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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma


Dawn Papcun AguilarFebruary 10, 2013
Don't even want to go into details how my poor kitchen (if you can even call it that) ended up looking like this.... I love too cook but have no place to even begin..... Any ideas on remodeling and the average price? Any help /suggestions will be appreciated .... Thanks
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I think prices can be all over the map. Much depends I think on whether structural changes are needed, what you need to replace and if you're able to DIY any of the project.

For the most budget friendly, I would probably start with Ikea. Take the measurements of your room - noting placement of doors, windows and other openings and play around with their online kitchen planner. NOTE: Ikea cabinets tend to be pretty specific sizes. If you have areas of your kitchen where an existing Ikea unit won't fit many people modify them. If you have DIY skills or a good/creative Ikea installer this can work.

Some people go the BigBoxStore route too. There are talented designers there - sometimes. If you do that route, be sure to compare prices to a similar cabinet criteria with a stand alone Kitchen/Bath Store and a custom builder. It isn't uncommon to find a custom builder who can match the price AND provide quality and customization that BigBox may not provide.

Best of luck!
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I would strongly recommend finding a good kitchen designer who can offer a range of options, designs and price points. They should be able to work within your budget and make sensible, effective recommendations. The IKEA and Big Box route might cost less, but may 'cost' more in the long-run, as their staff isn't necessarily as well qualified to help.

Quick thought: can you give up the eating space? If there's an adjacent dining room, I would recommend using current table space for additional counter space and cabinetry. Also, what is inside that jog in the wall? If you can remove it without killing the budget, it gives you lots more options.
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I do agree that meeting with a good kitchen designer is an option as well. Please just don't feel constrained though if you don't get a design that you think will work for you needs and for your kitchen.

I know there are really good kitchen designers out there. I've just experienced a couple that weren't terribly creative.
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Dee Gould
Oh girl! Im laughing because when we first saw this house this is about how the kitchen looked...ok i lied, it didnt look as good as yours...but Now it is lovely, all sunshine and bright...lots of hard work...we did it all ourselves from sub floor to windows and all in between..
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Jean Tuck
Cabinettes should All be same color Lighter preferred to add spacious look and , toss the tile look , to dominate, wood trims all same colors, will make tiny space feel more spacious if clutter is organised ( I need to do this as well) we ladies do pak a lot of extras. Im cutting back on mine as I spring clean.Find thats the best time for updates as long as its not structural as it is best left for summer.
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Dee Gould
Finishing..because we did the work ourselves really cant comment on cost..may i suggest...white cabinets, they give space to a small area use your colours sparingly...plan, plan..storage whereever you can find it...good luck...it will be beautiful and worth the money...
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Suzanne Olsen, Olsen Design ASID
Without spending too much money on a kitchen designer..which I am sure you would like!! The easiest thing for you to do to start with is to start with what is absolutly essential for you to have in your kitchen..for cooking and preparing your food. I believe that is your main priority. Then edit from there.
You do have quite a bit of space above the countertop and stove. also I notice you are in need of more prep areas. So keeping your essentials and editing out nonessential or items you may use occasionally but not on a daily basis.

I see a few choices.

1. With your existing kitchen you can certainly add upper shelving and cabinetry to coordinate with what you already have.
I also like to make multiple use of cabinets if possible. Ikea and Home depot have cabinet components to add to your own cabinets to give you more storage options.
2. If you are able to upgrade to newer appliances then do it..You will find more energy efficient models plus stoves and cooktops designed for smaller spaces plus faster cooking times.

We all have a tendencey to be comfotable with the status quo..but eventually we do get to a point where change has to be made. I know you will be much happier and you will have a much more efficient kitchen when you are done.

I hope i was of some help to you.

Suzanne Olsen
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Dawn Papcun Aguilar
Nothing in the kitchen matches .... Just pieces that got put together by a wanna be bob villa... But I hate it.... Thanks for the advise going to measure then find some to go to ikea with me.....thanks again
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We called a local high-end kitchen designer and for $500, he designed a kitchen for us that was MUCH more functional, and beautiful as well. We actually ended up using the firm to remodel our kitchen, but I watched every cent and price shopped everything from appliances to the kitchen sink (Literally!) When we needed the master bath remodeled, I paid another $500 to get the design, but couldn't afford to use them for that project. I took the design to another contractor who got the job done for about 60% of the original company's estimate. I was alot more involved in the day-to-day progress, but I got a beautiful bath. I guess my point is, get an experienced professional's opinion (even if it means paying for it) and then make adjustments as needed to get it in on your budget. Getting the good design is worth paying for!
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I had a similar kitchen and looked at all the less expensive pre made cabinets. Unfortunately my measurements just did not jive with standard sizes. I went to a custom cabinet firm which I thought would cost me an arm and a leg but it did not. I told them my budget, they designed several options, and they showed me the materials that would fit my budget. They installed the cupboards and countertops. I now have solid wood cabinets that fit the space and will be there for a long long time. I cut costs using laminate counters with a wood edge, painted the back splash and only have pullouts on one main base cabinet. I did splurge to have glass panels in 4 small cabinets above my sink. These cabinets are lit and I display a colorful pottery pitcher in each. It adds color, draws the eye up and gives a beautiful glow to the kitchen at night when only the lighted cupboards are on.

Spend the majority of your budget on quality wood cupboards. You can always change a countertops or tile a back splash or upgrade appliances later if you feel the need.
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If the would-be Bob Villa is still in the picture, you really need a kitchen designer to do the design. If you get Ikea cabinets, have the professional installers do the work in one fell swoop. That'll keep the Bob wannabe from "helping".
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I would run countertop all around to your sink and have upper cabinets as well. It will make the space look calmer and streamlined. Have a hinged tabletop that you can put down along the wall for space or leave up to eat. If venting is an issue (I see no rangehood), I would swap walls, and only have an L shaped kitchen layout and have the stove on the right wall with cabinets on that side, so that you can vent a hood to the outside, if the budget allows for an electrician. Have the upper cabinets going all the way up to the ceiling for more storage and have the fridge on the end wall.
Check if your flooring is level, to make sure your new kitchen will fit well and paint drywall with a primer and kitchen&bathroom paint to prevent moisture from seeping in. If there is any plumbing or wiring concern, have that addressed when you have removed the old kitchen cabinets and have a clean slate.
Ikea is a great place for kitchens. I'm sure you can make something fit. I went to Home Depot, but in the end got the same few extra cabinets for our kitchen (BUT with the slide out pantry drawers)for the same price at Ikea. Very happy with their products.
Being a cook, I'm sure you have looked at quite a few kitchens and have an idea. If you want more specific suggestions, let us know your style and must haves and we can look for a few more photos and ideas for you.
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Oh yes, and that poor, lonely bulb...
If you could have some under counter lighting (at Ikea as well) that would be great, but your ceiling just begs for something special.
Your kitchen looks pretty bright, but for general good light, again Ikea has some nice track style units that will illuminate every corner.
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Dezign Studio Inc
There is no average price for a kitchen reno. Depending on what you need to do in the kitchen - floor, cabinets, c.top, appliances, back splash, plumbing, electrical , hardware, sink faucets,paint etc , Also where you are buying the cabinets from and who is installing ? Basic kitchen cabinets with laminate c.top in your size kitchen could be installed for under $5000, and could go upto .... guess there is no limit.If you have an expert family member in the family to install the kitchen, you could save on installation. While getting estimates there are items that raise your budget are drawer cabinets, corner cabinets, moldings, glass doors, pantry, etc. If you have a tight budget, then take your time to shop around. Big box stores have truckload sales of cabinets, that are around $99 each cabinet. You could have 10 cabinets for under $1000. They also have financial options. Then maybe after a few years you can put aside money for your dream kitchen.Good Luck.
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Please read extensive reviews on Ikea cabinets if you are thinking about using them. That's all i'll say about that.
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Trouble Free Electric
We have installed ikea lighting before........ So I would recommend some HALO 4" cans in the ceiling. In an area as tight as that, 6" cans would look huge and out of place whereas the 4" cans would keep it classy and timeless.
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Is the kitchen area approximately 9 feet wide by 12 feet long? Is there already an exhaust vent for the stove on any wall? Do you have a dishwasher?

If you post measurements and photos of all four walls, you will probably get a lot more comments. This kitchen redesign is clearly a good challenge.

Also, please post some kitchen photos to your ideabook; it gives the commenters something to work with to see your taste.

Have you settled on a budget yet? Depending on where you are, you may be able to get good deals for work during the slow winter months. For $5000-$8000, you may be able get new budget grade cabinets, laminate countertops, budget grade flooring and lighting while keeping the appliances. If electrical needs upgrading and you need to add ventilation, that's another budget item. For under $5000, you can change quite a bit, too.
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Another thought: if you would have the stove on the window side and have lower cabinets all around that side and the back, you could do an Ikea Pax style slider wardrobe unit on the left side. They make regular about 24" (countertop depth) deep units, but to save space, would go with a shallower unit about 14" deep one and you could have EVERYTHING stored in there, and you might not need upper cabinets at all. You could even have your microwave in there, just make sure the shelves are strong enough or get reinforced, to hold all the heavy pantry items.that way, your kitchen would have TONS of storage with your lower cabinets (go with drawers, a little more $, but saves you kneeling down and losing stuff in the back) and it would look very organized and zen in there, with that beautiful light fixture or even some art on the back wall!
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Something like this...
Personally, I would have solid doors so the unit, there is usually enough going on, on the counters, the stove and in my sink ;-)
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Randys Construction
Cabinets would be a god place to start. Lowes could help with a design that would allow for ranghood above stove.
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Have you thought about installing a pantry organizer to free up space? Our company custom makes the systems to fit and can be adjusted to fit your budget. It could open up the counters for cooking prep and give it a more open, streamlined look. http://www.easyclosets.com/

Good luck!
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Budget friendly ideas. Can't see enough of the area next to stove but it looks like there is room for cabinets. If not maybe a pegboard to hang pots, pans, and utensils.
Remove the shelving unit on back wall and replace with open shelving. That would give you an additional shelf or more. Add cabinets over the refrigerator to the stove. If room enough put in storage banquette seating around table or lose the table and replace with a kitchen island that has cabinets. Examples can be found here. http://www.cymax.com/island-kitchen-carts--C590-9336.htm?src=MSN&SrcID=baGCGusze|2051096156&utm_source=msn&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=kitchen%20island&keyword=kitchen%20island
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