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cc11February 6, 2013
These are pictures of my living room. The couches and red chair have
t o stay. I have purchased the baby blue ottoman to replace the coffee table. Any ideas on window treatments, How to do the pillows since I have 2 sofas: Also what to do with the fireplace and bookshelves. They said I needed a round table in the corner what size and color? I like modern looks with a romantic feel . A room you want to stay in forever. Something that pops. A little bling. Can I put a red pillow on couch with other colors too. Line up pillows on both couches or what. What kind, color chevron rug. Yellow, deep blue HELP
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Kevin Twitty- IBB Designer
I would hire a designer to come to your space and help you space plan and pull it all together.

It is very "all over the place". What you say your style is and what you have are a little off, a designer will be able to bring it all together.

Try and put the sofa in front of the TV and moving your chair to the side.

It's hard to see much from your pictures.
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Your description of what you're looking for reminded me of this living room I have saved to my ideabook because it's similar to my own living room. Maybe this can give you some ideas or looks you'd like to emmulate.
Ideabook: living room · See Ideabook
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Banarsi Designs
It's a bit hard to tell by the photos how the entire room looks. Is the red sofa right next to the brown couch?


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You have a good start. Let's begin at your windows. Move the curtain panels over so they don't encroach on the glass. You could have a more interesting fabric eventually. Paint the bookshelves, your mantel, and everything else that you would consider trim, your woodwork color. Position your new ottoman. Find an interesting round tray for the top of it. Haunt HomeGoods for like pieces of blue glass, vases, in different shapes and heights, whatever and just put a few on each shelf. Four of these leopard pillows on your brown sofas with the blues you have in front of them.

Go to etsy.com and take a look at the custom drapes and pillows.
Candice Olsen Market Place Geometric Parchment Hand Woven Wool Rug · More Info

Leopard Print Throw Pillows « Spearmint Decor · More Info

Bay Street · More Info
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Nancy Hehmann
I think a color other than bright red would go with your light blue better. I love the white wooden trim with the shade of blue that you have. I usually don't say to paint but in my opinion, if you painted the bookcases and mantel it would help with pulling your look together. I would use a slip cover on the red chair or have it reupholstered into something that would be complimentary to the blue. And then I would switch out the red pillows. If you want a color to go with the light blue, google color wheel and find a color that is complimentary to the pastel blue you have chosen - the red is too bright. How about a pastel coral, green or yellow. Or, you can just stay with blue and white.
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I love the white woodwork on the wall. It should continue on the other side of the window, and the shelves and mantle should be white, too. The white sheers are great for the breezy beachy feeling the blue and white walls create. Then you can add some woven square baskets or bins to the bottom shelf to help organize the clutter. The sofas are a bit dark for the rest of the scheme, but if they have to stay keep the red and light blue pillows and get a light blue throw. If you don't have navy blue anywhere else, then the dark pillows aren't needed, and are greeting lost on the dark sofa.
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PamDesigns 3D
CC11, What you are asking here is like going to the Walmart Pharmacy for heart surgery because you can't afford to go to a hospital with a proper surgeon. Changing the window coverings or adding a chevron rug is not going to change that. I agree with Kevin that your design aesthetic seems to be all over the place.

From the pictures I have seen (and you haven't given us much) it seems that your furniture is mismatched and way out of scale for the space. This often happens when furniture is brought into a space that is inherited from another space. If there is a matching sofa and love seat as well as the red chair, One of the pieces will probably have to go --but this will not likely change the problem of the furniture being over-scale for the space -just that the current amount of furniture is overcrowding the space.

The first thing you should do is de-clutter. Pack away everything that is sitting on tabletops and on shelves. Then paint the bookshelves and mantel (and perhaps the brick as well) to match the wainscoting and crown molding. Also change out the dark wood ceiling fan for one is more modern --or better yet install a new light fixture that is more up-to-date than the 70's ceiling fan. Get rid of the heavy dark brown curtain rod and shear curtains.

Now with a blank slate pretty much you can perhaps look at your space with a new set of eyes. You'll notice that in my suggestions, that I have systematically eliminated all of the dark brown but the leather couches. I would take a look at the remaining colors (red, baby blue and white) and use that as your color scheme --and stick with it! Either buy or sew a slip cover for the leather sofa (or love seat -whichever one you keep), that has these colors in it. I would eliminate the window coverings and replace the blinds with wide slated white painted (good quality) blinds. Leave it at that -the room is too small for heavy drapes and the shears you have do not match anything else in the room, do nothing for light control and are out of scale and weight for the rest of the furnishings.

In choosing your rug - keep your newly established color scheme in mind as well as scale and pattern. Nix the dark blue and yellow. The baby blue and bright red are jarring to me but if they must stay, then your efforts to coordinate the space need to focus on making this color pallet work by eliminating other factors in the room that will distract from this goal.
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You say the couches and red chair have to stay - but does the ottoman? I think a lighter coffee table with some glass would look better in your space since you already have two large couches and a chair. I think you might have better luck working around the couches and chair only than having the blue ottoman in the mix as well. I also vote for painting the rest of your woodwork white.

Alternatively, as someone also said above, if you can slipcover or reupholster the red chair, it might work better with the ottoman and also lighten up the room since it does not appear to be very large and you have large couches. I like judyg's suggestions for working with your ottoman. I also might remove pillows from the couches all together.
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cc11, you have some very attractive elements in your room with the high wainscoting, crown molding and dark wood floors. Are you open to painting your built-in book shelves and brick fireplace white? Lightening up that wall would really brighten your space and enhance the cottage look.
Coastal Family Room · More Info
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Susan Mills Design
Cc11, I think you can bring the room back to life without too much money. I really like the picture michegigammemom posted. It gives a sense of what you can accomplish with a bit of paint and a little editing.

Take everything out of the room except the two sofas, the chair and the coffee table.
Paint out the shelves and fireplace in white.
Remove dark wood rod and replace with white one that is wide enough to have your drapes reveal more window.
Paint your coffee table white, the shape of the table works much better when two sofas are facing each other than a round ottoman.
Now you have more options for a rug. I like the one posted above by judyg. It could also be a chevron in yellow.
Some lamps in brushed nickel would look good and then some cushions with a bit of pattern, a chunky throw and some baskets for storage on your shelves. When placing items on your shelves, add a few things at a time allowing some space around them. I will post a picture for you to get the idea.

Have fun with your room, I know the feeling you are after, a good book and a cup of tea and a bit of paint and editing and your there.
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If you need the fan at this time you could try painting the fan blades the baby blue of your walls or white. All the suggestions are good but the accompanying images offered fantastic guidelines.
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I will get a slipcover for the chair and possibly the couch. What colors would work in here with the walls. The table is sti in the corner any suggestions? This is how it use to be set up. Anything to get rid of. I think I am confused. I like romantic and rooms that say wow.
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