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Suggestions for teen bedroom?

furryFebruary 4, 2013
I am a dedicated houzzer and I would love for you to put in your opinion for my room. My favorite colors are green and dark purple and I love traveling and Earth science. I want my room to have a sense of style and bring out my creative personality. I was thinking of painting my room a plum color, but I am terrified if it will be too dark, or if I should paint it green, but also I'm afraid if it will be too bright. Too dark or too bright, it's a hard problem. I love vintage/retro things that I can add personality to. I would love to have a little older, more sophisticated (But still have fun, creative global accents) I know it's a tall order, can you help me out? Oh and, if any of you have the specific title for my style that would be great! I think I'm in too deep to know my style :)
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Banarsi Designs
Plum purple might be a bit too dark here in my opinion... how about a very light lime-citrus-green type of color for the walls?


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Banarsi Designs
This is kind of a fun wall paint design.
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I was thinking of colors like Zinfandel or plum for purple. Or something like a light, toned down chartreuse.
Thank you for your suggestions!
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Your wall color is great. Three new / revised additions would make your style pop in this room.

First, buy one yard of (this or similar print fabric) that brings your favorite colors together and will go with what you have now. Use it to make accent pillow covers - one lumbar pillow for the chair, and a long bolster for your bed (like a tootsie roll). (on sale) http://www.calicocorners.com/product/designer+fabrics+for+the+home/shop+fabrics+by+color/purple/pradish+kiwi-grape.do

Add pieces of modern art over time - pick them out and ask for them for holidays. First, a series of color matched abstract posters that will look great over your bed (3 side by side) http://www.cafepress.com/+alicia-ludwig-aurora-silhouette+posters Neither maps nor travel posters are going to automatically pick up your favorite colors) but using these abstracts from nature evoke getting out -
Here's a great abstract of rainbow euc bark in hawaii - http://www.art.com/products/p14235738321-sa-i6655924/rob-tilley-rainbow-eucalyptus-trunk-near-hana-maui-hawaii-usa.htm?sorig=cat&sorigid=1822&dimvals=1822-207226-207271&ui=eb5b47be833549fb853f2ea8e0f5df8e&PODConfigID=4990699

Move the gumball machine to the top of your white cabinet and add an inexpensive bedside lamp from the thriftstore with a white shade and a large ceramic base - pick out a hot pink spray paint in a glossy finish to spray paint the lamp.

Just start with layering prints with your colors that work together, then bring the colors you love in the print into the room with art and accents - let your lavender / purple be your 70% color, grellow your 30% color and hot pink on 10% (small things). The small pops of print on the pillows tie it all together to the eye.
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Ahhhh.... youth! Keep your walls neutral. Pop with furniture and accessories. That way, when you grow up a bit and your taste is honed, you will still have a workable backdrop.
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Interiors International, Inc.
Do 3 walls in the light green and your bed wall in the dark plumb. Have the bed linens light to pop off that dark wall. Just for fun get a vase full of Peacock feathers for a color pop against the green wall.
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Your style is very cute and pretty. Keep your room the way it is and save your money for college.
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
I'd paint the bed wall plum and the other walls white with a 3' stripe of lime green running around the whole room, including through the plum.
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Digital Imaging by Tina - Interior Designer
Green is very soothing to the eye and nature gives us a lot of nuances. The best way to use green in the interior design is to combine several colors, or green combined with other colors. Try the Valspar Prairie willow 6001-5B to create a similar interior finish... Good luck!!
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Nancy Hehmann
If you are not keeping your current comforTer, I think I would choose one you love before choosing a wall color. If you like travel perhaps, you might want to do a photo collage of places you have been or want to go. Check out my photography shop on Etsy.com which is nancyhehmann. Etsy has a lot of decorator elements as well as a multitude of other items, new or vintage. As some one mentioned if you do neutral wall color like antique white, you can change your accessories more easily if you tire of them. It will also make the design elements in the room more of the star or wow factor.
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Oh, green and plum are delicious together!
Koko Company Waves Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug - Green/Purple · More Info

City Retreat - Girl's Bedroom 1 · More Info

Bedroom · More Info

Ideabook: Color Guide: How to Work With Plum · See Ideabook

Ideabook: Color Guide: How to Work With Chartreuse · See Ideabook
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Furry, sounds like you have an adventurous spirit. Perhaps you would be bold enough to try a charcoal accent wall. I love this high energy, eclectic bedroom with chevron bedding from West Elm, and purple accents. You could use your vintage sewing machine cabinet as a desk and add a similar cork board.
Stylish Apartment Living · More Info
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Painting your headboard wall plum would be very dramatic! I would keep the other walls white, light, or neutral, and then haunt the resale shops for accessories to paint for those pops of color. For global accents, look for ethnic fabrics--ikats, suzanis, kilims--in your colors and make pillows. You're going to have a spectacular room.
Mid century Modern Art · More Info

Purple Baroque-Style Mirror · More Info

The South Portland Rug 16 · More Info

Purple Lavender Amethyst Shabby Chic Picture Frames by Elegant Seashore · More Info
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A fun and inexpensive way to dress up your walls is with decals, and they're removable when you get tired of them.
Clover Peel and Stick Botanicals Wall Decals · More Info
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I think a very tall and dramatic headboard would secure the bed space. It doesn't need to be a big expense, you could get a large wood board frame it and paint it white. Also buying big acrylic picture boxes for her map and some bright posters would bring unity and color. Good Luck, Susan, susanwheelerdesign.com
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Thanks everyone for your comments! I love the idea of a accent plum wall by my bed and I was thinking of a toned down chartreuse for the other walls, and of course having art to combine all the colors. I was also thinking of getting a few wall decals and a new lamp, like this one from PBTeen
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Love the lamp. It would really stand out with the rest of the room. Instead of chartreuse walls, maybe you could paint one wall plum and the others white. Use bright green stencils or decals to create a border around the entire room, including the plum wall (like Carolyn Albert-Kincl suggested). Here's a site with some fun border stencils. http://www.stencilease.com/db/index.asp?catagory=border
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i don't think you should paint your entire room in one colour! :) I think you should have 3 walls relatively neutral, like white or light beige, and have the fourth wall in an accent colour. I think the green can easily seem quite childish, so I would have rocked a deep plum colour on the wall behind your bed :) You could use your sewing table as a desk and, if your budget allows it, switch the chair with one that is more in the right colour scheme to your "new" bedroom with for example this one: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S49877777/ or this http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S49902258/#/S09902260 from IKEA, that is more "tight" and not that sloppy, if you want that sophisticated look. It might be too modern, but you could warm it up with a warm brown pillow in some sort of rough fabric. I also loved the bedding and interior ideas that user michigammemmom came with, but if you wanted purple, you could maybe switch the purple of the bedding with brown or black or something like that :)
or you could do something like this:
Project: Amazing College Dorm Room Makeover · See Project
Good luck!
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I think the chair and ottoman you currently have look like they will work. Even the carpet seems to have a bit of a yellowy-green undertone, and ought to work. I expect you have a budget and will need to prioritize, so the biggest bang for your buck will come first from paint.

Then, you could make your own headboard to take the room up a notch. See this ideabook for some super ideas:
Ideabook: 13 Homemade Headboards That Thrill With Creativity · See Ideabook

Finally, artwork will finish the room. You've got lots of big walls to fill, so your world map is a start. Don't be mousy; go big and bold with posters and photos you love. Half the trick with art is arranging it cohesively:
Showhouse Bedroom for Teen Girl · More Info

I hope you'll show us photos of the room in progress and when you're done. You've got great ideas. I'd love to see what you come up.
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I would start with a neutral wall color and incorporate your fave colors in fabrics and wall accessories. You can do a lot with the "global/travel" theme. Maybe a bed canopy or curtain panels made of Indian sari fabrics, accessories such as Moroccan lanterns with battery operated votives, and a grouping of sunburst mirrors on the wall that have gold burnished finish? Keeping the walls neutral and adding color/texture through fabrics/accessories allows you to change it up without committing to a vibrant wall color.
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Go Indian and look to the fabrics and colors of Rajasthan for inspiration. Love your colors.
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Ella at Wishack.com
Transitional style! It's a mix of vintage pieces with modern colors like pastels. It's an easier way to blend older furniture that you can refinish with your own color palette!

Look at refurbished items like the ones I've attached.
Please check out my site www.wishack.com if you want more ideas for what kinds of furniture to use or colors that match with your style.
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I love your color chooses & no I do not believe that they are to bright or to dark for a bedroom. Your bedroom should make you feel beautiful, warm & show the real you that you may not show the world. Here are a few ideas that I have found that I hope inspires you.
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Here is the other picture that did not come through before.
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I'm thinking with the right shade of green - maybe chartreuse - you can have the best of both colors. Here are some samples of that and one with a graphic just for fun!
Eclectic Bedroom · More Info

Playfully Plum Bedroom · More Info

Buena Vista House Bedroom · More Info

Bedroom · More Info

Barcelona Loft · More Info
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
While transitional style may include some antiques, what I think of as transitional style is furnishings that are somewhere between contemporary and traditional. It's a simpler style than traditional but not as minimalist as contemporary.
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Furry, you have such a fun room already. I love the vintage table and cheeky gumball machine! I agree with lots of others to use your bed wall as the accent wall with plum. I also love the lighter green color you are suggesting. Purple and green are yummy. Go to Sherwin Williams site and use their visualizer. You can upload your own photos and paint the walls with different colors. Site: https://www.sherwin-williams.com/visualizer/# It makes it so much easier. You will be able to see the colors together and be able to decide.
Keep the chair and rug. Go to a garage sales until you find something you love as a headboard. Paint it - again use Sherwin Williams site (No, I do not work for them, I have just found it invaluable to be able to see my choices before painting!) And, DO NOT be afraid of color. Go as dark as you love. So what if you need to paint again in a year or two? Bin paint will cover any dark wall color.
I painted my youngest daughter's room in navy and royal blues with a Van Gogh type 'Starry Night.' We did all the swirls, etc and when it was done, she was one happy daughter. She did outgrow it in about 3 years, but so what? You only go through this life once. Do what you love.
I also agree that you should need some wall decor. You could buy a canvas and paint it with purples and green yourself with your own idea or using something you have seen and enjoy. Or you could do a couple posters. Georgia O'Keeffe has some great purple and green flowers. You could also do a travel poster in vintage style, such as this: http://www.art.com/products/p14634449940-sa-i6782167/parrot-lounge-vintage.htm?sorig=cat&sorigid=443760&dimvals=443760&ui=46def073f60c4b6298438060ce24c7c5&ssk=vintage+travel+(wood+signs)
That particular travel poster is not necessarily the exact print you should get (it is a wooden sign, actually) but you get the idea...
Please post pictures as you go. And, don't listen too much to others, you already have the beginnings to a very nice room. It will evolve with you as your style evolves. Good luck and go for it!
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Some more inspirations of quick mood boards.
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Vega Maguire
Hay! I understand you want a room that suits ure personality
I just love these map cork boards to either mark your travels or just pin stuff up you can make these ure self (YouTube) or buy online for like £17

I would do for a few statement pieces paint ure wall white I think the other colours would be too much or just do one wall green or plum
Too much of one colour is too much this light from ikea is really cool to its creative and fun

Hope this helps
Vega x
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