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Need help Creating a Serene Coastal Bedroom

chrismarie1February 11, 2013
This bedroom is only 15x12. I want it to be soft and serene, shabby & chic. I want white curtains, should they be sheers? any ides on brand name that would look rich? I have a fun poster near the closet wall, but a traditional ship professionally framed in barn-wood across from it. The ship has been my inspiration. I was thinking about white washed frames for the other art. Help please! I have these pics from a naples vaca I would like to use. I can only post 2 pics wish you could help me select which would work best. should the side table & the tv table be white?
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Barnhart Gallery
Ahoy Chrismarie -- You're off to a nice start, and have lovely pieces to work with. My suggestions would start with white cotton duck/canvas/sailcloth grommet top panels -- very seaworthy. I'd spend an afternoon with a swarthy second mate trying out a few new furniture configurations. I think there's one too many pieces of furniture, and the tv might float better atop the deck of a more substantial vessel. My first try would be in place of the mirror opposite the bed. The table it's on now would make a better bedside table than your jewelry armoire. I love your ship painting, and would let that dictate your bedding choice -- what you have is nice, but I'm picturing crisp navy and white -- perhaps a trellis pattern to suggest netting, or a rich Ralph Lauren paisley...
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Thanks so much for your help! The bedding is a new buy… I found it in the coastal bedding... its called Pyrenees The ship looks like it could b sailing along the Pyrenees mts. in the Mediterranean Sea. LOL My first choice was the Ralph Lauren paisley and the 2nd was crisp white I chose the darker background so I didn't have to b worried about stains. So do you think if I add crisp white curtains and white frames on the walls it will b ok I really understand about the too many pcs. of furniture! I will work on it Thanks again I would like to show after I do some changes.
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Julie Thome Draperies, Inc.
Linen sheer panels would be nice at the windows . I'm personally not a fan of grommets, esp. For a bedroom.
Because you've purchased patterned bedding your drapes now have to be a solid color.
I normally suggest that bedding be purchased after drapes, upholstery and rug.
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Your room is lovely, some changes I would suggest are you need to center the demi lune (half round) table directly under ship painting, the chair could be placed in the corner instead of the jewelry cabinet. I think white sheers would add a dreamy look to the space, with your blinds you have plenty of privacy. I think your bedside lamp should be bigger, and maybe a navy pillow added to the bed would finish it off.
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Your furniture is telling me British Colonial, but that can have a Caribbean Island twist to it. You might "cruise" to some vacation websites and take a look at actual bedrooms in that part of the world to tweak your room into a real island getaway. A painted ceiling and plantation shutters can up the wow factor for you.
Newport Beach Custom Home 01 · More Info

Ibis Golf & Country Club · More Info

Barclay Butera Living on the Coast · More Info
Bonefish Bay · More Info
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I would start with painting the room a blue/gray. Something like the bedspread color. The yellow is not coastal to me. I think I see a blue in your bathroom too. That would change the feel of the room instantly. I would then remove some of the heavier furniture like the half moon table. and put the jewelry box chest there to start. I would take the tv and put it across from the bed on the chest and remove the mirror there and tv table. I would take that mirror and put it over on the other chest to the right of the bed. Another picture would help from the other side of the room. I would then take out all the throw rugs too. I really like the bedding and it is so easy to work with it.
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juma decor
I'm not seeing too much of a coastal look coming from your room. Yes, you have too much furniture in the room. Can you remove the dresser to the left of the bathroom door and put the rattan chair there near the window? Then you could center the demilune on that wall. I do not think your drapery panels should be a crisp white, but a soft linen and they could have a stripe, maybe ivory with a thin blue stripe. Your bedding is really nice, but the rugs or sisal on the floor are visually chopping up the space. They are not necessary.
The large dresser opposite the bed is so heavy. I would at least remove the mirror and maybe that is where you could put your other prints that you wanted to hang. Check out Sommerset Bay furniture or the new RLH (Ralph Lauren Home) to see other options for paint finishes besides dark stains. I also agree that the lamp is way too small and needs one that is at least 26" to 30" high. Another option would be to remove your dark heavy headboard and do a nice classic upholstered headboard that pulls in one color from bedding. I couldn't see much of the wall where the TV is but maybe you could remove that and the table. It will still look traditional even if painted white. If you really want the TV in the room maybe it could go on the long dresser and again remove the mirror. Once you have unlined your walls with all of the furniture there will be more space that is balanced and it will feel lighter, like the coast.
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I agree with tennisanyone but would also remove the chair if possible. Clear clutter, get larger lamps and use the table that TV was on for a nightstand to the right of the bed. Even if you didn't paint, all of these suggestions would really help to open up your room.
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You Guys are great help! I will de-clutter…but we need the chest for our clothing. lol I will start by centering the demilune, and removing the mirror from the short chest. I have a white rattan table I can put the tv on but its not very substantial. These are a few vaca pics I would like to use What do u think about distressed white frames?
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I suggested moving the chest between the windows and getting rid of the half round table. Doing that will balance out the windows too. Also put the tv on top of the dresser so you don't need that extra tv table in the room. I love the pictures above and can see them in the room at some point
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Blinds Direct Canada
I agree with Julie I think white linen drapes would look fabulous. However I would recommend 1 panel on each and have them tied left drape to the left right drape to the right. This way you don't lose to much of your window.
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Its a new day! I hope to do some changes…r you speaking of moving the largest chest between the windows? Its been there before and I liked it…It should b a focal pt. It is a really nice reproduction, real wood, even has dust boards I think I looked at so many "The Hamptons" design pages…they show a lot of dark furniture, shabby & chic, ropes and silver and lots of White. I'm so eclectic I can't seem to stay on track. I will order Sheers today I'm leaning toward a white faux linen The bedspread is faux linen Keep your ideas coming I respect them all! Thanks again. Redecorating and Spending time with ya'll is a very positive distraction from my mothers illness. will send pics later today
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Hi can you send a pic similar to the 1 panel idea
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I would also paint the ceiling part of your tray the same color as the walls..it would draw your eye up making the room look larger. I would install drapes that were 95" tall vs the common 84" for the same reason. I would remove the picture that is to the right of the closet door. Looks more like poster art for a teens room than the sophisticated room you are going for. I would frame your 4 pieces of art in shabby cream frames and mount them on on top of each other on either side of dresser. I'm assuming the TV is being relocated on top of tall bureau.
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I hope to find a different solution to a tv stand the cable hook up is on that 1st wall…do you think the prints should b 8x10 or 11x14 What about these2 colors togethet?
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I cant show the other color the sample will not attach but it a ben m. classic neutral
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I like the idea of going with white drapes as noted above so they blend in with the rest of the wall. I would consider taking the nightstand with the lamp a bit darker so it blended in more with the rest of the furniture. I think the tall chest and picture in the corner is too much for the room so I would see if you could move that. I'm not sure if you would consider removing the mirrors on the dressers. The mirrors have more ornate lines so they seem a little more formal than the coastal look you're going for. I would also remove all the rugs and just leave the carpeting and remove some of the smaller decor items as well. I would consider medium dark wood frames for your pictures if going against the white walls and maybe something rustic going with the coastal theme and pull from your comforter for your art colors.
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What about going with a color like this pillow to draw from the spread thanks for your ideas
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If you need the furniture for your clothes, then try rearranging them and removing the pieces that aren't as critical. I think you can "lighten" the look. Is that a full length mirror by the bed, behind a furniture piece? And mirrors attached to two chests/bureaus? Do you really need all those mirrors? First, I would remove the demilune table and chair. Then I would either place the full length mirror between the windows or move the highboy in the corner by the bathroom door between the windows. The full length mirror could possibly go in that corner. Try flipping the night tables with the taller unit on the other side of the bed. Second, I would place the TV on top of the chest and remove that TV table. Third, I would hang your ship painting on the wall opposite the windows, over the bureau (mirror gone). Also like ideas above of removing sisal rug and painting room a shade of blue that blends with bathroom blue.....think sea glass. Adding a glass lamp on end of bureau (opposite window wall) would add light and interest. To add coastal feel without overdoing the kitsch, play with color (blues/greens) and glass accessories.
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Forgot to mention....your photos are lovely. Frame out in simple black frames and group over your long bureau (opposite window wall) or your bed. Don't make them too small...! Since your cable is on the other wall, I would consider getting an extension and running it over to the wall between the doors. If not possible, then put your TV on the long bureau, avoid another piece of furniture for your TV.
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Chrismarie, if you really, really, really want a lighter coastal look you have GOT to remove a little furniture!
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Checking in again and noted that your bed is not facing the entry door. If you can place the bed on the window wall, you'll probably get more restful sleep - proven fact that facing the door helps. Search the box above under Photos for bed under window, to see that it won't matter if your headboard overlaps them some. I still say you'll be better off with a "British Colonial Caribbean island" feeling than coastal. Your room, furniture and color is not saying "Coastal!" Your ship pic and photos will work with BC style and your furniture and current paint will too. Please explore the idea further and try the bed on window side. Do take seriously the idea of less furniture - the room is just too small for all of it.
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if you face the bed to the entry door,maybe you can hang the tv on a wall and put one of your cabinets underneath???i agree with the others that there is too much furniture in the room,would you have space anywhere else tp put a wardrobe and just have the clothes you need for the season?i have to do this as there is no room,so my summerclothes go in a suitcase for the winter and vice-versa,it is a good way to save space as you will not want to keep moving clothes you never wear so bring them to 2hand or charity and give yourself a bigger room and less clutter
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Blinds Direct Canada
I would recommend putting up drapery to give you a more finished look.
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Chrismarie, it's time for you to move into action. Just try a few of these suggestions that you think you might like and post updated pictures please.
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Paint walls a coastal color first of all, like a blueish-green? Need white furniture with a coastal feel. Need a solid color comforter with some color. Need some vases with beach sand and sand dollars and starfish.
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British Colonial in Pasadena · More Info

Here's a room listed under Coastal British Colonial that has a similar bedspread folded back on a white coverlet. Either the blue/green in your bedspread or the tan of your carpet would bring a more coastal feel to the the walls. Agree with suggestions above to put bed between two windows with ship picture above and a single ivory cotton or linen panel on each outside corner. Remove the chair, demilune and tv tables completely and after removing mirrors, mount the t.v. on the wall opposite the bed. Use the current side table (maybe repaint to a light color in the bedspread and then find a similar side chest. It would better to lose at least one of the two tall chests and have two bedside chests in their place. Bigger lamps on the bedside tables. Beautiful room to work with.
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Well I've done some adjustments…I had the bed between the windows for years It creates an ally effect. The window wall is only 12ft. I get the most space were it is…but I may try it again when I get my sheers. I removed the mirror from short chest and it is now a side table the original side table will be painted a white wash and it now holds the tv…So far I've gotten rid of 1 table lol The jewelry armoire is now on the tv wall with the white wicker chair It seems so much lighter already!! My mother is going into surgery this morn will share more later Thanks agin
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Im sure it looks different already. Good luck with your mom
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A lot depends on what you want to spend. If you just want to swap our frames then you can maybe add a few more accents pieces. My opinion is that you have a lot of dark Queene Anne style furnitute and by their very nature they are dark. If sky is the limit you could;

Paint the room a soothing light blue-green
Mount the tv and move that small tele table out.
Swap out the headboard and dresser (at foot of the bed) for some white wicker pieces
Change the rug that the bed sits on for something that has stronger nautical colors (Sand, turquoise, navy.
Buy cheap clear jars and fill them with sand, sea shells, sand dollars.
Add some large white candles (stay safe and get the fake ones that light) and put them in some clear hurrican glass.
Get a bedskirt made in white (eyelet - if no man shares the space) or in blue and white polka dots, or a textured white material)
Do an all white bed (really over the top, plush) then put in pops of color in large pillows.
I like sheer drapes but plantation shutters would be even better (Key West vibe).
The sidetables should be glass with some mildly curvy legs
and then you need taller lamps in brass.

Anyway you go just tone down the dark woods and you will be on your way.
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Mom came through surgery well ! Thanks for all my recent comments. I have spent some time looking at British Colonial designs…Yes thats me! I love dark wood mixed with whites. I will try adding a white throw on the bed and tone the walls down. will send pics soon
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