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My 40 year old kitchen needs remodeling help please!

grandmalucy12February 8, 2013
Remodeling kitchen from scratch with new cabinets, floors, etc. Would appreciate thoughts on floor plan options. Considering moving fridge to wall in place of oven stack. Not sure whether to keep peninsula or remove for a more open look to breakfast area. Not enough room for island. Kitchen is 11' by 12' Need to decide whether to put tile or travertine on the floor. Thanks.
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WOW you have a clean slate to start with if you're totally gutting it. Is your home period? If it is, that might come into play. It also depends on what style you like; modern, traditional, ecclectic? One thing I don't like is when there are too many different 'things' in a kitchen..Like travertine on the floor, marble on the counters and or a different material as back-splash. If it were me, I would probably get rid of the peninsula.
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Thanks that is were I am leaving...we are doing granite going for a Tuscan look.. Granite is called Bushman Gold..cabinets stained lighter caramel. Husband thinks I need the peninsula I am not a fan. thank you for your input.
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House is an old English design. As you can tell by leaded glass windows. Just want a more open look.
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Shame the walnuts lovely, but I agree, it isn't for the kitchen
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If you keep the peninsula, might I suggest you make it more usable by moving the stove across from the fridge...if you want Tuscan you could create quite a statement with a hood and backsplash design for the range---instead of no hood/ventilation. Also, With a lovely granite and caramel stain on the cabinets, what are you doing with the floor and the cabinetry hardware?...if you want a more open feel, you could start with taking out the cabinetry above the peninsula.
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Can't believe you're going to junk this kitchen. I'd swap out the countertop, backsplash, hardware and appliances. Layout is fine. Cabinets are fabulous.
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Not a clue...that is why I am asking for help/. We have wood through out the house but that has been discontinued. So thought about travertine but I have heard it can be a maintenance nightmare.
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Unless you love to maintain....I would certainly suggest a durable flooring for a kitchen space....research at a local distributor....they will know the product and could answer questions about care and durability....ceramic tile/stained concrete/stone all work well with wood floors....in the right color to compliment the existing.....Tuscan I would think of tile....they have some really great products out there with lots of color options and can be very durable.
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Because of the doorway the refrigerator may be better if moved to the center of the wall where it is now. Add a cabinet which will hold the microwave. An oven range combo on the opposite wall. The pennisula would be more open without the raised back and dark heavy cabinets over it. The double oven wall would make a great pantry. Depending on what you end up doing consider using a diamond glass pattern to mimic your windows in the upper cabinets.
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What a great idea..thanks. I already have a walk in pantry across from table. The purpose of moving the refrigerator is I don't like the way it sticks out. It would be in front of an opening to dinning room. But it would be more recessed. Counter depth. .
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You may want to conside a new counterdepth refrigerator so that it doesn't stick out.
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If you can believe the one I have is counterdepth,,, just look like it but it is
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The refrigerator wall was to have a built in look. In your plan do you want to use an oven/range combo or use double ovens? What are you envisioning doing with the wall once you relocate the refrigerator?
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I've heard you gotta go subzero on the fridge if you want a flush look with the bottom counters.
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What a great conundrum! I've been remodeling our kitchen since we moved 8 months ago to a brand new build. What I'm seeing here is to take your bank of cabinets that presently house your fridge...move them to where the oven cabinets are, basically reverse them so your fridge remains where it is but is now housed in the oven cabinet (which if I'm reading right is your plan?) it's surprisingly easy to move cabinets around (I now know) so your cabinets that are on the present fridge wall are now over where the oven cabinets are. Also, add a small drink sink in that great piece that's beside your fridge right now (it'll be on the far wall)

Beef up the peninsula by adding another set of same size cabinets on bottom (also giving you tons more storage space) so now the peninsula is double the size...you can have a nice stove with hood installed right where it is now with the Tuscan flavour you want... kind of hard to see where your sink is, looks like it's in the far corner....you COULD put your stove/range over there and bring you sink onto the peninsula for a fun fresh look....plumbers and electricians are used to this stuff...you just need to tell them what you want and PRESTO....it's done~!

Like someone said too...change the knobs and hardware (if cost is a factor try ebay they have some great deals on them)

Just realized that you're trashing the cabinets (can I have them lol....they're lovely)

One last thing....respect the work triangle! it's true! you need it

Share the before and afters would you???
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You could save a fortune by keeping your cabinets but understand if you are tired of them or find them too dark. Could they be sanded and stained or pickled in a much lighter finish? IF you could keep the cabinets, get new hardware for them, splurge on a true counter depth fridge (there are some that are 24 inches but you have to search) , take the cabinets out over the cooktop and make the peninsula flat (no raised back), put in a built in mocrowave and oven where your ovens are. Then new countertops, lightting, backsplash, and possibly floor.
If you keep the wiring and plumbing where they are now, you can save lots of money.
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Travertine is porus and might require little more maintenance than porcelain. However depending on traffic you could choose either. Today they both have equal number of choices. Look more on www.tilesbay.com
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Hey grandmalucy12 post your photos! it's been over a year!!
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I believe the refrigerator is fine where it is because you need a surface to place glasses and pitchers for pouring beverages and placing whatever else you take out. However, I would suggest you get a regular range with oven and center it on the wall where you now have the microwave. I would suggest you turn the current peninsula into a one-level serving bar/buffet for the dining area. Perhaps you could paint the cabinets white to match the small wall cabinet in the dining area and have black-veined white marble for counter tops. You also could use a lighter and more cheerful color on the walls. I do like the charm of the diamond-paned windows and the bay window, and I do hope you are keeping them. If you look at floor tile, you might consider something in an interesting shape, such as a hexagon, diamond, or the Moorish shape of terrazzo to contrast from all the rectangular shapes in the room.
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I just looked at your photos again, and I notice the white porcelain knobs and the interesting panels in the cabinet drawers. I also noticed the white entry door and the yellow-green in the stained glass. Because of these features, I again would suggest you paint the cabinet frames white and then paint the drawer panels and the cabinet doors the same yellow-green as in the stained glass. Then, the white porcelain knobs will contrast from this yellow-green. A similar yellow-green would look wonderful on the walls of the kitchen and the dining area, but you might want to consider two shades lighter or darker than what you have on the cabinet panels and doors.
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