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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Looking for design inspirations for our rustic living room.

rusticorangeFebruary 12, 2013
We love the features: the open beams, iron gas stove and the shingled wall. We are looking for inspirations for decorating that centers on those features. The living room space is long and awkard, so we divided it with the TV, so we have a the entry/office area and the sitting area. When we watch TV, which is rare - just a movie once in awhile, we either turn the chairs around and sit in them, or we move them out of the way and sit on the couch.

The design of the Living Room space has to somehow include the Kitchen area. I don't like the cabinets. I think they are too light and look cheap and clash with the rustic elements that I love. But they are what they are and I don't think they will be changing anytime soon.

Everything about the furnishings are changeable. Everything in the house is a mixture of our past lives and we are willing to let go of any of it for the sake of starting fresh with 'ours' verse 'his & hers'.
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really love your room,best of all the shingles!!first thing i would get rid of is the flooring!!oh and the fan!!!kitchen same thing first out the floor

and the office,can it go anywhere else????outbuilding another room????
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Liza Jane Interiors
Rustic Orange...this is a challenging room. Couple of things right off the bat: I would get rid of the flooring (looks like green shag of some kind). I would reposition the TV so that it is on the cedar shake wall. I would move the sofa across from the TV. A sectional would work really nicely in this space. Looks like you have an office behind TV. I would create a desk area in the corner where the book cases are - move it out of the door site. I would add a sofa table behind the sectional. Unless you use the ceiling fan, I would remove. I would add rustic tables/lamps. In the kitchen I would remove the florescent lighting and swap out for something more rustic. Unless you need the cabinetry above the island looking into the family room, I would remove. That way you can add bar stools and people wont have to bend their heads to look into the kitchen! : -) I have included some photos to give you some ideas.
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CMR Interiors & Design Consultations Inc.
I love the ceiling but not the shingles. They are too dominant. The ceiling is the star of the room. And should be the focal point to play up to. That and a great fireplace.
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Yes! Both floors are gross! I want wood laminate throughout the whole space.

We do need the fan, there is no central air conditioning. Just a window unit in the little window between the refrigerator and the slider. But I have seen other fans that would be much less traditional looking and more suitable.

Unfortunately, for right now there is nowhere else for the office. It's a two bedroom house with a carport. My husband plans to convert the carport to a garage. That would have future potential for office space. Also there is a building in the back where my washer and dryer are, but with it being the only place for storage we have right now there is no room for it to include the office.

There is no room for a pantry, we need those cabinets over the counter that could double as a bar.

I'm sure the fireplace is not suitable to most people's liking, I don't mind the washed out old bricks and I love the stove. I love rustic, remember?

The shingles are definetely staying! I love uniqueness, and I have never seen a shingled wall in a house before. That wall, along with the ceiling, are what made my husband and I fall head over heels in love with the house! Not to mention, outside the slider is our porch facing the Sierra Mountains, where, in the summer, we eat dinner watching the sun set over the mountains. The wall out there has the same shingles. With the open ceiling and the sky light and how much natural light there is, the shingled wall in the living it really feels like we are somehow outside, even though we are actually inside. Perfect for three people who feel more at home backpacking then in any house.

The we want the TV where it is, dividing the space. We are planing to get a new cabinate that will have usage and look good on both sides. We think we finally found the right piece at Ikea. We don't want the TV taking any attention away from the sitting area. It might get turned on once or twice a week. It makes a better room divider, then being on my focal wall.

Any ideas about new paneling on the ceiling and how to best coordinate with wood laminate flooring? What shade of finishes, and same or different? Do the panels on floor and ceiling run in same or opposite directions? Also, any ideas about wall color for the rest of the room?
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
OK, you got me with this one!!!! You will not agree with what I have to say here, but that's what makes this country great!!
First, I think you should reconsider that shingled wall. It would serve you better if became a wall of built-in book shelves. Put the desk at this end with of the room with it's back to the bookcases. Face a chair or two to the desk. For light, install a small track system on the beam overhead with two lights directed down to the desk surface. Two more of these track lights can be pointed toward the ceiling to accentuate the height. Next, paint the ceiling a shade of light blue-gray.
Paint the walls and the interior back of the bookcases all in a slightly deeper shade of blue-gray (think sky). This is a great color for enhancing the feeling of daylight even at night and it gives wood tones a fresh-air atmosphere. Put down your new flooring with the planks running across the width of the room. Because your Kitchen cabinets are light Oak, look at a medium oak floor in random widths.
Since TV is not important to you it should have the lowest priority when placing it in the space. It looks like you could use more storage so what about building out a closet next to your from door? You could use a large armoire here instead.
It's a little confusing judging the layout from your pictures so if you have a floorplan, you might post it here for a better idea about furniture locations.
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Hi---instead of laminate flooring check into porcelain flooring which looks like wood---much better than laminate. I think the kitchen cabs would look great painted a warm white and the walls a plum hue. I'd remove the art from the shingled wall and recommend slipcovering the sofa to create some contrast between it and the wall-which I think is a Great feature... A new cabinet to house the TV, some area rugs, and ample lighting... Good Luck!
Omega Kitchens · More Info
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CMR Interiors & Design Consultations Inc.
Look into DuChateau floors. They are gorgeous and even the vinyl ones look better than 90% of the standard wood floors out there! http://duchateaufloors.com/collections/vinyl-deluxe/
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I think your furniture blends into the wall too much and the white walls are too stark. You also might consider adding more pictures or additional wall decoration to reduce the dominance of the shingles. Definitely change the flooring.
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Here's another image.
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Catiekay's first example shows how awesome a shingled wall can be (even if it's not everyone's taste). The first image below (if I've figured out how to upload) shows another room with an interior shingled wall and your type of ceiling. And don't discount that it could look awesome painted. For the layout, a low bookcase where you currently have the t.v. facing the front door could set up a semi-room divider to create an office. Continue the low bookcase running along the side wall towards the front wall around to the front door. If there is enough room, face the desk outward so as you walk in the front door, it's off to your left and the door opens up against it. You can hang some local artwork on the wall behind the desk. If you use a low bookcase divider, it will keep the room open and you can mount the t.v. on the backside where you now have it. For the kitchen, the suggestion above to take down the cabinet over the peninsula is perfect. The doors are classic and the layout is great. Choose a color, anything from a cream, butter yellow, blue, green or red to paint the cabinets, possibly with a glaze. (Do some test doors before tackling the whole thing). Search Houzz kitchen photos by "rustic cabinet " and the color you are considering. Finally, consider resurfacing the brick behind the fireplace in a light river rock or similar type stone and straighten the sides so the wall has a full panel from floor to ceiling behind it. The current shape of the brickwork distracts from the back wall and the beams. The vinyl flooring suggested above looks great. Take your time considering options/colors for these permanent surfaces and then finalize the light fixtures, furniture, artwork, etc. A favorite fabric, patterned woolen blanket or piece of art can serve as inspiration for the colors in the kitchen and room.

Amy Alper, Architect · More Info

Craftsman Cottage Front Porch · More Info
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keep that wall like it is,as you say it gives you that feeling that you are outside even when you are in!!
after those floors are out you can really start to make the rooms look good!!
change the wallcolor around the fireplace,to a warmer tone.like the wooden chair,but think you want to update your furniture after all the bigger things are done,like the pict LizaJane put in,and i understand about not wanting the tv to be the focalpoint,but for most people that is where they start,but once you have a more substancial roomdivider that will be solved too.
am looking forward to seeing the changes!!!!
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