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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Do we need to repaint our yellow kitchen cabinets for sale? Help needed!!

jolltFebruary 7, 2013
We need to put our house in the market for sale asap. Attached is the current color of our kitchen. We painted the cabinets yellow when we moved in ( we like them). Now the question is whether we need to repaint them to a more neutral color so it won't hurt the sale of our house or scare away some potential buyers. Any suggestions are welcome. The kitchen wall color is sage.
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A Kitchen That Works LLC
What does your real estate agent say? It really depends on your market and how things are selling in your area. Admittedly, yellow cabinetry is not for everyone but would hate for you to go to the effort if the market doesn't warrant it. Bottom line is the cabinets are 3/4 overlay face frame, a somewhat dated look to start with, so the next owner may want to replace them because of the style of cabinet, not necessarily because of the color.
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Sorry to tell you this since I know it will be a lot of work, but yes, I think you do need to repaint. There will be prospective buyers who won't even visit your house in person if they see photos of your kitchen online. Unfortunately a lot of people out there have no imagination/DIY skills/ability to look beyond a house's exact current appearance! But I guess it probably depends on the housing market where you live, too.

You'll need a very specific buyer to love your cabinets as-is. Not saying you won't find one, but your house will most likely appeal to a wider pool of people with a more neutral kitchen, and since you said you need to sell it fast, I think it's best to go with the option that will be the most appealing to the most people. Others may try to use the yellow kitchen as a negotiating tool to get you to lower your price.

What does your realtor think?
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I agree with A Kitchen That Works and would ask your real estate agent for the best advice. They will understand your market and what potential home buyers are looking for/expect. I can't help but think that it may frighten some potential buyers (at least initially), but your kitchen is updated--which is more important. Personally, I like your cabinets! Your kitchen pulls off the yellow pretty well. Hopefully some real estate experts will chime in with their advice.
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Ron Will Management
I think re-painting is a good idea a neutral color will appeal to most and it could gain those interested in other features of your home. Have you consider painting the whole room to give it a overall new look!.
Perhaps too much work, but it looks like you have done some painting on the past, I can see a door in white / yellow, it looks well done in the picture.
My recommendation:
Soft white walls & grey/sage cabinets also decorate with art boards on top of your cabinets maybe a local artist or something is appealing to the market.
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Paint the cabinets to draw more people. The counter and backsplash look nice. Change or remove the window treatment if you decide to leave the yellow as is.
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You might consider offering a rebate at closing for the new owner to change the cabinet color to something of their choosing.
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New Creation Group Remodeling
Having 8 years of real estate investing and working with realtors, you will absolutely need to paint the cabinets...appealing to the broadest number of people. it doesn't mean it has to be "builder beige", but I would think about a nice warm gray or other neutral color. Better to play it safe when selling real estate!
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Paint them black !

Acadia Road Residence · More Info
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LB Interiors
I think you should paint if your realtor has no preference. One of my clients had a similar issue. They needed to make some changes to update and get top dollar for a small investment. They had med oak cabinets in a very dark kitchen. Once the cabinets were painted, it was literally like night and day. They changed the floor to a neutral lighter color also. With some other updates, the home sold in two weeks.

Many buyers do not have the vision to go beyond what they actually see. I think you should try to appeal to the masses. Usually a faster sale and this will not be a buyer's negative. You want to have very few negatives. Buyers also like everything done and move-in ready. Even though they might want to change the newly painted cabinets in the future, the re-painted color is easier to live with until then.

I suggest a warm creamy beige as it grabs some of the flooring color? from the tiled floor? I can't see the tile colors. I feel the cabinet color you choose will have an important reflection on the floor being a positive or negative. This might avoid a buyer's need to hope to change the floor also, thus eliminating a possible negative. I think the cabinets and flooring should work together comfortably.

Your appliances, countertop and backsplash would become the updated wonderful accents to the entire space. Cabinets and flooring color choices will help bring the room together. The sage walls are perfect. It will appear that it was in the original design plan.

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Olentangy Falls ~ Delaware, OH · More Info
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Digital Imaging by Tina - Interior Designer
Yes, repaint the cabinets a neutral color. Anytime you’re selling your home and you have paint/décor colors that have your personal touch; this may distract buyers from actually purchasing your home. It's funny, but if one goes home shopping and really like a particular place; one thing can redirect them from actually making a purchase decision. The cabinets would be one of them. Always keep it plain and neutral when showing the home you'd like to sell. The buyers are viewing the prospective place with their personal style and likes in mind. If they see something they cannot in vision reflecting their personal style; this will redirect them... most of the time! Stage your home for a sale. Good Luck! Houzz “Digital Imaging by Tina".
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Interiors International, Inc.
They have to go for resale. Any of the choices given above will be very resale friendly.
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Design Details
Dytecture?!!! That's the last advice I would give this client. It will take many coats of black to properly cover the chrome yellow and without tons of prep it will look bumpy and built-up. I like the idea of black cabinets but I think they need to have a good looking finish and lots of accent lighting.
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Sustainable Dwellings
I do not believe you! that HAS to be photo-shopped. Or, you must leave generous allowance for replacement. Sorry.
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This post is from more than a year ago, and they were preparing to sell soon, so advice at this point is useless. But I'm sure we're all curious what color you ended up painting them, jollt? And did the house sell quickly?
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I actually like that! It is bright, but it works well with the other colors in the room.

Any potential buyer is NOT going to see those cabinets as a deal breaker. They can easily be painted another color & chances are...if you paint them, they will just repaint them because you're likely not to pick another color they like either.

I say keep it, as paint is an easy fix. A buyer is going to be more concerned with layout, structural soundness, yard size, how many BR & how many baths.

OK...so post is over a year old....no big deal. I'll leave my .02
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Cancork Floor Inc.
Old post.
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