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I need to add a coat closet and this is the only room available. Thoughts?
Elizabeth JulianFebruary 5, 2013
This room is plain but in a 1920 house. I am trying to add a coat closet since we are in the north and have to have lots of coats and boots! I would appreciate any ideas. There are patio doors on either end of the room and the ceilings are slanted. A real challenge.
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Ironwood Builders
Please sketch out your floor plan and put dimensions on it! The designers here need that information to be of help.
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Sounds like you may need a mudroom! Search the box above for mudroom under Photos for some ideas. Here's one added as an appendage to the house. If you just need a closet check out attic closet and stairs closet, to see how people deal with slant ceilings. Mudroom addition
Britannia Joinery
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Elizabeth Julian
The room is roughly 24' wide with the patio doors centered in them and the length is about 30". I am adding faux beams to pull it into the 1920 look with a rod iron chandelier in the center. If that helps. Furniture is tan and cream plaid couch and blue floral chairs with the same tans in them for a French Country look.
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Where is the entry door? A floorplan is need to suggest a plan for a closet/mudroom idea.
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Elizabeth Julian
Oh this house is a little complicated in that it is a cottage that had several additions! There is no room for a coat closet by the main entrance into the kitchen area but there is a french door in the living room at "street' level. That is why the diagonal closets look interesting. The first picture is the country kitchen and the door is at the far end of the room by the windows. A pic of the new door to add some light to that corner and finally the living room french doors which seem to be the only logical spot.
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Ruth Ann Chaplik-Secreto
Maybe it's time to ADD a MudRoom outside your side entry door there !!
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I still can't tell where the entry is in relation to the carpeted living space.
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Buy two armoirs and flank the french door to store coats and boots.

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I think I see a thermostat to the right of the patio doors? If so, is the door at the other end free of things like that? What I'm thinking is to enclose the door. Run a two foot wall from floor to ceiling on either side of the door. Over the door put a shelf. You will then have a space over the door for decorative or storage purposes (you can put two cabinet doors on it if you like), and an alcove on each side to turn into two closets.
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Itzy Modena
I totally AGREE with Darzy! The armoires would bring the functionality you need in this room without major construction. Try to find some with the country feel to tie-in the country mood to this room. I hope this helps! :)
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Armoires are nice looking, but the slant to the ceiling will create a lot of wasted space. Creating alcove closets on either side is pretty minor construction.
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You could build a closet that encloses the entire wall except for the door opening. Put double closet doors on either side of the glass doors. If you need additional storage, you can add custom cabinet style doors above the closet doors and above the glass doors, with the top line of the cabinets matching the angle of the eaves. It looks like you have about two feet between the corner and the window on the right, so you can bring the closet out within a few inches of the window edge. This would also make the entrance a bit more dramatic in the style of a cased opening with painted wood work. Here are some example of storage areas similar to what I am suggesting, but add closet and cabinet doors, as well as a hanging area, and remove any window seats. (For the last photo, just look at the woodwork around the casing and the pediment above the door.): http://www.douglasandwood.com/attic.html or Britannia Joinery, Designed with Structures Building Company. Cotswold New Construction, The Rivendell Manor, Attic Remodel, South Minneapolis, Sherry Hart, Peachtree Rd attic, Rocksyde
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Creatively Yours Custom Inc.
There seems to be baseboard heaters on the side walls there that would limit the space available for a closet in addition to the wall switch/thermostat. I really do not think any built in closet would work there. However, if the area will be family room casual, I would consider paneling that door wall with beaded board to make it a focus and then use coat hooks mounted on the walls around the doors. You could even build a bench on each side for storage of boots and gear with the hooks above it. That would flow nicely for that space.
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Rethink Renovations
A built in with a bench and coat hangers would look nice, similar to the armoire idea.
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Elizabeth Julian
Wow, Zidor, great pictures and thank you everyone for your ideas. It is odd that it is so hard to chose where to build a much needed closet, but if you bought the house you wouldn't question the location. I will review all your comments, considering the space, heating and outlet. You are so creative this has been a tremendous help. Now if someone just wants to make the decision for me, I will be all set, haha.
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Elizabeth Julian
Darzy, I am sorry, I misunderstood the "entry way", I was thinking of the outside door. The French door shown is not used as a main entrance and the access is from the kitchen is exactly midway on the left as you face the French doors, so approximately 15' down the left wall. I know a mud room would be great but the layout of the house just doesn't accommodate one. The best I can do is get storage for my own coats and boots in the living room. I looked at adding an area to the exterior but not in the budget plus the insulation has just been finished, so I am stuck with my inside walls.
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Elizabeth Julian
The pitch of the ceiling prohibits armoires.
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Build yourself a wood slat bench that is attached to the wall and over the baseboard heaters. You could line the boots up on the slats (at the heater will warm and dry them up). Then, mount antique door handles like art on the wall to hang your coats. When you don't need the winter wear, you'll have cool wall art and a bench to sit on.

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