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Need help with window trim colour

Seventies HouseFebruary 15, 2013
Hello everyone! My first post here in Houzz. As a relatively new homeowner (just under a year) I'm in need of some advice on our first big exterior decision.

We have just signed the order for new windows on our late 70's house. Because we have to work on a tight deadline, we won't be painting the exterior prior to the windows and trims being added, so need to work with the existing colour for now (ignore the current garage/trim colours as we'll be painting those to match/compliment the windows...for the garage doors I'm thinking a nice deep red for a pop of colour at the front). I have NO idea what colour the house will end up being, but we are leaning towards a greyish blue colour eventually. At that point I suppose we can repaint the trims if needed.
With the current colour scheme we're leaning towards a dark brown trim (the new windows will be white).

Still having a hard time trying to get our vision for the exterior sorted out. Any thoughts for trim colour, or even longer-term ideas are appreciated - thanks!
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Seventies House
Not a single comment all day...? Have I got a privacy setting somewhere that I don't know about? :(
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Nancy Hehmann
I will go "talk" to some people on here that I am familiar with and see if they will comment. They are usually very active!
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Seventies House
Thanks!! I'm a newbie here so wasn't sure if maybe I'd posted it incorrectly.
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Hmmm... tan paint, black trim, red doors? Very Burberry.
If you do the grey/blue paint, white or buttercream trim, red doors
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The first thing I noticed when I looked at your house was what appears to be a brick wall with arched entry way. I love those but I can't really see it though due to the size of the shrubs. Then I looked around and it appears many of the shrubs are pretty darn big. Maybe that's what is making it hard to decide what to do? you cannot see the house properly? I know I didn't give you color suggestions, but without a good look at the brick, its hard to tell.
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Nancy Hehmann
OK I posted in another discussion and perhaps those folks will help. I like the style of your house. What I usually suggest is that people drive through other neighborhoods till they see a combination of colors on another house that really wows them. Also you can use the HOUZZ search engine to look at exteriors of houses. You might even put "stained garage doors" in the search engine. A lot of examples will come up and they do look sensational. Since your garage doors are front and center you might want to swap them out for a different style. They were using a lot of stained shutters in France too that looked very nice.
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I love this ranch. It seems as if there are two colors…the body of the house and the garage doors are quite pale, almost a putty color, but blends perfectly with the stone. May I suggest you trim down the bushes that are shielding the front entry?
Traditional House Remodel · More Info
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Agree with misecretary, can't see enough. Definitely can see the 70s colours though and it looks like you have sandstock bricks. I have a lot of homes around me built at this time and with similar bricks and they have all been updated by losing the dark "mission brown" of the 70s and replacing it with a rich cream, even the trellis at the side. I know that doesn't sound very exciting but it does come up very rich and clean. You have a lot of greenery around the house to offset it and maybe add colour in the garden to give it a pop. Paint your pot at the front of the garages the greyish blue. I'm sorry to say the red garage and dark brown window frames don't appeal to me at all.
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I like the garage doors if they are the wood looking style. Hard to tell the design, whether it is the standard ones or custom. . Either paint the garage doors beige or dark brown. Why burgundy? I like when the garage doors blend with the house and do not stand out. I would paint the two pitched parts of the roof a dark brown. The dark and light contrast is too busy or paint the area all beige. I cannot tell what the dark brown is such as gutters. If gutters are dark keep dark or if you want to go light either get dark brown window trim or a beige that blends with the brick and then paint the trim around the house the same color.
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Trim the shrubs also.
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Garage style that Judy's posted are the perfect ones you should have. The color blend of,that house is,the look I am talking about,with beige.
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Tres McKinney Design
The picture judyg posted is an excellent recommendation for an eventual color scheme. She notes how the putty colored wall color and garage doors ties into the whitewashed brick entry. I Definitely would recommend against painting the garage doors red. Since there are a pair of them it would be too much. Paint your front door red if you like and make that the entry the focal point. As budget permits you may want to change the garage doors out to the carriage style with windows as they would add more interest to your exterior. The current dark brown roof eves present a challenge. If you are not planning on painting the house soon then you may have to paint the the window trim around the white windows brown or tan for now as I think the dark brown eves will look too heavy with white trim. I would remove the heavy shrubbery at the front door and pull the planting area further down the right side of the drive way.
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Love Judy's house too, this was the effect I was talking, although whether you go cream or putty depends on the colours in your bricks. Paint your window frames the same and either use it on your fascia and guttering or leave it brown to match the roof. I think your existing garage doors are right for your home.

I am not averse to the plantings in front of your entrance, I prefer my entrance to be screened in such a way, but I would keep them trimmed to that height. Thicken up your lawn, add some colour and the screen will be a nice backdrop to your front garden.

Do you have stamped concrete driveways? Eventally it would be nice to replace your existing driveway and the stamped concrete can be coloured to match your garage doors.
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Seventies House
Thanks for the tips everyone. I should have probably mentioned that this was the stock photo I had at hand, which was taken nearly two years ago. After we moved in we did a good trimming on the hedges at the front and even removed one or two to thin them out... As it's a sunny day today I'll see if I can snap some new & current photos to add.
Judy: thanks for the pic. The door is the same colour as our front door, and although our brick is more red, not quite as bleached, it is useful. The garage doors are on my "to-replace" list but not a priority this year, so figured I might as well have some fun painting them for now.
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Ironwood Builders
Taking out the bushes in front of the entry arch and having a separate path to the front door may help as well. Meander through the yard with some flagstone, line the edges with perennials...just another project, right? I'd like to see the newer pictures....
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Seventies House
I didn't get a decent photo on the weekend but will try again soon. We have gone with dark brown for the trims so far, hoping it matches better with the dark roof, etc. a slightly lighter putty colour for the main body of the house is definitely in the cards.
As for moving the shrubs at the front of the house, that will probably not happen. We are situated on a fairly busy road so we appreciate the sound block, and in the spring through early summer they are full of cascades of pink flowers as you enter the courtyard :) The house is not set back very far from the road, so there isn't much leeway to move things out, plus at the road edge it is nearly impossible to grow anything (including grass) due to compaction from all the pedestrians. We love our house, but the lot gives us severe limitations with our options. That will be another discussion thread altogether..!
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Glad you are keeping your shrubs, I really like the way it is done and it sounds like you definitely need the privacy.
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How about a fun green? And no, your not being overlooked, just so may asking for input. Nice home
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