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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

The Front of my house needs ALOT of work! pls HELP!!!

underedenxFebruary 11, 2013
In the rush to finish all the interior renovations on our home... the outside has been pushed to the side for FAR to long! i have done a few things... cut down a tree, replaced the pink roof and painted the pink garage door and the random pink stones! yup! PINK! i would like to extend the front porch over to the garage... replace the garage and front doors and lay a new pathway... my dilemma questions are...

1> should i cut down the second tree?
2> thoughts on WOOD for the front porch in this situation?
3> keep the stone as is or paint it/tear it out and re-side it?
4> thoughts on breaking up the large grass area with a "contemporary" version picket fence?

im usually really good at this and visualizing... for whatever reason im lost here! any help/suggestions greatly appreciated!
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1. no!
2. a modern version of those planters?
3. keep it
4. do it! white picket fences are cute!
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note: my guess is 2 won't be necessary if 4 is properly positioned
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They are cute aren't they!! 2> i meant i want to tear out the porch thats there now and build a new porch that spans all the way over to the garage.... im just not sure how i feel about doing a wood porch on the front of the house? ive never seen it done correctly on a house like mine.... a few other plp in the neighbourhood have done it, and it just looks like a deck on the front of the house!
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Could you post a better view of the front (the steps to the garage), please? (from where the tree used to be?)
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This is the best shot of the front that i have... i live in Toronto we just had a ton of snow on friday its supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow so if it melts away enough for me to take more then a shot of a huge snow bank i will!:)
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If possible replace the garage door but if that's not possible it needs to be the color of the trim. Replace light fixture over garage with a larger fixture and paint the shutters a dark gray. Replace the front door and sidelights... Maybe painted deep red... Please don't put a storm door over a lovely new door. This is renovating on a smaller scale than you outlined but I think it will help!
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Interiors International, Inc.
No don't cut the tree! The stone looks good. The garage door needs to be a darker color. The house color should be a color puller from the stone. It will make it look less chopped up particularly over the garage door. Add a much larger light over the garage door. Or even better put one on each side of the door. Because of the space above the door I would hang these so they were level with the top of the door.
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Sorry Interiors, I usually agree with you but think there is something "off" with the garage doors and I think that a contrasting color only accentuates that.
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Hi, Keitha, snow is melting here :>)

Garage door: bring the paint color up to the overhang and replace the light with something more important. Maybe no shutters?
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Hey Judyg. Glad to hear you are getting a break in the weather ! Good alternative solution to bring the paint color up..
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its hard to see it in the pic but theres another light fixture to the right of the door... its so high it actually touches the top of the over hang...
When the lights are on they look as lop sided as the windows the previous owner cut out of the garage door!!
i love the idea of removing the light above the garage and putting 1 on either side of it!
i was thinking about maybe removing the light beside the front door and putting exterior pot lights in the over hang? any thoughts? if i do this would traditional light fixtures by the garage be over kill?
i also love the idea of dark grey on the shutters... that might look fab if i used the composite decking in a similar grey for the porch floor! Keitha believe it or not those are storm windows on the side lights as well!! i don't think that poor door has breathed in 50 yrs!!
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WOW! Judyg that light fixture is fantastic!!!!
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It's time for the door to "Come Up For Air"!
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I suggest putting sconce lights on both sides of the door... Not too small and definitely Lower than the one that's there now. That will give your guest a more inviting entrance than pot lights. Then maybe a larger double fixture like Judtg suggested over garage door??
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Lovely home. Unless the tree is endangering the foundation or roof of your home, try not to cut it down. Incorporate it into the landscaping. Do consider extending your porch over to the garage. It will be very expensive as it is concrete, perhaps a good contractor could deck over it and then skirt with lattice under it and give you the wider porch space you seem to want. You would then lose the nice stone facade you have under the lovely bay window.
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I would stain all stone a light mushroom taupe and paint out all trim a darker taupe. Proportions of white tall columns are too tall and slim so they seem stilt walking.

If possible, I would first add pillars to base of tall white columns - not more than 36" high / height of landing and add false to turn single column into four column in craftsman style (bolting together at top with cross pieces adds more character) - then add two horizontals across the top in front and behind / below existing arches all along a la trellis style / craftsman style. Trim out top thicker above new trim to center over 4. Google craftsman beam and trellis details and work with a good carpenter to beef up visual weight / shorten height to help your proportions - echo on stair landing.

For pillar base, you can find any false stone veneer with the same profile as your stone, then stain them all the same. If possible, widen the stair to the width of the porch landing above, and replace rails with same craftsman inspired style / post treatment (shown per attached). Columns are too tall now for heft - adding more columns to help beef up scale and shorten distance. Add carriage house garage door in dark taupe and front door in forest green - new style near the red door above but keep sidelights. Go for a simpler storm door that paints out the same.
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Thats what im hoping to do Elise essentially "deck" over the existing porch and extend it! ive attached a photo sample of the contractor's work that will be helping me do this project... he just lives up the street and he's free!! My DAD!

libradesign this style almost reminds me of a pergola! not sure if i could stone the bottoms of the posts if im extending the porch over to the garage:( but i love this multi beam design to beef up those posts! i also agree with the stone colour change u suggested... it seems kinda wishy washy to me right now...

i cant believe ive never thought to post on here before! i just assumed extending the porch was the logical thing to do! i'll have to run this idea passed my better half! so innovative i never would have thought of it!
Thank u so much everyone! perhaps i asked the wrong questions! i should of just said HELP!!
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The problem is the entrance is far on the left and the driveway used to approach the house is on the far right. I would create an entry court between the drive and the entry porch - maybe using the white picket fence to set if off from the rest of the front yard. You could use pavers to cover the ground - it would change the whole aspect of the front, tying the drive and the front steps together, rather than having them look so disconnected. I love the idea of bright color for the front door and I would paint the garage door to match the house. Garage doors are rarely attractive but necessary.
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After looking at your pictures again, I do like the idea of an entry courtyard, It would emphasize that expensive bow window and give a welcoming feeling to the entry. I would never remove a tree - landscape around it with stones or ? to show how important trees are.
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I agree with Nancy. Don't create a deck, but a romantic patio with picket fences, a stone wall, a 3ft hedge, maybe some rosebushes. Think english gardens, cottage, french landhouses. A little front yard getaway.
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you cant see it in the pic but theres actually a flag stone patio under the window and a garden in front of it up to the edge of the stairs then a cement slab walkway from the bottom of the steps that leads out to the driveway... this is an interesting idea as well and would be so easy to achieve with what ive already got to work with!
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The solution was there all along ;) right in front of you ;)
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Have you considered an artificial turf lawn? You get the same look and feel of a lush, green lawn, but not all the maintenance and water costs - EasyTurf is the most durable turf on the market and holds up to the toughest weather conditions - including snow! Check us out at www.easyturf.com and let me know if you have questions! Good luck in whatever direction you choose!
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