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What lamp style to use in new kitchen?

tallestFebruary 6, 2013
Our kitchen has been redone, now the fun part of adding details but stuck on a lamp choice for kitchen bar table.

Can someone recommend me a good lamp that will hopefuly use a single cord and have no cluttered fixture to ceiling?

I think ideally a set of pendants would be the ones to go for here, but given only one cord and no desire to drill concrete ceiling we have to consider alternatives.

1) long suspension lamp:
a) SImple suspension available in 1.6m, 1.9m and 2.2m (1.6m best?) - in dark brown anodized color -
b) http://www.lzf-lamps.com/beta/products/suspension/sioux-s/
I can only fit one at 1.38m - which is less than half of table - is that too small or not?

2) 1 large round or half cirle lamp (similar to current but may be bigger, which is temporary)

3) three lamps like Poul Henningsen style, hanging one from center, and two on sides suspended on hooks, with cords fed into central housing? smth like this but with 3 lamps instead...
or this
or this

(note - we got a brown brick wall in bedroom that can be seen from another angle so bit rustic-eclectic is OK I suppose, even if this is modern kitchen)

As you also see, there is a big clock on the wall to the right above the table, so a long suspension lamp may not work?

Table length is 2.9m (9.5 ft). Will have 8 counter height stools - 4 on each side (2 seen on pic).

All ideas are welcome!
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Are you opposed to color? I see a bright red fixture as a focal piece.
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Filling Spaces by Deepali Kalia
Round globe pendant,old world just a contrast of the space in style.
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Rachel Jane
A pop of colour would work, though I personally like neutrals and with go with a rectangle shaped fixture to align with the shape of the counter, with a crisp white shade such as this one at Crate & Barrel:
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To elaborate:


Not at all opposed to color, but may not seem that way from the pic, so I added another one.

Red for focal point as lamp would not work I'm afraid. The living room (adjacent to kitchen - table divides the two) has one focal wall painted teal/gray which matches well to the floor I think. Floor in fact came out darker than we wanted as we were going originally for a more 'orange-brown' rather than 'dark chocolate brown'.

So as 'dash of color' we already carry teal in living room, and you can see exposed brick wall in bedroom. The extra color I could only think of would be brass/copper - so a lamp in that shade other than white or brown would be preferable.

@ Deepali/Filling Spaces
Globe is good idea - hard to find one though, got any suggestions?

@Rachel Jane
I like it on its own - but its bulk might block the clock. I see this clock from bedroom, from couch in living room and from kitchen. I'd have to move the clock elsewhere in order to pull this off, but then will have to fill out the space on white wall with something else.
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Thanks for the picture. What a fabulous combination with the living room! Love love the juxtaposition of the brick with the ultra modern kitchen. Another pic that would be helpful is the view of the island from the living room with the other colors in the picture. I think this is challenging because you are tying disparate elements together. This could end up being very unique! I may have some ideas so additional pictures are helpful.
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Digital Imaging by Tina - Interior Designer
How about this transitional style polished nickel pendant light fixture. I think it would tie into the character of you're already beautiful space. HouZZ-"Digital Imaging by Tina"
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I just put the Restoration Hardware Antique Brass drum pendant over my breakfast table in a kitchen with very similar cabinets to yours. I am kind of obsessed with it! And I love mixing in the brass and the inside of the lamp has a beautiful gold color.
But maybe a pro can weigh in on whether that would work over a longer narrower space. May also be an issue with enough light for the space and blocking your clock. Now this is not sounding very helpful, right...but just wanted to throw it out there because I am loving this light in my otherwise very modern white kitchen.
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I just love your kitchen and the contrast with the beautiful brick wall and dark wood floor. The lamp you currently have reminds me of the Random Light by Moooi, which is a globe. I'm not sure if it is available in the USA, it is a Dutch design. But it would look good above your table and wouldn't block the view of your gorgeous kitchen cabinets or your clock.
http://www.moooi.com/products/random-light (I don't think the naked man is included :-))

A glas lamp would also be a good option. I followed the link to sam0705's lamp, but the photo didn't show up. So I browsed through some of their other options and found this one with a style that goes more towards the brick wall (sort of industrial/vintage I mean).
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Thank you. The bricks was a whole project - house is in old neighbourhood in city centre, but building is new. So to balance that, we decided to get a red brick wall in bedroom made from scratch, from 150 year old reclaimed/recycled bricks from an old paper mill. They are my favourite part of the apartment and the texture of them is amazing. I added bedroom pic just to give an idea what that looks like. They were laid out very well with sloppy seams etc so looks very natural.

I have no recent pics with repainted wall, will have to take a new one and post it a bit later...

I like this color quite a lot. This choice was considered, along with copper/brass/gold/white for accents (some lights, some frames, some candle holders, etc). And with living room having teal, white already in, which are cold, while bedroom carries brick wall (second bedroom is plum color) the idea is to go with gold accents to add a bit of shine to the whole thing. Most likely brass or copper, as golden would be a bit kitch. If it's not real it's not worth it. I think silver may not work because it'll make place more cold. If we had more sunshine than we do then may be.

That lamp is cool, I like it. I would be concerned that in my setting i'd need 2 of them as it doesn't seem it would give enough light (due to being closed on sides with copper)?

It's that lamp alright, albeit with some modification. LIving room has that lamp in full, in white. Kitchen one has the same lamp cut in half. It is temporary for now as it beats the wire with a bulb. One idea we had (which come sback to what I said about copper for accents) was to have this and other living room lamp sprayed in copper or brass metallic paint. No idea if it would look good, but it could be an option too, and cheap.

The glass one looks very interesting, haven't at all considered this option, thanks!
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Carolins selection is fantastic. I do wonder about the bulb that is used and how much light you would need but it did say a 100 watt could be used with the larger sized ones. What about painting only the inside or the outside of the currant shade, or two different shades. Pewter outside and copper inside?
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I'm all smiles now (this was my first comment on houzz and I'm so glad it's liked :))

The idea of spraying the current shade is great. You can always try. Black would look good too I think.
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Here is how the photoshopped wall looks like - click on pic, its on right side / obviously it is only an approximation, and looks better in real life. Only meant to give some idea idea on colors that room has.

I am all for customizing. painting is an option.
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Filling Spaces by Deepali Kalia
These globes,the semi dome win black finish
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This is another light I looked at when I wanted to introduce some brass into the room. But it may not be large enough for you - 12 inch diameter
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Urbana ~ Designer Ellen Crystal
something simple & rectangular. http://hi.atgimg.com/img/p400/222/39502.jpg perhaps two of these or a similar effect in a longer version... happy hunting

Rachel Jane: excellent suggestion too
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Simple and rectangular is an option, but I'm still afraid it'll cover up the clock... on it's own I like that style as it creates a nice cozy dining atmosphere, especially once you install a dimmer switch.

That looks cool, but yes indeed too small and also bit pricey, as we budget not more than 500 EUR/650 USD for the whole thing now.
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What about a multi-light pendant. I did see some nice ones at lumens.com, for example the Starburst Multipoint pendant:
Hilltop House | Grand Vista Subdivision · More Info
Although I keep visualizing a huge black Random Light above your table. But I know that one is quite expensive.... sigh...
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Carolins, I like those starburst kind lights. They are very cool. They only may be tricky to hang as that light bulb arrangment requires a transforme unit, which means a big metal box above the lights. I want an uncluttered look. So far the Random Light is the cheapest idea since making a string lamp similar to costs like 10 bucks (that's how the current kitchen lamp was made, then cut in half).

I'm also thinking Moooi light, painted brass-gold shade, perhaps can buy some metal flakes to sick it in there between strings to make it look cooler. We saved may be 1k USD by making own lights in living room and bedroom, and may be no reason to stop!
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I found this which I think is brilliant. Only above budget.
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Love that one also this
Sputnik Chandelier by Jonathan Adler Lighting · More Info

But again pricey
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Depending on your budget, you could get some gorgeous designer lights. My first thought when I saw your kitchen was Kundalini Sky. A neighbour has it above her island and it's such a striking feature!
Shakti Sky Suspension by Kundalini · More Info

Or for less glamorous but still effective, look up Fabbian, Axo or Centrelight lights.
Or Marset Tam-tam.
Tam Tam 5 Suspension Light · More Info

or Artemide Mouette or Float.
Mouette pendant light · More Info

Or Arturo Alvarez pendants - some are so flashy retro!
Arturo Alvarez - Vento Pop Short Pendant Lamp · More Info
I love lights! I could spend all day just browsing pendants. Anyway, good luck and please let us know what you chose in the end!
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Oops, just noticed your budget. I live in the UK and could recommend you shops here with more reasonable prices. However, I'm not sure if they deliver internationally and how much it costs. Take a look at these: http://dwell.co.uk/106825/Hanging-crystal-pendant-light/
Good luck!
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Your kitchen came out beautiful. Love it. The task lighting under the wall cabinets is great.

It doesn't look like it has much ambient light spread around the room except for the fixture that is there. If you were to remove that and replace it with down lighting only you would loose the ambient light it provides. So for functionality--lighting over the island and ambient light combined, I would recommend a light that shines both up to reflect against the ceiling and down for light over the island if you used a dropped light. The challenge will be to find one that doesn't cast reflections all over the place from the gloss cabinets. One or two long rectangular lights with a rectangular shade would accomplish that. If you had to drop the clock just a little, it would be worth it for functionality.

Or here are some from the Houzz site that would work too.
Eglo 90338A Felice Matte Nickel Mini Pendant · More Info

Often the length of the drop can be adjusted
Traditional kitchen island or billiard pendant light · More Info

Decorative Lighting · More Info
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Tallest I like option 1b since everything in the kitchen is so sleek and straight lined it would add some texture and be an unexpected element.
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haha... lovely chandelier by Meurice, but yeah... only slightly (cough) above your budget. If budgets didn't exist, I'd go for one of Luciana's options. Have you ever thought of painting the narrow wall in the corner, between the kitchen cabinets, with blackboard paint.? Just a mad idea that popped up in my head. I have a blackboard wall myself in the kitchen and a friend of mine just redid her kitchen in a similar style to yours and she painted the largest wall with magnetic paint, kept it white though. And is now covering it with photos and recipes and what have you. Looks really good and fun.
Anyway... your idea of spraying the current shade or making a new one is great.
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that lamp - it's very nice. I had a thought of even making it, but seems quite complicated getting wood vineer that thin and bent into shape over some basic lamp. But more importantly - its length is 138cm and the table is 290cm. Wouldn't it be too short?

Thank you! It's in living room, so idea was to make it look not like kitchen (otherwise it would stained copper or something!). From options you showed, I really liked those TAM TAM lights, even if they are a bit "operation table" --- long slab of wood and those lights above might make it a morgue like place, so I'm hesitant. You nailed their fitment though - single cord, but giving enough light. You are also correct on how the light show work in that area. One of the rectangular long suspension lights I looked at, has a two way light - on ceiling and on table, all dimmable. I liked that option quite a bit too. From the cheaper versions, the john lewis and dwell were great. The Shakti Sky Suspension blew my mind, that's just incredible.

Have exactly same idea! That wall is begging for either a long poster or a blackboard. Blackboard better because nothing protrudes and won't impede door opening. Other idea was a Keep Calm sign in teal color (to match the focus wall in living room).
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It might be too short but the fixture is supposed to be 1/3 of table length. Your situation may call for breaking that rule but I always try to visualize by cutting a piece of paper or cardboard to dimension of lamp and hold it above the table. I like the dwell option as well since it also adds unexpected texture.
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1/3? I thought it should be at the golden rule (1.68 x fixture = table length). This makes lamp length at 1.8m. No?

I reckon if they call for only 1m long fixture on ca 3m table, I'm totally happy with the 1.38 lamp...
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You may be right on that calculation but the paper cutout will give a more concrete visual.
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Really? A Keep Calm sign? I'd be so jealous. Love them, want one, but haven't found a spot to put one (yet). So I just have to keep envying the people who do have one :-D
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Today I went and saw TamTam3 in person in black
Tam Tam by Marset · More Info
so same as that but with 3 lamps and 300w output (plenty for me). With halogen eco lights and a dimmer switch it is a tempting offer at 511 EUR. The lamps looks very cool, and has adjustable "spots so in theory I might make it illuminative enough. I'm gonna explore this route along with hangine 2 half globe lights (which shop also suggested and looks nice). So thanks to the site, I think I've found my two alternatives, and whatever looks best in real life I'll take.

I hope once done, I remember to comeback and update the thread with ready pics. Of course if in meantime there is more ideas it's all welcome.

Thanks all.
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Fabulous pick. Cant't wait to see the final result
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Just thought I would share what I just read on another Houzz thread. A designer gave these recommendations suggested by the lighting industry. A chandelier over a dining table should be length + width of the room dimension converted to inches or centimeters e.g.10'+12'=22' changed to 22" or no wider than 50% of the table and no less than 10" between it and the side of the table. They should hang 30-36" above(pendants can be as low as 28") as long as they don't block the line of view when sitting or standing. They should be no closer to a wall than 48". I think that this is great information that should be helpful to all
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Love the Tamtam!!!!
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Bedlinen Direct Ltd
great ideas, just love the clock
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Wanted to do the update as promised.

I went in the end for the half-globes, shades from IKEA (good price saved me may be 300 EUR). http://www.ikea.com/fi/fi/catalog/products/10138417/

However I bought 2 of them.

They will be connected to the single wire in centre. I just need the electrician to come up with the way to do this. Idea is to have it something like this:


when done, I'm hoping it won't be half as bad as something FLOS makes. :) Wish me luck, seems like going to be quite a lot of work here.

Oh, and the plan is to have the shades sprayed either gloss black/chocolate brown or gilded with copper sheet (my favourite choice). It could even be combination of both (i.e. gilded copper inside and gloss black outside). I could only find shades in white, and white will not be good in my place. So white has to go either way, and copper sounds like a good way to bring some warmth into the black-white apartment. It should compliment the clock, and the mirror frame in corridor.
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Oh wow... that's a great solution. Looking forward to the photo of the lamps when you've done your artistic adaptations and they're in their place. Nice of you to keep us posted. Good luck with the creative project. Whatever you do, it will be nice!
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Yeah, the funny bit is it's gonna cost in the end probably the same as the tamtam3. the issue with tamtam3 was that it seemed too small over the long table. for that reason i went for 2 lamps, and with flos similar design costing ca 600 each I figured it wasn't worth the pain and went for cheap IKEA as start up point. THe half dome shape itself seems pretty good actually, well painted, no scratches on it etc. Very pleased.
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Hmm...yeah... lots of small amounts added up... before you know it, it's not 'cheap' anymore :-) But you'll have a unique lamp.
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I've done what I wanted and although it could be better due to some restrictions posed by lamp size and wiring and height this is the best compromise. I like it though. Lamps are 365+ by ikea but leafed in copper with custom wiring / ceiling rose.

Comments welcome.
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Love that you added some copper to the room!
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It was controversial but my decision and I'm happy with it. I have a copper statuette in living room, and a mirror with gilded frame (dark gold kind but it matches) so the lamps have a match. Copper is great color, I agree Ad contrasts well with dark floor and white kitchen/walls. That was the idea at least. Took me 4 months to put it all together but happy with the outcome. Plus it's unique as no other lamps are like it!
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Love them! They look really good. And the copper is such a nice link to the colour of the wall in your bedroom too. Beautiful result.
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