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Suggestions for paint color for house and front door

bearlybigenoughFebruary 6, 2013
Hi! We would like to paint our stucco house and are in need of color suggestions. Right now it is a light grayish color. Also, any ideas for door color and some curb appeal to spruce up the place a bit! I need ideas for the porch also. Thanks
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Yeah, I know! What would you suggest? :)
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Anne Gibney
I would paint the brick or stucco a contrasting color maybe two shades lighter of the gray. Since your door is not visible maybe a pop of color like red or even orange to go with the grey.
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We recently painted a similar style house for my son in college. We used BM Dove White on the exterior, red front door and black shutters on front and side windows. Looked great and classic. Your planters could be spray painted black for the accent color, if you did not want to add black shutters. Along with some green shrubs, you definitely would have a new and fresh look.
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Rethink Renovations
Darker grey color for house and red front door.
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I would use a darker grey on the stucco, to help the stone work to stand out, and a grey blue door. Someone said to use 2 shades different. That works on interiors, but with full sunlight you need to have at least a 3 shade difference, to be able to notice the color difference.
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You really have a great exterior to work with - the brick is great and the house has a mid century vibe which is appealing. Your dark grey roof is a color to consider when incorporating new paint choices and one option is to bring down the darker grey color from the roof into the trim color. Secondly, do you want to emphasize or downplay the brick and the contrast between the stucco and the brick?

In keeping with the MCM vibe consider replacing the door with one from Crestview (http://www.crestviewdoors.com/). If you stay in the grey family for house, trim and roof color go with a pop of color for the front door and in pillows on porch or an outdoor rug for the porch (e.g., .
Irvington Staging & Design · More Info
) Here are some interesting examples of neutral exteriors with a high contrast front door: http://www.houzz.com/photos/exterior/Mid-century-brick-grey-

Another option is to go with neutral grey and warm wood tones such as
Phinney Ridge Whole House Remodel · More Info

What kind of exterior look appeals to you? MCM? traditional? And do you want to keep or replace the porch light?
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The porch will make a huge difference by changing the balance of the front of the house, and focusing the eye by drawing in to the centre. I'd suggest a covered porch the width of the existing porch. See below for an image of a 60's ranch house with an original porch. This design shape, with colours to match your house, would look great. Tile or paint the concrete porch and stairs. For a cheap landscaping solution - plant 2 of the same small sized trees equally distanced from the pathway. Pick specimen trees that have a lovely shape (weeping cherry, Japanese maple etc). These will add balance and depth. Best of luck. Post the finished pics!
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I appreciate all these suggestions. They have been very helpful and I will definitely consider them. What about a warmer color for the house, maybe beige or tans....any suggestions? I can use all the advice I can get! Thanks
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Leslie Price
Red doors are fine but make a statement and try a fun color!
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I have a few suggestion for your home.Hope it is useful to you. I think your home would look great in a Tan . The color will stand out more. Around all the windows. I will trim it in a dark tan(little just a shade or two darker than the tan) color .On the porch I will add two shutters around the window. I would using the same color. The door I would use yellow or red. On the porch I will remove the light fixture and replace it with a flat ceiling fixture. Put a black iron bench and use pillows that have mixture of the color that blend in with the door .The planter that you have on the porch replace the plant The tree that in them plant them on the ground right to the side were the pot is on both side . So that they can grow on each side. Then do a little more landscaping tp spice up the place. On the other picture do the window the same .Paint the door the yellow or red. Remove the trash to the right side of the corner of the house. Remove the flower pot away. On fun of the trees over seeing the deck.But I can see if you want privacy . At last but not least the garage paint it in a tan .Paint the door the dark tan color . Then replace the light fixture with a large black fixture .
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The Color People
The fake stone idea done to your home is unfortunate. it kind of makes it essential to paint the house a relatively dark color so you don't notice it. Lighter colors will hold shadows and make the pattern more apparent. The front door really only matters to you as you can't see it until you are in front of it.

Stucco is a natural material and always looks and feels best if it is a natural color. Grays and cool colors only look like cement.

Save money, paint it and spend some real bucks on mature landscaping to cover up a lot of the stone stuff. Something big on either end is essential. Use flowers and bushes to create a focus on the porch so the rest of the house retreats from sight. Also colorful planting both year round and seasonal will bring some beauty to house which is not a princess.
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This house was built in 1951-52. Whoever built it had some unique ideas. I guess you either love it or hate it!. To The Color People: could you give me some suggestions on colors? We're in the middle of winter right now, so it looks really "blah"....I need some warmth to this home.
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I like the texture of the stone. If you are looking to brighten things up you can do yellow or terra cotta with the grey, or a warm tan (the tan my app picked has too much green undertone) but it gives you a starting point. I would just paint the flat sections, and leave the texture grey. You can put a planter box on the patio corner closest to the garage, and paint it with your color scheme. As far as landscaping goes go to Springhillnursery.com and ask them to mail you a catalog. They show different planting combos, you can decide what you like, and then go to your nursery and ask which ones will grow in your area, and substitutions for ones that don't.
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i dig the 2 tone idea however i would take the rest of the neighbourhood into consideration! these colour choices are a bit over the top! i would either paint the flat parts a darker shade of grey or do the whole thing a darker shade of grey! Dogwood is amazing for a pop of colour in the winter months... or a large urn full of greens coloured branches and berries!! i would do the front door red or black... i would also do gardens on either side of the walkway to give it more grandeur. perhaps even a japanese maple or river birch somewhere on the right in the centre of a raised garden bed in the same stone as the raised garden bed on the right now... the stone work is so unique i love it! i might even consider all season window boxes... in the winter they can be decked out like the urn! beautiful home! thanks for sharing!
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you also may want to consider adding a row of colourful brick or stone on either side of the concrete walkway as well.... this was the best pic i could find of a flower lined walk way! good luck
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Hi again. Check out this link. Lots of great info here.
Consider the roof colour as the one thing you cant change (easily or cheaply!). So, what ties in with that slate grey colour? here's a couple of warm options to consider...loving the deep creamy yellow tones.
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First I'd like to say what a cute home! And as I see it, you can't go wrong with white trims and doors. The grey stones look fine too. Try some Farrow&Ball's light blue (or similar) OR a soft yellow on the smooth walls between the stone. Give it some spunk, it's a 50s home, it can take it, why not give it a go?
Contemporary design in a historic space · More Info
Historic Restoration and Preservation · More Info
Centsational girl · More Info
Evia on Galveston Island · More Info
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Wow, so many ideas! Thanks so much everybody! I'm not sure I like the 2 tone idea. Maybe a variation of similar colors, but not 2 different colors. I'm leaning towards a creamy or beige color. I like the idea of adding stone or brick along the path, and I also have considered window boxes. I really wish the front door was facing the street, but unfortunately there's nothing that can be done about that. Please keep the ideas, suggestions, advice and photos coming!
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