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Sometimes some people do strange things when they renovate! Help with these bad floors!

nsaltaFebruary 9, 2013
I moved into this house and am trying to work around the terrible tile inlays. I am not that fond of the cherry floors either, but it is fairly new and would be a huge expense. The angle makes me crazy! Ideas and suggestions welcome. I am baffled.
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Two more shots
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Not sure where the cherry floor ends in the living area, but the placement of the TV is a bit awkward. Perhaps that chair could be angled along the same direction as the inlay.
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I think your furnishings and rugs look nice and tie-in/ disguise the floors well. I would just live with them until you can put hardwood throughout.
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Do you think a custom, large sisal rug would do the trick? The wood runs through to the family room. It would cost me around 7,000 for the wood I want. Not sure about putting that much into the house. I agree about the placement of the big chair. Eventually I will find a replacement!
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They can put hardwoods in to match the existing floor and make it look seamless. That would be your best solution.
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Kalli George Interiors
People do in fact do strange things when renovating! However a possible temporary solution would be to edit the space. There appear to be 4 different floor surfaces in the area - 2 rugs & 1 wood and 1 tiled. You can't do anything about the tiles or the wood right now. But you can remove the area rugs.This will leave you with only 2 floor surfaces. By removing the 2 modern chairs with their back to the dining room, it will open up the two spaces. The tiled floor will make it look like there is an area rug in the living room. If you must have an area rug in the living room, find one that doesn't go past the tiled floor.
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CMR Interiors & Design Consultations Inc.
It cuts up the room so it has to go. Take out the tile and extend the floor-
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You're right about the crazy angles. It's almost like the tile is the insert. What about removing the two white chairs opposite the couch and moving them to other rooms for now. They sit half on, half off, the edge of the living room flooring and that's throwing things off. Just the couch and the two side chairs facing each other create a balanced sitting area. If you have guests, you can always turn two dining chairs temporarily for more seating. Then consider confining the rug to the tiled living area. Right now it's overlapping the floor which feels off. You could have a rug or sisal remnant cut and bound to fit the tile area to warm it up until you have the floors redone down the road.
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It is rather odd how they divided the room up with two different floors. You may want to try a different placement of the furniture that might help distract from the floor issue. I suggest you move your sectional out away from the wall and flip right side out into the floor partially over where the floors split and leave the left side of the couch against the wall. Move the TV and cabinet over in the corner left of the sliding glass door. The table currently to the right of the couch you could put behind the couch portion out in the floor and use as a sofa table as this too may distract from the break in the floor. Now see if the rug you have in there still works or if you need to get a larger one but I would not spend too much cash if you are going to replace the floor within the next couple of years. You may have to move one of the chairs out somewhere else. Just play around with the furniture lay out. Good luck.
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Great ideas! The two modern chairs actually go in the family room. I moved them here to create access for a new table that went in the kitchen and haven't put them back : ) the rug is an old fur bedspread that sheds like crazy but I hate the tile so much I threw it down to cover it up!
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Okay, so far I moved the rug and chairs out and I tried flipping the sectional around as deansherrie suggested but unfortunately it made the walkway too narrow so I had to put it back. Does it look any better now? And should I get rid of the dining room rug too? There is still time to return it.
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Buffing them down so they're not so shiny might be a good stopgap measure - I did that with a travertine floor once and it really helped. It's true that a professional could put the same wood down and make it look seanless, but if that's money you don't want to spend, I think in general the room looks really nice.

I think the funky rug only draws attention to something that you don't like but that isn't really offensive. Lose it.
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Does this wood continue past the far doorway into the bedroom areas? If so, you might have enough wood to remove from a bedroom or two and use to replace the tile in the living room area. Then, you could put replacement wood or carpet into the bedrooms where it wouldn't be as obvious.
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I was afraid the couch might would stick out too far turned that way but it is hard to tell dimensions from photos. I do think the room looks better with the way that you have arranged it now. Linda's idea sounds like it could be good.
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Believe it or not they used yet a different tile in the bedrooms! I bought the house with the plan of tearing all of the floors up and replacing them but had a bad accident before moving in and then it didn't seem as important after that. I just wanted to enjoy the great weather and take it easy. This is my winter home in Arizona. I think any money spent now trying to remedy will just be a waste. I ultimately want some grey washed wide plank oak. It will drive me crazy until then because it is so wrong!
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Bellamira Design
Get a rug under your dining table that blends with the tile (actually, that matches the tile). It will look like you planned it. Furniture layout is much nicer in the second set of photos. Take credit if anyone comments on your unique flooring choice! It seems as though the former owners were not comfortable with an open floor plan.
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