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Stainless steel or white appliances?
February 14, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We bought a home and want to upgrade the appliances. I'm hearing that stainless steel is on its way out in the near future? What about buying white again? Thoughts? I do love the look of stainless steel.
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Another picture of the kitchen
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Barbra Bright Design
Hi Amymarie, stainless steel appliances, like white kitchens aren't going anywhere. I think your kitchen will look great with the contrast that stainless will bring to your kitchen vs. being all white.

Also, I would consider new hardware for your cabinets. Since the drawers are already drilled for knobs--how about knobs on the drawers and handles on the doors. I think this will give your kitchen a visual punch. Congratulations on your new home!
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White will never go out of style. Stainless will be a little more expensive, and if you have small kids be prepared to do some cleaning because it does show fingerprints more than a textured white surface. I think you should get what you love and don't worry about trends--it's your kitchen, afterall and you'll see it everyday.
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I agree 100%! Do you think nickel hardware would look nice? I'm not a fan of the mint corian countertops but unfortunately due to budget, they have to stay another year or so.
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We're just starting our family so kids will be in this space! I really prefer the look of stainless steel, I just don't want to spend a ton of money and have it look outdated in 5-10 years.
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There are finishes that look like stainless but don't show fingerprints and are less expensive. CheckoutLowes, Home Depot, Best Buy and Sears on-line for examples.
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I think nickel hardware looks good with stainless. There are a few different finishes you can get in nickel--from highly polished, to brushed, to weathered. Cruise thru the cabinet hardware section of your local home improvement store and see what catches your eye.

And, ditto what bojaby said, there are "stainless look" finishes that mimic true stainless steel but aren't as expensive nor as messy. Samsung makes a great suite of appliances in a stainless look. Check them out.
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I love stainless and agree they make non finger printing stainless now.
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stainless or stainless look. it'll be a nice contrast with the cabinets and it's widely percieved as high end more up to date than white.
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Our refrigerator man told me that nowadays refrigerators are rated to last only ten years. This decrease from the good-old-times is because of the changes made for energy efficiency. Although I don't exactly believe him, the occasion for his visit was a $400 repair of an 8 year-old refrigerator. Dishwashers typically have panels that can be changed to match other appliances, so the issue would be stoves.

In my case I have medium wood cabinets with stainless knobs; and white Corian countertops, backsplash, refrigerator, and microwave. All of this in a galley kitchen that has light floors. When my double ovens needed replacement I decided that stainless looked better because it broke up all the white, it is deep in the kitchen next to the table that is at the window and it is across from stainless countertop that covers the built-in grill (how 60s!) and hosts the stainless toaster oven. The point is, that you can even mix finishes if it makes sense.

I would attach an image, but because the kitchen is long and narrow and has only one window no matter how hard I try the photograph doesn't really show what makes it work decoratively. Our eyes can accommodate varying brightness better than can a camera!
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Your repairman is correct. Appliances are only lasting 10 years. 12 years ago we bought all brand new stainless everything. By year 10, everything started dying. It was ridiculous! Since you spend so much money, you don't expect such a short life span. Stainless will never go out of style. It is the commercial, upgraded look. White and black will be here forever as well.
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Check the new color, White Ice, by Whirlpool. Beautiful and works with either white or stainless.
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