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kitchen makeover

Tina MairsFebruary 14, 2013
So I've decided I am going to paint my cupboards white. I can't afford to change the lighting as of yet, but thought of hanging the lights instead of them laying on top of the cupboards. I'm interested in trying Giani's Granite paint for the countertops. And am still looking for ideas for the small bit of wall under cabinets. Found some paintable beadboard wallpaper that looked interesting. Now the wall my oven is on might be a dilemna. The oven has been framed with 1/4in brick pieces and as I look closely at them the oven has a lip that hangs tight against them. Now I'm not sure what to do. I'd really like to remove them, but worried about damage to the wall and do I now need to move the oven into that empty space that is caused by removing the bricks?
Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!
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Could you raise the upper cabinets to the ceiling? That would give you more counter space and the ability to do more with a backsplash. I would paint the wall and brick the same color. It will blend but still have architectural detail.

I painted my cabinets about 5 years ago and they turned out really well. I wiped them down with a product from lowes to remove the gloss. Then I sanded and wiped the off again. Primed then painted and wiped a glaze on them that I wiped off except for the cracks. They are showing some wear now but still look better than they did. I lined up the doors on saw horses so I could do 5 or 6 at a time. Good luck!
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Tina Mairs
I didn't think about raising the cabinets, that's a great idea. As it is now, when I make coffee, I first have to open the cupboard to get the coffee maker out from under there! lol I did also think of just painting the bricks, but thought I'd ask what others think..I may just stick to that plan. I hate the flourescent lighting, but all I can deal with for now. Whoever did this kitchen, put the lights on the cupboards with a border around them and yellow/orange plastic covering...it must of been very dark! Was thinking of lights under the cabinets also. :)
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What is the room next to the kitchen? I had a row of cabinets blocking the view to the family room. I removed them and hung them in the laundry room next to the kitchen. I store dishes and cooking supplies rarely used so I still have the space. I took on of the smaller cabinets and replaced the corner cabinet so I could hang it flat against the wall. I put the corner cabinet in the garage. That really opened up my kitchen.

I still think you should raise the other cabinets up if you can. SAMs had a complete mosaic tile backsplash kit for $69 that was really pretty.

Good luck!
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Here is how it looks now after taking down that row of cabinets.
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Tina Mairs
that looks good! The room next is a big dining area, taking down the cupboards over the stove top would really change and open it up! hmm something to consider. And I too, could put them in my laundry room, which is another room on my list to clean up. I like the lighting you have also. Thanks for the ideas! I'd like to get this done soon!! My daughter is getting married in May, lots of people will be in and out, so would be nice to have my kitchen spruced up and my entry way (needs LOTS of work) started on.
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
Yikes - painting certainly will give you another year or two, but if they are not prepped properly you won't get much more out of them. I'd replace the doors with simple slab front, and get a cool new handle for them. Good luck!
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Andrea Prasch
We repainted our kitchen cabinets and all I can say is prep, prep, prep! Also either rent or buy a paint sprayer so you wont have lines and it will look better. Good luck and post after pics :)
PS remove all hinges don't paint them! A great site for hardware is www.knobs4less
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Kevin Retired Decorator
I think white paint would really help and raising the cabinets. I wouldn't get anything that has lines in it like bead board look. there's enough going on all ready with all the lines in the cabinets. I would add very simple new hardware in brushed chrome.Or you could spray paint the old hinges & handles black. I would paint the brick out white too. Then I would just paint all the back splash and walls a neutral light gray if your keeping the counters or paint them in a darker grey faux granite counter top texture paint on the market. Remove the cabinets above the stove top to give more of expansive look. But that would involve removing the sofit above which can be a big job with wiring etc. Maybe add a pot rack above the cook top. Find a brite new accent color that will work with your home for towels,accent dishes, canisters and accessories. Orange,Lemon,Lime green all would work. People tend to notice pops of color and new stylish accessories more. I did the same thing in my kitchen and everyone loves the pops of brite fresh new color. Also remove all the small knick knacks they are dating the kitchen. If the budget allows add peel & stick new tiles to the floor.
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I would never paint a countertop, but that's me, maybe you could find a nice layer of formica? I like the doors, maybe you can sell them, there are quite a lot retro-lovers looking for oddities to add to their homes. And painting those is a lot of work. Still, I won't try to stop you if your mind is set on doing it. ;)

Oh, and I agree on the comment above, paint the brick around the oven (taking out will require new finish) and the backsplash (so no tiles/panel).
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I didn't remove the soffit. I chose the track light because I didn't want to block the view.
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CMR Interiors & Design Consultations Inc.
Its shocking to my senses to see such a kitchen. Lets fix it!

You need:
New cabinet doors & drawers
New backsplash
New Formica countertops
Brick around oven must be painted.

MUST paint the faux brick around the fireplace. Probably with a heat rated paint. Just go matte black.
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Design By Pisces
I love the bricks the way they are , i would raise the cabinets and remove the side ones to open it up . i would paint the cabinets white and use subway tiles below on walls . later pot lights .
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ModaScapes Interior Design
Wouldn't it be just lovely if you had unlimited resources and could redo the whole thing?! Think of the possibilities! Since you don't, there are some super inexpensive, but dramatic changes you can make that are easily executed:

-The countertop resurfacing goodies at Home Depot and Lowes are actually a fantastic bang for the buck. You can't make them worse than the are, but be sure to follow all of the instructions and search out some reviews on-line so you can see what other people made mistakes on.

-Just removing the plastic on your light box will make that room taller. It's likely not finished under there, so if you're up to a little drywall repair, take those lights down and get a new one. If you're not up to that, get new plastic at a home improvement store.

-Removing the upper cabinets between the kitchen and dining room would be a HUGE change in the space. It's easy, but will require a little ceiling patching and since you're already painting the cabinets, you'll be able to finish the exposed end panel to match.

- Painting the cabinets... this might be obvious to you, but you will need to buy or rent a sprayer to get the paint into all of those grooves or it will not look nice when completed.

Good luck!
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If you like the cabinet doors, paint them. If you don't, cut plain doors out of birch plywood and go around the edges with wood veneer that you iron on. I did this to my bathroom cabinet and refaced tthe front of cabinet using thin wood I got at Lowe's. Stained the whole thing and got nickel bar handles. Brought it right up to date and didn't spend a lot on it either.
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Tina Mairs
Yes unlimited resources and finances would be wonderful! If that were the case then I would be tearing down the wall between the kitchen and laundry room and moving the whole kitchen (which when I win the lottery I will do!). But as it is, I'm a poor country girl, starting a hobby farm in the boonies of BC Canada. My hubby is a long haul truckdriver, so I am on my own, doing and learning alone. This is an old farmhouse and has been redone over and over again.

I like the cupboards, they just need an uplift. New hardware also is the plan. A paint sprayer has been on my list of wants and looks like I'll be getting one very soon! When said, I agree about the lines and beadboard...since it's a small space I may look into tiles or just durable paint.
Because drawer space is limited, I have a dresser on the opposite side of the stovetop I have turned into a bureau for cutlery and linens. I plan on painting it to match with matching hardware.
When hubby was home last, I got him to check out the electrical up top and seeing what we can do about the lighting. So next time he's home I'll see what he thinks about removing those cupboards altogether above the stovetop. Yes, in the future, I want Pot Lights! It's on the list! There is no plastic covering over the lights now. There was at one time, dark yellow!
I have been doing lots of research on products for the countertops. And still like the granite paint look.
I'm going to paint the bricks (I have no fireplace) around the oven.
Under the flooring is the original hardwood and will eventually be pulling it all up and redoing them.

I love the input! It helps so much and I'm getting all kinds of new ideas! Thank you!
Now if any of you have the extra money and time, you are more than welcome to come on over! hehehe
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Your cabinets have that "bamboo look" that seems to be "in" right now. The handles really need to be swapped out but those cabinets are sorta bamboo on steroids, in a good way. Definitely keepers.
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I just noticed that the cabinets on the left side are hung very low. Can you raise them up so your counter space isn't short like that?
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Tina, I have been househunting lately, and I want you to know that I have seen some gorgeous laminate out there that you would sweaar is granite. I had to look at the end to know for sure. Had a beautiful edge too. It might be an optionto keep costs down too.
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We just launched a new line of ultra thin LED under cabinet lighting that would really help to upgrade your space as well. All of the lights have built in diffusers too so you won't get a glare on the tiles or countertops. And best of all, it's very user friendly to install so you might not even need an electrician's help if you wanted to install the lighting yourself.

It has interchangeable LED light bars and LED puck lights that you can choose from, in two colors of white (soft or neutral). Soft white is definitely preferred in kitchen lighting - and since they're dimmable too you can create a any atmosphere you want.

Complimentary design advice from our lighting specialists at (888) 880-1880 if you need any help!

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