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Design Dilemma

First house & in Escrow!! Need exterior paint help.

coolboarder368February 7, 2013
Hey everyone this is my first property and it is located less then a mile from the beach in Southern California. I'm going modern with the style and I'm trying to figure out a cool modern paint scheme to go with. Any ideas would be great. The house has a stucco addition which is on the left side and stucco all around with front wood trim all red. I was thinking about sanding the garage and staining it dark. Adding trim to all the windows and painting the trim white. Then going with a light brown or light blue exterior and then sanding all the red trim along the railing and red trim in front of house and painting maybe white? Not sure what are all your thoughts?! What color should I paint all the stucco? Should I mix and match? Low budget so cant do much demo :/ but she's got good bones!! #veryexcited
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Ironwood Builders
Guess I'm loving the barn red and taupe too much! Can't see your color choices for the exterior. Try fooling with color in photoshop, see what you come up with. Some of the designers here will do that, if they have time. I usually reserve opinion for the nuts and bolts questions.
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More photos showing more of the house would be great.

Since this house is near the beach, you will need finishes that are water tight and humidity resistant. That means paint instead of stain. I like the barn red and khaki, actually. You might use google streetview to zoom around and look at neighboring houses to see what paint colors are attractive on similar houses. If the paint is in good condition, consider just leaving it for a year while you work on the interior.

If this were my house, and all I had to fix up was the exterior, I'd prune back the tree and shrubs lightly ( no major tree work for a year unless some tree is going to fall on the house), scrub the driveway to get rid of oil stains, replace the light fixtures with some that match and are stylish, and replace the mailbox. That can all be done for less than $200 if you do the work yourself.
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I would go for beachy colors like a sand color for the walls and an ocean blue or sea glass for the door and dritwood for the railings. I would use some sort of galvanized metal or nautical sconce and plant some beautiful khaki and green grasses , agave and sedums in the concrete brick ( which should be painted to match the walls of the house)rounded planter in front. It would give it a more coastal feel rather than a country barn. You may want to beef up the trim around the windows with a trim painted in the same color as the railings.
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Regardless of color, the porch/deck railings have the potential to add a ton of style. Maybe a nautical vibe, or with flatter, straighter lines, a minimalist modern look. The front door seems at odds with exterior. The color is ok, if you want to keep the palette, but the style seems to fight with the linear nature of the siding.
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aniluap2, beautiful ideas! I like these colors very much!
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Thanks so much. It always feels good when fellow houzzers like what you suggest.
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Second story deck over backyard
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Ultra-tec Cable Railing by The Cable Connection
How about some stainless steel cable railing for your deck which will provide unobstructed view.
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Good idea cable connection
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Tumble Creek Interior Design
I love where @aniluap2 is going... My only initial suggestion would be to beef up the millwork as well around the garage and possibly to do that in driftwood as well. That garage door has a huge presence. I'd look around for a new front door - possibly all glass. Lighting is going to be key. Go for oversized and as suggested coastal in theme. But absolutely absolutely paint in suggested sand tones. Lighten her up. I miss the California coast line! Good luck. She does have good bones and what a great location!
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The cables for the deck is a cool idea I was initially thinking about a clear glass or plexi-glass but cleaning may be a pain and cables would probably look just as nice. I cant decide whether to paint the front red wood trim the same color as the garage, what do you all think? Also, this photo below is the section of the house not shown in the top photo, it is mostly stucco apart from the deck I showed up above. This is the left side of the front of the house. Should I paint all the stucco the same as the front wood trim?
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you will notice the red garage is directly to the right of the photo above
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driftwood is a cool idea but I am going to have to keep the current wood railings so I plan on sanding them. Lots of woof on the front of the house, should I sand and paint it the same color as what ever color I choose for the stucco?
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Although it would be great to have real driftwood railings, I meant you should paint them a driftwood color and use the cables to connect them. I think you should paint the stucco the same as the rest of the house so it does not appear to be so obviously an addition. I also like tumble creek interior designs suggestions.
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Thank you for all the help thus far aniluap2!!! Amazing what the internet can do for someone!
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You're most welcome. It is fun to imagine the possibilities. Please post the changes you finally make so we can all appreciate it.
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