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Need Pillows! And maybe some accessories too... ;)

nan7February 4, 2013
Hello All,
I've posted on here before about this space which has been a work in progress for what seems like forever. I am in a New York City apartment which means I have a small amount of space and a small amount of money to work with. I've gotten really lucky with finding things that are affordable (thank you ebay, jossandmain, and onekingslane!) and I think the space is really coming together. The chandelier made a big difference I think because the ceilings are so high. I've ordered a lamp shade for the floor lamp and a couple of other little things, but what I really need help with is choosing pillows for the couch. I was thinking maybe gold or pink? I could also use some help if you wanted to offer some advice on making my coffee table come together a bit more. I originally had a little turquoise vase on it but for some reason I felt like it looked a bit out of place. I don't know. I could use a designer's eye right about now!

Thanks to everyone in advance for your help :)
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What a beautiful apt you have, not what I think of when I think of an affordable New York city apt. I think you've done a lovely job so far. The one suggestion I would make is to paint the livingroom and dining room a darker colour. Many of your furnishings are light coloured and this will help them stand out . Perhaps an area rug with some colour or pattern would be nice as well. Personally I don't believe in over accessorizing the coffee table as it doesn't leave room for important things like drinks and snacks, books, flowers, the stuff that is important to my comfort.
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maybe a more colorfull rug under the glasstable,i have chosen turquise in looking for pictures,but your wallart shows lots of color,so you could mix all those colors in your accesoires and pillows
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I should add that I am not allowed to paint the walls (it is a sublet) and I can't switch out any of my already existing furniture. But, if you heard the deals I got on everything--you would say I should keep it all too!
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What a great room!!! I would definitely pull colors from the painting above the color for the pillows. I think turquoise for sure..
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Galleria Place
You may want to try BargainBacker.com.
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I love what you have collected so far! Even better, if everything was a bargain. I suggest adding a lacquer tray in a juicy color on your coffee table. West Elm has some nice trays for a decent price. Your art provides a great inspiration for the pillows. I've attached some ideas, plus a finished room that seems to have the feel you are going for. Good luck!
Safavieh Sarra Rose Red Decorative Pillows - Set of 2 · More Info
Andora Pillow, Aquamarine · More Info
Sunset Throw · More Info

Living Room · More Info

Living Room · More Info
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i would do pops of color, yellows,blues,purples i think go very well with gray..maybe consider patterns vs. solids or mix it up..love the couch where did u get it..
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coffee tables silver trim kinda clashes with the couch maybe consider a expresso colored trim to match the couch legs..dress it up with books small deco votives mixed with maybe some small antique bottles u can even use for a single small flower
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The couch is the Sablon Tufted Sofa from Ballard Designs that I bought from someone who was moving out of my building for only $200!! http://www.ballarddesigns.com/sablon-tufted-sofa/224079?defattrib=&defattribvalue=&listIndex=10

You might not be able to tell from the pictures but there are little silver buttons on the tufts of the dining chairs, and the flowers on the dining table are in a silver bowl, the floor lamp is silver, and the mirrored console comes off as gold and silver, so there's definitely a good amount of both silver and gold metallics in the room.

I was thinking maybe a pillow from Caitlin Wilson textiles http://caitlinwilsontextiles.com

or perhaps one of these? http://www.etsy.com/listing/116550182/decorative-designer-pillow-22-x-22-pink?ref=usr_faveitems

I like the idea of adding color but I'm hesitant to go with too small/high-contrast a pattern because of all the tufting on the sofa, strokes in the painting and texture in the rug...
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OK, nan7, I've been trying to come up with a solution for your pillow problem, and your sofa is fabulous and would go with just about anything, but I can't get past the painting. It's too high, but most of all, it's just too small.

As for pillows, look for some with texture or really bold graphics.
SFERRA Gorgeous Bed Linens Delancey Felt Petal Pillow · More Info

Fleece Flounce Pillow, Pink · More Info

Modern Pillows · More Info
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Wow lots of potential with the great furnishings. I would play off the color in the painting, and it isn't really too small just needs some stuff hanging around it to make an arrangement above the sofa. If you want just one thing above the sofa then it is too small, but you could get some really cheap frames and spray paint them in the colors from the painting and mount photos or art in them and arrange them around the painting. And it would be nice to see a little wood to warm things up like maybe a barley twist style floor lamp in wood with a cool shade to the left of the sofa and some old trunks or suitcases stacked nearby to add texture. And some pillows like all the great ones recommended would pull it together. A small wall shelf with some colorful candles would warm it up too! Have fun!
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DL Lewis
Can't paint the walls but need color on the walls, have I got a trick for you. It will take a little long small thin piece of wood on the top and bottom of the walls you want to add the color. Nail them up. Then, buy some fabric - it can be plain or pattern but if patterned make sure it is subtle. You can either pleat or ruffle the fabric (in which case you'd buy double the width of the wall) or you can lay it on flat with the stapler on the top and bottom wood that you laid. Have stapler will travel! Voila! You have color on your walls that is still legal in a sublet. Would love to see pictures when you are done.
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Stacey Gibson
Love the idea of adding things around the painting! Frames boldly painted and bright colorful and/or textural pillows and throws that Cjohnston shows. Also Lower the art about 6 inches. Chic and Cozy!
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Home. by julie
I think a large, colorful ROUND rug, would work well in your room, since you can't paint the walls, you need to find another way to add more color. You mention liking jossandmain and onekingslane...they often have pretty, affordable ones. You have many so many squares (the corner in the room, the couch is structured, the square parquet tiles on the floor-- parquet? That's what they're called, right?), the rectangular table, etc. that round could contrast nicely. The attached flower rug is smaller (3') but just an idea on the wild side of the spectrum. All of these are from a quick search of jossandmain right now...I'm sure you could find something you love!
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The painting could be lowered a bit, and a few more could be added to add weight to the wall in general given the neutral paint that has to stay. As for cushions, pick luxurious textures. You could probably have more than one color and shapes of pillows. The sofa back looks stiff so down filled pillows would be cosy and squish down nicely when you lean on them and nestle in. I vote for pink in any and all shades for depth and not too matchy. A side chair on the right and a patterned ottoman that you can see over towards the tv would suggest a conversation circle.
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Lovely apartment and amazing finds!......Your room does need some color. You may need to shop around and try a few pillows until something works. It's personal choice, but pink isn't one of mine..you need warmth/bright colors. . As lindsay said, a side chair would help; what if you pull 2 of your dining chairs in across from the couch. I can't tell what color the fabric is, but maybe you can pull some of it into your couch pillow choice?....The wall behind the couch hmmm yes, the picture is a little small. I think 3-4 vertical mirrors would look nice, maybe with a brushed silver frame or added pictures arranged to fill the space better? One thing at a time though ;-)....right now your looking for pillows!..Good luck......great job so far!
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Since your room is a bit neutral, I was looking for some pillows that would give a pop of color to your room! These pillows are all from a brand that I adore,,, called Marimekko(from Finland) but I found them on Ebay! These are all in the red/pink theme because you seemed to prefer those, but if you go to this link- (http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=marimekko&_osacat=10033&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313&_nkw=marimekko+pillow&_sacat=10033) there are a lot of styles available. Your room and sofa is gorgeous, but to add some more "flair" to it, you should add more pictures or posters to your wall:)
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The Frugal Parisian
I think the painting is too small above your sofa, how about moving it to the wall shown in your dining room. Add a large mirror above sofa, switch up your coffee table for a round wood one for added warmth and character. Then pull the colour from your dining room chairs and painting on to the sofa with some richly patterned pillows. Pull a couple of chairs (maybe borrow 2 from your dining table) and you have a cozy grouping. Bring on the martinis!
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Coby Smit
I am thinking a nice picture wall...Could you paint the wall though...Lime green or grey would look beautiful with that couch...colorful pillows mixed with neutral ones will also make a difference!
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Nancy Hehmann
I would use a color from the artwork for your pillows. Love the couch! Another good source for home decor items such as pillows is Etsy.com. Just put what you are looking for in the search engine. Also, JCpenney.com has a lot of items.
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see todays post:this week on houzz. the story about minimalizing shows 2 sofas with many pillows. the trick is each pillow integrates well. lots of colors and prints but the recurring theme that ties them together is each having a little of the sofa color.
great sofa. the art is too small. add a pair of old shutters, plaster brackets, iron scrolls,tall flat back vases. something for size and balance. don't use sconces or candleholders because of the existing lighting.
you've done a great job. it just seems to need a little more life. so organic and sparkle.
a large plant in th LR and a taller floral on the dining table.
how about 3 silver framed vertical mirrors in the DR. about 50"H x 22W. might work. just depends what they'd reflect. i can't tell in the photos.
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I love the understated elegance of your tufted sofa and chrome coffee table. Your contemporary art is so interesting, I would be inclined to keep the throw pillows solid and simple so as not to draw too much attention from the art. I like this collection of raw silk pillows in vibrant colors to echo the pink, coral and turquoise found in the painting.
Raw Silk Pillows · More Info
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Ooo love those pillows from the first reply!! These are awesome! Where did you find them?
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Chloe and Olive LLC
You have a great base to work with. The hardest part is done. Pick a color from your painting to add some colorful decorative pillows, a throw or even a new rug. Have fun with it!
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Marcy Claire
some great ideas here...for a rented apartment it's a challenge to get color on the walls...I've always toyed with the idea of hanging a shower curtain, or making a frame or tacking to wood strips top and bottom....something where you could hang a big piece of fabric like a shower curtain (there are so many beautiful ones out there that are like works of art) and putting that behind that couch. Then add colorful throw pillows and change out the rug maybe for an inexpensive indoor/outdoor mat (there are plenty of patterns and colors out there) Try to get color in where you can with accessories and you won't even notice/mind the white walls! By the way, just search shower curtains on Houzz and see what comes up..........hundreds!
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for jnance182 i seem to remember searching cushions paisley,sorry did not make a note of it!!!
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