it in pics. ( I think covering up the hole where the trash is, would be wise.) We do have pleated shades on all the windows that were there when we bought the house and they are a light purple but they are never down unless we are not there. They also run on a wire down the greenhouse windows as they slant and sometimes are down in summer but they actually look ok.
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With your new photos, I can tell you have the finger pull type doors and drawers. I had the exact cabinets in a condo back in the late 80's, early 90's, and they're great, but really modern. Wood butcher block countertops will definitely stand up to wear. I mean, they're butcher block. I haven't seen the Ikea ones, but I know they can be kind of pricey. The Giani countertop paint is a tad on the delicate side, so that might not be an option for you if people are too rough on them. I'm even more of the opinion that you should change the doors if you can swing the cost. With the finger pull style, I think added hardware would look odd. It'll look like you painted the trim and added hardware, not like they were made to be that way. If the whole island is laminate, like the doors, you might consider covering it in something, like one of those really neat paintable wallpapers that they sell to put over paneling...they paint that the color of your choice. That would give you added interest if you used one with a design...just a thought. You have just a beautiful space there.
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I may look into new cabinet doors. I will be replacing the island by either covering over it with wood and painting a complimentary color or replacing it entirely. I have to get a new cooktop so the counter will also be replaced on the island. I was trying not to go down that road of a major remodel but maybe the new doors are well worth the investment as the frames are in good shape.
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Looked up Ikea butcher block counters....I was amazed at how affordable they are! If I were to replace my countertops and had a fairly straightforward layout...I'd definitely consider them.
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I would think they would be easy to maintain, butcher block that is. Since it is a vacation home I would make sure to remember to oil once a year as you close up the house or for an extended period. I think it would look great in that kitchen!!

What about beaded board on the island and install butcher block on island only to start? Might be a great temporary solution. I saw photos once of barn board but it might be hard to match colors with your ceiling. I attached a photo using barn board in cabinets. Just an idea ;)
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Hello Nanny60! Back again, now that I realize you are talking about a vacation home I understand your reluctance to invest tons of cash into the remodel. Especially when you have lots of family and friends coming up. Paint really is a great option without replacing the doors completely. Put your $$ into your new cooktop first, then countertops, then decide on cabinet doors.

Butcherblock is a great idea for countertops, but needs to be sealed with urethane around the sink area, otherwise oiled regularly elsewhere. Then you need to decide if you actually want to chop on it or not. Marble stains easily and must be sealed. You could actually have both marble and butcherblock inserts for the countertops and keep the rest of the countertops more affordable with a high quality laminate.

Contemporary Kitchen

Haute Hacienda

Both Sears and Home Depot do cabinet refacing and there are a lot of independent companies out there as well. Just check them out thoroughly.
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Your ceiling and fireplace are gorgeous!
I wonder how corrugated metal would look as a feature wall / panelling on your island or cabinets?


Quonset Hut Kitchen
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Rustoleum has new paints that cover all kinds of plastic, even laminate.
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I painted my laminate cabinets (including the wood trim) white and added hardware. I don't remember the paint I used but it is made specifically for laminate; the hardware store recommended it. It was expensive, but a lot less expensive than new cabinets. They turned out great! I should also mention that my kitchen is rustic/cottage and they now fit the style. Good luck!
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I would start by painting any wood tone on the cabinets, new hardware, new backsplash and butcher block only on the island. Updating the island will be great. Definitely remove or change the window treatments and find a new home for the pots and some of the "stuff". See how it looks before you buy new doors. If the doors look too plain adding a bit of molding to the doors could give you an updated look without removing them. I've painted laminate and as long as you use the right product you are good to go. Be sure to post pictures when you can.
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Galleria Place
I love the wood ceilings! http://www.bargainbacker.com
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Just a couple pics of molding added to kitchen doors.
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I don't think I could add molding as the handle part of the door is not even with the laminate. That would have been a great option.
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I don't suppose you have this type of cabinet somewhere else, in a bathroom or laundry room where you are able to maybe paint one few people will see first, before committing to the whole kitchen? My plan is to do that in my house, doing the master bedroom first in order to basically practice. Just a thought.
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No, thank goodness! Just lucky enough to have about 24 of them in the kitchen, lol
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I tried to upload a couple more molding ideas but they wouldn't. I know a friend who used large wooden picture frames as moldings for the front of her kitchen doors. They looked great.
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It has now been a while but I have decided to replace all the cabinet doors with a shaker style. Im thinking in white or off white. The footprint will stay the same except to add cabinets where the trash bag is now.
I will also do granite counters maybe in a black to match appliances which are fairly new. I plan to redo the island and want that to be focal point. The cooktop will be in the inland. Also I would like the island to be different from cabinet color. Do you think I should paint it olive-grey green on have it done in a wood stain to complement the ceiling, floor and window trim. My hubby does not want to paint any trim. Also what do you think of a wood counter top vs. granite on island. I love the wood but have a lot of company as it is a vacation home. Will it be too much work to keep nice? The kitchen is quite large with the fireplace at one end and a greenhouse area with dining table to the side. Also, I will declutter and get rid of pot rack.
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