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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Please critique my space. Not new construction so some design limitations but I would love your thoughts and

hataylorFebruary 7, 2013
I would love some feedback! Thank you.
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Some suggestions: Soundproof the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom. Remove the cabinet on the back wall of the closet in lieu of a space like the picture below or leave it as it and put a 'landing' on it--a piece of glass that is raised with stainless steel hardware as in the vanity picture (without the sink of course). This will double the surface space you have to use.
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While I appreciate the convenience I do have concerns over the proximity of the master closet to the bathroom/bath areas. The reason is obvious: humidity and clothes do not get along.
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I see you have two windows in the bath. It's a law that you have window OR a fan. To cut down on the humidity problem, I would have a fan installed also.
I also see that you have a pocket door to the closet. I would suggest making this door a double sided mirrored pocket door so that you have a full length mirror for dressing.
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Urbana ~ Designer Ellen Crystal
you may want the "shelves" by the toilet door to face out toward the shower/tub area for easier access to towels etc. Same with linen area, seams a little lost being in the water closet.
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Urbana ~ Designer Ellen Crystal
regarding the kitchen... you may get very tired of always running around the island to get to your fridge especially if people are seated. Looks like the space may be tight.

Many folks look to fridge & pantry first when preparing items. in you case means unloading everything to the island (across stools/people) and then starting prep. perhaps a small prep sink would be helpful as a transition.

Think about the appliances you visit most... if you are at the stove are you also in your ovens for items or the fridge more.

its a nice generous space, but given you have little overhead storage, make sure the lower cabinets are very easy access with many drawers or pullouts. No more crawling on floor, looking for something in back recesses.
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I am loving the comments and suggestions. As for the Kitchen, I completely agree with the fridge and pantry placement being less than ideal but I can't figure out another set up that works. The pantry has to be where it is due to current lay out. and my desire to have that back wall of the house open. any other suggestions for placement of fridge? I am open to ideas.
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Are you really going to have a 36" stove top/oven AND a wall oven? If so, you are going to do a lot of baking and are going to access the refrigerator a lot.

1) Put two under-the-counter ovens side by side, with the stove top in the middle of them
2) Put the refrigerator where the wall oven is indicated but moved over from the wall by a slide out pantry so the doors will open properly. Some often used pantry items could be stored in three.
That would give you room to make the island two feet wider, (since if you take out the fridge, you could move the pantry wall back 24". That would make the refrigerator accessible to both you and to snackers and be much easier for you to get to without traffic and obstacle congestion.

3) Make the microwave a drawer microwave and put it in the extra width on the end of the island where it would be accessible to both you and to snackers.

4) Move the door to the pantry over to closer to the cabinets that are drawn and then you would be able to make better use of the wall space on the opposite side.

Con: The buffet would be shorter.
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I really like the layout. The only thing I'm not crazy about, and it probably can't be changed, is how close the powder room is to the kitchen.
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Urbana ~ Designer Ellen Crystal
keep in mind if this is a one person kitchen or crew. Also, lifestyle.

As an example... do you cook fresh ingredients everyday? In a rush? Just battle an hour + commute & are zapping a frozen dinner? Entertain often? Multi-generational family? etc

Depending upon how many & what appliance you use frequently, they should be oriented close together. I know some folks who cook a big batch of food & reheat everyday mid week. Well in that case fridge & micro are really handy together.

If you like to use all fresh ingredients, they need prep space & likely time near sink for veggie peeling & rinsing. do you wish to go around a rather large island everytime you need a carrot.

NKBA suggests a maximum & minimum round trip for distance between core appliance or preparation/cooking/serving/ cleanup stations. The more cooks, the more individual stations & often second sinks etc.

Imagine yourself in this kitchen and how you typically work.. .imagine making a sandwich or cup of coffee. How much walking would you do to accomplish that task. How about baking or prep for a party.

A local, competent kitchen designer can walk you through these strategies & help determine the best placement for core appliances.
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I agree with some improvements on the location of the fridge, perhaps move the fridge to where the wall oven is and the wall oven by the sink beside the french doors. Then the pantry could be enlarged for more usable storage space.
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Ok working to revise fridge and pantry area to accompany a 42 inch built in fridge. Here are the first two revisions from the architect. Not too crazy about either but I may have come up with something and wanted your thoughts before presenting it to him. What about putting the pantry access door in short hall across from bathroom but close as I can to the kitchen end. Then on the other side I could do a wrap around type wet bar area which would house the beverage center and microwave and possibly a sink. This area is more open and closer to more frequently used spaces in the house. Thoughts?
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That is better but doesn't solve the dilemma of the work flow to the refrigerator problem.
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I agree but I was thinking moving the fridge all the way over towards the wall ovens would cut down on some of the walking?
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Definitely. That would improve the non-interruption of work area. Would you take out the wall oven? Or the window?
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