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Need Help with Pops of Color

Becky ThomasFebruary 7, 2013
We just moved into our new house and our living room and dinning room need a bit of help. They are neutral (by design--it's very much our style) but I am craving pops of color in each room. I'm not sure what would work best or how to achieve it.

Living room walls are greige, couch is tan, rug is light blue, pillows are light blue, tan and grey. I've tried to bring in some more blues, but I think maybe a yellow might work best.

Dinning room is a pale blue/green color and furniture is light wood. Just ordered a chunky jute rug for under the table but not sure how to bring some color in here. The dinning room is directly off of the living room.

Would love your thoughts!
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Barbara Griffith Designs
Choose another color that YOU like, but in a brighter hue, such as lemon yellow or bright green, find large pillows that contain blue white & the yellow or green..choose bold prints..bigger prints. Try different ones until you find some you like. Maybe some would be a stripe, another a large modern floral. Replace all your pillows on the couch with these new ones. In the dining room, add some geometric color in drapery panels for this room.
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yellow would be very pretty
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You definitely need more cushions, stick to the blues and neutrals, some with a pattern but then add a couple of plain bright red cushions and bang! Watch your room come alive. A picture or two that is mainly neutral with a dash of red in will also help. The curtains need to change too, perhaps pick out a pattern from the cushions and use that x
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Interiors International, Inc.
Small pops of yellow will look great.
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Aja Mazin
I love it just as it is!
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Maybe you could do a little more with the bookcase. Paint the back another color and add some interesting objects on the coffee table.
But, it really looks very nice right now. What color is the dining room?

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I like the pillows on the sofa and the suggestions for adding yellow. You could try a different throw blanket though I do like the cream one by the window. Change out the white candles for another color. Clear out some of the photo frames on a shelf and add something colorful there. Another tray with color/colors for the ottoman coffee table.
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What about some bright colored slip covers on your dinning chairs. You could have them monogrammed. I would also get pillows the same color on the sofa.
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I think coral would be a beautiful color to add.
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Tried to find something wrong with your colors. Can't!!! You've done a lovely job and I find it peaceful!!! Guess I'm no help!!!!!
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Hi, Its lovely. I'm not good writting in english but I'll try: I suggest change the curtains in blue (the same palette you already have). The texture must be light.
Try less pictures or articles in your bookshelf, it will give a bit of elegance when you use less. If you don't want to get rid of the picturesnfrom this room, you can try to make a nice and big "collage" with them with a dark frame and hang it at the left wall.
Also I would use 2 silver color accesories, but not to many. And crystal clear accesories.
Maybe you could take out one of the sofa to bring more space, Try placing the sofa you took out at the corner, where your entrance to this place is. I would play changing it and place a slim floor lamp with a small coffe table. People would enjoy sitting there because its an individual sit and helps keep conversation within the ones sitting in front. If the individual sofa its too big, I would try a single chair
Use some cuhions but with relieve, not plain.
I hope some idea could help your inspiration. Enjoy it!
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Your dinning room is beautifull! I just suggest to change the candelier for one of crystal or pearly white ( style: modern), and bigger than the one already have, but soft feeling. The size which invites each person seated feel involved at the conversation. And hang it the tall you just need to see a standing person infront of you standing up also.
I can't see at the picture if you can hang a mirror at your wall.
I suggest you sit down in each chair and see what is your view and the one you dont like, try to make it better. The mirror would help to reflect the garden your have outside and bring a nice view to the poorest view you experience when you play seating on each chair. Have fun!
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Welcome Home designs
You have a lovely home but agree that you need some pops of colour.
You have had great suggestions which I agree with - new drapes ( solid with a band of blue/or a subtle pattern), accessories in your bookcase that stand out, and colourful cushions.
Don't be afraid to mix patterns and textures - that's what adds interest to a room - just try and keep a constant hint of your accent colour throughout.
Beach House Photos · More Info

Good luck!
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Most of the colours are neutrals so I would recommend something bold like a purple or bright yellow.
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I would either change your rug and couch pillows and exchange them with rug and couch pillows with pops of red, orange, green and blue or change your wall color. I have a wall color in my living room with the same type of beige/taupe paint but when I bought my brown couch it didn't look right as the brown couch showed that the paint on the walls actually had a tad of green in it. I ended up buying a light green linen colored couch and it was perfect with the beige/green wall color and then I accented it with an area rug that had red, orange, green, blue, white and black in it. I ended up using the red and some of the orange for the main accent colors in the room.

I get compliments on it all the time. The good thing is that brown is a "neutral" color so you can use pretty much any color with it. You could even accent on the blue and yellow you already have in the rug but use different shades of it to give it some depth. I have attached a pic of my living room so you can get a visual of what I have stated above. Hope that helps and best of luck!
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One more thing...I think your dining room is fine but would maybe add some silver accents to it on the tabletop or maybe a vase of white hydrangeas. Sometimes neutral is best and in this case I think you are very close to having a nice room to enjoy. Wood gives it warmth and the current chairs you have along with the silver accents and flowers I recommended will look really sharp and spice it up a bit. Give it a bit of "Zaz" but classy and not over the top. I would also change the light fixture to something that has some "glitze " to it like a class chandelier. It will sparkle and make the room "pop" making your dining room table the center of attention. Good luck!
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Just thought of something else...lol. I think the blinds you currently have can be replaced with some "waterfall" shades from smith and noble.com in a woodsy or "reed"/wood type of material to go with your wood floors and table.
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The only think I dont like is the ottomon coffee table. It seems small for the sectional and too far in the cornor.
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Love the room. Great job! All you need is a colour wheel. As most of you room is neutral, the accent colour is pale blue. Design principles using a colour wheel show oranges will pop - not clash, with this colour combination. See below for a very basic wheel. The other option is secondary colours - to the blue. This would be soft blues, greens, aqua and turquoise. I have the on our bathroom and it is so beautiful and restful. Buy some cheap fabrics scraps on the colours you like and lay them around the room - where you would normally place cushions/throws etc. The you will know what you like, without costly mistakes!
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Nice rooms. The rug you've ordered for your dining room will no doubt look great. Some artwork on the walls... et voilá... job done. Perhaps if you add some orange, patterned cushions to your sofa? It will definitely make it 'pop'.
Parkway · More Info

Good luck!
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Becky, can you tell me where you got your dining room table?
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Blinds Direct Canada
I would suggest Silhouettes blinds inside the window and decorative drapery just to frame the windows on either side.

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How much do those blinds cost per foot or if I give you dimentions can you give me an estimate?

One thing I am struck by in all these discussions is how people tend to look at one room at a time. Granted if I did this I might actually get something done..lol but my point is dont people want the rooms to work together.? If she has nutrals and blues in this room and people suggest orange than doesnt that influence and effect her color choices in the adjacent rooms?
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very pretty rooms and furniture. how about introducing coral? a solid coral, textured, throw on the back of the sofa. find a print or 2 using your current colors and coral and have 3 pillows made and finished with a solid piping. replace the white ottoman tray with coral.
is there room for a skinny table under the mirror? dress it with a lamp or mercury glass balls in a brown woven basket.
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There is no reason why you can't do different colors and different themes in each room. If you did all the rooms the same colors and themes it would leave little interest and would be quite boring. Don't you agree?

Each room in my house has a different color and some are different themes and I get compliments all the time on how nice it looks. For example, my house is mainly modern organic (which has modern items along with items that are rustic like a handmade wood table) the modern along with the rustic elements make it very warm. Then my bathroom is vintage with black and white floor tiles and a pedestal sink but it all goes just fine together.
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I also think that coral and yellow would be great colors to add through pillows.
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designideas4me, i just read your post. i think it goes without saying you tie in a look or colors to adjoining room for flow. for example, i just suggested adding coral in the great room. well of course i would expect when ir's time to purchase window treatments , the accent color would be brought in.
i'd also bring a touch of coral to the dining table. depending on the current china, possibly add the color in a mismatched salad plate or charger or napkin.

it should be understood anytime i say coral that could instead be the yellow she mentioned or chartruese, cobalt, whatever.
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Becky Thomas
Thank you everyone! Such great advice! A few things: pretty much everything is new (carpet, couch, pillows, lights, curtains, etc) so I am not in a position to change. Looking to add to or adjust really! I'll need some more pillows is one of the suggested colors though!

For the person who asked, the dinning room table is from crate and barrel. It's the cucina collection and I love it!!
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Thank you, Becky, for the info on the dining room set! It looks fantastic!
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