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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

How to live with design mistake

abruckschenFebruary 4, 2013
When building our new house, we got a 3-hour appointment to make all of your selections & that was all. Fast forward 6 months to a complete house & I'm not loving my kitchen. Something about the granite/backsplash combo that makes me sad. It's clearly cheaper to replace the backsplash, but should I rush into the project or live with it for a few months before switching to see if I'll grow to like it?
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Dezign Studio Inc
I think it would be better not to rush into changing, as although it is busy with the c.top,Your kitchen looks spacious. If it was a small closed in space, then you had no choice but to change it. Give it a few months or maybe a year. If you continue to hate it , then you have your answer.
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It's pretty ( I'm not a fan of the small mosaic tiles) but the room is unfinished. Once you get some drapes or blinds on the window, and some canisters or other decorative pieces that can draw the eye, it will change the feel of the room completely. Pick a pop color and sprinkle it around the room in towels and such, and the room will feel warm and cozy.
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Before you replace anything, get out your stainless steel coffee maker, toaster, and mix master. Put a large bouquet of fresh flowers on the island for colour and live with it for the next 6 months...it may grow on you!
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I would suggest waiting it out and see if you will grow to
Iike it. If after a few months you still cant stand it, then i would suggest possibly changing the backsplashnto a bigger setmof tiles, either in the same color catagory or a color if you want to add a splash of color, (and in that case i would suggest a set of relaxing greens). In the mean time, adding some flowersnor candles might brighten up the "dullness" a tad. Good luck! :)
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The wall color goes nicely with the cabinetry and counters. I agree that the back-splash doesn't fit in quite as well though. Depending on how you accessorize, I think you can infuse some other textures and accent colors that will lessen the blandness without spending money (and energy) on a new one. If you determine that replacing the back-splash is the best and most satisfying plan, however, I might suggest something with a bigger (more noticeable?) profile like pencil tiles or squares of something. How about just adding a stripe of a contrasting tile in the current back-splash? I've seen that done plenty of times. Maybe that's all it would take? I would also change out the outlet covers to something that blends in a little better. Maybe patterned accent tiles interspersed throughout the back-splash tiles would break it up just enough to create interest and compliment the cabinets and counters. I think you have several options, just don't be too hasty in jumping into them since your new kitchen really looks nice and updated! Mine should look so good!
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Rose Construction, Inc.
I agree with skaiser 1951, but I'm thinking change the outlet covers to match the cabinet color. You won't be able to exactly match the backsplash, and it will be easier to match the cabinet color, plus the outlet covers are not touching the cabinets, so any slight color difference won't be as noticeable. Plus I just think it will look nice!
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Aggie Purvinska
It's not as bad as you think it is. It's quite lovely, actually. Certainly has a "Retro" feel to it, maybe new "old" barstools and clear glass overhead fixtures could pull it together for less than replacing the tile?

Vintage Toledo Bar Chair, Antiqued Green · More Info

Capri 1-Light Pendant · More Info
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Once it is "dressed" with some counter accessories-- stainless coffee maker, canisters, etc., it'll be much better. Add a pop of bright color like apple green, bright blue, red, orange (whatever your taste and other furnishings inspire). and it'll look lovely. I would definitely change the white outlet covers to black. The white adds too much contrast against the dark backsplash tiles. That may be part of what is making you feel anxious about it. They are definitely a distraction to all the other nice features of your new kitchen!
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Thank you for all the suggestions! I do have things to put on the counter to break it up & I love the ideas of adding a pop color & changing the outlet covers (i was wondering about those!). I feel much better than I did when I first saw it. The worst part of this is listening to my husband saying "I told you to play it safe, & keep everything the same."
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If you do decide to replace the backsplash go simple. Plain stainless or some other single color.
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Blinds Direct Canada
I would recommend a plantation Shutter with a built in frame it would look amazing and really Finnish the look.

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Well, I don't think 'everything the same" would have turned out any better. But I do think that the backsplash doesn't go with the countertop from the photos. If the colors are indeed the same, then maybe you just need a strip of 'calm' between the two so that the pattern differences aren't in contact with each other. Sound like accessorizing is one way; try laying a strip of molding (SOLID color -- your favorite from either countertop, backsplash or floor...or to match the cabinet, or wall) at the junction between the counter top and back splash to see if that improves the look. . (I"m a quilter.. so I know that 'sashing' (the solid divider in quilt terms) helps when there are 2 competing patterns!)
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I think everything about your kitchen is beautiful except that backsplash. If it will fit in the budget, I'd go ahead and replace it with something calm and simple. I think it will bug you until you do. Boy, do I understand about that "3 hour" appt. It's crazy, isn't it? The good news is, if the backsplash is your only regret, you did great!
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Comwest Construction
I vote you wait a few months and make sure this time what ever you pick you will love for the years to come.
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I see SO many dilemmas and questions about back splashes. I painted mine, and I love it!
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JudyG Designs
Were these pictures taken before the kitchen was completed? There is no trim around the window.

First, I would change the plug covers to a darker color…or paint them. I would paint the walls a much darker tone.
Contemporary Blue Green Kitchen · More Info
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I could live with the backsplash, but I couldn't live with how your cabinets stopped too soon on that wall! The outlet covers stick out too much too. You can purchase some from a tile store that blends with your backsplash. Other than that, you have a nice kitchen.
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Old post.
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Oh, you're right rocketjcat!!!
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Change the light switch plates to stainless steel - cheap fix and big impact.
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Yes, this is old, but it did remind me to post the "after" move-in pictures. I took the advice of changing out the outlet covers & adding some color. I don't even notice it anymore & am content with how it turned out. Still not my most favorite piece of the kitchen, but as everyone said, once I put stuff on the counters & added the color, I don't hate it anymore :)
Thanks all!
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Yeah! So flad you posted the after pictures!
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It looks so much better with some warm colors added in! Such a beautiful kitchen...I love the color of your cabinets!
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The cabinets in your kitchen are wonderful. If you are looking to break up the brown tones, you could install the Fasade panels right over the top of the existing tile. Take a look at the Miniquattro 18''x24'' panel, in Crosshatch Silver
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Barbara Almandarz
Definitely wait. See what you can do with accessories to liven thing up.
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DEAD THREAD - Feb 4, 2013
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