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Need a very inexpensive remodel

dblooizeFebruary 13, 2013
We are remodeling a semi-attached older home for our daughter and her future husband. The house had no improvements for over 30 yrs. Bathroom is the old style pink tile, fixtures scratched white and after a new kitchen, basement and refinished floors there is no more money left. All contractors have told us to learn to live with it and of course we would like that to not be the answer. Any suggestions would be appreciated because we are truly at a loss how to continue. Please help!
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Paint! And believe it or not you can paint that tile! Switch out the faucets inexpensively and pick out some pretty towels and sower curtain. Do a search on computer re: painting tile. It's really pretty easy. All told probably could be done for around $200.
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You can sometimes pick up tiles from tile companies pretty cheap from leftovers they have from jobs they have done. If you want to change out the vanity, look for one at yard sales, Craig's list (www.craigslist.comm). Advertise in local free papers what you are looking for. Sometimes people prefer to give things away rather than pay to have them hauled off.

You can also advertise that you will trade labor if you are unable to do the work yourself. What do you have for marketable skills that you could trade? Do you have any goods in the basement or garage that you could trade?
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Cheapest would be paint from pink to white: add decals if you wish + shower curtain, towels and bath mat.(get a monochromatic theme going using most of what you have = $ instead of $$$
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BM Mid East
1. Spend on a luxe pair of curtains for the shower and line each panel with a clear shower curtain available at IKEA, etc. Highlight the black...or the pink if you like the color (I do). 2. Choose a neutral color for your walls that is very quiet and works with your new curtains. 3. Get a beady or crystal-ish lamp-shade for your existing fixture or add a glass/globe to it. 3. Choose simple floor rug (large) staying away from traditional 'bath-mats'! 4. Invest in a luxe set of neutral colored towels for you towel-bar that have gorgeous texture, tassels, or interesting monochrome pattern. I will add some images...
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BM Mid East
perhaps simple white, like this, with black. white on the walls.
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BM Mid East
...or this, for an even more affordable re-do...
The idea is to use 2 curtains, like traditional non-bathroom curtains. They add a huge elemant of elegance and will hugely distract.
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We love these curtains and this idea, we will start looking tinto exta black tile and white paint for the rest. We all love the black and white remodel on the cheap, this should look awesome when finished.Could you tell us where to get these black & white curtains? we love them!
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Also de clutter :) have one really cluttered space/shelf if you need to put every thing else away French provincial touches will work well, black and white as recommended above
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You might be able to find a globe for the lightbulb at a thrift shop or yard sale or maybe a different lamp on sale at a big box store.
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You can get tile re-sprayed to hide original colour it has a gloss finish and will last long enough to save for full remodel. They can also do tubs and basins.
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You can also use tile paint but this bathroom has some funky features :) let the kids do it for themselves.
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Did you take out the shower doors for the photo?

For $100, I would buy a replacement globe for the light, paint the walls off-white, paint the vanity off-white, paint the mirror frame off white or black (it may be possible to pop off the frame for a sleeker look), put in a white vinyl curtain over the window, replace the hand shower with a showerhead and buy new white or black towels. Then I would scrounge at garage sales for a closed wood shelf to replace the glass-and-chrome shelf and a "new" used light fixture. The vanity top and faucet can be shined up with vinegar followed by car wax.
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The Creative Man
Hi, I just remodel a similar bathroom. Try painting the walls a chocolate color with a cast of rose in the color. It robs the tile of the pink. I then found an equestrian poster and based the theme around it. Chocolate colored towels, rug and shower curtain. It came out smashing.
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Paint the tile; refinish the tub; replace the vanity. Follow some of the other suggestions above, especially the luxe drapery suggestion
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Yes, we took out the shower doors and intend to take out the hardware as well. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to help, my husband was amazed that you all took the time to give
us this help, So THANK YOU ALL! We will be discussing all of this with our daughter and seeing
which things we can do. I am siding with the Black/White combo because that is dramatic. The curtains hung from the ceiling, the black frame around the mirror the tiles painted white with black accent like the shower inserts and we may invest in a different vanity/sink the rest seem to be salvageable. There is also a hamper sunk into the wall we would like to remove because it is very small and very old fashioned. Please keep suggestions coming, we truly appreciate the effort you are all giving to us. We are thankful!
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Houzz is an example of the natural tendency humans have to give to one another. We have been brainwashed to believe most people are selfish in the extreme. The opposite it true. It is in our DNA to give to one another, and it feels good. Humans would not have survived if we hadn't helped one another. Unfortunately, all the propaganda aimed at us which tells us we are greedy and one step from murdering each other has a hugely negative affect on all of us. Houzz is one example of how sharing comes naturally to us. All those rating systems on places like Amazon are also examples of people using their time to help others just for the sake of doing so. Good on all of us.
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We had a similar situation. Here's our solution: go neutral! We replaced the vanity (Ikea) and toilet with new simple modern white pieces, had the rub reglazed white, and got rid of the passé doors opting instead for a solid piece of glass. We also installed a full wall mirror on the vanity/toilet wall. Finishing touches came courtesy of white towels. Going to everything clean and white allowed the tile to look retro rather than old. Good luck!
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My daughters bathroom is small. I found this web site on Better Homes and Gardens that might be helpful to you http://www.bhg.com/bathroom/storage/storage-solutions/store-more-in-your-bathroom/
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Design Find
There is a business called "Miracle Method" that will come out and spray tiles a different color for a couple hundred bucks. I've used them about 4 times with good results (I always just went with white). You could do that and paint the wall whichever color you like. Just don't let them talk you into spraying the floor - the spray holds up better on walls and bathtubs - less traffic/wear. You can get some inexpensive towel bars, vanity, etc at a big box store. I'll attach a before/after of a bathroom I had "sprayed" (before was the blue, after was white). Hope that helps!
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