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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Challenge- update mint-green powder room on a budget

tea77February 7, 2013
This tiny bathroom is on our main floor, and is used by guests. Wall tile is a minty-green color (not a fan)-- could it be painted somehow? Walls and ceiling need paint. Sink and cabinet fit the space very well and will not be replaced, but could be painted. I need some small-budget ideas to pretty this room!
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Judy M

I would use a wallpaper. It's hard to tell on a computer monitor the true color of your tile or if the above wallpaper link are a good match, but you'll get the idea. It has a bit of modern whimsy to it.

I would change the light fixture to a metal that matches the faucet (looks like chrome). After doing all that I would determine if I needed to paint the cabinet and vanity.
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Interiors International, Inc.
I had a mint tile bath and I loved it. I mixed it with a dark indigo blue. It looked rich and I got tons of compliments on it. Wall paper with those colors would work great. If you can't find that paint stripes or a stencil pattern in the mint over the dark blue. This does make the room a bit darker. Add lots of mirrors on the walls. Metallic silver on the ceiling this will bounce the light around. It will give the room a jewel box feel.
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removing tiles is easy. i would only keep the tiles if you really love them. it looks like there are too many colors in one small room.
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Good ideas, thank you. I love wallpaper idea- this particular room has an annoying issue of sweating walls when it is very hot outside, so papering may not work. I'll look into it as an option.

I have some leftover indigo paint from our masterbath, and love the color. I'll paint a posterboard sample to put in here to see looks in here with the existing tile.

Re: the fixtures, the faucet and towel rings are chrome with a gold band accent and cabinet knobs are gold.
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Pop those tiles off there! Totally worth it and not too hard. Texture the wall and paint the walls the indigo. White cabinets and you will have the bath of your dreams for the cost of paint and texture and a few weekends of work. My girlfriend and I had to re-do an avocado 50s bath on a value village budget and we took a few cans of dark sage green paint left over from another project, we put up a chair rail, painted the woodwork and cabinets bright glossy white, painted the walls below the chair rail in bright white. And mixed a gallon of white paint to the remaining sage color and painted the wall above the chair rail with it. It was very fresh and crisp looking. Indigo and white, it sounds so pretty together like a crisp linen shirt with a pair of comfy dark blue jeans. Cute.
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Creatively Yours Custom Inc.
I think you are very lucky to have a shade of green in that bathroom since it is a color that goes with every color. Richer colors like the blue that was suggested would be treat with that. How about a few shaped mirrors for that wall to add different forms and reflection of light for the small room?
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I like the idea of finding a paint color that goes with the tile rather than money to replace/remove tile. Also, replacing the fixtures with silver/nickel finish ones might make the tile look modern instead of dated. And perhaps painting the little cabinet a clean white? That way the mint color would look like an intentional choice. If you're up for changing a lot, changing the floor grout to white (instead of current brown) might also brighten everything up.
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I'm thinking you would prefer to keep the timber finishes as is.

It looks like the mirror is hiding a corner cabinet. If it isn't needed for storage in a small powder room, consider a large mirror covering each of those two covering walls instead.

Not sure that indigo would work with (what appears to be) a black countertop. The wall tiles are OK, but they can be painted if that is what you want to do which will last for a number of years, or replaced.

I'd be more inclined to:
- paint the upper walls a few shades 'cosier' unless you go with the mirror idea above,
- change the light fixture to something more modern (more streamlined with chrome accent to tie in with the tapware, and not showcase the the flouro globe,
- coordinate all the hardware (including the entry door handle) with chrome tones and
- change the flooring tiles to modern large-scale square tiles (300mm or 400mm) in the 'cosier' shade.
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Margaret Phillips
I'm not sure how much you hate the green tile. The green tile is really quite nice. The problem you have so many colors fighting the green tile. The floor is a brownie beige with dark grout which makes the green tile look dreary. A friend of mine just did his master bath, a very large grand bath by the way, he redid the bathroom floor with vinyl plank. Sounds crazy but it is really stunning and extremely easy to work with. With such a small bathroom you could easily do it. His looks like a white travertine tile. I believe he bought it at Home Depot. The white would go with the toilet, the green tile and pick up the white sink. I would also paint the vanity and mirror white. I know the purist on here will be grasping their chest at the thought of vinyl planks but have a look at it, it is a terrific product. Budget friendly too. I personally would streamline the light fixtures, towel holders to one metal type. Accessories that will be the next fun conversation, so many things you could do.
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Bathroom · More Info

Take a peak at this for inspiration. Paint your cabinets green, change the hardware and hang some modern art with a pop of orange!
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Thank you all for the great ideas! I never realized that the room actually has too many colors until it was pointed out here a couple of times. I actually dislike the floor very much, and could work with the green tile.
Great idea to remove the corner cabinet and replace with mirrors. In the couple years we have lived here, we've never used that cabinet so I think it could go!
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The floor and cabinets which were obviously replaced are fighting the green tile. Like they stated above too many colors and styles. The floor would be fine if it were not for the brown grout.the cabinets and door should be painted white to match the white of the wall tile or toilet, new mirror( pottery barn has an oval mirror that flips forward, set on hinges that could be placed in the corner,) and if possible I would replace the fixtures with something that does not have a brass band. If you could replace the floor with something white...the laminate suggested above or hex tiles( inexpensive from home depot) and some sort of vintage or industrial looking nickel based sconce you will have a very chic half bath.
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Love Margaret Phillips' vinyl plank idea (would go for a very dark wood-effect myself, providing you paint the existing wood either the same colour as your tiles or white) and I like hockey456's inspirational photo and ideas. Also, you could stack some nicely coloured guest-towels that go well with the colour of your tiles (I'm thinking aqua's, white, orange) on a small shelf.
Oh... and I like the colour of the tiles :-)
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It's about the floor. There are so many cheap ways to cover it to go with the green tile - no brainer. The mint green tiles are beautiful and soft. You just have too many different things going on. I bet you could trick out this bathroom for under 800.00 (maybe even less). There are some great suggestions about recovering the floor here.
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Very excited and inspired to plan out some options this weekend. Thank you, all
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I concur with the planking idea - much easier and warmer underfoot than my original suggestion of retiling ( and certainly an easier option than sheet vinyl). Simplify, simplify. Good luck!
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Just so you know how good your wall tiles actually are - check these out ( and same after tile paint). It lasted about 5-6 yrs in the shower until the vanity basin cracked, joining the toilet base which was cracked before we moved in. So the ensuite had to be gutted and here's the latest reinvention.
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A view of the vanity - don't have a 'before', but suffice to say the veneered pine laminate was painted white and chrome handles (couldn't change the faux onyx countertop). This countertop was left over from the kitchen reno. and cut to order. The line of mosaic tiles extended it to help centre the basin. Big fan of big mirrors, plus black & white with accent colour! Floor tiles tone with adjoining carpet.

A few final suggestions for your space - I would paint the timber despite it being a beautiful and quality piece, butt the no- frame mirrors in the corner, bring it together with hand towels and an artwork above the toilet in 1/2" black with thin silver accent moulding frame and content coordinating to your other colours so it can be enjoyed from the mirror reflection while seated (say 12 x14") hung horizontally.
Love to see the final result!
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That's a pretty update, pruner.
ha- I never thought about placing art/mirrors so the artwork could be enjoyed while seated!
I think we are going with removing the mirrored corner cupboard and replacing with one mirror on side, or connecting frameless mirrors
Chrome light fixture
Paint walls and cabinet white
Floor probably white tile, but still to be determined. I didn't love the look of wood with the adjoining hardwood floor
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And I went "shopping" in my pile of unhung art and found a great print with Indigo as main color, which looks beautiful with the green tile, as was suggested above for color combo
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You could regrout the tiles with a grey grout, to emphasise the "grid" pattern and give a more modern twist. You could paint all wood a soft grey to echo the grout and set off the green.

Or you could try to whiten the grout in the floor tiles. I'd still paint the wood work, it's too strong with the mint green, which I like. Then get yourself a nice new set of fluffy white towels - it's amazing what an impact that alone can have!
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Thanks for the update and the compliment! Changing the showerhead position helped with better utilization of all the space - otherwise that was the most workabke layout (form follows function).
And just when I said 'final suggestions' .... Removing the wall cabinet will physically expand your space, however two butted mirrors will visually multiply it (and help view the artwork). Check that the indigo doesn't clash with the countertop but if there is black in it as well it should tie in nicely. If the floor tiles are still useable, changing the grout to a lighter colour should help but it may not be the best colour choice for a cohesive look. Not sure how white floor tiles will go but black shows up every bit of dust and water marks etc in a main bathroom. Pulling up and removing tiles plus the underlying base is not for the feint-hearted - ensure your other fixtures are well protected.
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