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Help with horrible living room

SamanthaFebruary 15, 2013
Hi all, I'm looking for inspiration on what to do with my awful living/dining room. As things currently stand its dark and a quite frankly a bit old fashioned. Its also a bit of an odd shape which is giving me a few problems in coming up with a layout. I've attached a floor plan which shows the room sizes etc and some pictures of hows its currently decorated. Most of the furniture (not including the awful fireplace) needs to stop - my partners pride and joy. But we are looking at replacing the tv cabinet, dining set and cabinet in the dining area.

To give you an idea on layout, the door in the living room leads into the hall and the window in that area looks out over the front garden (also in desperate need of renovation). Its a south facing window. The door in the dining room leads into the kitchen and the window in that area looks out over the back garden (which also needs a lot of work). Its a north facing window. - Add in the great British weather and its no wonder its a bit dark in here lol.

I have been thinking about boarding up the fire and having a little seating area there (two chairs and little side table) with the tv unit on the wall by the door (as it is now) and the sofa on the wall oposite the door (as it is now). Not too sure though. Colour wise I'm leaning towards something that will lighten up the room, but nothing too cool. I've also been considering having wooden (well laminate) flooring. The only possible issue is, we already have laminate in the hallway. Could we get away with another flooring which may not match?

Any suggestions or thoughts greatly appreciated.
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HI -- If this was my place ,-I would be taking some of the walls down. I know the Brits like their doors on every room , but do you really need them. Would you like to or can you open the rooms up more ? If you opened the wall more at the hall then the room would look bigger and not so closed in . Same with the dining room , if the wall was opened to the kitchen and the window replaced with some french doors , that would let more light in . I would remove the fireplace if you don't like it . There are other fireplaces now that you can put anywhere without the need of venting .Take all the wallpapers off and have all the connecting rooms the same color , something light and neutral . For the floors there are higher end laminates that look wonderful and I would keep all the floors the same . Maybe a light maple or a new weathered grey . Go the extra and do all the floors on the main floor . It will look much better. Just keep the chair rail in the dining room but remove the wainscotting in the lounge but have all the walls the same color , top to bottom. Have a look at these colors , Benjaminmoore.com " Cloud White " " Gentle Cream " " Revere Pewter " "Floritine Plaster " " Classic Grey " or the color of the year "Lemon Sorbet " Also have a look at this Canadian website -- my fav -- it might help you a lot . houseandhome.com
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Your floor plan is quite typical, the main issue is the size of the rooms. I agree to remove all the wallpaper and pick a calming color for the walls. If you are going to revamp this area I would suggest all new furniture as well.

Fox Run Home · More Info
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Chap De Laine's Interiors
Don't be afraid to put the chair in front of the window and slide the sofa down a little. It would clean up your doorway a little more.
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Agree with lefty and Dy.

I like your fireplace. Were this my home, I would start there.

Your fireplace looks like it has a pearly grey color? I would paint the all walls grey and all the woodwork white (including the doors). Look at BM Ice Cub Silver. White: BM Simply white.

Flooring…how about cork? It is warm, quiet and comes in so many colors and patterns you will be able to find something to coordinated with the laminate you have.

I would make a window seat in living room and follow Dy's picture using lots of white (slipcovers). You can put color on your windows and pillows.
Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. · More Info

Bowmont Mirror · More Info
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Start by taking off the wallpaper and repaint the entire room. Blanc canvases are truly inspiring.
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If you're not entirely sure about what and where in which color, start white, it's the cheapest color to paint in dark rooms and a great way to mesmerize about future decorating plans.
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Practicing with some software here :)
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Wouldn't you need your fire for heating or is it ancilliary to other heating in the house? If you can live without it, then it would free up much need space in your room. I think you are on the right track with your furniture arrangement except I would definitely move the chair out of the doorway to in front of the window.

Removing the wall paper will be a great start - you will probably be amazed at how much this will open up the room for you. I know everyone suggests grey and Dy's room looks great, but with your dreary weather, I don't think you need it in your home. Your sitting room faces south which should give you the best light possible but your north facing dining room would definitely need help. At least it is the dining room, which is a room you can go overboard with colour to create intimacy and I would suggest orange. Keep it a very clear orange no brown in it, otherwise it will go drab. Paint your wainscotting white for a nice sharp contrast. The living room I would tone the orange down, to make it cheerful without too much colour, and add some nice bright lime accessories.

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Oops, Houzz chopped half my comment. The above photo was to give you an idea for the dining room - something co-ordinating like this for the lounge

Vancouver Residence · More Info
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Houzz does not like me - I will get there yet.

I would also add touches of lime for more cheerful colour.

As far as your flooring goes, if you like the laminate check out this brand that is available in England. This is a timber laminate that looks like tile and a white or pale colour one will add light to your room and it won't conflict with your existing flooring. You could even use a bright rug like in the above photo to really cheer the room.

I think you will find this will all compliment your partner's furniture.
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I don't believe this - now it has lost my flooring link


I would also suggest white curtains - they will help bring more light into the room.
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Your actually really lucky to have such a big living room so do as much as you can with the great space. If the room is dark put in light coloured furniture and putting mirrors in always helps. Use a strong colour on the walls and if you have curtains that reach the floor that can make the LIGHT windows more of a feature.
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Is it right I'm not seeing a radiator below the large window? Where is the heating in this room? Before you start painting and decorating, get those type of things arranged. http://www.homesupply.co.uk/radiator_output_calculator.php
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Thanks for the ideas everyone, I realy appreciate it.

We have talked about taking out the chimney breast or removing walls, but its a bit beyond budget at the moment and since I'm hoping to move house in the next year or so we've tabled the idea. I may revist it though now, see if it would help out the kitchen (small almost galley style with at least one door and or window per wall - I have no idea what the architect was thinking lol).

I quite like the idea of moving the chair or sofa in front of the window, but wouldn't it block the light? Not 100% sure it would look quite right either - not sure it came across in the photo but the window its a flat to bow conversion, so it has a pretty deep windowsill.

Judy the fireplace has more pink tones than grey. The idea of grey walls sounds good though and the window seat - hadn't even thought of that.

Love the idea of the storage units along the window wall. Storage is a definate necessity in here.

I had been considering creams and orange and/or red to go with the deep green sofa. What do you think?
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Green and red/orange will give loads of contrast. And contrast = busy.
Try some complementary colors, such as yellows or blues. Soft earthtones like light greige, that might sound dull, but will look good. You can always add color with accessories and warmth with a wooden floor (laminate/real).
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Samantha, if you are going to be moving house next year, then I would reconsider any work you do and put resale first. I have no idea what the English property market is like, or your area in particular, but if it is a slow market then you would do well to consider what attracts buyers in general most. If there are open houses in your area that are for sale, check them out to see the internal condition, decorating, etc. look at the price being asked and compare it to your home. Talk to local agents too, they will only be too happy to help you maximise work you do to enhance your resale value. Definitely would not consider structural renovations at all, unless it would massively incease your property value and colour scheme - you would want to create something welcoming but not too out there.
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Well Houzz works in mysterious ways, half of the posts I've just seen (before my comment yesterday) weren't showing up yesterday???

Anyway, thank you so much for all your suggestions, it really helps.

Wow Olldroo I'm loving the look in those images. Not sure I'm brave enough to paint the whole room orange though lol. Could be a good look for a feature wall (if I can convince my other half that is) - plus a feature wall is easier to paint over when it comes time to move lol.

Ringreation, I hadn't thought of blues, but now you've mentioned it, it could look really nice. We already have a couple of deep blue plant pots.

In answer to the heating query, the fire hasn't been used in at least 5 years (not since the tree came down it - slight exageration maybe - we've got it all out so it is safe to use). We have central heating throughout the house. In the living room that means one radiator behind the tv (roughly the width of the tv unit) and one behind the sofa (just under the width of the sofa). In the dining room theres a radiator underneath window, roughly the width of the window. Location of radiators is not set in stone, we have no issues with relocating them (provided we can do so without having pipes shoing in the room) or replacing them, with something more attractive (they are old). We do have some pipework which we will need to hide - annoyingly pretty much down the middle of the wall, not sure we'll be ale to move it.

On a side note a couple of people have mentioned wainscoting, there isn't any in this room.. The lower half of the walls is a white patterned/textured paper. All that paper is going and I do intend on removing the chair rail and the wooden frame around the archway into the dining room. The only possible fly in the ointment with removing the frame and fireplace is getting the same skirting board as we already have (if that made sense). The paper on the ceiling will also be replaced with something lighter weight (probably the same paper we've been using in the rest of the house). Walls will almost definately need to be re-papered, the plaster will almost certainly fall off in chunks when we take the paper off (it has everywhere else), so the walls are unlikely to be good enough to just paint. I have been planning on a fairly plain paper, some texture, that we can paint over (as we've done in other rooms), with a possible feature wall, either a patterned paper or just painted a different colour - not sure yet though.

Ohh finaly comment I've mentioned before. Whatever flooring we go for, needs to be dog friendly. We are looking at getting a dog in the not too distant future and if we go with the Alaskan Malamute were thinking of, its going to be a big dog.

I'm working on figuring out the overall layout at the moment, playing with some designs on the computer. I'll post images when I've got a bit further see what you all think (if you don;t mind).

Thank you all so much for the suggestions, it really helps to get another persons perspective. I keep finding myself getting blinded by the pink lol. I think it will look so much bigger when those pink walls have gone.
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Tiled floor then perhaps? Vinyl? PVC?
And I do like wainscoting in your home, looks like it's meant to be :)
So if you're re-doing the whole walls, I'd say glasfiber paper (gives some strength) and a slat halfway up all the way around the room. Paint the bottom part and the slat a soft white to give your rooms the brightness they desperately need and some soft color on top. Neutral for selling, easy to repaint, not too expensive.
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Samantha, that was weird, those comments were missing when I came on to but after I had scrolled up and down a few times reading your notes and checking your photos they suddenly appeared.

Goodness, there is certainly a lot to be done in your home - paper on the ceiling sounds a huge job.

I didn't mean you to paint the whole dining room orange, just the top when I thought you had wainscotting, posted the photo to give you real impact though. I thought the paler shade in the second photo would tone it down in the lounge area with the possibility of a feature wall. You could always use the paler colour right through if you felt the other too strong - definitely not a resale colour.

Blue could be nice too, I love blue and brown together, I would just suggest caution with your dining room, blue is a cool colour so is not good for a north facing room, and if the light isn't good it can send a true blue grey. However if you went into an aqua blue, you might find this will work better. There are some nice aquas that aren't baby/pastel type colours. Would you consider keeping the chair rail in the dining room and painting the bottom half a darker colour, the railing white and the top half a lighter shade of the colour on the base. That lighter shade could then be continued in the loungeroom. I saw this one time on Houzz and loved it - thinking of your dining room again and painting below the chair rail the plain colour with the wallpaper on top. Of course it probably wouldn't be good for resale - although aren't Brits quite into wallpapers???

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I'm not very knowledgeable where papers are concerned, they aren't used here, so just adding some thoughts - I note in the US they seem to use a lot of textured papers that come in different colours. Would you be able to use them for your ceilings (thinking white) to spare you the effort of painting?

What did you think of the laminate timber tiles? I'm pretty sure they would stand up to a Malamute, well, laminate stands up to my grandkids. This brand looks really solid. You could check with the manufacturer. Love your choice of dog, they are beautiful - just hope you can afford to feed it!!!! :)

Do let us know how you go.
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Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out with this.

Hmm nice thought but I think tile may be a bit too cold. The dog would love it, but my feet wouldn't lol. If not laminate flooring I've thought about an anti stain neutral carpet, maybe some sort of a beige tone. I'd definately want a carpet with flecks in it though so it doesn't show every tiny little bit (as our solid blue stairs and landing carpet does).

Never heard of glassfibre paper before, I'll have a look see if anywhere sells it in the UK.

I hadn't thought about having two colours like that (one top and one bottom). Don't think keeping the chair rail will be possible, there will be too many breaks in it once we've removed other things in the room. It would probably mean starting it from scratch. I could however use a border in its place. My nan has used this in her living room and it looks quite nice. She has a lemon paper on the bottom (painted lemon), white (well slightly off white) and white paper on the top. The border is useful to hide the scraggy edges of the two different paper types, when they meet in the middle. I've probably got a picture of nans somewhere if you want to have a look.

Lol the main reason us Brits like our wallpapers is because our walls and ceilings tend to be crap (unless you have a new build). Painting straight onto the wall usually ends badly lol. Paper is a nice easy way of overcoming it.

As for papering the ceiling, in the other rooms we've done we've used a paper with a light texture, looks a bit like someones roughly plastered the ceiling. Doesn't sound nice but it looks good. Even thought the paper is white, we always given it a coat of white paint just to finish it off. By the way papering the ceiling isn't too bad a job. Much easier than plastering it.

Those laminate tiles looked quite good. I spotted one in a colour I loved. Just not too sure it will work with the hallway laminate colour. Thanks for the link, I've bookmarked it so I don't loose it.

They are gorgeous dogs. Well bred ones are so calm as well, all be it stubborn lol. From what our local breeder has said despite how huge a dog they are it shouldn't be that much to feed. They said about £40 a month for a top quality feed (I'd guestimate about $25 - $30 American)! They may look huge but they are mostly fur (seriously soft, sink your hands in fur at that).

So far I've got one layout I like. It all hinges on whether or not the one chair will block too much light though, so not certain it will work. I've attached some pictures - everything should be pretty much to scale (sofa's and chairs work on the widest and tallest points - I'm not skilled enough to build the correct shape). Colour choices were made completely at random, I've only been working on the layout at the point. If anything seems to be floating in mid air, its operator error and should probably be in contact with the floor lol. Anyway what do you think of this idea?
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Wow, you are clever. Hard to say about putting the chair in front of the window, I love windows left clear but sometimes, it just isn't possible. All you can do is try it out. Could you maybe extend your curtains out so they don't cover as much of the window - that might allow for more light too. The other chair in front of the fireplace maybe could be angled slightly to make it part of a conversation.

I guess with a lot of your homes, it would depend on whether they were pre war or post war. There must have been a lot of damage and an urgency to getting homes liveable at the end of the war with all the men returning and families getting back together again, you can understand shortcuts that would have been taken. Never thought of it being why wallpaper is used so much. I rather like the sound of the rendered look the paper would give. You will know best what is doable and works just hope we have been able to help you out with colour ideas. I do love those borders, don't know whether they are "in" or "out", but if I like something and it works for what I want to do then it is "in". You would be a bit like us here, so many great products available in the States we can't get here either or are ridiculously expensive.

I suggested those tiles because I am looking at them myself. I want to do laminate flooring in the part of my home not carpeted but I have a timber feature wall in the area that I fought too long and hard for to lose now. To match the feature wall will look like a cave but trying to find another timber was a nightmare, until I discovered this. They also do a white-ish flooring that has a very beachy feel that I love and I'm thinking I will be able to mix this with the feature wall, but the tiles will be even better as I won't have two different timbers. I also love cork and that comes in a lot of colours too. I am definitely not a tile person, way too hard underfoot and I have enough joint problems as it is.

Can you get carpet tiles?? They might be an option with the dog. Couldn't agree more on having a tone on tone with the carpet and a lighter colour shows less fluff and muck than a dark one does. I have just put an off white through my house and absolutely loving it. Don't have a dog though - lol.

A friend of mine had a malamute, it was a beautiful dog and everyone was really upset when he died. Know what you mean about the fur, they are lovely to cuddle up to. Your 40 pounds would be around $60 here and in the US.

Oh, one more thing, if you are changing your curtains in the lounge, white would probably be a bit severe but a off white/pale cream will bring more light into your room too.
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Everything Beautiful Home Designs LLC
Did a drawing for you .Don't know your taste but hope you like it.
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Hi guys, sorry its taken me so long to reply, its been a hectic week. I don't seem to have been home much.

Olldroo, I'll definately look at extending the curtains, they aren't far from the edge now but that little bit extra could give us more light. What do you think about going to floor length curtains in the living room? At the moment they stop about 2 inches from the floor - love the idea of an off white by the way. I had seen some I liked that were cream with big green, orange and red leaves. I think on one of my days off I'm going to move the furniture around a bit see how it looks with the chair in front of the window. In the meantime I'll keep playing with furniture placement.

I think your probably right about shortcuts, although I think the weather has a lot to do with it as well. Its so wet and damp in this country it can easily effect the plaster as it drys, creating air pockets - lethal (to the plaster I mean) when you use a steamer to get the paper off. This house also had damp before my partner brought it (repaired though), which doesn't help matters. Another thought for using wallpaper, generally speaking it makes the room a little warmer. Painted walls tend to be colder than papered walls. At this time of year every little helps. We didn't get above 2 degrees C yesterday!

Sounds really nice the beachy feel, I hope you post photos when you've done it.

Carpet tiles, umm we can get them but they always tend to scream office building. I've never seen any in the UK that would look good in the house.

Ooops well that just goes to show I shouldn't do maths when I'm tired. I have know idea why I got the conversion that way round lol.

Everything Beautiful, wow that looks really nice, I quite like the idea of the 2 different floorings. Do you have a floor plan view (birdseye) I could have a look at, I can't quite get my head around the orientation on a couple of photos. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that, it is really appreciated.
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Hi, Samantha, I can sure understand how weeks get away from you. Yes, please take your curtains to the floor, just let them kiss it, so much more elegant. I nearly commented on them before but I know a lot of times people have heating low and can't put curtains full length. I would like to see your dining room with full length curtains too. The patterned curtains could be nice, certainly the right colours, but they would restrict you a bit for other accessories. I think I would leave them plain and use patterns like that in pillows that can be changed around. You would also need to consider the dining room, I think it would be nice if the two windows co-ordinated.

Can relate to your feelings on carpet tiles, I have been surprised to see them used in some very expensive homes here but just suggesting everything that comes into my head to help you look at options, especially when I don't know what you can and can't buy.

Sure know about wet - we have had 3 weeks of rain here enough each day to be a nuisance and another week to come, delightful end to summer. With the weather in the high 20s C we don't just get damp, we get steamy too. Last summer it just rained for weeks on end, I really felt I was going mouldy too!!!!
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Everything Beautiful Home Designs LLC
Here you go . Thanks for repyling.
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Hi, here we go with mental weeks again lol. I am so ready for a week off, just not sure when I can find the time lol. A week vegging on the sofa sounds amazing right now.

Definately agree with co-ordinating the curtains in the two rooms. Love the idea of floor length curtains on both, but I had forgotten the radiator under the window in the dining room. May need to stick with shorter curtains there. Good point about sticking with the plain curtains though. I like the idea of being able to change the colour scheme quite easily.

Ugh I got so sick of rain last year. We had an absolutely glorious 2 weeks in about April and then it seemed to rain constantly until about October. Half of that time we had hosepipe bans!!! I really hope it doesn't do that again this year. I suppose at least it wasn't steamy as well as wet lol.

Thanks everything beautiful, I've got my head around it now lol. Love the idea, but suspect my furniture may be too big for it to work. I'll have a play see what I get.

I'm still playing with layouts and have come up with this one now, what do you think? Better or worse than the previous idea?
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Hi Samantha, just about to hit the sack, but have such a busy day tomorrow I thought I would clear my emails. I think that new layout does balance the room better, but would the double lounge be better facing the TV. The only thing with the doorway, would there be enough space to swap that and the single chair. Then I'm thinking putting the other single chair into the corner where the chess table is (on an angle, moving the chess table to one side of it with a lamp, to create a reading corner. The chair looks a bit lonely and disjointed where it is now.

An alternative suggestion is to move the TV to that corner and angle the screen towards the main lounge and move the single chair up towards where the TV is now and opposite the other single chair. That way it will look part of a conversation setting.

Wonder why radiators always seem to be placed under windows? Notice that a lot in American homes too. Damn nuisance. Maybe a roman blind in the same fabric as your lounge curtains might be nicer than short curtains. OOps just realised, you said the window faces north - maybe then a white blind to help bring light in and then just do full length side curtains to match the lounge room so they miss the radiator.

We had the absolutely worst summer last year, it just never seemed to stop raining, this year we have had far less rainy days, even hot days that broke all records, but we actually had more rain - obviously was much heavier on the days it did rain. Today was day 3 of what is supposed to be 40 days of rain (ark building instructions are available) but it didn't start to rain till the afternoon of the second day and has poured all day today. At least it has cooled down a lot and although the humidity is still in the 70% range, you don't notice it in the cold.
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Thanks for the suggestions Olldroo. I've tried swapping the sofa and chair but not overly sure of it. Think it may look a bit cramped. I've attached pictures of the alterered version. With the alteration I've tried it with the chair square to the wall and with the chair on an angle. Can't post all of the images in this post, so I'll attach the angled chair images to a a second post in a minute.

I like the idea of the tv in the corner. Just tried it and I think it could work quite well. Again can't attach all the images to the same post so I'll do a third post with your idea in a minute. Lol this is getting complicated.

Radiators under windows are annoying, but I can see the point. The heat from the radiators will heat the cold air coming off the windows in winter (well in theory lol). Still pain in the neck when decorating. Great idea with the false curtains hanging to the floor. I'll definately keep that one in mind.

It rained that much last year we actually had a small pond in the garden, quite amazing on our very very well drained soil. We also had the main road to the next village flood, where we used to have the A51 (not sure of the road number) we instead had Weston pond for about a month lol. Even the big 4x4's couldn't get through it was that deep.

Hope your prediction of 40 days of rain doesn't come true. One or two days rain is more than enough. I hope you'll let me know your ark decorating tips lol. Fingers crossed for a good summer this year.
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Ok second post with the chair on an angle (I tried it on 2 different angles).
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Third post with the images from Olldroo's suggested layout

Ooh forgot to mention earlier, I've listed on the birds eye view a stereo unit. Since I haven't found the dimensions or an image of one i like yet I've cheated and put in a second chess table. Just pretend the chess table is a cupboard for a stereo lol.
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Oh, yikes, forget I suggested that!!!! I'm really starting to get the feel for the "horrible" room, it is absolutely crazy. This is the hardest part of not actually being in a room but it is lucky you have that programme, it makes a huge difference. I think the last one is going to work the best and if you can push the lounge a bit past the wall into the opening - I think you have enough room for a few inches at least just to separate it from the single chair as much as possible. Fortunately, you have another entry into the dining room, so if you aren't using the lounge to access it all the time, you don't need to keep it as clear as a normal walkway. It would only be if you had friends for dinner and were moving backwards and forwards between the 2 rooms that you need a bit of space, but just moving around between furniture is different to trying to keep a defined passageway. Maybe the chess table could be replaced with just a small round table, just something useful for anyone sitting in that chair to put a drink or a cup and saucer down - maybe the little round table behind the door would work. This is giving you maximum seating for the TV, even if the single chairs were tweaked if you had extra people and a good conversation arrangement.

With the width of the window sill, there is definitely no way you could put the lounge or a chair in front of the window, it would look stupid. If you were looking at getting a stereo unit would you be able to get something low enough to go under the window - that could work if you really needed the space.

Well at least one thing has come from this, next house you will sure know what to look out for!!! Keep the room measurements in mind to check against houses you look at.

Are you doing up homes for financial benefits or will the next house be more permanent? I can't see your dining cabinet but the chairs and table look nice, I'm wondering if it is wise to buy new now or wait for the next house to get something just right for it. Means it doesn't risk damage in the move too.

So flooring - how far have you got with that?? Or shouldn't I ask.

I will not be ark decorating, we are on the side of a hill and the water is quite a long way down, so no problems. First two days of autumn have been full on winter clothes - as in trakkies and uggs - so at this rate if the rain continues I will be happy to go into early hibernation. Get the rest of my new carpet laid Tuesday which will warm the house up significantly and get rid of the horrible echo. Then get my curtains finished and hung, everything back where it belongs (if I can remember, the house has been upended for months now) and hopefully the house will be lovely and cosy and I will be ready for winter.
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Lol I know, whoever designed this house should be shot, its all the same. The kitchen for example has 3 doors on 3 different walls and 2 windows on 2 different walls!!

I agree the last option definately looks the best. I'd say so far but I think I've exhausted most options. The only down side to having the sofa on the fireplace wall is it does mean you'll be sat facing the south facing window. I suppose if it comes to it we can stop with the layout we have now.

As to the stereo unit, I don't think theres enough room under the window. However, it may not be necessary at all. My other half has a stereo under the bed in our room that he has started talking about replacing. I could always move my unit upstairs, then just have a dock somewhere in the living room for our phones and mp3 players. If I do that the chess table can go by the sofa and move the little round table to where the chess table is in the picture (if that made sense).

Lol definately know what not to buy. I would love a house with the entrance hall in the centre, so you have a room off either side of it. Haven't seen many of them though.

The move is I hope a permanent move. The house was chosen by my other half a long time before he met me and he doesn't really want to move. I think he brought it with the idea of it being his permanent home. But I don't particularly like it, I don't hate it, but as you can probably see its awkward as all get out and not very big. Not a problem when its just the two of us, but add a dog and kids and it could get interesting. Add to that I work 30 miles away from home, and it takes me anywhere between 1 hr and 2hrs 30mins to get to work (traffic is ridiculous) I want to move closer to work (and my family). I think he's coming round to the idea more now he's seeing how much the commuting is killing me.

Very good point about leaving furniture purchases until after the move. The bits we are looking at replacing aren't too bad. I know he isn't particularly fond of them, they were just cheap things he picked up when he first moved in. But they could be worse. Need to do something with the display unit in the dining room though. Its far too big and dominates the room. Might be ok if we can take the top section off so it becomes a sideboard.

Ooohhh living on a hill, bet you've got an amazing view. Know what you mean about winter weather, I've been layering up - keeps you warm outside and of a morning in the office, but gives you the opportunity to loose layers when the office reaches sauna level lol. I would love to just hibernate for winter.

Hope the carpet goes in ok. Wont be long till everythings back in order. Only problem with decorating, the whole house becomes a complete mess.
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OMG - what a kitchen, I guess that puts a new meaning to "open plan". What is the problem with facing the lounge window on the sofa? You will have a pretty view of the garden - when you fix it. I think summing it all up, when this isn't permanent it isn't hard to live with things and honestly I think I would look at focussing on doing whatever is necessary to make the house as marketable as possible and when you come to sell, put one of the single chairs somewhere else to take any awkwardness out of the room. In a sense just one of them would be so much easier, even though 2 is more practical. If you think the fireplace has value, then leave it in, just put the lounge in front of it for now, if you have to or as you say, leave things as they are. At least you have really explored all options.

I can understand your commute problems, when I was working I only had 19 km to travel. When I first started the job it took me 20 mins on the bus, 20 years later, it was taking 1 - 1 1/2 hours. Crazy!!!!

Unfortunately we don't have much of a view, we are about half way down the hill so have an upwards outlook but behind us it drops fairly steeply to water and is all National Park so all we see are trees. It is nice though, lots of wildlife and it is very peaceful and the water keeps the area much more temperate that other areas. We nearly always have a beautiful cool afternoon breeze in summer.

We have already done stage 1 of the carpet and that went down very well and with no dramas so don't expect any problems this time, although I'm always on the ready. The carpet has been piled up behind my lovely new lounge setting for 3 months now, so it will be nice to see my 'new' lounge room set up properly.

My dd came to visit today, first time since we cleared all the bedrooms for the painting and the carpet and roared laughing. She phoned her partner and told him that her parents' home looked like something on a hoarders show. Some rooms literally are packed to the ceiling. I keep looking at the positive side to the mess - I've thrown half of it out, I have been absolutely ruthless and what stays is going to be stored and organised properly.

Good luck with the house and hope to hear from you again when you move into your new home. We can have fun decorating that with you.
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The only problem I can see is we may get blinded by the afternoon sun. Saying that we can always pull the curtains, just seems a shame to shut out the sunlight. As you say I've got a couple of options I can play with, just need to sell it to my other half now lol. Next step deciding colours and flooring lol. Still leaning towards the orange ideas. I'm thinking maybe just painting a feature wall orange with the rest of the room a creamy/yellow colour. Not sure what wall though yet.

Wow thats a commute. Bet you don't miss it. I can pretty much cope with the hour commute. But the last month or so its been 2 hours most days. I seem to have lost all patience with it. Generally walk into work of a morning steaming lol.

Sounds like you live in a lovely area, I like the idea of all the trees and wildlife (although I suspect they can wreak havoc on your garden).

Ohh sounds like your nearly there then, fingers crossed all goes well with stage 2 of carpet laying and you can get your room finished once and for all.

Well they say a move is the best way of getting organised, I suppose a big renovation has the same effect. Great reason to declutter.

I've spent the last two days going though paperwork. I really must do my filing more often lol.

Thank you for all your input with the planning for this room, you have been a fantastic help, I really appreciate it. I will definately be comming here next time I need inspiration (which if I get my way, wont be too far in the future lol).
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You would need some screening from the afternoon sun wouldn't you, otherwise it would fade your furnishings. Maybe you sun isn't a brutal as our's, which by the way has decided to appear today. Not taking bets on how long it will last - probably till 5 mins after I get my washing on the line.

I love that photo I found with the orange feature wall and I think it would be good on your fireplace wall. The artwork and rug are so perfect with it too. Then do all the other walls, including the dining room a softer creamy orange. Visually it will look like the feature wall is in the dining room too. Just make sure you use really clean colours, nothing with brown in it. Before you have paint mixed, check the breakdown of the colours used and that will give you a clue. If a colour has black in it though don't be daunted by that, the best whites even have a dob of black to keep them white, so a colour with black will be sharper and truer. I just painted one bedroom a pale lime green and was tossing between two shades that almost looked identical, one had ochre in it the other black. When I tried the sample pots on the wall, the ochre took a yellow tinge while the black one stayed sharp and true and now it is all finished I just love it.

Fortunately, the wildlife here aren't too bad, we have a cute little bandicoot who digs holes in the lawn, but the grass doesn't seem to mind, in fact it looks better when it repairs itself and we don't grow veges so the possums don't eat them. The main issue is that they are mostly nocturnal so love to play when it is sleep time for us. I'm used to it and wouldn't trade it for any other "City" noises.

Don't mention paperwork - I've hardly done a thing since all this upheaval started as I can't find half the things I need. Whenever I get it up to date I swear it is going to stay that way and put things in place to make it easy, but before I know it another month seems to have passed and I'm back where I started.

It has been fun chatting, I'm sure you will get your own way, we women have ways!!!! Looking forward to the next instalment.
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Sunshine, what is that again. Lol to be fair up till Thursday the weather has been pretty nice here. Not its just dull, dismal and wet again. Bring back sunshine.

I suppose I could always consider roman blinds or something like that (if I can hang them - the window is a flat to bow extension, I'm not sure what it can hold). Ooh actually what do you think about a thin almost gossamer like material in either cream or pale orange or pale green hung over the windows. Keep they pulled up near the roof for the most part, then if the sun is too strong we could drop them over the window to take the glare off. Failing that shut the curtains (which we do now lol).

I love the orange fireplace picture you found, it looks stunning. Love the idea. Showed it my mom last night and she liked it as well - just not convinced I can talk my other half into it lol. I had battles to get purple bed linnen in our room (he had plain cream bed linnen with plain cream walls and plain cream curtains it looks nice with the black metal framed bed and dark wood furniture but it was just lifeless. I love my deep purple bed linen. Just need to convince him on the curtains. Every time I mention it I get "leave my curtains alone".)

Thanks for the tip on colours I bear that in mind. Colours never look quite the same on the walls as they do in the tin lol. Love the sound of your bedroom colour, bet it looks really fresh.

Sounds like a lovely spot to live in. Despite the lawn being dug up on a regular basis.

Lol tell me about it with the paperwork. I do exactly the same thing. Hence it taking two days (almost) to sort it our this time round lol. I've got to be more organised.

Its been great chatting, thank you so much for all your ideas, its really helped. It will take some time to get the room done and a final plan in place but I will definately let you know how it turns (and lets be honest probably be back for more ideas in the meantime lol).
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Mary Dancey Interiors
I see a friendship blooming here, it's made me smile a time or two. :)
If you don't mind I'm going to chime in with my two cents worth.

First off, as you're aware, nothing is going to change the size of these rooms they are what they are. The furniture that you currently have in the living room is two large for the roughly 13x11' room. It doesn't sound like its going to be replaced (though admittedly I haven't read every post)

Working with what you currently have:

1. If possible remove the door to the hallway all together for ease of traffic flow
2. Swing the sofa around to sit in front of the window.
3. Leave the fireplace intact - since you are moving soon.
4. Arrange the two chairs along the wall where the sofa and chair are now.
5. Play with the TV placement leaving it either where it is or moving to the corner to the left of the fireplace.
6. Light draperies - floor length in the living room and if privacy/light isn't an issue consider faux romans in the dining room with the same fabric.
7. Separate furniture option - sofa on the wall where it is though moved towards the dining room, both chairs in front of the window

Once you get the walls lightened up and new flooring installed I don't think that putting the sofa in front of the window will take away too much light.

I love orange but in your particular space I don't see it used optimally as a feature wall colour. Think instead of choosing a med brown wood look laminate flooring with slight orange undertones, paint the walls a creamy white and use orange as accents through out the room with art, accessories and pillows or a throw on the seating. Ask your paint store or local decorator/designer to help you chose the right paint colour.

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Hi, Samantha. We have had quite a bit of that yellow thing in the sky this week and the temp has gone back up to the hight 20s. As usual the forecast of 40 days of rain was wrong.

If you are going to keep a heavy drape for the window, as you have now, which would be great for keeping your room warm in winter, what about using a mesh roller blind - you would need 3, one on the main window and two smaller ones each side. I love these, the mesh allows you to see out but gives you privacy and they look very smart. They come in different weights so you can just get the straight fabric or a thermal through to a total blackout. In your case just a nice white for privacy and to diffuse the sun should be sufficient. If you go that way, you can take the curtain down so his Lordship can see the difference in the light in the room, but to put the curtains back again, then they need to be wider to keep them to the side of the window and longer to be elegant and keeping in with the new look of the room, so play up on that. Find some rooms on here with curtains the correct length and show him the difference.

This is a website for one here to give you some idea if you haven't seen them


I keep looking at that orange fireplace photo too, I just love how clean and fresh it looks. I can't use a colour like that, it would be too hot.

Yes, I love black and cream together, they are an elegant combination but definitely do need something else. Do you know though that purple is supposed to be a sign of sexual frustration??? Heehee.

When you have paint mixed too, have some white paper with you and have them wipe some paint on it. Here the paint shops have special lamps that dry it quickly, and you will find the colour 99.9% accurate, but if you go sample pots then you can't go wrong.

I actually got a couple of photos the other day of two of my bedrooms where the paint came out pretty accurate. The first is the lime green and the fabric is the pillowslip that matches the doona cover going with the room. The greens match exactly. The room was originally the blue in the fabric but for some reason when I put them together it all came out a blob which was why I went for the green and just couldn't believe how much sharper it made the other colours. The second shows a pillow made of the fabric I'm using for drapes and a coverlet. The colour in the second photo is the same as I have painted my bedroom but it is going to be pretty much all white. It is like a repository at the moment, we had the balance of the carpet laid Tuesday and are still getting the house back together again. I'm being really pedantic about having a place for everything or things in doubt are out, and I'm being quite ruthless with that too.

Good luck with it all, and definitely look forward to the finished photos.
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Thanks Mary, it is lovely the friendships that can be made here and when this site has gone global, I have just loved all the new things I have learned about life, ideas and attitudes in other countries. It is quite amazing how different we decorate our homes yet how diligent we women all are to achieve the best we can for our personal spaces.
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Hi Mary, thanks for your input, I really appreciate it - every comment helps me. Although I love the orange in that photo I'm still umming and arhing about using it in my room. I'm slightly concerned it may make it feel smaller. In which case I may paint the whole room a creamy/yellowy sort of colour (well something creamy anyway) and use orange and greens in my accents. Still playing with ideas at the moment. I love the idea of laminate flooring, but we already have laminate in the hallway which is a cherry (I think). I've always been concerned that it would look strange if I can't get an exact match (which I probably wouldn't since the hallway flooring is about 4 years old). I've been considering the idea of laminate in the dining area and carpet in the living room (which would also be warmer underfoot).

As to the furniture being too big, I don't think the sofa and chairs are too bad in reality - my CAD drawings aren't great for the sofa and chairs, I'm not skilled enough to or patient enough to make them more accurate. They aren't being replaced at the moment - seems daft since I want to move to a bigger house (although with my current job situation I'm not looking at moving until next year at the earliest). In any case the sofa isn't big enough for me (I'm 6ft) so I definately wouldn't have a smaller one.

I've got two concerns with putting the furniture over the window, one will it cut out the light, particularly on a dull day (as it is today - in fact its started snowing, thought we were done with that for this year). Two, I think it might look really odd as we have a deep windowsill. The window is a flat to bow conversion and is nearly 50cm deep at the deepest point. I'll definately keep your ideas in mind though. One of the days when I have time I'm planning on shifting furniture around a bit and trying things out (like the chair or sofa in front of window) see how it looks.

Wow olldroo high 20's I am jelous, were lucky if we see 14 degrees right now.

Mesh blind, theres an idea. I'll have a hunt round see what we have available round here. Thanks for the link I'll have a search see what they've got.

Lol I love the his lordship comment, absolutely brilliant. In some ways he's really good and not afraid to try things, I mean he chose a deep blue carpet and yellow walls in the hallway (looks really nice). But then every time I mention an idea I just get negative nelly. Drives me bonkers.

Lol no didn't know that about purple. Makes you wonder why its such a popular bedroom colour then lol.

That lime green looks great. So fresh a colour. I bet that room looks amazing when you get everything back in to place. Takes ages to get everything sorted out again. I don't blame you for being pedantic about everything having a home. Much easier to keep it tidy that way.
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Ewww, sorry to hear about your snow. I just couldn't handle living in it on a daily basis. My eldest lives in Germany and has to dig her car out every time she wants to go anywhere. Well, first she has to walk down the street wiping snow off every car number plate to find it. I'm amazed at how she has adapted, she is a beach girl at heart.

I just love walking in the green room, as it is becoming known, it makes me so happy. Just hope my grandkids like it when they visit in 3 months time. It is killing me I can't move on with it. Going shopping for curtain fabric tomorrow - one shop has a 30% off everything sale, so I might order the blind and be done with it. My youngest wants to get new beds for 2 of her kids so is going to give me some low line bunks she has, that are actually 2 separate beds and I am going to try them out. The room is very small so difficult to get 2 beds into and these bunks might be the answer.

I like your idea of carpeting the lounge and then laminating the dining room. I think you might find you will still get the colour laminate, they don't seem to change colours, just add to them, but putting the carpet in will just allow a break in case of any colour variation.

If His Lordship did such a good job on the hallway, then I think you have a sporting chance, at least he is a male with an opinion. I think you will draw him out reasonably quickly with all this he just needs a dose of daring. Probably the staid Brit in him!!!!
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Shobha Bhushan
I think wooden laminate for the flooring is agood ideaasit is cold ,the other types may not go well with the weather and as you may have a pet it is easier to clean up.Area rug sround the central table is good to keep the whole set up tied well
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Is it possible to mount a flatscreen TV over the fireplace? This way you could use two big comfy chairs on either side of the big window and you'd be facing. I'd keep the furniture out of the entrance to the dining room and use built ins or floor to ceiling storage on that wall. Also, with such a cramped dining area, have you considered placing the head of a table directly against the left wall and putting a mirror over it ? Would double the light and space. I agree with lighter paint on walls and maybe lighter or no curtains in dining room. I think a laminate in the dining and carpet in the lounge would be fine!
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Olldroo, we don't tend to have that much snow here to be honest. We had a couple weeks of snow in January - some of the roads were pretty interesting. But it could be worse. I only had to dig my car out once and that was when I got stuck on the car park at my cousins lol. I can't believe your eldest has to wipe the snow off the number plate to find her car, they must get loads of snow where she is.

I'm sure your grandkids will love the greenroom - don't see how they can't to be honest. How did curtain shopping go?

Lol true his lordship is pretty good really, just set in his way's. I always said he was in for a shock when I moved in lol.

Hi elegantbohemian designs, I have thought of mounting the tv over the fire (or another wall) but it would have to be in a unit of some sort, I really don't want all the wires running down the wall in full view. Theres no way of channeling out the walls to make room for wires, the brick is far too tough - its a mission just to drill a hole to hang a mirror lol. As for the idea of chairs either side of the window, there isn't enough space by the door to fit a chair. I've been playing with putting the sofa or chairs in front of the window but so far I'm not overly fond of the results. Still planning on trying it in reality one day when I get the time. Good idea with moving the table to the other side. I've had a play but I'm not sure about it yet . I still like the idea of having a sideboard of some sort in there and so far the only wall it really works on is where I've put it in the images above. I have considered putting a mirror on the wall above it though.

Thanks for the comment Shobha.
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Hi Samantha, curtain shopping was a disaster. We are soooo limited, there is so little to choose from. Because it is only a half window and I will probably have a bed under it, I'm only doing short curtains. I have found a really nice fine white fabric with a tiny pinspot in the aqua/blue from the doona cover and I think it will look nice. I'm wanting to put thermal linings on all my curtains though to help keep the heat out on our 40+ days and the cold out in winter, but the problem is I hate how they darken the room. I got down to thinking I would do double tracks and put the thermal separately so I could only draw it when necessary, which then meant getting new tracks. Then dd called in the other day and suggested I use a mesh blind and a thermal backed curtain, but after shopping yesterday, the blind is no problem and in fact very cheap, but there is just nothing suitable for curtains. Been sitting looking at it this morning and I think I will now go with a thermal blind and either the blue spot curtain or just get a nice plain white heavy sheer. I've had a swatch of the blue hanging for a few weeks now and I think it is sort of playful, especially for a kids' room. I shouldn't let dd in the house till it is finished - she and I are at opposite ends of the planet in taste and ideas, where mother of the kids dd and I have exactly the same taste.

One positive note to my shopping though, I have been trying to find a bracket for a curtain rod for my bathrooms and I finally found exactly what I needed so good to cross that off my list. Four hours of shopping and I come home with one tiny plastic bag with a curtain bracket - I have to find something positive.

BTW on the TV on the fireplace thing - I have heard this isn't always possible because of the heat, probably depends on how well the chimney or wall is insulated. Also a lot of people on here say it is too high for comfortable watching and you end up with a neck ache. Funnily enough, it seems to be the first place everyone suggests putting the TV.

My German dd sent me a photo once of the street, the cars just looked like a white wall on the side of the road with driving mirrors poking out. She was complaining the other week that she had to go food shopping and the minute she walked out it started snowing heavily. My youngest quickly replied that at least the ice cream wouldn't melt!!!!
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MyCraftWork, LLC
Hello Samantha,
There are a couple of aspects I can help you with. Rugs and Lighting. Let me know if you're still looking for some inspiration!
Tao B.
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Oh dear, well at least you found that bracket, better than nothing eh. Its almost always frustrating when your hunting for curtains, particularly when you have an idea in mind. The idea of a thermal blind and a sheer curtain sounds really nice. The fabric you've found sounds lovely as well. I have seen some gorgeous curtains in Debenhams recently, don't know if they have any branches out by you though.

TV over the fireplace does seem to be the in thing right now. My other half keeps saying about hanging it on the wall (same wall its on now), but I'm not sold. FIrst off I think it could be uncomfortable (a bit like sitting in the front row of the cinema) and second I really don't want wires dangling down the wall - how unsightly. Heat wise it shouldn't be an issue using the fireplace wall - the fire was last used about 3 or 4 years ago, when he tried to set the chimney on fire - long story lol.

Wow thats a lot of snow. It sounds like it would be really lovely, provided of course you don't have to go out in it (other than for a leisurely stroll if the mood strikes). Snow is never as much fun when your trying to get to work or go shopping. Lol fair comment, it wont melt in a hurry.

Thank you for the comment MyCraftWork, I am always open for inspiration. I'm still playing with colour schemes, although I still love that orange. Green has to feature somewhere though - since we have the suite.
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Hi, Sam, we don't have Debenhams here, in fact we have very little here when it comes to curtains - at the right price that is. I'm mostly relying on a little discount place that isn't too far away, they have about 5 small shops in a row like caves, with just enough room to move in and rolls of fabric packed to the rafters. Sort of like rummaging through pandora's box, need a few hours down there but it is fun and their prices are really good.

I got the thermal blind for the kids' room today to get that moving, for once my dithering paid off, it was on sale 40% off. Whole blind cost me $3 more than just the tape for my lounge curtains!!! Still to decide on whether to use the blue spot of just keep to a plain white. Maybe if I dither long enough the blue will be sold and I'll have my mind made up for me :)
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Forgot to mention - regarding the TV on the wall, I note a lot of people here have commented on ones above fireplaces that they are too high for comfort resulting in sore necks, so if you do wall mount it, keep it low. The other thing with leaving it on something too, is that you can angle it if necessary.
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Mary Dancey Interiors
The neck discomfort with TV's mounted over the fireplace have a lot to do with the distance the seating is away from it.
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fooled around with my design program - tried this layout - similar to yours - but must ask if that door on the left wall needs to be a closing door - or even could it be moved. Anyway here's my pictures. For the second picture, if the sofa back is low, it would not block very much of the window . My daughter in law had a similar arrangement. Lamps. sculpture or plants could be placed in the large window sill . I put the sill level as about 2 ft. - if the sofa back is 30 inches only the lower 6 inches is blocked. this would make a very symmetrical layout.

Radiators are underneath windows for a reason. the cold air dropping from the windows creates an air flow to the radiator - the radiator heats the air which rises as it heats creating a constant circulation of air and circulates the heat more efficiently. it is awkward when planning window treatments - but heating bills are less.

there are some remedies for wires re TV and wire control. Check with hardware stores for cable raceways There are some tubular ones that have a self adhesive strip and an opening on the side to feed wires in. I found a website thru Amazon.

also at Home Depot (perhaps you have equivalent?
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Shame you don't have a Debenhams, although they aren't cheap. Still sounds like you've got a great little place. I love those types of shops, with all the fabric just piled high. Only thing is it can be tough spotting the gem amongst them. The blu spot sounds really nice, what is it your not sure about with the fabric?

A sore neck is another reason not to go for a wall mounted tv. His lordship keeps talking about mounting a flat screen on the wall (same wall its on now) but it would have to be fairly high because of the radiator. I don't think the room is big enough, not to mention I think it could look daft over the radiator. I'm all for a low tv unit.

Hi joanbllt thanks for the ideas. I'll definately try moving the furniture round see how much of the light it blocks. Were never going to have low backed sofas or chairs though, I'm so long I just find them uncomfortable. I've got a week off soon (I can hardly wait), so I'll have a play then, see how much light it blocks. Moving the doorway isn't an option, its far more expense than we can afford right now.

I was talking to my aunt the other day about redecorating and the various ideas I have (largely thanks to this discussion so a big thank you to everyone who has commented). She was very against us boarding up the fire and commented how much she misses having a fire (the chimney was removed in her house). What are your thoughts?
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See you have changed your picture - sexy lady!!!!

From a resale point of view (when that is in the foreseeable future) I definitely wouldn't. I think you said though you hadn't used it for years so if you can put something in front of it for now, I think I would go that way, even if you can temporarily board it up so you can quickly remove it without any damage.

I love the blue spot and the fabric is really light, not quite a sheer, so it will look nice and frothy, it is just that I stupidly went shopping hoping for a crisp white fabric with about a 1cm spot in navy or green or both, even with red included. I wish!!! I think I might go down tomorrow and get it before they sell out, there wasn't a lot left, other than plain white there is absolutely nothing else comes close.

This is what the bedding will look like - forgot about the link.


As well I got this square cushion for my 4 yr old grandson who is just mad about pirates


Of course, that was a great idea I couldn't resist but now I just have to get something for my 6 year old granddaughter. I just noticed Target have a plain red fluffy cushion but I have also seen a really frilly red throw that I thought could be nice for her. Ideally I would love to get a lovely red cushion with appliqued flowers on it, there are actually heaps around, but they are the wrong shade of red. What do you think?

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Samantha - missed the bit about 6 ft - my daughter is 6' 2" - her sofa and armchairs are comfortable for her husband and her- but i feel a bit like a small child there. A second question about the fireplace and boarding it up. We have an occasional massive power failure in the Seattle area - always in mid winter - I have a sofa in front of my fireplace that can be moved so that we can use the fireplace in an emergency. I think that the climates are similar - ?
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That bed linen is great I bet it looks great in that room. Love the pirate cushion as well - I suspect you could be taking favourite grandparent status here. Oooh the cushion looks really soft. I've got a similar style cushion (slightly longer fur) but in white (incidentally brought by my nan a few years back) which I love. Its so comfy to cuddle up on. Having said that one with appliqued flowers may make her feel a bit more grown up.

From what you've said I think the blue spot would look lovely. Have you gone for it?

Hmmm not sure what to do now. If we decide to block off the fireplace the idea is to do it in such a way that it would be easily reversible for any future owners. I think the main reason I'm leaning towards blocking off the fire is because it will give more space in the room. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Hi Joanbllt, we do get occasional power cuts but they don't generally last very long or occur very often. I can't actually remember the last one. Its something to consider though. Your comment about feeling like a child at your daughters, reminds me of my mom. Were all tall in my family (my mom being one of the shortest at 5'8") and may occasionally surround mom and tower over her - we're also wind up merchants lol.
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Even my 12 year old grandson is taller than me now. (he is on track to be 6' 8" tho.) Part of my decor always revolves around the need for space for my family. Tall and fairly active - furniture and ornaments are sturdy. And a coffee table just gets in the way for indoor basketball or football for the 2 grandsons.

Re fireplace and power failure - good that yours are infrequent - ours are too -
usually. Just the worst one for my daughter lasted a week in below freezing weather and I had myself, both daughters, two grandsons and two large dogs for that week. My son-in-law came for the day and went back to their house to sleep.

If you block up the fireplace - a sectional would go nicely in that corner - but you already have perfectly good furniture - and uf you're going to move in a year -
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Lost my internet this morning for some stupid reason so trying to catch up now. Talking kids and heights, my grands here are absolutely racing skyward at the moment. I'm 5'6" but all my daughters are taller than me - 5'8 - 5'9". My 15 year old grandson took great delight when they visited on Saturday to come straight in and stand over me. Said he had had a growth spurt that last week and he is now a full head taller than me. Then my 12 year old granddaughter had to join in as she is now 5'8". The 10 year old boy then had to give me a hug and he is almost looking me in the eye. DD reckons I'm shrinking. The 9 year old girl is pretty much a 9 year old but my daughter's partner's kids came too, his son is the same age and height as my 15 year old but his daughter at 8 is almost at eye level with me too. They so fill the house when they are here.

At least is isn't as bad as when my mum was alive, she was only about 4'10" and everyone used to crowd around her and pat her on the head like the family dog.

I don't have to try very hard to be fave grandparent, the others are hopeless, particularly the mother. She is very much a business woman and just isn't on kid level at all and very tight with money. I was just chasing curtain rods and fittings today - boring stuff - and found a pretty cushion that is done in a soft taffeta and absolutely covered in flowers of the same fabric. I can get it in red and navy - of course didn't have the pillow slip with me - so will have to go back and check it out. I really have a thing for the flowers. I haven't got to the fabric shop yet, can't remember what happened the day I was going to go, I'm really trying to get as much as possible organised for hubby to do before he leaves next week and then I have 2 blissful months to do what I want to do....... even better spend what money I like, heehee. It has turned so hot here again and really steamy making it even harder to get into things.

Anyway back to your problem -

1 - did you try the chairs in front of the window as joan suggested?
2 - fireplace - I'm now going back three weeks ago to when we had the lounge in front of it so you could look out the front window and the TV in the front corner Why didn't we like that??? This is now true decorating, we are going round in circles.

Just have to show you this too, while I was shopping today I happened on a fabulous table lamp I reckon I'm definitely getting for my lounge room to go beside the new entertainment unit (when I buy it) and beside the new TV (when I buy that too)


It has a matching floor lamp too - the colour in the shade is more accurate. I'm having a bit of a beachy theme happening too and I just love the rough natural look of them.

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Hi Joan. Wow 6'8" that is tall. My cousins last boyfriend was 6'7". I loved standing by him, it made me feel short lol.

Ouch that is some power failure. Good job they had somewhere they could crash and stay warm.

Hi Olldroo, sounds like your in pretty much the same position as my mom. She's about 5'8" and we all surround her. My dads mom was tiny, I towered over her by the time I was about 9 I think. In reality 5'6" isn't short (well not in England anyway), but when your surrounded by a tall family I bet it feels it.

Oooh that cushion sounds really nice. Hope the colours work, I bet she will love it.

Lucky you, hot weather sounds amazing. It snowed heavily last Friday and again on Saturday with more flurries Sunday and Monday and it hasn't melted yet. We have finally got some sunshine this morning though. Doesn't look like its any warmer yet though. Driving has been interesting at times, with snow falling off power lines, trees, roofs, street lights etc. Add pavements that are lethal (the snow has compacted and then frozen, its like walking on ice) and its been really fun going outside lol.

I haven't got round to furniture moving yet. I'm off all next week (YIPEEEEEEEE!!!!! - can you tell I've been looking forward to this lol) so will have a few hours moving things around to see how it works. I'm also thinking about painting the kitchen and utility, freshen it up a bit.

I liked the idea of the sofa on the fire wall and the tv in the corner. The only possible down side was being blinded by the light from the front window, but as I recall we came up with the idea of having some sort of light window covering to cut down on the glare.

Lol your right, round and round circles. I will make a decision eventually.

LOVE the lamp, they are amazing. Bet they will look great, they definitely work for a beachy theme.
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Please consider Solatubes for amazing natural light, which can transform a dark space.
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