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Need Ideas, Suggestions...

goosesixFebruary 15, 2013
Just recently purchased this home that belonged to my late Grand Parent's and I pretty much need to update every room. Top priority is the kitchen and the living room-see photo's. As you can see for both rooms I will be dealing with wood paneling, and the living rooms back wall is brick. I want to paint the paneling and brick to lighten up the living room and put hardwood flooring down where you currently see, (I don't even know what color to call the carpet), but it is coming out. For the kitchen I'm looking at the same concept with the painting of the walls and cabinets. Want to replace the countertop with grayish granite or marble?? I am new to this site, but have seen some pretty good recomendations so far and would greatly appreciate the suggestion's!
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Jayme H.
I am not a marble expert, but have read it stains easily and requires some upkeep. Painted paneling will look good...Are u leavint the built in shelf in living room? Or are u going for a more contemporary look on the fireplace wall?
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Plan to keep and maybe later build a 2nd for the right side to match it up across the whole wall. Thanks for the tip on the marble, I'll look into that.
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Jayme H.
pics of painted brick..may be interesting to paint the built in a color..?
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Barbara Griffith Designs
In the living room, I would leave the brick wall as is. Paint the cabinetry to the left of the fireplace white. I would also add, if possible the same units on the other side of the fireplace, leaving the brick background. I would add a new mantle & fireplace surround..maybe ready made, and painted white. The paneling painted will look like paneling painted. I would simply take off the baseboard and cover the paneling with 3/8" drywall, really quite easy, then replace your baseboard with a new wider one. Your flooring idea sounds great.

For the kitchen, look at Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations http://cabinets.rustoleumtransformations.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=cabinet%20transformations&utm_content={K_CREATIVE_HEADLINE}&utm_campaign=Cabinet%20Tranformations. It is easy, inexpensive and available at Home Depot. Countertop..granite..as Jayme stated, marble is very porous and will stain.

It looks like a great project and the outcome, I am sure, will be fabulous, let us see the finished product.
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Seventies House
Lots of potential in there, and I love the open layout. Agree with the post above. I've seen badly-painted wood panelling and it looks like exactly that. Might be worth looking into the drywall option... I've seen brick done in a sort of whitewashed look, but apparently that takes a lot of meticulous work and you have a fair amount there to work on. Solid paint may be the way to go.
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I imagine you are trying to save money by painting the kitchen cabinets and paneling rather than replacing the cabinets with something that is of better quality and replacing the paneling with drywall. The paneling in the kitchen looks like it may be thick wood but you will have to prime it well because the knots in the pine will bleed through.

How well made are the cabinets. It doesn't make sense to put an expensive countertop on top of low quality cabinets. You may want to use laminate, which by the way come in much better colors and styles now than what you currently have, instead of granite or marble until you can replace the cabinets with something better.

Your family room is a really good size. I think the color of the carpet is Mauve. I would just remove the bookcases all together or add more on the other side of the fireplace to balance it out. Congratulations on aquiring your grandparents' home. I hope you enjoy the process of making it yours.
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Luis Felipe Alves
Clear all, dark is depresive, resume the informatios, a space to feel god not to see only.. big sofa, tv, table center, game table... etc
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wmpj- The cabinets are in fairly good shape, at least they look good to me. I haven't rulled out completely gutting the kitchen and drywalling , but that means I will have to go all the way down the main hallway as well, which is currently wood panelling..There are 3 Bedrooms off the hallway that all have drywall and hardwood floors already so I would guess that in order for the house to flow, I would probably need to drywall the whole kitchen. Maybe leave the living room with the panelling and paint it... I don't know..LOL Decisions, Decisions...
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I know what you mean goosesix. It can be overwhelming. I think it's best to take your time and decide on what your really want to do and go from there. It's better to do it the way you really want it that way you won't have to redo it in a few years.
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I would do whatever it takes to re-drywall the panelling. Drywalling is a pain, and if you don't do it now before moving all your stuff in, you may not get around to it! It will be the 'base' for everything else you end up doing.

I second the Rustoleum product. Their website has loads of before and afters that will give you ideas! Good luck! The place has lots of potential, so like wmpj said, think about what you really want and start working towards it.
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Jayme H.
I agree that dry walling would likely look the best. IDK what your situation is, or if that is feasible now. I think the fireplace wall should not be painted identically to the painted paneling...or at least the built-ins being a different color. Some people have posted some very nicely done, painted paneling room on this site. It would be a lot cheaper to paint, but labor intensive...
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Jayme H.
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Custom Fireplace Mantels
Try to think outside the box. I used economical approach for this reno (still in progress). Finished plywood panels for the walls (off shipping crates) aged wood for fireplace cladding (wood off marble shipping crates - some Brazilian hardwood).
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We had an older home w paneling, painted everything white even fireplace and installed tung and groove w beams on ceiling. Turned out gorgeous! Made double when we sold. Also, we used tile that looks like wood, comes in whitewashed and normal woodgrain. Please post pic when u r done!
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Custom Fireplace Mantels
couple more pics
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Are the bookcases attached to each other? Do they share the interior wall? Is there any reason why one couldn't be placed on either side of the fireplace and be painted white, or a color of your choice. Then you could just change out the wood mantel and continue on with the rest of your plan. You probably would have mentioned this but I just thought I'd ask. You never know. My husband and I bought our ocean view dream house years ago and only a few weeks after taking ownership did we walk into the upstairs powder room and find out there was a shower placed opposite the toilet! Good luck with your upgrade and re-do. Have fun too!
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You are so fortunate to be living in your grandparents' house! Please choose a few elements of the house to carefully preserve - things that captured them and their era. It could that knotty pine that represents memories of your grandmother cooking? I have very vivid memories of the kitchens of both of my grandmothers - the wallpaper, the art deco table and chairs, stoves, refrigerators, cookie jar, telephone nook, linoleum - EVERY DETAIL. I am telling you this because you probably do not appreciate any of this now, but you have the opportunity to create a precious legacy for your family. Don't worry about it being dated now because everything in that house will come back into style eventually. I can understand wanting to rip it out and start fresh. But do resolve to protect some part of it!
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I like a pretty grey/white toned granite that has cherry/burgundy specks in it called Kashmir white granite.
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It will look wonderful painting the paneling and brick and light color. It will totally transform your room. The good news is, it's only paint, so it won't cost much. That room will look wonderful when you're done!
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Really appreciate all the ideas and recommendations. Will post pics as I go and of the final product.
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Our den was paneled with nece paneling also. We just primed it and painted it a lovely yellow. We painted the fireplace and built ins white. It made a huge difference.
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I think you should paint both the paneling and the fireplace, probably the shelving, too. I don't think drywall is the answer to everything and think the paneling, painted, would add good texture to the room and is somewhat classic (if casual). I do think painting that paneling is going to be hard work though, probably good for a pro to do. I'd recommend leaving the right side of the fireplace as is and using it as a great place for a large scale art piece to be featured. Could be a huge impact and focal point in the room.
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Also, while working in there, I'd invest in some recessed lighting. Candice Olsen often uses those small halogens that really light up the place at night. Love those.
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If you do paint the paneling yourself, wash it with TSP, rinse it with clean water, lightly sand the paneling, wipe away dust, prime then paint. It is something you can do yourself. I've done it. You may want to paint it before changing the carpet but I would paint the baseboard after you replace the flooring.
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I would think about keeping the knotty pine in the kitchen unless you hate it. Here it looks contemporary with the clean lines and bold color (the stools with the green paint, I'd nix).

Highland Lake House kitchen · More Info

In your case I would let the bold color be on the kitchen floor with marmoleum (linoleum). See how beautiful it is here and it's comfortable to stand on:

ECOblue kitchen · More Info

Modern Foursquare · More Info

I would re-do the counter-top and sink (unless in good condition) and get a clean-lined faucet and get some beautiful stools.
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Distinctive Mantel Designs, Inc
goosesix I just had a wall plastered over....$1500 If you are doing hardwood, I would remove that brick hearth and run wood up to wall. Later, add a new lower hearth (plywood box-covered with stone/tile) Move that bookcase to another wall or room.
Kitchen....don't keep that counter separating the room. I changed mine and moved the cabinets to the end wall. Makes the room much bigger. Opened a wall too.
It is a great house and you are lucky to have it. Just a few updates will be fabulous!
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Laura Stermer
Pace yourself, and have a budget. There is a sherwin williams paint tool where you can upload your own photo and play with the color. and the rustoleum has a tool for playing with ideas - as mentioned above.

Knowing my husband, here is what he would build on the empty side of the fireplace - an extension of the look of book shelves - an entertainment center... putting the tv at a great viewing level...

Divine Kitchens LLC · More Info
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Laura Stermer
Here is another idea to even out look of book cases - and this one has paneling as the backsplash lol

Instead of painting the back wall inside those bookcases... measure the back area (are the shelves removable?) and take a fabric you like or wallpaper and wall/upholster slim cuts of foam board and insert them into back of bookcase to give them a richer feel, and hide the paneling. I'll see if I can find you a photo of that idea.

New Construction · More Info
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Laura Stermer
ok, here are a few more photos.

first, a look at white painted paneling inside bookcases

Second, an idea to put a wood facade around the brick (check your local building codes about distance needed between flames and flammable...

third the wallpaper look inside the bookcase shelves to hide paneling...

Family Room · More Info

Custom Fireplace Mantel and Bookcase · More Info

Home of the Year · More Info
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Prime and paint it all! It's an inexpensive quick fix that will satisfy you for a few years until you have a bigger budget to work with. I agree that you should separate the bookcases if possible and place one on the other side of the fireplace.
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Urbana ~ Designer Ellen Crystal
Rather than a paint for the paneling, consider a solid colour stain. It will absorb into the wood, particularly the kitchen knotty pine and have better longevity. likely would require some sanding to allow the existing finish to be penetrated. Either that or prime & paint.
couple of photos from Jamye Hobbs really give a glimmer of the potential.

Try for a flow of flooring. As suggested a Marmoleum or tile in kitchen in a harmonious colour family to the in your hardwood for the living area. That way the overall flooring theme doesn't chop up your rooms. If you keep the paneling in place & paint, think about a floor with a narrower plank or wider (but not the same size) so the linear feel & scale of one, doesn't compete with the same shape of the other. For this reason, you might want to use a square cork tile instead... gives more of a progression of shapes than just the same over & over. Also, be careful not the same size as brick either!

The fireplace brick is a huge monumental wall. Long term maintenance would be easier if just left the way it is a very difficult to paint well. It does set a strong colour theme & style for the room. If you truly dislike that look I've seen this type of brick plastered. Also a veneer of an alternate stone applied over. That could take many forms.

If you wish a country style, more rustic finishes will suit. If you wish a more polished look, the material selections should be compatible.

Create an idea file of rooms that appeal to you.. Pay special attention to the finish materials you see in the "idea" rooms. You should have a similar finished look if you work toward these finishes in your spaces.

Concerning the kitchen. Think very carefully about putting in a very expensive counter on the cabinets. Criteria should be:
1) are they very well made
2) do they provide enough storage & is it a kitchen you really enjoy using
3) does the layout work well for you.

If you can answer yes, then you'd likely enjoy the nicer top. If not, consider a simple laminate instead. If you wish a stone look, Formica FX has some really interesting large scale tops that would give some drama at easy price point. Then long term you may consider a revamp and invest in your premium materials then.
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Checkout rubasaves posting. She whitewashed her fireplace wall and it is beautiful. You could pick a color from the finished wall to use as paint on your wood walls.
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kathleen MK
I'd start with painting that paneling a light color. depending on your furnishing and style, the rustic brick might not need painting. the bookcase does need to be balanced by a matching entertainment center/bookcase on the other side. If you used the wallpaper/foamboard trick to line the back of shelves with the lighter wall color it would limit the dark brick to just around the fireplace. then the bookcase and mantel could be dark stained or even painted black. (Like Laura S's home of the year photo.) Bright white woodwork and bookcase could be a nice contrast from the brick. If your furnishing don't go with the brick color don't be afraid to paint it or cover it.
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I looked but I must have missed this if you answered it already. Are the bookcases attached or can they be separated and moved so that one is on each side of the fireplace? Thanks. In a situation similar to yours I whitewashed the brick and painted the paneling a white nearly the same color. Is was supposed to be a temporary move but the outcome was so good we decorated around the result and loved it for years. Of course the fourth wall was 15 feet of glass and a view of the Pacific Ocean, which took command of the room by its very nature. Sadly we had to sell that house and I miss the painted paneling as much as the ocean view. Good luck with your home. It looks like one that will bring you years of happy living.
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